Hugh Hefner's 15 Hottest "Bunnies" Of December

The thousands of beautiful women who have graced the inside of the famous magazine have used the exposure to fulfill dreams and, in some cases, launch highly successful careers. Being a part of Playbo

The thousands of beautiful women who have graced the inside of the famous magazine have used the exposure to fulfill dreams and, in some cases, launch highly successful careers. Being a part of Playboy is a special honor for many women, and on the other side of the fence, men aren't complaining too much either! Playboy has built a successful tradition based on the beauty of the female figure. Sure, there is an excitement that comes from seeing the naked form in its perceived "perfect" form, but the magazine was meant to be a celebration of beauty in its most core form- nudity. Some may not agree with what Hugh Hefner has built, but he has broken down walls and brought self-gratification right into millions of bathrooms for many, many people over the years!

The month of December holds a VERY special place in the hallowed halls of the Playboy Mansion. This is the month where it all began. The first ever issue appeared way back in December 1953. Since then, Playboy has become one of the most iconic brands of all-time. From clothing lines to the Playboy Television Channel, to the success of the magazine through print and online displays, the company has stood the test of time. But much like Rome, great successes aren't meant to last forever. Playboy magazine may be an extinct animal which was swallowed up by the Internet age, but the legend will never die and the brand will live on forever. We pay homage to the month where it all began- December. There is no better season than the holiday season to enjoy these amazing beauties! These are Playboy's 15 hottest December Bunnies!

15 Victoria Silvstedt - 1996


Victoria Silvstedt is a busty blonde who adorned the pages of the magazine way back in 1996. There is no doubt that this busty blonde, who was born back in Sweden, is an exciting sight when she enters the room. At 5' 11" tall, she stands high above everyone else. Victoria has made millions upon millions of dollars during her modeling career. She speaks many different languages. Her career really got going when she represented her native Sweden in the Miss World pageant in 1993. From there, she was noticed by Playboy and brought on in 1996, After that, she took off, becoming the "it" girl for Guess. During her highly successful career, Victoria has appeared on over 500 magazines covers and amassed over tens of millions of dollars modeling. 36D-25-37.

14 Brooke Richards - 1999


In 1999, a blonde angel named Brooke Richards was unveiled to the world by Playboy. With that said, Brooke had the distinct honor to be the last Playmate of the century. She is also the last one born in her big family- Brooke is the youngest of a whopping 14 kids! She is a South Carolina native who is a true Southern treat. Brooke isn't the typical beautiful model looking for a wealthy man with deep pockets. Instead, she is turned off by big egos and men who like to discuss their wealth. Instead, she wants someone to fall in love with and a man with goals; someone she can grow with in life. And men, Brooke also enjoys wearing a tank top with no bra and baggy casual pants. This makes her feel sexy. And to be honest, it makes us feel pretty damn sexy too, Brooke. 34DD-24-35.

13 Elizabeth Ostrander - 2014


Miss December from 2014, Elizabeth Ostrander is insanely sexy. The red-headed beauty comes to us with deep blue eyes. The Melbourne, Florida native loves the ocean and we can't complain with her being by the ocean. She is a self-proclaimed tomboy who loves outdoor sports. In fact, growing up, Elizabeth used to surf competitively. At just 18 years of age, Elizabeth moved to Greece and became a model. She traveled the world and at the same turn earned a degree in photography. Elizabeth is also a true free spirit. When asked if she had any reservations about taking it all off, Elizabeth replied: "I absolutely love being naked-it's beautiful, fun and sexy." We agree 100% with you, Lizzy! Elizabeth also has a love for sailing. She owns a yacht and loves to lie on the yacht naked, enjoying her sunbathing. We just have one question...where do you dock that yacht, Lizzy? 34D-24-35.

12 Crystal Harris - 2009


Crystal Harris. All we can say is, damn! She is a gorgeous blonde and a complete knockout. Crystal is one of those amazing looking women who pretty much was more than happy to settle down with sugar daddy Hugh Hefner. She is hot as can be, but loses a few points for marrying a grandpa. It probably is no coincidence that Crystal started dating the man himself (Hef) around the same time she was named Playmate of the Month for 2009. Just a year later she was engaged to Hef. However, in 2011, five days before their planned wedding Crystal bolted. Once she realized her true talent was at the side of Hef, she returned and the 26-year-old married the 86-year-old. Crystal's parents were British although she was born in Arizona. The bottom line is that Crystal is smoking hot and she married for the cash. 34D-23.5-36.

