Iron Man: The 20 Most Expensive And Legendary Cars That Tony Stark Owns

Tony Stark is Marvel’s Bruce Wayne. A super rich, cocky, brilliant billionaire that engineers his Iron Man suit that helps save the world alongside The Avengers comprising of Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Thor, Black Widow and Hawkeye. The Avengers take on Thor’s brother, Loki, who sides with an alien being known as The Other for an all-powerful object known as The Tesseract in order to conquer the Earth. Much like Batman, Iron Man is an ordinary guy – although he is rolling in cash – that has managed to build and construct objects that bestow him with a range of abilities. These abilities include the power of flight, super strength and a plethora of weapons all fitted within a snappy looking red and gold metallic suit, whether it’s fighting aliens or Captain America in Civil War.

For such an immensely wealthy dude, there is definitely a lavish lifestyle that goes with it, and a reputation of being a rich playboy to maintain, which is not as easy as it sounds… yeah right! Tony Stark owns everything that one would expect to see as part of the Billionaires’ Club, like the mansions, the huge corporation, the best designer clothes and so on. However, as Tony Stark is also behind the Iron Man costume, he certainly knows how to engineer a great deal of cool gadgetry and definitely has his eyes open on a good few super cars.

Here are 20 of those epic Stark cars!

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20 1953 Ghia Cadillac

This car is a wonderful piece of vintage luxury, a star on the car’s Hollywood Boulevard if you will, and one naturally has to be in Tony Stark’s garage – if the huge automobile museum that he houses his motors in can be compared in any way to a normal ‘garage’. But for a genius and overwhelming wealthy tycoon like Tony Stark who develops super suits, the history of powerful and beautiful cars is something he wants to keep an eye on.

The Ghia Cadillac from 1953 was a vehicle of suave elegance back in the 50s when Aly Khan bought one for Rita Hayworth to win her back. It didn’t work, but she kept the Cadillac, just like Stark keeps one in his garage as a timeless classic.

19 Shelby Coupe

Motors that hail from the 60s were a benchmark in development. It had less to do with style and form, and more about function, like much of every other aspect of culture that emerged from the rather topsy turvy decade of the 1960s.

This version of the Daytona AC Shelby vehicle began its life in 1964 when its debut was made in the legendary 24-hour Le Mans motor race in Le Mans, France. Coming with a 7 litre, 425 brake horse power, the motor was packed into a truly beautiful classic looking car that defined the future of sports cars. A chic, beautiful, two-seater soft top automobile - a classic. It's the perfect addition to a tycoon’s private automotive collection in their huge motor museum.

18 Tesla Roadster

This gorgeous car comes to you from the production company of Elon Musk. Musk is a South African entrepreneur who co-founded PayPal, has plans for a super mass transit system called Hyperloop and created an all electric car company called Tesla, after the legendary inventor of the Alternating Current, Nikola Tesla.

Do you see now why Tony Stark is the kind of guy who would go out of his way to obtain one of these. Never mind the fact that it's expensive, and sleek, and shiny. What matters even more is the fact that it was created by another man made of money and wealth. A man of science, like Tony himself. Buying this car made sense. The Tesla Roadster is a perfect addition to Stark vehicle portfolio as it combines the modern advances away from fossil fuel, with some real sports car muscle!

17 Wolf WR Ford Replica

The super rich have many privileges that us peasants can only dream about. These range from mansions, yachts, clothes, jewels and in Stark’s case, women. In Tony Stark's world, this also seems to include cars that even other wealthy people could not get their hands on.

Stark somehow managed to get his hands on a replica Formula 1 car. The Ford WR1 Wolf was driven in the 1977 season by Keke Rosberg, the son of recent Formula 1 champion, Nico Rosberg. In the movie Iron Man 2, it was used to race the Monaco Grand Prix, before being destroyed by Whiplash with an electric whip. How does Stark explain that one to the insurance company?

16 Saleen S7

A car born in the 21st century, designed in a way that you can see the effects that the new millennium had all over it. A modern super car, for the modern super car enthusiast. A super car for the genius billionaire playboy philanthropist, Tony Stark.

First speeding into the world of automotive brilliance in the year 2000, the Saleen S7 is an American brand of sports car, designed with a Ford engine that really roars out power. In 2005, an upgraded version of the Saleen S7 was released with 750 horse power, 7 litre, V8 engine and is also designed from super strong carbon fiber.

15 Bugatti Veyron SS

There are super cars and then there are Tony Stark cars, a vehicle that goes beyond the viciously powerful performance of most of the motors in its class. It's definitely a car that is mostly for a superhero's day off.

