Hot Or Not? 15 Photos Of Emma Stone

Hollywood has always had a thing for hot actresses. From the earliest days of silent film, the movie studios have looked for leading ladies who shone brightly on screen, glowing and radiant in their attractiveness. You may not remember Clara Bow, who was a huge star and actually was the original “It” girl of Hollywood fame (from the movie It, where she played a heroic shopgirl), but she became notorious when the movies made the transition from silent to sound. Her newfound notoriety was because of her terrible and unrestrained Brooklyn accent- no one had known what she sounded like before she made a film with sound. But everyone-audiences, critics and her studio- forgave her because she had the beauty of the time to pull it off. All we have to do to find a parallel nowadays is to think of Jennifer Aniston. Sure, she can act just fine but nobody is rushing to hand over Oscars and Golden Globes to her in bundles. No, the reason Jennifer Aniston is revered in Hollywood and hounded in the tabloids is because of one thing and one thing only- her beauty.

This all makes sense, of course; “hot” sells and for Hollywood, hotness and beauty are often not in the eye of the beholder- they are what Tinsel town says they are. Hotness is an ideal that usually revolves around thin blondes. Now don’t get me wrong- there are plenty of women who are successful in Hollywood who are most decidedly not thin blondes but you know what I mean. But what about our conceptions of who is or isn’t hot? What about all of those actresses whom we adore but may not classify as hot. Should we reevaluate what it means to be hot? Well, yes, yes we should. We’ll start off with the “It” girl of the moment, Emma Stone.

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15 Hot In Superbad

via filmschoolrejects.com

If you’ve ever seen Superbad then you probably remember Emma’s character in that movie, the cool but accessible Jules. If you haven’t seen Superbad, then what’s wrong with you man! That movie is awesome and not really because of Emma Stone- a few guys named Jonah Hill, Michael Cera, Seth Rogen, and Bill Hader had somewhat more to do with its success. On the other hand, it was Emma’s first role in a legitimate Hollywood movie, way back in the dark ages of 2007, and she played the hip hot girl who wasn’t a skanky, blond cheerleader with appropriate élan and joie de vivre- bet you didn’t know I spoke French… Anyway, Emma’s turn as Jules helps drive the whole plotline forward as it is her epic party the guys end up at. If you’re a fan of hot gingers with freckles (and really, who isn’t?) then Emma fits the bill perfectly in this movie.

14 Not Hot On The Red Carpet

via moviehole.com

I’ve got to ask this question and I’m hoping someone out there someday has the answer. What is it with starlets and red carpet entrances? You know when these events are coming- it’s not like the Oscars suddenly sneak up on you in July- and have all the time in the world to plan your look accordingly and yet you end up in a crazy concoction from a fashionista’s worst nightmare. It’s appalling. Maybe because the fashion designers are giving away these gowns for free to the stars they don’t feel like they should complain? But seriously, how many actresses over the years have either had ridiculous wardrobe malfunctions or just a wardrobe that is, in and of itself, an actual malfunction at these events. Just look at this example of Emma not-rockin’ some weird, black, lacy, flowery thing. Black does nothing for her naturally pale and creamy skin and might indeed make her look like a casting call reject from Black Swan. Let’s not talk about her hair in this shot at all, alright?

13 Hot In Blue

via eskipaper.com

Who knew that a ginger lady could pull off blue so well? I certainly didn’t. I guess I just felt that gingers were best suited to colors like white, red, and yes, green. But here we have Emma in a phot shoot looking scrumptious in a fancy navy blue affair highlighted by the red nails and minimalistic jewelry. Her striking gaze easily reveals why she became such a big star- she’s got the look! Emma’s very first theatrical experience was in 2000, when, at age 12, she starred onstage in a local production of The Wind in the Willows. Unfortunately, Wiki doesn’t say what part she played. Now don’t get me wrong, I loved Wind in the Willows as a kid, but the idea of Emma freaking Stone playing Toad as a washerwoman or Mole or Rat is kind of unsettling, isn’t it? The two things do not seem to go together. I don’t know, maybe she was a tree or a boat or something. By the way, don’t Emma’s glorious locks look a lot better than the last pic?