11 Christine Smith - 2005


2005 brought us the gift of Christine Smith. Another devastating redhead with blue eyes, Christine was born in San Dimas, California. Make no mistake about it, this California girl has it going on and every time she hits the beach, she draws a crowd of wandering eyes. In addition to her amazing beauty, Christine also has a big heart. She is an avid animal lover and has worked to rescue hundreds of little lives in need. Christine has appeared numerous times in Playboy magazine and her kind heart toward animals has inspired a British stamp maker to create a stamp in her honor. In addition to looking beautiful in magazines and on stamps, Christine enjoys all the outdoor activities Southern California has to offer and stays crazy-fit. 34C-24-34.

10 The Campbell Twins - 2008 


Did somebody say twins??? The Campbell Twins, Jennifer and Natalie, were born in Greeley, Colorado. They captured the 2008 Miss December honors although they were initially doing testing for a Special Edition issue. Instead, Hef loved their look and opted to name them Miss (Misses?) December 2008. With brunette hair and striking blue eyes, these girls are one dynamic duo. They attended the University of Northern Colorado prior to taking it all off. Jennifer focused her studies on becoming a physician's assistant while her sister, Natalie, studied biomedical sciences in hopes of becoming a veterinarian. The Campbell Twins attracted Playboy's attention when Natalie entered a modeling contest at their local Hooters and finished third. Playboy contacted Natalie and she alerted them she had a twin sister. The rest is history.

9 Sasckya Porto - 2007

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Back in 2007 the world was treated to Sasckya Porto. The Brazilian native was born in Timbauba, Pernambuco. With black hair and a ridiculously curvaceous figure, Sasckya is a true South American beauty. Her slightly olive skin and striking, blue-steel glare make Sasckya a Brazilian beauty who is difficult to take your eyes off of. Sasckya is the quintessential hourglass figure. She is busty and has a delectable backside. Sasckya once shared in an interview her desire to be naked, saying, "I don't like to wear clothes." Honestly, Sasckya, we don't like it when you wear clothes either! Sasckya especially doesn't like to wear clothes when she hits the beaches and pools. She hates suntan lines and purposely likes being naked as often as possible. Standing at an impressive 5' 10", Sasckya is a true model. She has been very successful at it all around the world. Sasckya hopes to be a successful actress someday, but for now, we'll take her just as is and be pretty darn happy about it! 34D-23-35.

8 Amanda Streich - 2012

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Unwrapping the gift of Amanda Streich in December of 2012 was a real treat for men all across the world. Amanda is a blonde blue-eyed beauty who originated from Plock, Poland. She is another European model who stands at an impressive 5' 9" and sports a beautiful hourglass figure. Amanda is the first Polish Playmate to be featured as a centerfold in the magazine. Amanda also had another first as the youngest Playmate to become a Playmate of the Month. In addition to looking gorgeous, Amanda was also an exceptional swimmer, participating in competitions for ten years. Amanda is incredibly successful as a model, getting signed by Muse Modeling and moving out to New York City. Since then, she has modeled for many big name brands including but not limited to: Guess, Victoria's Secret, Calvin Klein and Shape. And to be completely honest, we definitely dig Amanda's shape. 34C-26-35.

7 Kennedy Summers - 2013


Kennedy Summers is another Eastern Block beauty who is an absolute knockout. Hailing out of Berlin, Germany, this blonde-haired blue-eyed stunning treasure captured Miss December 2013 and doubled-down as Playmate of the Year for 2014. Kennedy was especially chosen to get the honor of being Playmate of the Year for Playboy's 60th anniversary. As one stares at Kennedy, it might make one think that one is looking at just more mindless gorgeous eye-candy. But the reality of Kennedy goes further than that- much further. This woman is no slouch or bubble-head. With a bachelor's degree in anthropology and a master's degree in health administration, Kennedy is working her way towards her M.D. She may be a successful international model, but as Kennedy travels the world, she knows full well what her focus is as she works to become a plastic surgeon. Impressive is the only word we can conjure to describe Summers. 32D-23-36.

