Have You Seen These 18 Sexy Superhero Body Paint Cosplays?

If you want to make a nerd’s brain explode, then you will want to dress up like a superhero.

If you want to make a nerd’s brain explode, then you will want to dress up like a superhero. But why stop there when you can just paint your costume onto your body. Now you've reached a whole new level, and the nerd is probably dead. It’s not your fault; there are just a few things sexier in the world than body paint, especially if you're in a superhero costume. These girls are true fans and have to have some astounding confidence levels to be able to walk around in just paint. It’s beyond comprehension especially if you take a look at the incredible bodies that are involved in these works of art. They're breathtaking!

Whatever the reason, these ladies have decided to bare it all and have their bodies painted. They're wearing these superhero costumes with pride and have no problem if you want to take a look. Not only do they want to stop crime, they also want to look incredible while doing it. One thing is for sure; you won’t have a moment of boredom being around these beauties. But you may have a hard time keeping your eyes at…well... eye level when talking to these beautiful superheroes. If you're looking to be entertained, then you'll want to take a look at the list that we've compiled for you of beauties that have taken fighting crime to a sexy new level.

18 Captain America

This girl took showing off some skin to a whole new level and showed us a bit of everything. Instead of donning a full superhero costume, she went for more of a Captain America bikini. She's showing off a hell of a lot of skin, but we’re not complaining. In the movies, Captain America was the first Avenger to appear, but it wasn’t like that in the comics. There were many others before him such as Hulk, Thor, Ant-Man, Wasp and Iron Man. In the comic books, it was only after the Hulk left the team that Captain America came around. Most people assume, too, that Captain America is the oldest Avenger, but he’s not; there's Thor who's considered to be centuries old. Captain America is a beloved character because he's such a gentleman in every aspect of his life; he even hates it when Iron Man swears.

17 Supergirl

Talk about smoking hot! This girl has a pretty incredible Supergirl costume, really. Who can top this? Not too many, I assure you of that much. Supergirl has also gained popularity because of the CBS hit show Supergirl. CBS had a goal when they broke out this show, and it was to bring in tons of Supergirl fans as well as new people who aren’t so familiar with the character and make the show a real success. You may think that she's a new character, but she's been around for a long time. She may be Superman’s beautiful cousin, but she’s so much more than that. She has interesting powers and great storylines. You may not know that Supergirl once died in the comic books. That’s right; she died, and it happened while she was trying to save the universe -- not exactly an easy task.

16 Wonder Woman

Wow! It’s really hard to believe that it’s just paint on there; that these girls are really naked! It’s incredible work, and I’m sure the painter is quite happy with his/her job. Wonder Woman is one badass character that has come out of the woodwork lately to help Batman and Superman out, and why shouldn’t she? A girl with muscles like that should really put them to good use. Her story has grown and gone into more depth over the years. She had been fighting alongside many superheroes as the years have gone by. Being the daughter of Zeus, she certainly has a power lineage behind her. For many years, people believed that Wonder Woman’s mother created her out of clay and that the Greek gods just decided to bring her to life one day. But in the New 52 reboot, it was discovered that she actually had a god as a father.

15 Spider-Man

Sexy! This girl not only has a great body for body paint but she has the attitude for it as well. She's taken the character and really made the best of it. Spider-Man is hugely popular as a superhero, and because of him, there have been many movies made over the years based on his character. Not only that, but he's had a great career in comic books as well. Spider-Man has always had some of the best storylines; never mind those cool superpowers that he has. His life has been in danger so many times because the scariest villains have always come after him; he’s just such a fun character. Why? Because he’s a web slinger and can basically coast all over the city. Before Iron Man, Spider-Man was the face of Marvel and had been for quite some time.

14 Batgirl

Batgirl is pretty hot here, and she went all out when it came to creating her body paint outfit. It’s stunning, and we're having a hard time taking our eyes off of it. Batgirl is kind of a forgotten character, Batman taking most of the limelight when it comes to movies and battling Harley Quinn and The Joker. There have been a number of people over the years who have played Batgirl, and she has recently grown in popularity. You might be surprised to find out that Batgirl saved Batman’s life once. In one story, she witnessed the kidnapping of Bruce Wayne by the Killer Moth. This was before she was actually Batgirl, and she used her intellect and skills to stop the kidnapping, and it inspired her vigilante lifestyle. It probably didn’t help that she was the daughter of a cop either.

