Harper Beckham Has Her Own Fashion Line: 15 Other Celebs Who Spoil Their Kids Rotten

So when you are the child of a celebrity, you get a little extra. Ok...you get a lot extra! Kids like six year old Harper Beckham don’t just get a tricked-out American Girl doll and the Barbie dream house. When you’re the daughter of David and Victoria Beckham, you get your name trademarked! Harper Seven Beckham, as well as her older siblings all have their names trademarked. Beyond that, Harper has been the inspiration for an entire fashion line! This gets us all thinking that the notion of what it means to be spoiled takes on a whole new meaning for some celebrities.

Ultra billionaires like Bill Gates have made a point to not give their massive fortune to their children, with the expectation that they will be a success for their own accomplishments. But not every celebrity looks at their kids with the same aspiration. Many want to give their kids what they didn’t have. Sadly sometimes they spoil their kids to make up for the fact that they don’t spend much quality time with them.

Giving your kids everything is bad enough, but some kids just have absolutely no grip on reality. Some celebrity kiddos have missed out on a normal childhood, leading them to a very damaged and destructive adult life. While this isn’t always the case, there sure are a lot of cases of severe spoilage when it comes to famous kids. So while Harper Beckham gets a fashion line, here are 15 other cases where celebrities intensely spoiled their kids!

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15 Beyonce - Blue Ivy Gets A $200,000 Birthday Party

Via: BET

Bey is most definitely on top of the world of music and overall celebrity. She is the queen of her kingdom and it is indeed a very large kingdom! Far and wide, you’ll have a hard time finding anyone that does not know Beyonce. And when you are the queen’s child, you get all the perks of that royalty. Blue Ivy (which sounds more like a fragrance than a name) had quite the bash for her first birthday.

They reportedly spent $200 thousand all-in for the celebration. This included an $80 thousand Barbie doll, $95 thousand worth of roses and a cake that cost a couple of grand!

Sounds like too much for a sweet 16, but when you consider it was for an infant that won’t have any memory of it at all, it is downright crazy! But what Bey wants, Bey gets!

14 Jennifer Lopez - 600 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Crib Sheets Were Just The Start

Via: Entertainment Tonight

Known the world over as an actress, singer, dancer and judge on American Idol, JLo has carved out her place in popular culture. So what do you do when you have more money rolling in that you can possibly imagine? You spoil your twins rotten! While most of the world is buying the closest thing to disposable crib sheets as possible (because you know the messes that it will take) at Walmart, JLo outfitted her twins when they were just babies with the best that money could buy!

600 thread count Egyptian cotton crib sheets were just the start when it came to spoiling those babies rotten.

These kiddos had their own wing on the house, diamond rattles (which seem to be a teething hazard) and so much more, that they didn’t even realize.

13 David and Victoria Beckham - $50,000 Kiddy Man Cave

Via: Glamour

So you already know that Harper Beckham gets the royal treatment, but her older brothers also have it made in the shade! Aside from also getting their names trademarked, the boys were fortunate enough to get a playhouse costing $187 thousand!

They also got about the most amazing treehouse you can imagine at approximately $50 grand.

Most of the world would be perfectly satisfied living in a home valued at that, but to the Beckham boys, it’s just kind of a kiddie man cave. It does beg the question, what do you do with something like that as the kids outgrow it? Surely Harper doesn’t have to settle for an old ragged hand-me-down playhouse! For Posh and David though, it is all just chump change and a drop in the bucket.

12 Elton John - Purchased A $2 Million Apartment To Allow For An Expansion For Zachary’s Nursery

Via: Just Jared

Elton John and his husband David Furnish have two sons. Their oldest son Zachary (born by a surrogate mother) is now just seven years old, with Elton soon to celebrate his 71st birthday! Having been around for decades as one of the biggest musical acts in the world, there are not a whole lot of people that do not know or have not experienced his music or influence. It’s normal to spoil your grandkids, but I suppose when you don’t have any yet, you spoil your own. That must be why

Elton spared no expense and purchased a $2 million apartment to allow for an expansion for Zachary’s nursery!

