Hot Or Trashy? 15 Photos Of The Kardashian-Jenner Clan

When it comes to the fabulously famous (and infamous) Kardashian-Jenner clan and their friends and hangers-on, style and trendiness is part of their everyday outfit selections and makeup application. The many women (and some of the men) make headlines for their over-the-top ensembles, barely-there looks, and (sometimes) trendsetting ways.

Some of the looks are super-hot showstoppers while others are simply not anything to call home about. There is a fine line between class and trash and the Kard-Jen crowd has been on both sides of it time and time again.

We’ve hardly seen one of these family members wear an outfit twice, except for Rob, of course, who seems to own just one XXL black T-shirt and matching black jeans. These celebs are always being photographed, whether they are walking red carpets or walking into a restaurant. They are constantly judged, for better or for worse, and they are well-aware of the endless and often-times mean-spirited scrutiny.

But after starring in their own reality show for years, they know the drill. Dress to impress or get relentlessly blasted in the media. But even when they are doing their best to come off as smokin’ hot, there are times when they look as trashy as Oscar the Grouch.

Let us review these 15 Kar-Jen looks and rate their hot or trash factor. Do you agree or disagree with our assessments? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, after all, but when this family is involved, all eyes are on them.

15 Hot – Kim’s Fenced-In Fantasy

Kim Kardashian looks smokin’ hot in this yellow-themed caged setting with sexy wet hair, neutral makeup, and that perfect selfie pose look. She has perfected that signature look that she loves to capture on camera every chance she gets, so it’s no surprise that Kim looks nearly flawless and totally sexy in this snapshot. Of course, Kim always loves showing off her ample cleavage and fresh-faced makeup, so this pic proves she still can wow us with a simple photo. Most of the time Kim totally nails it, and even if someone calls her trashy, she finds a way to win them over, or at least demonstrate why she’s hot despite their call outs. But this pic is all hotness and Kim knows it. Hot and Kim go together like peanut butter and jelly.

14 Hot – Kendall’s Poolside Perfection

This sis can’t miss. Kendall Jenner looks natural and hot as she cools off in the pool with her refreshing lemony beverage. Her light blue ruffled bikini fits her just right, and even though it is tiny, she still looks lovely and presentable. Kendall’s model-perfect body makes wearing a swimsuit as revealing as this a breeze and her smile shows that she is confident in her looks. How could she not be?! Her wet hair flows effortlessly and her skin glows against the clear blue water. Other gals wearing this tiny bikini may lean towards the trashy side, but not Kendall. She looks great and ready to swim and take in some rays. The lifeguard on duty surely won’t take his eyes off the pool for a second while Kendall is swimming on his watch. Hot as the summer sun, this Jenner babe is a winner in her summer look.

13 Hot – Kourtney is Mellow in Yellow

Kourtney looks like a hot ray of California sunshine in this itty bitty yellow string bikini. Her skin is luminous and her body looks great, especially for a woman who has had three kids. Even though this swimsuit is super sexy, Kourt manages to look great and super hot. She doesn’t come across as trashy at all and she looks radiant and oozes sexy confidence from her head to her toes. Not many women can pull off such a revealing look, but Kourt sure can. Her makeup is natural-looking, as she doesn’t need much help in order to look gorgeous, since she already is naturally. Let’s give it to the oldest Kardashian sister for her ability to stay youthful looking and sexy, even in a tiny bikini like the one pictured here. She’s one hot number!

12 Hot – Kendall’s Bedroom Bliss

Just because she’s nearly naked doesn’t mean that the pic is automatically trashy. Kendall is a model, after all, and this super-sexy photo shows off her raw talent. Her body is sexy and lean and her bits of clothing are falling in all the right places. She has the perfect facial expression and her hair is messed up to a certain perfection. Of course, if she were walking the streets in this barely-there ensemble, someone may have to call the cops, but in bed, at a photoshoot, and doing her thing, Kendall looks like a total babe with “hot” written all over her. Some may argue that the pillow between her legs is the world’s luckiest. It does seem to be the case. Hot to trot and supermodel chic, this Jenner gal is one glam gal!