13 Punisher

This sexy redhead took the punisher theme and created her own costume. With just body paint panties and a crop top, she looks hot as hell. The Punisher was a character created out of vengeance. He had a thirst for blood because of a momentous loss in his life. But what you may not know is that he was originally created to be an adversary to Spiderman. He was in a 1974 comic and didn’t get his own standalone story until 1986. In the movie, they were originally going to make the Punisher a former Iraq war vet. But the footage was cut from the film during editing. Thomas Jane originally didn’t want to be The Punisher as he’s not a big fan of superheroes so he turned the role down. He eventually took it because he liked the fact that Punisher had no real superpowers.

12 Elektra

This full body design is quite amazing, no one could have done a better job for Elektra. We know Elektra as one of the most badass Mediterranean ninja assassins. How cool is she right? She’s got a lot going on in her life: she’s an agent of SHIELD, a member of the Hand, not to mention the love of Daredevil’s life. This Marvel superhero is considered to be one of the most dangerous women alive, now that’s pretty intense. We can see why with all her amazing skills. She’s a thrill seeker that came into the life that she had because of the death of her father. The grief seemed to have pushed her over the edge and it’s something that Daredevil can certainly relate to as well. She was trained as an assassin by Stick the same man that also trained Daredevil once upon a time.

11 Queen of Atlantis

Not only is she the Queen of Atlantis but she also happens to be Aquaman’s wife. She has a hot body, smoking hot red hair and a crown just to remind you of who she is. This body paint model is stunning and her costume is quite extraordinary. Mera may be the Queen of Atlantis but she is actually from a water dimension in the Bermuda Triangle. Mera was actually sent to earth to kill Aquaman but ended up falling in love with him instead. He then helped her to defeat the tyrannical Leron. Mera is the perfect superhero because she is seriously badass, she doesn’t care about going up against armies and fighting for what she feels is right and let’s not forget that she is royalty a few times over. In times of Aquaman's absence, it is Mera who rules over Atlantis.

10 Deadpool

It’s no big surprise that Deadpool is on this list; he’s definitely grown in popularity the past few years thanks to Ryan Reynolds’ portrayal of the messed-up character. She certainly is proving that even girls can play Deadpool and be badass at it. It’s also quite obvious that this girl does squats. When the powers that be were creating Deadpool, they realized that he was a lot like DC’s character Deathstroke, so as a joke, they named him Wade Wilson to imply that he might be related to Deathstroke’s Slade Wilson. Did you know that the character is considered to be bisexual? We can totally see that since the movie came out, he seemed pretty open to a lot of things in that movie. Writer Gerry Duggan said that he “considers Wade ready and willing to do anything with a pulse.” Oh, boy! Wade, you devilish man you!

9 The Flash

The sexiness of this ‘costume’ is truly amazing. The girl's body is perfection, so it’s not surprising she would want to show it off. The Flash is one of the most popular comic book characters though it's usually depicted in red. Flash's superpower, of course, is his ability to run at high speeds. There's a TV series going strong right now called The Once and Future Flash, and it includes the S.T.A.R. Labs. It’s doing well in the ratings and seems to be one show that's going to stick around for awhile. The show depicts the past of The Flash as well as the future, which is certainly a different take on the character. You get to see the childhood of The Flash very much in the same way that we saw Superman grow up in Smallville.

8 Hulk

This girl is truly dedicated to the art of body paint as she's covered from top to bottom. Those are the sacrifices you make though when you choose to be the Hulk. She looks incredible in green; that’s for sure. You might be surprised to learn that originally, Hulk was canceled after only six issues, and that’s mainly because the original character blew. He couldn’t go out at night, and he often had to wear a mask because only his body would turn into a Hulk and leave his head normal. The character was terrible, and they eventually put him to rest. It wasn’t until he started guest-appearing in other comics that his character got a serious upgrade, and now, he’s super awesome. Now, he’s a character that's been around for over 50 years and is now part of The Avengers.

7 Venom

Yup, she’s hot and terrifying at the same time. Although she’s technically not a superhero, more like a supervillain, she does have a lot of powers. And how can we ignore such an amazing body paint job? Incredible. Venom has always been the dark alter ego that haunts Spider-Man’s life. It’s what makes him lower his inhibitions and basically allows him to do whatever the hell he wants. The character is terrifying because there's no moral bone in its body. Just look at that mouth; it’s horrifying. He has to be the most popular villain that Spiderman ever had, and it’s not because he’s the strongest or smartest villain either. It’s because his dark side is truly a formidable adversary against our Spiderman. Of course, in order for Venom to be himself, he needs a host that has the same kinds of desires that he does.

