Hot Or Not? 15 Pics Of Ronda Rousey

The super-rad Ronda Rousey is one of the fiercest females around. She's a predatory lioness in the ring and a lovely lady on screen. As a female MMA champ, she's a rarity, but her competitive edge and no-holds-barred attitude make her a ferocious fighter through and through. Although she lost one of her most important matches recently, she's still considered to be #1 in the eyes of her many fans throughout the world. Plus, her work in the acting field has introduced new admirers into Rousey’s life, proving that she has talent in many areas across the board.

When you think of a female MMA star, sexiness isn’t usually top of mind. Bulging muscles and non-stop stamina? Sure. But Hollywood-level looks? They're not of any importance when it comes to being a champ in the ring, but they don’t hurt either. And the ravishing Rousey was blessed with strength and sex appeal – leading to her growing success on the big screen, too.

With her rise to fame, we've seen many photos of all sorts of Rousey on the web – from pics while she's sweaty and bruised to those where she's all blinged-out and dolled up on a star-studded red carpet. She can surely clean up well, but not every pic is a winner. Sometimes, she looks totally hot, and other times, not so much.

Check out these 15 pics of Rousey, and you be the judge of their hotness level. We’ve given our unscientific opinion, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So is she hot or do these pics deserve a “not?”

15 Painted Princess – Hot

Your stunned eyes aren't deceiving you. That’s no swimsuit… it's body paint! Wearing nothing but a beautiful piece of unique artwork painted delicately upon her fit frame, Rousey’s rad body is a canvas for a very impressive (and lucky) artist. The painting must have taken hours to complete, but the time spent was well worth it. Just look at how gorgeous Rousey looks in this painted-on bathing suit that shows off every sexy curve to perfection. Of course, she won’t be able to take a dip in the ocean, or else, she’ll wind up with nothing on at all! Not only is this painted-on swimsuit concept super-sexy, but the artwork is also absolutely stunning. Rousey must have felt vulnerable in nothing but some strategically placed brushstrokes, but she sure makes for a priceless work of art!

14 Kickin’ It – Hot

Get that lean leg up, and reach for the bright blue sky! Rousey shows off her perfectly toned body and impressive flexibility in a black skimpy string bikini. What could be any hotter? That cool belly button ring is the perfect accessory for her taut and toned abs, and her marvelous muscles are seriously strong and sexy. What better to do on a beautiful sunny day than to stand outdoors and practice some posing? Rousey surely found her place in the sun! The MMA fighter looks confident and powerful and has a delicate face of an angel attached to a body of steel. She may be asking a lot of that barely there bikini, but it’s certainly worth wearing so we can see as much of her amazing body as possible. Kick any haters to the curb, girl!

13 Intimidating Inmate – Not

Here, the revved-up Rousey seems to be shooting a fighting scene for a film where it's evident that she's playing the role of a criminal woman who's been locked up in the slammer. While she looks fierce and fired up, this is most certainly not one of her hotter pics. Orange may be the new black, but this ill-fitting jumpsuit does Rousey no justice. Her crazed expression and greasy hair may work well for the movie scene, but they sure don’t make Rousey look attractive at all. But she's trying to become a serious actress, so playing the part sometimes means looking a mess. Granted, she's looked worse while in full-on MMA mode, but as far as photos go, this one gets the whopping vote for “not.”

12 Ravenous Rousey – Hot

Not only does that egg, cheese, and sausage sandwich look absolutely delicious, but Rousey looks pretty darn tempting, too, as she ravenously sinks her teeth into the tasty to-go meal. You’ve gotta love a girl with a healthy and hearty appetite, and Rousey is giving this breakfast sandwich all she’s got. With all the exercise Rousey does day in and day out, she simply has to fuel up with some stick-to-your-ribs kinda food, and this egg sandwich surely hits the spot. Rousey proves that women can eat whatever they want and still look fit and fabulous. As long as you burn off those calories, you’re good to go. But then again, not too many people work on their bodies as hard as Rousey does. Looks pretty mouthwatering, no? Not the sandwich, silly! Rousey! Yum.

11 Punching Pretty – Hot

For someone so tough, Rousey can also come across as a darling as seen in this hot photo. Her unbelievable body is super-fit and fly, her eyes are on the prize, and she looks 100% camera-ready. With a toned middle, strong arms, and the stance of a true professional, Rousey looks MMA-ready. But she also looks quite pretty with her dirty blonde hair flowing and just a dash of natural makeup to bring out her authentic good looks. She gives the camera a sultry glare that's a mix of sexy and serious, just like Rousey herself. Her tight red pants and sports bra fit her like a glove, and she looks like an amazing athlete through and through. Don’t mess with this mama, though! She’s poised and ready to punch!

10 Beat Up Babe – Not

Rousey may have given it her all in the ring, but with an outcome like this, hotness is not in the cards. Sure, nobody expects anyone to look their best after a major MMA fight, but this beat-up face looks like it really went through the ringer. She's surely going to need some ice and a good night’s sleep to get back to her more attractive self. Just looking at this pic hurts, so you’ve gotta wonder how Rousey felt after her face became a human punching bag. Perhaps, she's used to all the heavy pounding, but that's still got to sting. A pair of dark sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat would do wonders for Rousey. Even she looks a little stunned at how scary she looks in this pic!

9 Amped-Up Champ – Hot

This wow-worthy winner looks like a smoking hot lass in leather as she holds her shiny championship belt against her bulging biceps. Rousey looks like a sexy siren in skin-tight black leather and with a pose that could make men fall to her feet. She looks as tough as nails and ready for a non-stop night on the town after winning what was surely a tough match. Her long blonde hair is seductively side-swept, and that serious sexy stare lets you know this chick means business. Those smoky eyes will have you staring right back, and that super-tight leather proves that Rousey has a rock-solid body underneath. Rousey is a force to be reckoned with in the ring and is foxy and fierce after a wardrobe change. Lovely in leather indeed!

