Grey's Anatomy Confessions: 15 Times Cast Members Felt Uncomfortable Filming Scenes

If you're a fan of Grey's Anatomy, then you probably think you've seen and heard it all. You probably know about all of the characters, their embarrassing moments, and even their flaws. You might empathize with Meredith Grey every time she makes a mistake by jumping the nearest guy or when she gets trampled on by life. Then, there are those times when you feel embarrassed for the characters on Grey's Anatomy; like when April lost her v-card and failed her exams. How about Lexie's attempt to explain that she'd broken Mark Sloan's penial bone to Callie Torres? Was that cringe-worthy or what? Have you ever wondered what it must be like for the cast members to film those awkward scenes, let alone those steamy scenes?

In reality, nobody knows what the actual actors and actresses of Grey's Anatomy are feeling, quite like the cast of Grey's, themselves. They might seem like they are really in love, that they are enjoying those steamy scenes, or that the acting is effortless. Of course it does, because they're doing a great job portraying that character. Yet in reality, cast members have confessed that they felt awkward or uncomfortable while filming scenes. On the other hand, some cast members have confessed that they enjoyed scenes that were seriously awkward to film for the person with them. This brings us to Grey's Anatomy Confessions: 15 Times Cast Members Felt Uncomfortable While AF Filming Scenes...

15 Kevin McKidd - Directing Make Out Scenes

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You might recognize Kevin McKidd best as Owen Hunt from Grey's Anatomy. He's currently married to Amelia Shepherd (Caterina Scorsone). However, Owen was once the onscreen hubby of Cristina Yang, aka Sandra Oh. In 2011, Kevin McKidd mentioned that the scenes that made him feel most uncomfortable came while filming Poker Face. In the episode, there were some steamy scenes involving Yang, but what made things really awkward was that Kevin was both acting and directing.

Talk about uncomfortable! Those make out sessions might look hot once they hit primetime TV, but Kevin McKidd said it's "quite surreal" to be the one directing your own make out scenes. Directing includes choreographing, watching the playbacks, and editing those scenes too. As you could imagine, it's awkward enough kissing someone who's more like a friend, yet directing those scenes would make anyone uncomfortable AF. It's obviously not near as steamy as the scenes turn out to be when we watch them at home.

14 Katherine Heigl - Getting Intimate With A Ghost In The Room

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Back in 2010, Katherine Heigl had just left Grey's Anatomy when she did an interview with Entertainment Weekly. As usual, she had plenty to say about her character's (Izzie Stevens) storylines. However, she did reveal a little bit more about which storylines she didn't approve of or, in her words, "didn't warrant a nomination" for the 2008 Emmy race. The scene that Katherine said stuck out to her the most from that season was saving the deer.

However, that was immediately following the season where Izzie cut Denny's LVAD wire, so what did Katherine expect? Aside from that, Heigl mentioned that she originally thought her short-lived relationship with George (T.R. Knight) would've been fun, but that was before the pair got nicknamed Gizzie. Katherine also confessed that the most awkward scene of all was getting intimate with Alex (Justin Chambers) while Denny (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) the ghost was present. Could a scene get any more uncomfortable than that?

13 T.R. Knight - Cheating On Callie With Izzie

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T.R. Knight, as George O'Malley, was one of the most lovable characters in the first couple of seasons of Grey's Anatomy. George was the surgical underdog that everyone was rooting for in the hospital and in his love life. Yet, he was also one of the three cast members involved in rumors of off-screen turmoil. Knight came out as gay in October of 2006, claiming that it was Isaiah Washington's behind-the-scenes slur that propelled his decision.

Knight left the show a couple seasons later because he felt that his character, George, wasn't getting the storylines or hours that Knight felt he was worth. He felt like this had something to do with his decision to come out, which the execs didn't approve of. His biggest complaint was that his character, George, failed his intern exam and he was uncomfortable AF filming the scenario where he cheated on Callie (Sara Ramirez) with his best friend on and off-screen, Izzie Stevens (Katherine Heigl). Knight mentioned that his character had "evolved into something that he didn't understand, or even respect". Ouch!

