Ice Road Truckers: 15 Secrets Execs Don't Want Us To Know

While the name of the show Ice Road Truckers is fairly enticing, you’ve got to admit that the idea of watching people drive trucks around doesn’t really seem that exciting. Even if they are doing so in dangerous conditions. You might think this until you actually sit down and watch the show for yourself. Once you do, you’ll quickly understand why the show has been so successful. Not only are there colorful characters with interesting backstories and hidden industry politics to enjoy, but there is also the threat of danger woven into each and every episode. And of course, this is what keeps us coming back.

The show keeps us hooked by telling us how dangerous the job is and how a trucker is always seconds from disaster when crossing the ice. Although no such accident has ever been documented by the film crew for the show, it keeps us in suspense and that’s what we’ve come to enjoy.

But as we all know when it comes to so-called “reality shows”, there is plenty that goes on behind the scenes that the executives of the show don’t want us to know. Here are 15 secrets that the Ice Road Truckers execs would prefer we not talk about…


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13 Timothy Zickuhr Was Convicted Of A Serious Crime

12 Steph Custance Had Less Than A Year’s Driving Experience When She Was Hired


11 Rick Yemm Warned Viewers Not To Believe Everything They See

According to ice road trucker Rick Yemm (season 1,2,5 and 6), this is especially true when it comes to portraying the drivers themselves. In a 2012 interview, he explained, “They take small parts of our personality, like, yeah, I'm brash, I'm not always the most politically correct person and all that stuff. But, that's not ME. That's a small part of me that they exploit. This is all their thing, that they push these stories to the point that we have to go along with it or we're not involved."

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9 Why Hugh "Polar Bear" Rowland Left The Show


8 The Truck Seen Going Through The Ice Was A Miniature Model


7 How Steph Custance Got Her Nickname

Here’s what happened: Steph and Todd were sent out to retrieve two trailers from a small fishing village (which had been left there in the previous season) but when they arrived, they found that the one trailer was completely frozen and they were unable to hook it up. Todd attempted to free it using a large chain, but when that didn’t work Steph stepped in with a mallet and began pounding away, eventually freeing the trailer hitch. And that’s how she became Steph “Hammer Down” Custance.

6 Why Alex Left Season 2 Early


5 Darrel Ward Was Filming For Another Show When He Passed On

During the most recent season of the show, Darrell’s son Reno made his much-anticipated debut as a driver and even got to drive his father's old rig. He made his appearance to help Polar Enterprises deliver one of the largest loads in the show’s history and we know his dad would be proud.

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3 Dave Redmon Was Fired For Not Being A “Team Player”

2 It’s Not As Dangerous As The Show Suggests


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