12 Not Hot In Curls

via pantip.com

OK, Emma is obviously not completely unattractive in her role as Amelia in The Rocker. But let’s face it; she doesn’t quite pull off the whole girl-band look as well as some actresses do. Think of Rachael Leigh Cook, Tara Reid, and Rosario Dawson in the highly underrated Josie and the Pussycats (I sh*t you not- the opening scene is hilarious) and you’ll know what I’m talking about. Anyway… Emma is Ok here but the purple hair and heat-curled tresses aren’t really her style. Nor is that insanely ugly necklace, by the way. There’s also the fact that Emma sort of looks like she’s auditioning for a role as a young Lindsay Lohan. If there was ever an actress who we could do an article on “Hot or Not” about it would be our girl Lindsay. I’m sure Emma doesn’t want to be associated with that mess.

11 Hot Irish Eyes Are Smiling

via propics.com

In case you couldn’t figure out why Emma looks the way she does, you might be interested to know that she claims Swedish, Scots, Irish, and English descent. Huh, who knew? I guess those northern climes don’t get much sun, from the looks of her pale skin. Some guys are definitely into the “never been touched by the sun” look of certain leading ladies. No, I’m not talking about the Gothic Christina Ricci sexy vampire look, although that has its moments too. I’m talking about a look like Emma’s here, where it seems she might have just stepped out of the pages of Game of Thrones. Did you know that Emma is not a natural redhead? That’s right. As you will see in the next pic, Emma is actually a blonde at heart. Judd Apatow actually asked her to change her color for Superbad and she loved it so much she’s kept it that way. Those directors- always trying to control people!

10 60’s Waif Look Not Hot

via wallpapersafari.com

Way, way back in the ‘60s, when Flower Power ran rampant, nobody shaved and people behaved strangely, there was a whole kind of “innocent waif” look that dominated both fashion and Rock & Roll for a while. The weird British model Twiggy was kind of the epitome of that whole scene. In fact, I guess all you need to know about how un-hot that whole look was is to know that its leading lady was named Twiggy. So here we have Emma, as her natural blonde self, stepping out in a similar look. While she’s not actually going all-in with the Beehive hairdo, she’s definitely got that weird, zoned-out look the ‘60s prized. Not only that, but her green eyes are gone, replaced by unflattering fake-looking blue contacts. This is one time when her pale, white skin puts her at a disadvantage as it makes her look more like a pasty junkie than anything else. Sorry Emma, but maybe going red was a good choice for you.

9 Classically Hot

via cronicaversiones.com

There was a time when “Old Hollywood” ruled the land. Back in the ‘40s and ‘50s, the big stars were almost required to be dressed to the nines, as they say, almost all the time. Not necessarily in evening formalwear but if they were going out they weren’t doing it in spandex leggings and tank tops. Those days may be gone and I can’t say as I miss ‘em myself (what guy doesn’t like spandex on the right celebrity backside?) but there is something to be said about a starlet stepping out in style, even if it’s only for a red carpet event. Here Emma looks blazing in red, with her understated lipstick, elegant jewelry and fancy outfit all combining for a classically hot look. Her quiet smile only adds to the appeal and to be honest, there’s a reason red goes so well with white skin- it’s a match made in heaven.

8 Too Red To Be Hot

via popsugar.com

And…then there are times red doesn’t go so well with pale skin and ginger hair. This would be one of those times. That fire-engine red lipstick is not doing Emma any favors, as it seems to accentuate a certain creepy set to her lips that probably isn’t really there- she looks like she could be a modern update of a fire-breathing dragon lady of yore, like Maleficent or Baba Yaga. And she’s not even in character! I’m sure that was not the effect Emma was going for. The severely drawn back hair doesn’t help this look. In fact, the more I look at this candid, the more I wonder if that’s really Emma, not some sort of pod person who has taken her over. I’m sorry, Emma, but this look isn’t going to win over many fans. Let your hair down and get back to being you- don’t succumb to the pod people!

7 Unintentionally Hot

Now here’s what I’m talking about. This image captures everything that’s hot about Emma- the smoky green eyes, the creamy complexion, the flowing , glorious red hair and the slight air of everyday beauty about her. The fact that she’s not looking directly at us only seems to add to the hot mystery of the pic, as does the fact that I couldn’t, in multiple Google searches, even figure out what movie this still is from. There’s also the additional bonus of just a hint that Emma probably has quite the bangin’ body underneath all that. What I did find out while researching this pic is that Emma has been considered by Disney to star in the reboot of 101 Dalmatians. As Cruella de Vil. While I could certainly see that, I would think that they would want a look more visually similar to our previous picture than this one here- in this one Emma’s too hot to be bad!