11 Hot – Khloe’s Book Cover Design

After years of privately and publically struggling with her weight and looks, Khloe Kardashian has overcome her body issues and got fit, healthy, and is inspirational to others. Her body is booming’ and her self-esteem seems to be at an all-time high. Even wearing nothing but a bedsheet, Khloe looks as far from trashy as can be and oozes hot and steamy sex appeal without looking like she’s “thirsty.” Her long blonde hair suits her well and her curves are magnificent. The feminine makeup hues make this seductive photo even better and her smooth skin is as intriguing as what must be on the pages of her book, Strong Looks Better Naked. This pic definitely gets our vote for hot!

10 Trashy – Kourtney’s Va Va Voom Doom

The usually natural-ish Kourtney Kardashian looks like she is trying her hardest to be a sexpot in this plunging lacy black number, heavy eye makeup, and overdone hair. Her “come hither” expression shows she is trying her best to come off as sultry, but trashy is what’s oozing off her persona instead. This petite Kardashian sis looks far hotter when she is less done up and more carefree, and this nighttime look makes her look like she had a late night at the club doing who-knows-what. Even her on and off again baby daddy, Scott Disick would think this look doesn’t do his usually sexy baby mama any justice. This look gets an all-around “trashy” review. Sorry Kourt, but you could and have done much better. Give this skimpy dress to charity (if they’ll take it).

9 Hot – Khloe Keeps it Cool

Khloe Kardashian is all about showing off the hard work she has put into making her body look fierce, so this cropped sweatshirt shows off her whittled midsection wonderfully. Her cute baseball cap and bold red lipstick pull the ensemble together and she has sexy curves to balance out her new muscles. This casual look shows that Khloe can rock a daytime look as well as a red carpet gown and her confidence is shining through more than it ever has. Some chicks may look trashy revealing their belly, but Khloe keeps it tight and right. Once considered the “fat” or “ugly” sister, Khloe has proven she’s just as hot as her many sisters. Her weight loss journey is keeping her strong and fit and the future is hers. Hot as fire, this sis is making a sweatshirt look sexy.

8 Trashy – Kylie’s Mature Makeup

Kylie Jenner wears more makeup than a drag queen at a Mardi Gras parade. She’s only a teen, after all, and certainly doesn’t need so much coverage on the regular. Sure, her makeup is applied quite well, but it’s hard to remember what the reality star and business gal looks like underneath all that thick foundation, heavy golden eye makeup, and what seems like a tube’s worth of red lipstick. She is very attractive, but at her age, wearing piles of makeup trashes her up (or down) rather than making her look youthful and fresh. With all this makeup being worn now, where can she go from here? It’s a good thing she has her own makeup line or else she’d go broke spending on her giant cosmetic collection. Perhaps Kylie feels good this way, but she’d be a lot hotter if she didn’t try so hard. Trashy is the consensus for this heavily made-up massacre.

7 Hot – Kylie’s Fun-Lovin’ Look

Kylie Jenner looks super cute and fun to be around in this pic in which she actually looks her age. Her adorable half-up/half-down hairdo is age-appropriate and on-trend, and her neutral makeup is modern and not overpowering her delicate features (puffy lips don’t apply). Her cool leather jacket is hip and hot and she seems to feel comfortable and look chill. We usually see this Jenner sister dressed like a woman decades older or in something skimpy and far too revealing. She also tends to wear tons upon tons of unnecessary makeup when we can see she can sport a more “natural” look and come across as wonderfully pretty and sweet. Let’s give this awesome look a vote for “hot” since Ms. Jenner is a teenage dream in this pleasing pic.