12 Sandra Oh - Fighting With Owen 

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One of the most missed former cast members of Grey's Anatomy will always be Meredith's (Ellen Pompeo) twisted sister, Cristina Yang, portrayed by Sandra Oh. She was the most stoic character, but Grey's fans know that she was often misunderstood. One thing that you can tell from interviews is that Sandra Oh is nothing like her character, Cristina Yang. In a 2012 interview, Sandra talked about her most emotional season on Grey's (Season 8) and some of the scenes that were uncomfortable AF for her to film. Or, at least as uncomfortable as things get for an excellent actress like Sandra.

Sandra claimed that her most challenging scenes came when she was arguing with Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd), following his affair. Sandra confessed that one scene in particular was extra tricky. It was the one where she threw the bowl of cereal in Owen's face. Now that would be awkward; throwing a bowl of cereal in your onscreen husband's face not once, but like 8-10 times. Yeah, Oh said it took that many shots. At least the bowl was made soft, but the Grape Nuts and milk were 100% real. Oh said that Kevin McKidd was a great sport about it!

11 Sara Ramirez - A Real Crush On George O'Malley 

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One of the wildest confessions from a former Grey's Anatomy cast member is that your favorite orthopedic surgeon, Callie Torres, was already a huge Grey's fan before she snatched up her dream job on the show. Of course, Sara Ramirez left the show last season, but it's not likely that she'll ever forget her first day on the set. Sara had just wrapped up starring in Spamalot in 2005 when ABC contacted her, offering her a role.

Imagine her surprise when she found out she was cast as a love interest specifically for George O'Malley (T.R. Knight), who she had a real-life crush on. It's one of her favorite memories and the thing that she connects most with in starting her career. In a 2015 interview with Glamour, Sara mentioned her first appearance on Grey's. It was that scene with George where she wrote her number on his hand and said "call me." Sara said, "I remember being so excited and nervous because I had such a crush on the character of George O'Malley, so for all I know I was super creepy." How's that for uncomfortable?

10 Ellen Pompeo - Kissing Patrick Dempsey Was Gross

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I know you're probably thinking, why would Meredith Grey say such a thing? They appeared to have perfect chemistry on Grey's Anatomy. The entire show started off being based around them getting their happily-ever-after. Then, just when they finally got it, Derek Shepherd died leaving her hopelessly broken. Besides that, I know that there are ladies out there that are probably like 'WTF is wrong with Mer?' We're talking about McDreamy here! However, that's precisely the problem.

We're not talking about Meredith and her McDreamy. We're talking about Ellen Pompeo, who may or may not have gotten Patrick Dempsey fired. Yes, he was her onscreen husband for a decade, but there was that rumor of the on-set affair, and Ellen was friends with Patrick's wife. Plus, the whole friends with my onscreen hubby's real-life wife would make for some uncomfortable AF scenes to film. In reality, Ellen's idea of Patrick before his cheating scandal was that they had a brother-sister relationship. Eww! That's just gross. Which is what Ellen has said herself about McDreamy's hand on her butt just after filming a scene.

9 Chyler Leigh - Breaking Mark Sloan's Organ

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Now, for the most famed Grey's Anatomy twist of them all. Surely, you didn't forget about Chyler Leigh, her role as Lexie Grey, or her famous on-call room malfunction with Mark Sloan. Everyone somehow empathized with that one. Ladies, you probably cringed with embarrassment for poor Lexie in that moment. As for you, guys, let's just hope you haven't had to endure this situation. But if you were watching this episode, you probably cringed at the idea.

