Here Are 15 Adult Variations Of Your Favorite Characters

They're almost better than the originals! Actually... they're definitely better than the originals.

Think of a famous Hollywood movie or television show and it may not take you long before you can think of a funny way to create a title fitting of the "other film industry". I mean some like Big Bang Theory just write themselves!

So naturally back in 2009, the AVN Awards which recognize the best there is in adult booty bumping started handing out an award for best parody of the year. If it wasn't already encouraged, studios more than ever were pulling out all the stops to create some of the best parodies out there.

Which is also why the women below are not only gorgeous, they're some of the biggest names in the industry with several clocking in with hundreds of films. But none may have been more fun than the role we talk about.

Be warned, while the 15 characters below are sexualized, they do run the risk of impacting some of your childhood memories as Scooby Doo, Peter Pan, Pokemon and Harry Potter - sorry Hairy Twatter - are just some of the shows parodied below.  Not to mention not one, but two different studios that took their stab at Game of Thrones (which also means two versions of Daenerys!).

These are the 15 hottest times your favorite characters got themselves an adult-sized makeover!

15 Jessie Andrews (Hermione) - Hairy Twatter

In Hollywood, there is definitely a benefit to being pleasant to work with onset. After all, not many careers are made if you decide to be unprofessional. Thankfully a positive demeanor onset wasn't something that the producers of Hairy Twatter had to worry about with Jessie Andrews.

Cast in the lead role of Hermione, Andrews drew praise from Adam Hasner who was the VP of DreamZone Entertainment

"In a short time, Jessie Andrews has become one of the top names in the industry. She did an amazing job in The Godfather XXX and we’re extremely proud to have her back once again."

We're sure they were thrilled with her performance as Hermione, or as the film calls her...Hormone.

14 Ashlynn Brooke (Penny) - Big Bang XXX

Kaley Cuoco has had no shortage of moments where she embraced her body on The Big Bang Theory. After all, we sure we don't need to work very hard to remind you that there was the episode where she wore a Wonder Woman costume.

The director behind Big Bang XXX decided to go a different route, dressing his lead actress Ashlynn Brooke in a Princess Leia costume.

While it's not the only Leia on this list, it is the only one that engages with her slave side!

The premise of the story centers around the gang going towards a comic book convention, which honestly makes the Mario costume a little confusing but they probably didn't spend too much time focusing on the plot.

13 Kimberly Kane (Wonder Woman) - Man Of Steel XXX

With the upcoming Wonder Woman movie set to release in the near future, we're sure the adult industry isn't done with the character. Especially when you consider that the above photo is taken from Man of Steel XXX which if was parodying the movie, wouldn't have technically had Wonder Woman there.

Much less hanging out in the fortress of solitude as the above photo seems to indicate! But if there was a superhero of the "other film" industry, perhaps the top candidate would have to be Kimberly Kane who you see pictured above.

Starting out her career in 2003, Kane has gone on to appear in over 400 films.

12 Maria McCray (Sansa) - This Ain't Game Of Thrones

Game of Thrones gets parodied from two different shows on our list, but only one of them offered a picture of their version of Sansa Stark that is even kind of safe for work, and for that we have to give credit to This Ain't Game of Thrones XXX which came out in 2014.

Maria McCray was cast in the role and even though she has appeared in over 250 films, we're sure her chance to hang out in Westeros remains one of her favorites. Even if she finds herself booty bumping with characters that she definitely wouldn't be getting close to in the show!

But we suppose when you check out these films you aren't exactly hoping for a realistic re-telling of your favorite show.

11 Kayla Paige (Rachelle), Vanessa Naughty (Moanica), Jordan Kingsley (Freebie) - FRIENDS XXX

Our list has no shortage of entries in which specific women are highlighted for their talents in the other industry. But for the above one, we found it only fitting to include the entire cast of Friends: A XXX Parody.

The lead female characters of Rachelle, Moanica and Freebie were filled by Kayla Paige, Vanessa Naughty and Jordan Kingsley.

While we cannot confirm on if Monica (...oh sorry, Moanica) and Ross (or as the show calls him, Russ) make sure they stay FAR FAR away from each other throughout the series, we can only hope so!

We know these friends are supposed to be there through thick and thin, but you probably never envisioned your favorite gang quite like this.

10 Kassondra Raine (Fisty) - Strokemon

We'll be honest, we have a very similar face to the one that Ash - or as the movie classily calls him Gash - has on in the above photo. Of all the things in this world that you probably didn't expect to see sexualized today, we don't blame you if Pikachu was pretty high on that list!

At the very least you can probably get on board with Kassondra Raine who was cast to play the role of Fisty...Yes, they actually called Misty that.

The parody that easily holds the highest chance of ruining your childhood came out in 2015 and also features their own version of several classic characters such as Nurse Joyce or Brock ( can guess what they call him in the movie).

Granted when the movie was called Strokemon, you could probably predict it was going to have some terribly parodied names.

9 Anikka Albrite (Daenerys Targaryen) - Game Of Bones

When it comes to casting characters in Game of Bones: Winter Is...(we'll let you guess the end of this one), one of the most important was going to be Daenerys Targaryen.

After all, it's not like the audience didn't get a good enough look at Emilia Clarke without her clothes on; so someone who does it for the adult variation better bring their A-Game!