That kid will have to want nothing as he grows up and will certainly keep a silver spoon in his mouth.

11 Salma Hayek - $12 Million House Just Waiting For Her Daughter

Via: Chicks.info

Not all spoiling is immediate. While there are plenty of rich kids out there that get what they want right away without a lot of thought to the future, there are also some that get their spoiling as they grow older as well. Salma Hayek is something of Hollywood royalty and undoubtedly provides whatever her daughter wants or needs. But

that also includes a $12 million house that is just waiting for her daughter Valentina Pinault to grow up.

Her daughter is now ten years old and loves dressing like her mother and shopping at some pretty high end places. Valentina is an only child and with that label, automatically means there will be extra spoilage. Time will tell what her teenage years bring, but a $12 million estate would make quite a sorority house in college!

10 Donald and Melania Trump - Special Line Of Caviar Skin Cream To Treat Son’s Skin

Via: AM New York

There is no shortage of people talking about the Trump kids these days. Don Jr, Eric, Ivanka and even Tiffany all get their share of the spotlight. But then, young Barron Trump, the youngest son born to Donald and Melania is just 11 years old. There is no doubt that this young man (who is raised very much like an only child) gets most of what he wants. Evidence of the spoilage of this young man comes from when he was younger and

Melania used her special line of caviar skin cream to treat young Barron’s skin.

Caviar is one of the most rare delicacies in the world, costing an insane amount per ounce. So when you are the young son of a billionaire, why wouldn’t you rub it on your skin? Now that he’s nearly a teenager, he may have put his foot down with his mom on that one.

9 Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes - Suri Cruise Is Reported To Have A Wardrobe Valued At $2 Million

Via: New Idea

Tom and Katie split up years ago, but left over from their highly public and scrutinized marriage is their daughter Suri. Young Suri, now almost 12 years old has been in the public eye since birth. She is one of the most photographed celebrity kids in the world and that certainly comes with its own set of challenges. No one ever said that life in the spotlight was easy, but it does come with some real perks! Suri is Katie’s only child and she certainly gets the royal treatment.

For example, Suri Cruise is reported to have a wardrobe valued at $2 million!

It is very hard to imagine a closet full of clothing being worth more than most people’s retirement accounts, but for Suri (who is still growing by the way) it’s just a way to always look good.

8 Christina Aguilera - Only Have Toys From High End Boutiques For Her Son

Via: Pinterest

Christina Aguilera has earned her place in history as a musical diva! Getting her start with Disney, she quickly elevated her fame and has been recognized for her amazing talent ever since. For the last few decades, Christina has become more than a household name, most recently appearing on The Voice as a judge. So what to do for her son Max when he was just a baby? Allegedly, Max’s dad bought a bunch of toys for his nursery at Babies R Us, which Christina quickly got rid of, insisting that he only have toys from high end boutiques. It isn’t really clear what her reasons were for this, but it does indicate that this kid was only going to experience the highest price and finest things the world had to offer. He may or may not grow up with his head stuck in the clouds.

7 Madonna - Commissioned Designer Furniture For Her Daughter

Via: Just Jared

You are always a big deal when you get to go by just your first name. Madonna has spent decades at the forefront of the world stage as both an actress and musical artist. Madonna is also a highly successful businesswoman and has managed to leverage her wealth to closer to a billion dollars than a million. Never mind that the rumor is that she required her kids to schedule appointments to spend time with her. Madonna has tried to make up for the lost time by giving her kids the best “stuff’ available. So with that in mind, her oldest daughter Lourdes didn’t just get expensive furniture, but specially commissioned designer furniture. For Lourdes, she grew up with only the best of the best. I guess there are several celebrity kids like that, but few probably have to “schedule” time with mom.

6 Prince William and Princess Kate - Prince George Gifted With Diamond Encrusted, Gold Infant Nail Clippers

Via: Pinterest

The term “the royal treatment” is almost always a figure of speech. In the case of young Prince George though, this future King of England quite literally gets the royal treatment every single day of his life. The young heir to the throne is not only spoiled by Prince William and Princess Kate, but by the entire country. Royal baby fever is always a big deal in the United Kingdom, and so

when Prince George was a newborn, he was gifted with diamond encrusted, gold infant nail clippers!