6 Not-Hot Office Girl?

via mubi.com

What a strange pic for a major Hollywood star this one is. Emma looks like she’s applying to be the mousy secretary at slightly shabby shipping & receiving firm or something doesn’t she? From the buttoned-up tight office girl blouse to the lack of makeup and slightly frowsy hair, this sure doesn’t seem like the Emma we’ve come to know and love. You do know to which Emma I’m referring, right? I’m talking about the Emma who was so awesome in Zombieland and the Amazing Spider-Man reboots, not to mention her hip work as a voice actress on things like the Robot Chicken TV series. That particular Emma kicked butt. But this Emma? This Emma looks like she’s already resigned herself to a lonely life in her walk-up apartment with six cats and a close relationship with reruns of Friends. Say it ain’t so Emma- you can do so much better than this!

5 Hotter Than A Zombie

via heyyouguys.com

Here’s another Emma Stone movie that, if you haven’t yet seen it, I must ask, for the love of God why? This movie is in every red-blooded American male’s wheelhouse. It’s got serious action sequences, it’s got zombies, it’s got major comedy and… it’s got Emma Stone fighting zombies and being funny. OK, I admit it- Woody Harrelson has got the vast majority of the zingers and Bill Murray is no slouch either (well, on second thought, maybe Bill Murray is always a slouch but in a gloriously good way) but Emma is super-hot in this movie. Maybe not because she’s all dolled up- she is, after all, fighting to survive during a zombie apocalypse- but there’s always a definite element of hotness that comes when a lady goes badass. And considering that our gal Emma seems to be a serious lady it stands to reason that she could also pull off being a serious badass.

4 Bird Lady Not So Hot

via outtothemovies.net

OK, OK, I know that Emma’s character in the 2014 flick Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) was that of a recovering drug addict. So she wasn’t necessarily gonna make us weep for joy at her appearance. Especially since she reverted back to her natural blond hair for the part, which never seems to work for her. But, since this whole article is about whether Emma is hot or not, I’ve gotta put this look in the not-hot department. Unless, and this is just something I’m gonna throw out here, Emma is so hot that becoming un-hot is actually hot in and of itself? Like, she couldn’t be considered sometimes un-hot, as in this movie, if she was always hot all the time. Therefore, the very idea that Emma could ever be classified as not-hot automatically makes her hot. I don’t know, I, maybe, just maybe, might be overthinking this one. The fact of the matter is, her Birdman character is not Emma’s best look ever. Let’s just leave it at that.

3 Hot Portrait Lady

via pinterest.com

Now here’s what I’m talking about! Remember when we saw that not-so-hot portrait of Emma looking all waif-like blonde?  Did you know that Emma’s first big break in Hollywood came when she starred in a pilot for something called In Search of the New Partridge Family. This was back in 2004 when VH1 still thought they could make shows anyone would care about. Well, the pilot never made it to air, proving that VH1 was done making shows anyone would care about, but it gave Emma a taste of what Hollywood was like and it gave Hollywood a taste of what Emma was all about. Apparently, everybody liked what they tasted (alright, I’m gonna stop this sort of creepy analogy) and Emma went on to great success in Superbad. She even won a “Young Hollywood Award,” whatever that is, for her role in that film, something I’m sure she keeps on her mantelpiece right next to her more recent Oscar.

2 Everyday Average

via bodybuilding.com

Poor Emma. Like all celebrities, and especially young, hot starlets, she is probably being constantly hounded by the paparazzi. Here we have Emma out for a walk, or a milk-run. Or maybe even a beer-run, for all that I know. In fact, I hope that she was out for a beer run, as you can tell from her sort of half-smile, half “get out of my face” look that she is not overly enthused at being photographed at less than her best. It’s really not far to these stars that we set them on a pedestal of incredible grace and beauty and then expect them to look perfect when they’re just trying to get some quick shopping done on a Sunday morning. In any case, this candid is not Emma’s best look ever but it’s not like she’s horribly unattractive or anything. Just not particularly hot in that particular moment.

1 Hot Oscar Winner

via racked.com

Emma was actually first nominated for an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in Birdman in 2014 (for her acting chops, not her looks, as we already discussed) but she broke through and won the big award as Best Actress at this year’s Oscars for La La Land (which you probably don’t remember, given all the other brouhaha that went on that night). Whether, as a guy, you really dug La La Land, had to suffer through it for your significant other’s sake, or totally ignored the whole thing because it was so clearly a Chick Flick, you have to admit that this look of Emma’s proves without a doubt that she is definitely hot. The long, flowing hair, the beautiful pale skin, sexy legs and air of confidence about her all scream “hot,” don’t they? Emma absolutely deserved her first Oscar for her acting chops in this role but she’s got an Oscar for hotness in my book anytime.

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