When Lee Roy Myers went casting, he selected on Anikka Albrite who we're sure you won't complain about getting to check out.

Albrite is one of the more experienced performers on our list having appeared in over 350 films since starting in 2011.

8 Allie Haze (Princess Leia) - Star Wars XXX

There may not be a franchise in Hollywood that bring with it more anticipation than Star Wars. While Hollywood has done a great job as of late, you'll be happy to know that the "other" film industry has also done their best to add to the legacy.

In fact, when they came out with Star Wars XXX it was able to bring home 6 different awards at the AVN ceremony back in 2012. While she did not win, Allie Haze who you see pictured above doing her best Princess Leia was also nominated for best actress.

You can imagine Haze also felt the pressure to take on such an iconic role! Since starting in the industry back in 2009, Haze has appeared in over 300 films.

7 Riley Steele (Tinker Bell And Snow White) - Peter Pan And Snow White XXX

Riley Steele is no stranger to stepping in front of the camera and taking on a different persona. In 2015, she was cast in Peter Pan XXX: An Axel Braun Parody which also took home the AVN Award for Best Picture and was also nominated for 21 different categories.

Steele was able to land the role as the previous year she had signed a 2-year contract to work with Axel Braun who also brought you Snow White XXX: An Axel Braun Parody.

While we're sure both of her characters will forever alter some of your wholesome childhood memories, something tells us you won't mind too much.

Stone has appeared in 88 films but only made 2 this year perhaps signifying that she is taking a break.

6 Bree Olson (Daphne) And Bobbi Starr (Velma) - Scooby Doo XXX

Before you have any concerns, I need to start out by saying that Scooby Doo: A XXX Parody starts out with the gang losing Scooby Doo, so while the Dane is important in the cartoon he doesn't make an appearance in the adult variation.

Instead, you get to look at beautiful people who are trying to solve the mystery of who can take their clothes off the quickest! The role of Daphne was played by Bree Olson who also had a high-profile relationship with Charlie Sheen.

Bobbi Starr who plays Velma was fortunate enough to not make that mistake with her personal life! While Olson may be the name that stands out in headlines, it's Bobbi Starr who has actually appeared in more films; appearing in 594 in contrast to Olson's 486.

5 Tori Black (Catwoman) - Batman XXX

Tori Black is one of the most popular adult performers of all-time. While you may love her when she plays the role of Tori Black, the super attractive adult star, you may be even more intrigued when she stripped on some latex for the role of Catwoman in Batman XXX.

Black definitely didn't only appear in this film in 2010, but it didn't hurt her resume when she was named the AVN Performer of the Year at that year's award show.

She even rode that momentum into the following year, picking up back-to-back awards! Something tells us she'd have plenty of tools at her disposal if she needed to help bring down Batman again.

4 Aaliyah Love (Margaery Tyrell) And Tanya Tate (Cersei Lannister) - Game Of Bones

You may have to settle for Aaliyah Love standing a little in the shadows for the above photo, but would you blame her for trying to stay out of the wrath of Cersei Lannister? After all, Love takes on the character of Margaery Tyrell for the Game of Bones parody! But something tells us that Love and Tanya Tate - who plays Cersei - probably have a much friendlier relationship in the adult variation!

With both being such sought after roles, you can imagine Lee Roy Meyers who directed the film wanted experienced actresses. As a result, both Love and Tate had both appeared in hundreds of films over the course of several years prior to entering Westeros.

While both are experienced actresses, both primarily only engage with other women onset including during the production of Bones.

3 Spencer Scott (Daenerys Targaryen) - This Ain't Game Of Thrones

When it comes to the character of Daenerys, it is clear that Game of Bones and This Ain't Game of Thrones took on two different variations of the character. One electing for the brown outfit that reduces the amount of cleavage, and This Ain't Game of Thrones which as you can see elected for a slightly different approach.

While we don't know which one you'll prefer, you may be very interested in learning that it was Spencer Scott who took on the character for This Ain't. Scott has appeared in over 40 adult films but only has agreed to engage with other females onscreen.

Which means that if you're expecting to see this version of Daenerys getting up close and personal with some males of the GoT universe; you may be disappointed.

2 Kleio Valentien (Harley Quinn) - Batman V Superman XXX

When it comes to seductive onscreen characters, there are few that hold a candle to Harley Quinn. And while you may love to see Margot Robbie take her rendition of the character to the "other" film industry, instead you're going to have to settle for Kleio Valentien.

The movie, entitled Batman V Superman XXX: An Axel Braun Parody in 2015 which earned her an AVN Award for Best Supporting Character. Valentien took on the character yet again for Suicide Squad XXX: An Axel Braun Parody.

Valentien started in the industry in 2007 and is still active including appearing in 10 different productions in 2017.

1 Lexi Belle (Batgirl) - Batman XXX

If Batman is the last guy that you'd like to see in a dark alley, perhaps Lexi Belle in her Batgirl costume may be the first person you'd like to run into! Belle is no stranger to performing in front of the camera, but we'd find it hard to believe that she has had a past character that had quite as elaborate as a costume.

Especially when you consider we're sure there are plenty of "roles" where she starts out without any clothes; much less a mask and cape!

The adult parody entitled Batman XXX was released in 2010 and was spoofed around the 1960s television version that starred Adam West.

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Here Are 15 Adult Variations Of Your Favorite Characters