Have You Seen These 15 Pics Of Bella Thorne All Grown Up?

Bella Thorne has matured into a very attractive person with a rather large following.

First credited as taking part in a major project with her appearance in the 2003 movie, Stuck On You, Bella Thorne was only six years old when it came out. Able to beat the odds so far and continue to find work now that she is a young woman, she has matured into a very attractive person with a rather large following. Possessing a great body that has resulted in her gaining millions of followers on her various social media accounts, some of whom are likely there hoping that they can get a good view of it. Fortunately, she seems like someone who is supremely confident in her looks, clearly for good reason, which has led to a bevy of pictures of her looking great being made available. Realizing that and her age is what inspired us to put together this list of fifteen photos of Bella Thorne All Grown Up.

When it comes to the photos we’ve chosen, the first prerequisite was that Bella Thorne can be seen looking great. That means that the inclusion of people other than the actress will have zero effect on the placement of a photograph on this list. Next, we opted to limit ourselves to images of her after turning eighteen. As such, we didn’t feature any photos that were released before 2005, the year she passed that mark. Finally, screengrabs of her from any media appearances are fair game as they are some of her most memorable moments. So, without any further ado, let’s get to the list.

15 ‘The Duff’

Bella Thorne has been in a number of movies and TV shows but it is easily arguable the most notable of the bunch is a flick called The Duff. A film about a high schooler that realizes that she is the namesake of the film “Designated Ugly Fat Friend,” she goes about changing the way her peers and the world at large see her. Of course, it wouldn’t be a teen film worth its salt if it didn’t introduce a hottie for the everyday protagonist to compare themselves which seems to be a role that Bella seemed born to play. Portraying a character like that means you have to be quite the looker for the audience to take seriously which obviously wasn’t a problem here. Wearing an outfit that would very much look at home in a real-life high school, considering it isn’t overly revealing, she makes it an absolute sign that she is the best one for the role.

14 Christmas Outfit

For those of us that celebrate Christmas, it is a wonderful time of the year for a lot of reasons. Typically spent in the company of your loved ones, it is seen as a time of comfort and joy that is often wrapped in the innocence of childhood memories. An alluring outfit like this one may change the way we look at the holiday going forward, especially if we saw it in person. A photo that was uploaded to the actress’ Twitter account, it shows off very little actual skin but teases enough to make our minds swoon. Wearing a very short skirt and striped socks that reach far up her legs, it practically forces us to imagine what is underneath. On top of that, from this angle, we get to see her chest in a different manner than usual, which we actually enjoy immensely.

13 Pretty Face

If you are anything like us and you were walking in between a bunch of buildings and took a photo of yourself either in the wind or moving your head around, the results would probably be foolish. Then you have the product of such a venture when undertaken by a beautiful woman like Bella. Instead of looking silly, there is something breathtaking about her in this photo. We will never know what inspired her to forever memorialize this moment in her life but it was a stroke of genius, especially in light of her sharing it with us. Showing off how attractive her face truly is and how luxurious her hair is, this is a picture for the ages and in our opinion belongs in the pages of a magazine so it can be seen by the masses. At least, we can do the public service of bringing it to our valued readers’ attention.

12 Premiere

Film premieres are an interesting thing. Designed to bring attention to the movie that is being screened, they are almost entirely attended by celebrities that are also trying to make a name for themselves. Hoping to be the focus of the lens of the bevy of photographers present, famous folk oftentimes show up to these events in clothes that are likely to ensure their publication online and in magazines. Clearly, Bella received that memo as she wore an outfit that makes us want to gaze upon it in delight for hours on end. Making her look curvy in a way that makes us stand up and pay attention, it also gives us a small view of her cleavage and that combination is a winning one in our view.

11 ‘Famous In Love’

If you are like us and hadn’t heard about the show Famous in Love prior to this, then let us inform you about it. Described on Wikipedia as [being about] “an ordinary college student, gets her big break after auditioning for the starring role in a Hollywood blockbuster,” it actually seems like it could be very entertaining. Featuring Bella in the starring role, it seems like a role that she would probably be able to relate to with a great deal of ease. Judging by how ravishing she looks here, all we can say is that we sincerely hope the show is a hit and we can say that even without seeing a single frame. After all, its continued existence may result in another picture like this one which looks hot and classy at the same time and is something that seems to happen more and more rarely every year.

10 ‘Boo! A Madea Halloween’

Love him or hate him, Tyler Perry is a huge deal in the entertainment world. Possessing a following that seems to gobble up his every effort, he may not be a critical darling but his work is beloved by many and clearly hits a note that others just seem to ignore. As a result, it seems like a marvelous career decision for a young actor to work with him as it seems like a great opportunity to add a hit to your filmography. Judging by the fact that Boo! A Madea Halloween nearly quadrupled its budget at the box office alone, it certainly seems to have paid off for everyone involved. Of course, none of that matters here except for the fact that her work in the movie also worked out well for those that like to see her look fantastic. Dressed up as a French maid in the movie, it may not shock you but in our opinion, it was a fantastic pick for her.

