Ice Road Truckers: 15 Facts & Photos Of Steph Custance

Ice Road Truckers shows us how dangerous the job really is...but it also shows us the beauty that is Steph 'Hammer Down' Custance.

When we ask you to think about your typical trucker what picture forms in your mind? A leathery old guy in dirty jeans smoking cigarettes? Maybe with a bit of a “dad bod” and a big scruffy beard? We’re probably on the right track. Let’s be honest, although we know there are female truckers out there – who can do the job just as good as any guy – we tend to associate a certain type of man with this job. That was of course until we met the ladies of Ice Road Truckers, including the drop-dead blonde-bombshell Steph “Hammer Down” Custance.

Ice Road Truckers rolled onto the small screen in 2007 and has slowly gathered a small army of trucking fans. The reality series features a team of drivers who specialize in tackling some of the most dangerous ice routes in Canada and Alaska. The drivers transport massive loads across frozen lakes and rivers to take supplies to remote locations. For the most part, the drivers are men, but there have also been a few females featured on the show. The first was Lisa Kelly, an experienced tough as nails driver, and more recently 22-year-old Steph Custance joined the show. Here’s what you should know about her:

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15 How She Landed On Ice Road Truckers

14 Her Very First Ice Crossing Ended In Tears

Fans of Ice Road Truckers were all on the edge of their seats when Custance made her first ever lake crossing; even though she had veteran driver Todd Dewey by her side to show her the ropes. She freely admitted that she had no idea how to put chains on the tires, but he gave her a quick lesson and she was doing it in no time at all.

The situation was made even more tense by the fact that they were about to cross a frozen lake where another truck had broken through the ice earlier that day, but Custance buckled down and with some encouragement from Todd she made it safely to the other side where she promptly burst into tears. With the sound of ice cracking all the way we don’t blame her for getting a bit emotional!

13 Her Driving Test With Polar

12 Why She Chose This Job

11 She’s Got Less Than A Year’s Trucking Experience

10 She’s Active On Social Media

9 She’s Changing The Way We See Truckers

8 She Aced Her First Solo Ice Crossing

7 Not Everyone Has Been As Lucky As Steph

6 She’s Doing A Dangerous Job

5 Don’t Believe Everything You See On The Show

He spoke about feeling frustrated about the state of reality TV – especially after seeing it from the inside. He said, “We all get slated in these character roles, and there’s nothing we can do about it. They take small parts of our personality, like, yeah, I’m brash, I’m not always the most politically correct person and all that stuff. But, that’s not ME. That’s a small part of me that they exploit.”

4 She Joined The Show In The Most Bittersweet Season

3 She Loves Adventure

2 She’s The Youngest Female Driver On The Show

1 How Steph 'Hammer Down' Custance Got Her Nickname

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Ice Road Truckers: 15 Facts & Photos Of Steph Custance