Here's What 15 People From Richie Rich Look Like Now

For those of you who were alive when it first came out, Richie Rich was a huge deal! It was one of those films that decorated the 90's with Macaulay Culkin's strange looks and antics. It was essentially Home Alone, but with an even wealthier family and the bad guys take over much more easily.

1994 was a great year for kids films. Ace Ventura, The Mask, The Flintstones, Dumb & Dumber, D2: The Mighty Ducks, The Santa Clause, The Little Rascals, The Lion King and, of course, Richie Rich! It was a huge year. A lot of the actors from these films are either dead or retired now. There are obviously some big names still out there too. But what are the actors from Richie Rich up to now? What could

But what are the actors from Richie Rich up to now? What could they possibly look like? In some cases, the answer to that question is pretty surprising. And in other cases...it's just how we'd expect. Either way, here is a selection from the cast of Richie Rich, and here's what they look like now.

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15 Macaulay Culkin

Macaulay Culkin really had some bad years, I think. I am sure it has something to do with having been a child star for so long. That's why Drew Barrymore was so f*cked up for so long. Child actors seem to have a rough time in Hollywood. Especially once they grow out of their childhood cuteness and are cast into the Hollywood Has-Been ditch at the age of 12. E-online reported this year on Culkin because of his upcoming film with Seth Green, but up till then, everyone had seemingly been worried about him going off the rails (or snorting too many). Culkin responded saying that "people don't really have a right to be concerned about him, considering his separation from the spotlight." I guess now that he's back in, everyone will be clambering to learn more!

14 Claudia Schiffer

To be fair here, Claudia Schiffer only had a very small cameo role in Richie Rich, but she is still one of the biggest names in the film. So there's basically no way she wasn't going to make this list. It's likely that over half of the cast will be unknown to today's audience. This sweet supermodel once graced the cover of every magazine in the stand (besides the adult ones...other than Playboy). But now she spends her time out in the country and away from the spotlight. Sure, her age might be showing as a 47-year-old supermodel, but that doesn't mean she doesn't have some damn good looks. But, again, you'll probably not get a chance to see her out and about too much these days. Living in the country with three kids will tend to take up someone's time...and show their age more easily.

13 Rory Culkin

If this guy looks at all familiar, I'm going to guess it's because you think that this is Macaulay Culkin a few years ago. But it is just one of his younger brothers. And you know what? Rory is actually a pretty damn good actor. He's been all over the map as an actor since 1993 (when he was only 4 years old), and it seems that he tends to be in lower budget or more artistic films. He's not really been a blockbuster kind of guy. I am a horror buff, however, and he did have a starring role in the final chapter of the Scream series alongside Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox, and David Arquette. I think he did a bang-up job. It certainly was a scream. And you can see it in his eyes. I think all of the Culkin boys have this knack for being kind of scary. It's not like his older brother Macaulay didn't have his share in the horror genre as well.

12 Christine Ebersole

There's a good reason why you may not know this woman. But if you do happen to recognize her, it's probably because she was in The Wolf of Wall Street, or American Horror Story. That would be my best guess. But if you're not familiar with Ebersole, then the reason is likely because she is predominantly a stage actor. That's where her passion lies. She's like a less attractive and successful version of Hugo Weaving. He's in all sorts of films, but his passion is the stage. But hey, Christine Ebersole was nominated for a Tony award this year and that's pretty exciting. She may have aged...significantly, but she's still working the boards and coming away with success. Maybe this is why: “There’s a big Hollywood influence at the Tonys now that I don’t think was present before,” she says.

11 Eddie J. Fernandez

Eddie J. Fernandez, seen above with Danny Trejo is probably the busiest actor in this entire list. Well, when I say "actor" I'm probably being a bit misleading. He's mainly a stunt guy who plays himself in films. He also does a lot of stunt-double work. This guy has not gone without work in the film business since 1984. What's interesting about him is that he is credited for playing the prison assassin in Richie Rich. IMDB credits him as playing himself as the assassin. But if you go to Eddie's own IMDB page and take a look at his filmography...you'll discover that he's decided to throw away that credit. Maybe he's embarrassed to have been in the film? He shouldn't be though. After all, he did stunts for Home Alone 3 and that is credited in his filmography.

10 Michael McShane

Well, here is a man who has not aged well at all. I mean, that does go for most of the people on this list, but I'm just making it particularly apparent here. But hey, that won't stop Professor Keenbean! He may not be a big name actor, but that doesn't mean he's not still constantly working in the business. Chances are you haven't heard of much of what he's done, but he has at least done voice work for both King of the Hill and American Dad. So at least you know he's likely still pretty funny. This is another one of the Richie Rich cast who prefers the stage to the screen. He started his career as an improv comedian and a musical performer. So, there's every reason why he'd be in such a wild film like Richie Rich, but shy away from a lot of other opportunities I'm sure he had.

9 John Larroquette

Now you might have actually seen John Larroquette many, many times without even noticing it. He plays the main villain in Richie Rich. You might recognize him from House MD, or maybe CSI New York. If not, he also has a pretty significant role in the new tv show Librarians. He's been all over the map with his career and has found his way into a ton of small roles. You've probably seen him many times and just haven't really thought about it. It's not that he isn't a good actor, but he's not always got the meatiest roles in shows. Other than putting on a bit of weight and looking more and more like a gentle old grandfather, Larroquette hasn't really changed all that much. He's still playing the same kinds of roles and about the same size of roles too.