6 Poison Ivy

Wow, talk about an amazing body paint job, and that red hair just adds to the whole amazing look. This girl has an incredible body, which certainly suits the paint job. Poison Ivy has certainly been another adversary of Batman’s who's just as seductive as Catwoman. Although she's a popular character, she doesn’t see a lot of screen time. You might not be aware that Poison Ivy actually has a slew of powers. She has powers, but she also has weaknesses, and one of those is sunlight. Her superpowers include breathing Co2, which means she never has to worry about a lack of oxygen. Because she's plant-like, she's super durable and has some serious strength behind her. She's an agile character, and let’s not forget the fact that she has genius level intelligence. She uses her love potion secretions to make people do whatever she wants them to do, which, let’s be honest, would be handy to have.

5 Mystique

How can we forget the character Mystique played most recently by Jennifer Lawrence? Tell me they didn’t do a great job on her character. It’s stunning without really revealing anything. She started off in the X-Men because she came across Charles Xavier when she was younger. She started off on the good side but never really felt comfortable in her true form; that was, until she met a young Magneto. His bitterness eventually turned her to the dark side as she too became frustrated with the humans, not to mention, she's in love with the man behind Magneto. It’s believed that she's much older than the character that you see in the movies, that she just has control over how she ages because of her shape-shifting cells. She heals much faster than normal humans, so dodging the aging process is easier for her.

4 Iron Man

Who doesn’t love Iron Man? His smartass intellectual style has made women swoon for years. And hello, he’s a billionaire. What’s not to love? We like the fact that he tossed his old life away and chose to live a life that included helping others. This girl looks insanely awesome in her body paint outfit, and that glowing light just adds to the look. Ever since the first release of Iron Man in 2008, people have been going nuts for the character. Iron Man then bore The Avengers craze which had the character banding together with other superheroes to save the world on more than one occasion. It’s hard to believe that anyone else could have been Iron Man because Robert Downey Jr. does such an exceptional job of it, but originally, the role was to go to Tom Cruise. Tom Cruise turned it down because he didn’t like the original script that was sent to him.

3 Superman

She's portraying the original Superman costume design in a very sexy way. She has an incredible body, and she’s showing it off in the best possible way. Superman is considered to be the most iconic superhero of all time, so many generations have grown up watching him on TV and in movies. There isn’t anyone on the planet that doesn’t recognize the character and his iconic symbol, “S.” The reason he's so popular is because he's literally the living embodiment of all that's good in the world when it comes to justice, morality, and truth. He's what you call a shining light in a very dark world. He provides hope in a world that's losing it by the day. We saw a whole new side of our favorite superhero in the movie, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

2 Catwoman

Here kitty, kitty! Catwoman is also an iconic character who goes up against Batman and makes him fall in love with her. This is a sexy version of that character, and the girl has a lean figure that shows off all her best assets. We just love this character. We think that our best version of Catwoman had to be when Michelle Pfeiffer played Catwoman. How can we not love this seductive character? She purrs like a cat in the most arousing way, and she has the moves of a stripper. No wonder Batman was mesmerized by her. As a character, she is 75 years old as she's been around since 1940. She was one of Batman’s first villains, and although she started out as a villain towards him, it wasn’t long before she became more of an adversary to him.

1 Harley Quinn

You don’t get more badass than the character of Harley Quinn; she quite literally doesn’t give a f$$k about anything but her love for The Joker. This girl gave a sexy and messed up portrayal of the madness that is Harley Quinn. She was most recently played by Margot Robbie in Suicide Squad. She, of course, first appeared in Batman, and the two were even involved at one point. She's been involved with many people besides Batman and The Joker throughout the comics; she was also involved with Poison Ivy and Deadshot, who was played by Will Smith in Suicide Squad. She seems to like to bounce from one madman to the other, her one true love always being The Joker, of course. She’s also known to be highly intelligent even though she's fit for a straightjacket. As we know, she was at one time The Joker’s psychiatrist.

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Have You Seen These 18 Sexy Superhero Body Paint Cosplays?