Ice Road Truckers: 15 Things We Didn't Know About Lisa Kelly

15 She Was The Star Of IRT: Deadliest Roads

14 She Was The Only Female Driver On The Show Until Season 5

13 She’s A College Dropout

12 Why She Had To Take A Break From The Show

11 She Decided To Become A Trucker Because It “Looked Interesting”

10 She Loves Dirt Biking

9 She Used To Drive A School Bus

8 She Feels That She’s Proven Herself

7 IRT Cast Members Are Among The Lowest Paid Reality TV Stars

6 How She Feels About The Way She Is Portrayed On The Show

5 She’s Over The Haters

4 She’s Flown With The Blue Angels

We know that Lisa loves all things exciting, but what could possibly make your heart race faster than crossing a frozen lake with a heavily loaded truck? Maybe flying in an F-18? Well, that’s exactly what she did!

A few years ago Lisa was lucky enough to realize one of her life-long dreams – flying with the Blue Angels. Just in case you don’t know who they are (really?) – they are the United States Navy's flight demonstration squadron – famed for their absolutely tip-top flying skills. Since they formed in 1946 they’ve flown for more than 260 million spectators, but Lisa got to take it one step further and actually fly with them in the plane. “We flew upside down,” she said. “And I’m like hanging from my seatbelt dangling upside down looking at the canopy. We would go straight up and spin and it looks like the sun is just going around the nose of it.” Wow – now that’s a once in a lifetime experience!

3 Her Pet Peeves While Driving

Lisa has been driving trucks for more than a decade and has driven all over the world so does she have any pet peeves? Well according to her she’s pretty chilled about other drivers, but if she’s really tired she can still get annoyed. She says she hates it when someone purposefully messes around with her on the road, like if they overtake her and then crawl in front of her. She says she just wants to do her job and get home and that kind of behavior drives her crazy.

2 Darrell Ward Was Like A Big Brother To Her

1 She Believes The Show Is Helping Revive The Image Of Truck Drivers

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Ice Road Truckers: 15 Things We Didn't Know About Lisa Kelly