9 Scream

When it comes to the Scream franchise, the majority of people will likely think of the films immediately but you may not be aware that a television adaptation has aired two seasons and will also return. Featuring a performance in the first episode by Bella (this is a spoiler), but she plays a part that is similar to that of Drew Barrymore’s in the first film. After all, the series has a tradition of including a gorgeous and recognizable star in the opening moments that seem like they could be the lead only to quickly be dispatched. She fits that bill perfectly. Fortunately for this list and viewers of the show, during that brief appearance, we were treated with footage of her in a swimsuit and it sure looks great on her as you can clearly see.

8 Working Out

If you ask us, this photograph is a perfect piece of evidence to show why exactly Bella has become a movie star. We say that because when we are watching a film and people visit a gym, it is filled with attractive people that seem to be working hard but still look entirely immaculate. In reality, at every workout facility we’ve visited, there are a few good-looking folks but the majority of the people are average joes just trying to improve their health and maybe look a little better. Clearly, Ms. Thorne would find herself at home working out in the film world since she looks incredible even when getting her sweat on, as you can see here. Of course, the leggings she has on, which are tight enough to provide a fantastic view of her rear, are what really makes an image like this one so glorious.

7 On ‘You Got Me’ Set

There is no doubt about the fact that Bella has created a rather large name for herself and is well-known in a lot of circles. That said, if we are being real about her placement in the Hollywood hierarchy, she is on the rise but hasn’t quite broken through and become a household name just yet. Set to appear in five films that are meant to be released in 2017, she has several movies in the can currently that haven’t seen the light of day yet. This photo is from the set of a movie called You Got Me that still has to come out and if it grabs our attention nearly as much as this photo did when we saw it, then there is a decent chance that it could be her biggest film yet. Wearing a tight black dress and fishnet stockings here, the result of that is our ability to really see how impressive her figure is.

6 On Amityville Set

Speaking of movies Bella is in that haven’t come out yet, a movie she’s in, called Amityville: The Awakening, is set to come out later this year. If you are a horror fan, then you probably already realize that it is the latest in a long line of films in the Amityville series and fans of the genre and franchise will have likely followed its production closely. As such, when Bella uploaded this photo of her on set, it was covered by the horror press and they mostly focused on her fake wound which we think was a pretty thin veil. If you ask us, you would have to be pretty naïve to not realize that they relished the opportunity to include this photo in their thumbnail of an article. That seems blatant to us when you notice how tight her top is on her chest and how marvelous that looks which will likely earn the clicks of those wanting to know where to see more.

5 Bikini Buddies

This is a photo that Bella uploaded on Twitter. We were taken aback by it enough to include it on this list but not before correcting that and putting it in the horizontal format it should have been in all along. Featuring the star of this list in a bikini that is mostly out of frame, we can attest that she seems to spend much of her life in swimwear based on the pictures she uploads. Showing off only the slightest hint at her chest, based on what we’ve seen, we can attest that it would make perfect sense to us if she never wore actual clothes. When you then throw in the fact that she is accompanied by a friend who also appears to be clad in swimwear and from what we can tell has a marvelous body too, then this photo definitely demands a place on a list like this.

4 Marilyn

The term ‘s*x symbol’ is probably thrown around too easily these days. We say that because it seems as though the media is ready to anoint any attractive woman with a huge following as the latest heir to that throne. On the other hand, there is Marilyn Monroe, an actress who died far too long and seems to be one of the best examples of that designation. A woman that was lusted after for years on end since her passing, it has become a regular feature of the publishing world for hot women to be photographed looking like her. Here, we have Bella taking up that mantle but going one step further by appearing in bed seemingly in the nude instead of wearing a slinky dress of some sort. Sure, we can’t actually see very much of her here but the mere fact that they have made it seem as though she is in the buff under a small amount of fabric, is good enough for us.

3 Perfect High

In the past, it seemed as though TV shows and movies were mostly focused on adults at a crossroads in their lives or kids on some kind of wacky adventure. But thankfully, that is no longer the case. Otherwise, a movie like Perfect High never would have existed and we wouldn’t have been afforded an opportunity to see this image. Based around a young woman played by Bella, who is obsessed with dance, it provided us with this screengrab of her in the midst of perfecting her craft. An image that is pretty mind-boggling since it was aired on the Lifetime network, it is very suggestive in all of the best ways.

2 Tight Jeans

When it comes to a list like this one that is focused on the looks of a young woman like Bella Thorne, it only seems right that some respect is paid to all of the elements of her body that look great. As such, we wanted to make sure that there were some images that showed off her booty which is clearly rather nice to look at. However, looking at photos of her, the vast majority are from a vantage point in front of her. Luckily, we found one of her working out, which we already included on this list. But when we saw this photo of her from behind wearing a tight pair of jeans, our prayers were answered. Showing off her derriere in all of its glory without being overly salacious, this picture blew us away and it is only based on the quality of the image to come that it didn’t take our top spot.

1 Bella On The Stairs

We’re just going to say it. Wow! A photo of Bella wearing a pair of Calvin Klein underoos, this image is the type of thing that somebody having a crush on her would dream about. In all reality, her top really isn’t all that revealing. In fact, if it lacked the Calvin Klein name, we would have presumed it was a sports bra and we can just barely see her bottoms at all. Still, our instinctual brain is being fed the information that we are looking at the actress in clothing that is usually hidden away from our eyes. And for that, we rejoice! We’d keep explaining why this photo took our top spot but we really don’t think we need to. I mean, do we?


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Have You Seen These 15 Pics Of Bella Thorne All Grown Up?