8 Edward Herrmann

Surprisingly, Herrmann is one of the few people on this list who isn't, in part, best known for his work in Richie Rich. He used to be a spokesperson for Dodge, he was a narrator for the History Channel, he played FDR in a program once and he was, how could I not mention, Richard Gilmore in Gilmore Girls (if you haven't watched this show...don't). Either way, Herrmann was a great comedian, actor, director, and writer. I saw "was" because whatever he looks like in the photo above is definitely not the way he looks now. He sadly passed away in 2014 at the age of 71. But, I thought it important to add him to this list for two reasons. You could see how he looked before he died (which is not all that different from how he looked in Richie Rich), and you could learn about a very accomplished performer.

7 Jonathan Hyde

If you recognize Jonathan Hyde here, it might be from his pompous role in Titanic, or his pompous then suddenly fearful role in The Mummy. He's been in a few heavy-hitting films to be sure. Unfortunately, lately, he's found himself in a bunch of crappy tv shows. Tokyo Trial, TrollHunters, and worst of all... The Strain. This is when you know someone just wants to work again, or needs money badly. The Strain is probably one of the most nonsensical shows out there. Even if the premise could work in a show (and it could), then there has to be some sort of logic within the show to make the premise believable. Either way, Hyde here hasn't changed all that much. He's got some new lines on his face and his hair is receding for sure, but he's pretty well the same guy we loved to hate in both Titanic and The Mummy. It's just too bad he's acting in crappy stuff now.

6 Chelcie Ross

Ross has been in some amazing films! He's appeared in Basic Instinct, The Untouchables, and even Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey! But he's also been in Drag Me To Hell, and awful tv shows like Grey's Anatomy, and Boss. Like most of the actors in this list, since Richie Rich, it seems that cameos and bit parts are all that Ross has been playing. Now, that could be a choice. He could just be a career actor who likes to work in the business but doesn't dream of stardom. But I think it's more likely that he's just not landing those big roles. And that is sad. It's probably better for him in the long run because he won't have to worry about the media being all over him and he can enjoy his privacy...but it's still sad to think that this guy just has never really had his break. This list is kind of full of...not has-beens...but never-even-have-beens.

5 Stephi Lineburg

Unless you watched hip shows like Ghost Writer back in the 90's, you may not recall Stephi Lineburg at all. She's, of course, the cute girl who Richie Rich sort of falls for in the film. Lineburg hasn't been in front of the camera for over seven years now though. It could be that she got tired of being cast in roles like "The Girl" in the spinoff tv show Angel. She has played five different characters in Law & Order though, so she must be pretty good at changing things up as an actor...that or the casting office was really letting the show down for a few years. Either way, it's amazing that Lineburg hasn't made it further in the business. I don't mean to be rude here, but it's a pretty superficial business and she is super cute. I can only hope that it's been her decision to remove herself from the screen.

4 Reggie Jackson

Clearly not the NBA player Reggie Jackson. No, no. The MLB all-star Reggie Jackson. You might not remember his appearance in Richie Rich, but you should recall his clutch work batting for both Oakland and New York, winning a combined five World Series' between them. They called him "Mr. October" because of how well he played in post-season games. And then he ended up coaching little league games in Richie Rich. Now he's 71 and he does a lot of work, surprisingly. You can book him on his website. I don't want to imagine how much it costs though. His entire website is nothing but money making. You can't even find his stats there. All you can find are links to his garage (where he sells restored cars and parts for them), his personal store, and his foundation...which is just basically the store again.

3 Ben Stein

Alright, those of you who have gone back in time to try and be cool kids who understand the 80s, you'll recognize Ben Stein from Ferris Bueller's Day Off. He's the monotone teacher who calls out "Bueller" over and over and has the most boring lesson in the film. Aside from putting on some weight, and losing both colour and follicles of hair, Ben Stein hasn't really changed all that much. I mean, maybe he defends right-wing republicans more now than he used to...but he did use to work for Richard Nixon way back in the day. And if that doesn't set off some kind of alarm bells in your ears...I'm not sure what to say then. Either way, Stein has played all sorts of funny cameos in all sorts of films, but the films he makes himself are all about rejecting science, and backing up crap policy...and that hasn't changed.

2 Matt DeCaro

Matt DeCaro is another guy you might have caught while watching House MD a few years back. I guess after acting in a film like Richie Rich these guys needed to seek some medical help from a superior British actor like Hugh Laurie. Either way, DeCaro is and I guess always has been a bit-part actor. Working shows like NCIS, CSI, ER, NYPD Blue, Law & Order, The Chicago Code, Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D. He's been all over the place...if by all over I meant to say in every single police and medical procedural that had any sort of real traction (I don't include Scrubs or Grey's Anatomy for a reason). I guess DeCaro is just that guy who looks like he could play someone important, but just always helps other actors to succeed. He's a good yes man.

1 Diann Burns

Burns is not an actor. First and foremost. She's appeared in three films and one fictional television show in her life. She's a news anchor after all (if the photo didn't already scream that at you). She's also incredibly successful at what she does. And that's probably why they hired the nine-time Emmy Award winner to play a cameo in Richie Rich. And it must have been the easiest job because she just had to play herself. She's currently working in L.A. but has worked all over the U.S. and has even reported in war-torn Somalia. And it's not like she was reporting with the support of U.S. soldiers. Apparently, she went into Somalia and reported alone with her crew. Now that's some wicked danger journalism. That's enough for me to like her.

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