Bugatti is an Italian brand, and it shows when you take in the level of passion and Mediterranean heat that radiates off the Bugatti, even though it is now owned by Volkswagen. Known as the “most powerful sports car in the world,” the Bugatti boasts a 1,000 horse power, 8 litre W16 engine that can reach top speeds of 253mph and reaches 62 miles per hour in three seconds. It's maybe even faster than Iron Man's flight.

14 Ford Flathead Roadster

Ford pushed the motor car from a small-time vehicle that chugged noisily and fairly slowly along roads, to something bigger and better. They worked on it until they could come up with something that would be considered a classic, and that was when the Ford Model T was developed and released.

The Model T was a symbol of the 1920s boom years and made cars commonplace. It placed Ford as the world’s leading car manufacturer for decades. This ground-breaking success was followed up with the 1932 roadster, nicknamed the Hotrod. The Hotrod has been extremely popular for years after it ceased production and has been ripe for modification ever since. A perfect template for a modifier such as Tony Stark to build an awesome modern version of an antique car to add to his collection.

13 Acura NSX

This sports car is considered tame compared to the rest of the sports cars that Tony Stark loves. For him, it comes in typical packaging, and is symbolic of all sports cars that have conquered the road. For us of course, we watch on the sidelines, dreaming of owning a car as classic and as beautiful as this.

Lined up to his other cars, this car no doubt fits right in if you just consider the aesthetic appeal of it. For those who know cars however, they know that compared to his other ones, this is not the most impressive - but the fact that it remains a classic is what is important. The car itself stands out in a rather poor lack of engine power, only 3.5 litre V6 engine, with 600 horse power. But it looks cool and only does make a brief cameo at the end of The Avengers movie as Stark drives off with Dr Bruce Banner.

12 Mercury 8 Coupe

Post World War Two cars emerged with great style, finesse and grace that went hand-in-hand with the upshot of Hollywood’s Golden Age, when style and flair graced the silver screen constantly. With a curvaceous streamline that managed to use aerodynamic shapes in their models to enhance speed and make cars a better vehicle overall.

With big sofa like seats and a huge wooden steering wheel, they certainly had a natural air of drama to them and for someone like Tony Stark who spends his time getting into dramatic situations. In the Iron Man movie, a quick glimpse at the vehicles in his car storage shows the Mercury Coupe next to the Ford Hotrod car.

11 Rolls Royce Phantom

A lot of the time, nothing is better than driving a feral and barely tamed energetic sports car. It's amazing for tearing down a deserted road, and testing the limits of speed against a backdrop of nature, purely in the pursuit of pleasure. But there is another type of pleasure that a sports car just cannot give to you. For a man like Tony Stark, class has to matter a touch more. That's where the timeless cars come in, and this is one of them.

The Rolls Royce. It's royalty among the British legendary sedans. The Phantom is a benchmark of the Rolls Royce car arm of the company that also make airplane engines, coming recently in its eighth generation. The modern incarnation is coming in the form of a 6.75 litre V12 engine for its 4-door and 2-door coupe. It is the epitome of luxury and at home in any billionaire’s driveway.

10 Cadillac DTS

A little less showy, and a little more practical. Even a famous, brilliant billionaire needs to have a down-to-Earth car for their meaningless every day tasks. Maybe it's even to keep himself grounded.

This is one of them. The Cadillac DTS, which was produced by General Motors between the years 2005 and 2011. With up to 292 brake horse power and with a 4.6 litre V8 engine, it sold for around $41,000 per model – which to someone like Tony Stark is the equivalent to our loose change. Although it may make sense that every now and again, he may want a more normal vehicle to drive around in from time to time.

9 AM General HMMWV (Hummer/Humvee)

Of course, no collection of a super stinking rich, exoskeleton wearing superhero’s gathering of cars is complete without the iconic and almost superhero-like Hummer. A military SUV that began production in 1984, it soon became a consumer product when the likes of action movie stars like Arnold Schwarzenegger bought one for his own purposes.

The Hummer soon grew into a vehicle that was adored and sought after by the rich, and Tony Stark is no exception. This car is not for leisure, and is only used for extreme purposes. It's not an easy life, fighting villains, but someone's got to do it. God knows Tony wouldn't want to wreck one of his leisure cars in the process.

8 Chieftain Tank

Okay, so it's not technically a car, but he still owns it. Besides, when you're fighting villains every other day, you need to have something to back you up when your suit just isn't enough.