There’s no word on the value, but the fact that such a thing even exists is extraordinary. William and Kate seem to be pretty normal people, but they also understand the station they and young George have in life. Long live the king!

5 Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith - Kids Make Their Own Artistic Decisions

Via: Entertainment Tonight

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air himself, Will Smith is a Hollywood legend that has very publicly allowed his children a very long leash. He and wife Jada wanted them to express themselves and make their own artistic decisions and value things on their own terms. That’s all fine and good, but allegedly, he’s a little hesitant to say that he would do things the exact same way if he had to do it again. Sure, Jaden and Willow get plenty of stuff and have all kinds of attention placed upon them, but their spoilage comes in terms of a lack of reality. The kids have made statements about not reading, because it isn’t as good as what they could write themselves. They write their own music because it’s what they want to hear. Their odd statements just go on and on. Maybe a good dose of reality would do them both a lot of good.

4 Diddy - Son Turned 16 And Was Gifted With A $360,000 Maybach

Via: Flavorwire

Sean Combs, better known as rapper, producer and businessman “Diddy” is worth more than $800 million! There is no doubt that he has taken his success into the stratosphere. His son Justin Combs, who now plays football for UCLA has grown up reaping the benefits of his father’s success. Perhaps the most extreme example of this is

when he turned 16, young Justin was gifted by his father with a brand new $360 thousand Maybach!

This is about as luxury as you can get, and giving it to a brand new driver at the age of 16 is just a little more than spoiling. Most new drivers are satisfied to get something with wheels and a minimum amount of rust, but it’s only the best of what’s around for young Justin. I wonder if he gets hassled if he pulls up to football practice driving that thing?

3 Hyatt Hotel Family - Daughter Filed A Lawsuit Against Family And Earned $500 Million

Via: Zimbio

So this isn’t exactly a judgment, but it is indeed worth noting. Remember the girl that played the President’s daughter in the movie Air Force One? If you don’t remember seeing too much of her on the big screen, she got a little busy a few years after suing her family! The young lady is former child actress Liesel Pritzker Simmons. She was an heiress to the Hyatt Hotel fortune and found herself in a lawsuit against her father, Thomas Pritzker for her share of the fortune,

which she won! So Liesel isn’t likely a brat by any means, but it sure is nice when your net worth jumps to $500 million.

It does beg the question, does she still have a great relationship with her father? After all, suing him for hundreds of millions of dollars is kind of a tough pill to swallow.

2 Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum - Son Drives Around In A $4 Million Mercedes (And Owns The World’s Most Expensive Yacht)

Via: Brain Berries

There is far more money floating around the Middle East than most people realize. Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum is the Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and ruler of the Emirate of Dubai. He is also the 7th wealthiest royal in the world, worth over 18 billion dollars! What does his son, the crown prince of Dubai, get as a consequence of such wealth?

He only gets to drive around in a $4 million Mercedes and owns the world’s most expensive yacht, valued at $300 million!

It must take a lot of customizing to manage spending $4 million on a single car, but when money is no object, you can get very creative. Some things are different in the Middle East, but when it comes to money, wealth and power, some things never change!

1 Princess Caroline of Monaco - Too Much Too Soon

Via: Daily Beast

The daughter of actress Grace Kelly, Princess Caroline of Monaco has got a big problem on her hands. Her son, Prince Pierre Casiraghi has been somewhat wild in his youth. While attending school, he was a frequent womanizer and even made headlines when getting into a fight in 2012 at a New York City nightclub. Pierre has gotten married and had a couple of children of his own, seeming to have settled down, but there is no doubt that growing up as a prince that gets whatever and whoever he wants took something of a toll. Hopefully he won’t make those same parenting mistakes with his children, though that looks to be something of a long shot. Live it up Pierre...you are only third in line to the throne.

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