8 A Blow to the Face – Not

OK, MMA fighting is this brave babe’s bread and butter, but when you see a startling still shot of Rousey’s precious face being savagely kicked by her fierce opponent, it's not a pretty sight, by any means. The blood and gore alone are gag-worthy, and the way her face is being booted into oblivion is unsettling, to say the least. Yes, her bangin’ body looks strong and lean, and those arms are tight and muscular, but seeing Rousey above the neck makes us yell “not” from the hilltops. Let’s hope she wasn’t in too much pain during this MMA incident. But we’re in pain from having to see this blow up close. Poor Rousey, but no pain, no gain. MMA fighting most certainly isn’t for the faint of heart!

7 Good Jeans and Genes – Hot

Move over Brooke Shields! This MMA mama is taking over your spot as the hottest jeans model ever. You may have looked hot in your Calvins, but Rousey looks pretty damn great in this pair. In a sexy tank top and tight-fitting jeans, Rousey looks casually sexy and as sultry as heck. Those blue jeans fit Rousey like a glove, and her simple top shows off her curves just right. With her hair windblown off of her pretty face, the MMA darling looks like a seasoned model who knows all of her best angles. That pose is super sexy yet effortless at the same time. Who knew Rousey could fill out a pair of jeans so well? We’re used to seeing her in her MMA gear, so this look is like a breath of fresh air. Good genes and good jeans -- what a perfect combination!

6 Battered and Blue – Not

Oh man. Another dreadful shot of the riled-up Rousey with a beaten face that's definitely been through the ringer. Looking utterly dazed and confused, Rousey surely took a bad beating in the MMA ring, and she has the bloodied face of raw meat to prove it. She may have landed a few winning hits and punches vs. her opponent, but her face certainly was on the receiving end of some tough and rough jabs as well. With a face like that, Rousey is going to need some heavy painkillers to feel anything close to decent again. To her credit, that royal blue Reebok sports bra looks cute, and her always-fit body gets the thumbs up. But overall, this pic gets a vote for “not” simply because nobody finds a face that looks like beef carpaccio sexy.

5 Girl-Next-Door Gorgeous – Hot

What a cute and pretty smile and a cheery attitude! Rousey looks nothing like the MMA fighter we're used to seeing and a lot more like a bright and sunny girl-next-door everyone wants to hang out with. Her pretty long blonde hair, warm and inviting eyes, sweet smile, and adorable girlish pose show that Rousey has a softer side, too. Out of the MMA ring, this darling looks like a beachy babe who would make any guy swoon with admiration and adoration. With all the punches to the face this gal has received, it’s a miracle that her pearly whites look so perfect. Goes to show ya that even the fiercest of chicks can tone it down and show off their more feminine side once in a while. She’s the best of both worlds!

4 Bikini Beauty –Hot

Looking as hot as any Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue model, the magnificent Rousey rocks it in a seriously sexy designer bikini and shows off her fantastic and toned figure. That's surely one lucky tree to have Rousey’s arousing body wrapped around its strong branches. Rousey looks fit and fabulous in a perfectly fitting swimsuit and some added jewelry for style and sophistication. Her youthful face looks beautiful, her blonde hair is wavy and natural, and her lovely skin looks smooth and supple. No bloodied gums or bangs and bruises -- only delicate perfection on a hot sunny day in a beautiful location. Rousey poses for the camera effortlessly and shows that women can be beautiful in any scenario. She should definitely take more pics like this one and share them on Instagram. She’d have more followers than ever!

3 Rough and Ravishing – Hot

That sneaker must have done something to piss off Rousey, but she won’t let a piece of athletic footwear get in her way. It appears that the sexy MMA star is in some sort of loft in a gritty part of town, but she’s not afraid – she never is. Just look at those strong and lean arms and legs. Nobody is going to sneak up on this fierce fighter and push her around. The devilish look in Rousey’s piercing eyes shows that she means business and that she won’t stop staring until you give up and give in. Those toned and tanned abs look powerful, and Rousey knows how to position herself to look like the alpha in any situation. When it comes to kicking butt, this bold babe is always well prepared and ready to win.

2 Face to Face – Not

OK, so we can see that Rousey isn’t afraid to stand up to anyone one bit, not even a strong and scary man, but does she look particularly hot in this photo? No, not really. She definitely looks strong, mean, and quite menacing, but she's not exactly sexy or alluring. That’s most certainly OK, though, because Rousey’s main concern is getting her point across, and she's making one in this photo, 100%. She may be shorter and weaker than the fella before her, but that deadly look in her eyes is one of pure determination. She could stare down a hungry mountain lion if she were placed in front of one. With no fear and all courage, this fighting chick means business. Still, though, a vote for “not” is in order.

1 Golden Globes – Hot

Rousey looks like the pot of gold at the end of a colorful rainbow in her low-plunging gold-and-black stunning evening gown. She must be headed to a star-studded red carpet event, and she looks like a Hollywood star herself. Her shiny golden blonde hair is side-swept and elegant, and her simple makeup enhances her pretty facial features. But who could focus on her face when she's wearing such a sexy and form-fitting gown? That deep neckline leaves little to the imagination, and her ample cleavage is stealing the show. Rousey may be a sweaty sight in the MMA ring, but when she's all done up for a formal event or a night on the town, she looks like a million bucks. No wonder she’s all smiles. This one gets a shout-out for “hot!”

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