Meanwhile, cute, sweet Chyler Leigh had to act as though she'd done it to Mark Sloan (Eric Dane). Chyler was asked about this scene on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, after she came out to "Oops! I Did It Again" and appeared uncomfortable AF! She confessed that the scene where she asked Callie Torres for help was especially difficult to pull off with a straight face. Besides that, Chyler also explained how it made for an embarrassing table read because that's where they all found out about the script. Chyler said, "It was like a bad dream. It really was." Talk about awkward.

8 Jessica Capshaw - She's Real-Life Friends With Eliza Minick 

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Jessica Capshaw is perfectly comfortable and happy with playing Arizona Robbins, who is a lesbian pediatric surgeon on Grey's Anatomy. In fact, she says that playing Arizona Robbins and other gay roles has changed her life. Jessica's happy that her performance on Grey's makes such a big difference in people's lives! However, Jessica's latest relationship on Grey's has been her most uncomfortable scenes yet. Why? Because she was already friends with Marika Domińczyk before she picked up her role as Arizona's new love interest, Eliza Minnick.

To make matters worse, Marika Domińczyk's husband is Scott Foley, who you might remember as Henry Burton. (Hopefully, you didn't forget Teddy's husband who died.) Yeah, so obviously, Jessica is also friends with him. If there's anything more complicated than kissing your friend, it'd have to be kissing your friend's husband at the same time. Jessica Capshaw confessed, "It was definitely one of those moments when you were like 'I'm going to kiss my friend. That's going to happen.'"

7 Ellen Pompeo - The Bad Choices Of Meredith Grey 

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Any Grey's Anatomy fan knows all too well just how bad Meredith Grey's decisions can be. Although, it's fun to know that Ellen Pompeo, who portrays the character, wholeheartedly agrees. The only problem is that Meredith Grey wouldn't be near as extraordinary or interesting without her hot and heavy life between the sheets. Ellen Pompeo's Meredith was so much fun in the beginning with her dark and twisty life, the one-night stands, and twisted sister combo with Cristina. Then, she went and settled down. It was the love story of a lifetime, but it's also nice seeing that a flash of the young Mer is still in there.

Meanwhile, Ellen agrees that the changes breathe life into the show but was quick to point out that she doesn't "condone or advocate" Meredith's car scenes with Nathan Riggs (Martin Henderson). She confessed that she feels Meredith's "choices continue to be bad as a parent." Pompeo also suggested that perhaps "a hotel or bed possibly would have been better." While the idea of Meredith getting busy with Riggs in the car several times is indeed hot and heavy, it isn't near as pleasant in real life. In fact, it's uncomfortable AF.

6 T.R. Knight - Shower Scene

There were some scenes where T.R. Knight didn't appear to be totally uncomfortable filming. However, judging by his precise comments, it was most likely awkward on some level. You couldn't possibly have forgotten that steamy shower scene that was on the post-Super Bowl Episode? That was the one that started off with George O'Malley's dream. He'd fallen asleep between Izzie and Meredith at the end of the previous episode, and at the start of the new one, he was showering with Meredith, Izzie, and Cristina. Talk about a steamy dream! Most men would've given anything to be in that scene.

Knight agreed with that theory himself. He did an interview back in 2006 where he described the blast he had with the shower scene. (Apparently, they used body paint.) Although, that was a few months before the rumors, drama, and him publicly coming out of the closet. The only remark that would've sounded an alarm back then was when he mentioned, "I think if you were an exhibitionist, you'd kind of be in hog heaven, but Im not that person." Looking back on that interview now, it's easy to see how it could've been uncomfortable.

5 Debbie Allen - Loves Mad Steamy Scenes With Richard Webber

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For those of you who don't know who Debbie Allen is, she's the hot, flirtatious, p*nis fixer, also known as Catherine Avery. One of her best storylines was when she did the p*nis implant with Mark Sloan. However, the scenes Debbie Allen loves best are those that she spends smooching it up with Richard Webber (James Pickens Jr.). At least that's what she said at PaleyFest 2017 when the cast gave up their deepest, darkest confessions.