6 Eugena Washington - 2015

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If you recognize Eugena Washington's name, it's because she appeared on America's Next Top Model. Back in 2006 when she was just 21-years-old, she was part of ANTM during their seventh season. She managed to nab second runner-up and garnered quite a bit of attention and everyone immediately became impressed with her exotic beauty. Eugena's sultry stare and slanted cat-like eyes are devilishly attractive. This California beauty not only nailed the 2015 December Playmate of the Month honors, but she was so impressive that she tallied Playmate of the Year for 2016. The nearly 5' 10" model comes in with an impressive body to go with her glare. Born in Columbia, South Carolina, Eugena has been on a meteoric rise in the modeling industry ever since her appearance on ANTM. Her Playboy honors have been the cherry on top of a very successful career that has had her walking nearly every major runway for every major brand. 34C-25-37.

5 Ashley Hobbs - 2010


Ashley Hobbs is super-hot. There is no denying that Miss December 2010 is insanely attractive. With blonde hair and green eyes, this Harbor City, California girl has been nicknamed a modern-day "Barbie." Ashley was lucky enough to grow up in Hawaii and enjoy the sweet sands of Aloha-Land. Ashley signed a modeling contract as just a teenager. She was cast as an extra in a commercial for a Cali-Barbie. Then she nabbed a job modeling for a Japanese sports-clothing company. From there, she was recognized and got chosen by Hef himself as Miss December 2010. Ashley's relationship with Playboy wasn't done after 2010. She then was chosen as the cover girl for the October 2013 college issue. Ashley is completely gorgeous and we applaud her! 34C-27-32.

4 Dahm Triplets - 1998

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The infamous Dahm Triplets set the 1998 issue on fire. Nicole, Erica and Jaclyn were born in Minneapolis, Minnesota. At 5' 8" in height, the three tall blondes are an extraordinary sight when they enter any room. The Dahm Triplets are actually the second set of triplets to appear in the magazine. The Dahm Triplets appeared in numerous issues of Playboy and have been iconic since they first took their clothes off. They then made the rounds as a gimmick, appearing on numerous reality shows. The girls have all found mates and have children these days. But back in their heyday, they seemed to be everywhere from reality TV to bad movie appearances like Pauly Shore is Dead. One thing is clear though, these girls are hot and there are three of them! 34C-25-34.

3 Karen McDougal - 1997


Karen McDougal blazed the pages of Playboy magazine back in 1997. Born in Gary, Indiana, Karen was a young beauty who played softball and volleyball back in high school along with being a pretty damn hot cheerleader. After college, Karen moved to Detroit to be a pre-kindergarten teacher. A friend recommended that Karen enter a Venus swimsuit competition and she not only won the first round, but also captured first place honors in Michigan and then went on to the finals down in Florida. That's when she met a Playboy photographer and the rest is history. She was named Playmate of the Month back in 1997 and then captured Playmate of the Year honors for 1998. Karen became a fitness model and then moved on to appear in a variety of movies and television shows. Karen is tremendously successful and amazingly beautiful. 34C-24-34.

2 Rainy Day Jordan - 2011


Yeah, Rainy Day Jordan is just ridiculously gorgeous. The Deep South brunette was born in Abilene, Texas. And you may be thinking that Rainy Day is a made-up stage name; but it's not. Rainy used to ride tractors back in Texas, ride horses, and enjoy the Southern life growing up. She had never been outside of Texas until she was named Miss December back in 2011. Rainy always knew she wanted to be inside the pages of Playboy. It was one of her dreams and she certainly had the body and beauty for it. She tried out for a casting call in Dallas and was featured two months later in a Special Edition. When Hugh Hefner saw her photos shoots, he elevated Rainy to Playmate of the month status. Rainy has enjoyed her time as a Playmate model but has no intention of modeling or acting. In fact, she enjoys living in Texas and being the amazing Southern girl she is. 34C-24-37.

1 Marilyn Monroe - 1953

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I know, this is a bit nostalgic, but when you look at Marilyn Monroe, there is so much to be impressed by. Back in 1953 before there was a Playboy, Marilyn was an impressive young beauty. Prior to Playboy being Playboy, Marilyn joined Hugh Hefner and broke down massive walls with regard to the female figure and sexuality. Marilyn became the first Playmate ever in December 1953. Marilyn lived an extraordinary life with an incredible number of highs and lows. Marilyn was anointed the ultimate "pin-up" girl in large part due to her Playboy spread. She became a movie star; the comedic, busty, curvaceous blonde who impressed so many. She was the mistress of President John F. Kennedy. And Marilyn died a tragic death shadowed by suspicion and suspected drug use. Marilyn Monroe lived an extraordinary life and is one of the most iconic women of all time. Beautiful women are constantly compared to Marilyn as she is one of the best to ever grace the pages of Playboy. 36D-22-35.

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