A staple of the British Armed Forces for three decades, when the Chieftain entered service in 1966, it swiftly earned recognition as the “most formidable main battle tank in the world.” Selling at over £100,000 a piece, the Chieftain was later replaced by the Challenger tank.  Though it might not be as handy as having The Hulk by your side, needless to say, the billionaire definitely gets use out of this.

7 Tony’s Audis

The Audi R8 is so synonymous with Tony Stark and the Iron Man movies, that the car itself would do well to come with the name. The Audi R8 Stark, along with other models, probably began to fly out the doors once the promotion with Iron Man began. The car itself boasts a 5.2 litre V10 engine and has evolved like the Iron Man suit itself does.

The car even without promos does well enough on its own. Those who buy it clearly have the money to do so, and are probably living their own version of the Tony Stark lifestyle. But, sadly, they probably don't look as good as Tony coming round in one of these. Seeing Robert Downey Junior, rocking up to places in various forms of the Audi R8, gives us a rush. That man is all class.

6 Audi Q7

There are other types of cars and manufacturers out there in the world you know, Tony! But everyone has a favorite type of clothing or candy bar, or as it appears in the case of Tony Stark, the Iron Man has an adoration for the Audi brand.

The Q7 is an off-road version, by a German maker. Many of the companies have a multitude of 4x4 variants of the motors for those who want something a little beefier on their rides through the streets. Of course, Stark is wealthy enough that if he wanted the same car with a slightly different variation, he would just buy a new one and match it to his clothes on whatever day of the week it was.

5 R8 Spyder

There are numerous cars that have taken the name Spyder or Spider, and attached them to the rear of their chassis or on the spoiler. This one in particular however, holds a special place in the heart of one of our favourite superheroes.

Tony Stark’s love of the German car brand Audi is obvious, and it is this web of cars that belong to the Iron Man that is overly important here. The Audi R8 Spyder is a soft top variant of the car that Stark loves so dearly. For someone as wealthy as Stark, choosing which car to drive on every day of the week is the equivalent to us regular folk picking out what socks to wear. Quite a shift in levels of wealth there.

4 2008 Audi R8

The original 2008 model of the car became a staple to the Iron Man trilogy. Tony Stark loved this car probably a touch more than he loved the rest, driving it everywhere and throughly enjoying how he looked while he did.

A powerful and efficient sports car that marries luxury and tech; there is definitely a personality match between the Audi and Stark. Fans see the evolution of the car throughout the films, but it always comes back to the basics, just as Tony sometimes does with his suits. Sometimes, no matter how much you try to change something, the classic always works best.

3 Audi R8 E-Tron: White

This car is still a thing of beauty, even though it ceased production in 2016. So whatever new example of this model would be at least two years old. Audi released the E-Tron as a fully electric example of their flagship sports model, but as eco-friendly and environmentally friendly as the R8 E-Tron was. Electric cars do not come with the raw strength yet – except the Tesla Roadster.

But other manufacturers were not fully prepared to indulge themselves with developing their cars in electric versions. However, considering Tony's love for the brand in general, and considering the fact that he's also a billionaire with oodles of spare cash, why not splurge on the electric version too?

2 Audi R8 E-Tron: Red

The E-Tron is a perfect example of how people can become compulsive buyers when they have so much money. Did Tony need this car? No. Does he have a car that looks exactly like this? Yes. Did he buy an extra one anyway? You bet. This is the equivalent of a person buying two t-shirts of different colors - except that actually makes sense, and is arguably practical. This is...well, this is Tony Stark.

For most of us, we consider a luxury when you can go out for an expensive dinner once every two weeks. Honestly, that's considered making it. Tony Stark does that every night. More importantly, he can venture down to his garage/car museum and select a car that alternates with his mood. The worst part is, if something ever happened to the cars, he's rich enough that he could just replace them all.

1 Audi R8 2016

As the Iron Man film franchise evolved through the years, so did Tony's cars. You have no choice, when not only the times are evolving, but you're making a movie about one of the richest people in the world.

When it comes to the newest kind of car, it's the rich tycoons that are always the first to get their hands on it. Tony Stark is no different. Interestingly, the popular slogan of Audi, Vorsprung Durch Technik (Advancement Through Technology) seems as though it’s the perfect accompaniment to a super engineer like Tony Stark, whose Iron Man suit becomes the very definition of the memorable advancement through technology tagline. Tony has always been one to travel in style, and whether it's from his suit or his cars, he makes sure he looks good doing it.

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