The TV husband and wife were said to have shared a brief kiss, as Debbie exclaimed just how hot the season finale was going to be, “I’m telling you right now, the end of this season is hot, honey. Hot.” Little did we know she was talking flames and not another Grey's Anatomy take on a steamy shower scene. Meanwhile, James Pickens Jr. has to be uncomfortable AF by the attention from his onscreen wife, especially considering that he has a real one.

4 Sandra Oh - Working With Teddy Altman After Henry's Death

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Believe it or not, there have been scenes that Sandra Oh has confessed being slightly uncomfortable acting out. Not awkward uncomfortable, but struggle-wise. You might remember Teddy Altman (Kim Raver), who Owen brought in as Cristina's cardio god. Cristina didn't believe Teddy was that great at first, but she grew to love working with her. She even offered Owen up once on a whim because she thought Teddy was going to leave her.

If you remember that, then you also recall how Teddy's husband, Henry, died on Cristina's operating table. The next scene where Cristina and Teddy worked together was the one Sandra got nervous about. It was when Teddy insisted Cristina repeat over and over how Henry died. Sandra confessed that the entire scene was all medical jargon and that she was nervous about remembering it all and even requested that the script not get changed for that purpose. Those would make for some awkward lines now, wouldn't they?

3 Jessica Capshaw - She Didn't Like Cheating With Leah

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Jessica Capshaw is one Grey's Anatomy actress who's a lot like her onscreen character, Arizona Robbins, in real life. In fact, she found it uncomfortable AF to play the selfish version of Arizona that came after she lost her leg in the plane crash. That Arizona hated her onscreen wife, Callie Torres, for taking her leg to save her life. She berated her and cheated on her countless times. For once, Arizona Robbins wasn't a fan favorite, and her personality was so ugly that Jessica Capshaw agreed.

In a 2014 interview, Jessica Capshaw admitted that Arizona not only wronged Callie but Leah as well. Jessica confessed that her character never even kissed Leah, so she was basically just a selfish fling. Of course, Leah went all crazy, and things got extra messy when she filed that s*xual harassment suit against Callie. Arizona eventually lost both Callie and Sophia to her behavior, but Jessica agreed that she was being very selfish and nasty. Back then, Jessica exclaimed, "Something is wrong with her!"

2 Brooke Smith - The Network Got Uncomfortable  

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Brooke Smith acted as one of Grey's Anatomy's shortest yet most memorable characters, Erica Hahn. How could anybody forget her extra powerful realization that she was "so gay!" Brooke made up one part of Grey's first gay couple, her partner being Callie Torres. There was plenty of hot talk about "undiscovered territory" and the functions of what to do. However, ABC was accused of getting cold feet on their first gay couple just after the plane had landed.

Brooke Smith's character, Erica, had her revelation, immediately following her first time with Callie. To make matters worse, the writers had Callie go to Mark Sloan for reassurance afterwards. Erica walked out just when both ladies seemed to work things out. If the scene where Erica left and never returned left you confused, then you weren't the only one. Brooke Smith was just as confused about being let go. Her only explanation was that the network must've gotten cold feet and took a step back.

1 Sarah Drew - April Kepner Loses Her V-Card 

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You probably recognize the scene above like it was yesterday. If not, it's the next scene that's following the one where April Kepner gave up her V-card to Jackson Avery (Jesse Williams). In the scene, she gave him some more, despite the disastrous outcome from their first round. You might be surprised to know that Sarah Drew, who plays April, is a Christian in real life and that she really saved herself for marriage. Sarah felt some awkwardness with it, as you could imagine.

However, Sarah confessed that the scene was still fun to put together because it's a struggle that she dealt with in real life. She also wanted to do away with the stereotypes that TV has fit Christians into. Sarah Drew has an interesting outlook that includes her belief that God is a huge fan of s*x! She doesn't feel ashamed of particularly raunchy s*x scenes like the one above because she wants people to have a different view on Christians, their struggles, and their mistakes.

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