6 Hot – Kim’s Met Gala Gown

Kim Kardashian looks truly elegant and super sexy in this sweeping bedazzled long-sleeve gown with her hubby, Kanye West, giving her the larger percentage of the spotlight. Although there are many cut-outs and areas of exposed skin, she is totally covered where she needs to be and looks effortlessly confident and as A-list as one can be. Her hair is smoothly and neatly pulled back and her makeup is gorgeously tasteful and modern. As long as nobody steps on that long train, she’ll remain perfect in this obviously expensive and probably one-of-a-kind gown. The jewels make her bronzed skin glow and this look is as hot as Kanye’s temper will be if anyone messes with the Mrs. Hot or not? We say hot!

5 Hot - Kris Jenner Back to Black

“Momager” Kris Jenner is always focused on her kids, but when she’s dressed for success, she knows how to pull a sophisticated and sexy look together in a snap. Her simple black blazer, on-trend haircut, and natural makeup makes Kris look hot and far better than most women half her age. She’s a business-minded mama with lots of access to the very best in clothing, styling, and the like, so when it’s time to get dressed to the nines, Kris knows how to shine. She is dating a much younger fella, but it is easy to see why he’s got the hots for this hot mama. Way to go to Kris for keeping herself well put together when she’s got so much on her plate. She is super-sexy, stylish, and simply beautiful. This look gets the unanimous vote for “hot!”

4 Trashy – Kylie’s Blonde Bomb

Kylie Jenner is usually on the money when it comes to her looks, but this bad blonde hairdo with greasy roots and a dry appearance otherwise isn’t her best look to date. Plus, her thick foundation and unflattering lipstick color choice does little to enhance her features. A young woman like Kylie doesn’t need a spackle job on her face to look cute, and this pic proves it. She looks far better as a brunette and with less makeup clogging her pores, causing her to appear overdone. We’ll give her credit for nicely shaped eyebrows, but as for the rest of the look, it’s a big no. Trashy is what this look is, and we know Kylie can do much better. Let that skin breathe girl and give your locks a break. Unless this is a wig, but who can tell?

3 Hot – Blac Chyna’s Ethereal Elegance

Rob Kardashian’s outspoken baby mama and sometimes fiancé, Blac Chyna, is usually leaning more towards the trashy side (sorry to say, but most would agree), so seeing her look like an angel in this breathtaking photo is like a dream come true. Her flowing blonde hair and brightly glowing skin look magical, and her makeup is feminine and applied to sheer perfection. The gold accent accessories help bring out her inner glow and the Blac Chyna we’re used to seeing is a distant memory. Perhaps she’ll become an official Kardashian one day soon, but with the constant fighting between her and her baby daddy, Rob, it looks like things aren’t as wonderful in their world as this photo appears to be. Yay for Blac Chyna for looking dreamily hot in this heaven-sent pic.

2 Trashy – Rob Kardashian’s One and Only Look

Yes, Rob Kardashian has looked worse, but he must get the vote for “trashy” since all he seems to wear is the same big black T-shirt day in and day out. Sure, it seems to look clean, but we all know that Rob can look so much better if he put a little time into taking care of himself. Rob is a daddy now, so he would do his daughter a service by getting back in shape and showing the world that he gives a darn about himself and his appearance. He doesn’t have to dress in a tux, but perhaps a pop of color or a new style would suit him better. He’s not a bad looking dude, so he has something to work with if he put some effort into it. Rob may feel like he lives in the shadow of his famous sisters, but he could shine too if he gave it a go. Sorry buddy, but this look is trashy.

1 Hot – Kanye West’s SNL Promo Pic

Love him or hate him, it is hard to deny that rapper and Kim K.’s hubby, Kanye West, looks hot in this promo photo from his appearance on the late night comedy sketch show, Saturday Night Live. His casual yet expensive clothing, huge gold chain necklace, and captivating glare make Kanye look intriguing and oh so mysterious. His cropped hair and on-trend goatee are trimmed to perfection and his body looks fit and toned. Of course, Kanye thinks he nails every look, but this one is definitely a winner. As part of the Kardashian clan, Kanye has brought his own sense of style into the mix with his unique and artistic fashion sense. Kanye, you get a vote for “hot” in this SNL promo pic. Applause for the A-lister.

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