Grey's Anatomy: 16 Cast Photos That Would've Gotten Them Kicked Out Of Seattle Grace

A series that seemed like it might be just another hospital show when it was first announced, fans of TV had no way to know the impact that Grey's Anatomy would have. In the midst of airing its fourteenth season at the time of this writing, it has created hundreds of hours of entertainment for its loyal audience even as it has undergone many changes. Featuring a number of stars that have come and gone, that fact made us reflect on the tenuous nature of the jobs that actors get. But in this case, it seems like that is realistic as doctors could find work all over. Thinking of that made us consider what it would take for a medical professional to lose his/her job based on things done outside of work. That thought inspired us to combine fiction and reality to put together this list of photos of the Grey’s Anatomy cast that could make their characters lose their jobs.

In order for a photo to be up for consideration for possible inclusion on this list, it first and foremost must feature one of the stars or lasting guest stars of the show Grey’s Anatomy in it. For our purposes, it doesn’t matter if anyone aside from the actor in question appears in the image as we are only concerned about how the photo makes that one person look. Next, there needs to be something about the picture that would be problematic enough for those involved that it could impact their employment status at a hospital. Finally, screenshots of headlines or social media posts were also in the running.

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16 Kate Walsh’s Getting Handsy

Via newschitchat.com

An actress that was a part of this show early on in its run, current fans that follow it but weren’t around at the beginning may understandably have no idea that Kate Walsh ever starred in the series. Starting out as a guest star in the first season, she would be upgraded to its main cast in its second and continue in that vein in the third as well. Credited as a special guest from the fourth season until the eighth, at that point, she stepped away from her role as Addison Montgomery and has yet to return, at least so far. Having fun with some friends at a theme park in this shot, she opted to hold the chest of one of her pals, which is something that a professional environment like a hospital would frown upon.

15 Jason Winston George’s Revealing Photo

Via Pinterest.com

An actor that made his first Grey’s Anatomy appearance all the way back in the sixth season of the show, Jason Winston George was a recurring character during that time. Downgraded to just a guest star the following season before becoming a recurring one yet again, amazingly enough, it wasn’t until the twelfth season that he was promoted to the main cast. Far from his first major role, this actor previously played a notable role in the daytime soap Sunset Beach, which we have to assume this picture of him stemmed from. An inappropriate image for a doctor to have out there of him, as evidenced by previous dramas when pilots and the like posed for revealing images, for his character, it may be a big professional problem.

14 Camilla Luddington’s Private Photo

One of the most recent additions to the main cast of Grey’s Anatomy, Camilla Luddington only began playing her character, Jo Wilson, during the ninth season of the show. Then a recurring character, it took her until the following season to join the main cast, something she has been a part of ever since. The sixth most recent person added to the main cast, despite that, she has been able to have a large impact on the series in the years since. Just like our previous entry, Camilla’s taking of this revealing photo that was released to the masses is every bit as controversial if she were an actual doctor. While it might be slightly mitigated by the fact that it was taken in her own home, that wouldn’t help due to the fact that it was taken for the purposes of widespread viewing.

13 Eric Dane’s Leaked Video

Via gawker.com

Just shy of being able to say he was part of Grey’s Anatomy when it began, Eric Dane began playing the character of Mark Sloan in the second season of the show. Starting out his run as a guest star, it seems clear that the producers were a fan of his work as the following season, he joined the main cast. A major part of the series for several years since, he would stop being a part of the show after the ninth season. Something that we can’t connect to the controversy that mired his life for a short time in 2009 as he departed years after, he appeared in something far worse than a steamy photo. Recorded having an intimate moment with his wife, Rebecca Gayheart, and a friend named Kari Ann Peniche, if a photo could hurt his career, then we’re one hundred percent sure that this coverage of the video’s leaking would be far worse.

12 Tessa Ferrer, Camilla Luddington, & Jerrika Hinton Take Up A Bed

Via sportsrageous.com

A trio of actors from Grey’s Anatomy that were photographed together during the shooting of an episode of the show, this behind-the-scenes image shows that they enjoyed each other’s company. Featuring Camilla Luddington who we already touched upon, as well as Tessa Ferrer and Jerrika Hinton, all three of these stars were added to the show’s main cast during its tenth season. However, as much as we enjoy seeing these performers having fun, if they really were medical workers, this image would be an outrage. A business that everyone knows struggles constantly with finding space for all of the people looking for treatment, that is why patients face long waiting lines. If it was publicly known that a group of workers were screwing around and taking up a bed, then it would anger many.

11 Kate Walsh’s Dirty Gesture

A unique entity in the history of Grey’s Anatomy, Kate Walsh’s legacy with the show doesn’t only extend to her time on that show but also to the era in which she starred in the series Private Practice. A spin-off that began airing on September 26th of 2007, it was an undeniable hit considering that it ran until January 22nd, 2013. A common idea for all the times that networks attempt spin-offs, you’d think that they would give it up as a lot of the time, the results last only a very short period of time, if they end up being released at all. The fact that Kate was able to anchor a successful one, therefore, impresses us to no end. Evidently the target of a paparazzi, it is obvious that this talented actress doesn’t like the fact that her photo is being taken based on her gestures, which are ones that are unbecoming of a doctor.

10 Katherine Heigl’s Meltdown

Via eonline.com

One of the principal characters of Grey’s Anatomy right from the start, Izzie Stevens was central to the reason that the series would last so long as they needed to grab an audience from the get-go. A part of the main cast for the first six seasons, it is very safe to say that the majority of fans became quite attached to having her around. However, part way through that sixth season, her character would show up before she never appeared again, not even in the opening credits as is sometimes the norm. Seen looking as though she is wailing in dismay or anger of some kind while at some kind of meal in public, this is only one of the photos taken of Katherine Heigl these days. Some of the others taken before and after show her having a regular lunch with her mother. Already perceived as overly dramatic, a shot like this could very well be a final straw.

9 Chandra Wilson & Patrick Dempsey Private Moment

via Pinterest

An image of Patrick Dempsey and Chandra Wilson, he may be the better-known actor of the two but for a lot of people, she has served as an important figure throughout the show’s run so far. Cast as a character that has been referred to as “the Nazi,” Chandra has done a great job with her role. But in real life, she isn’t anywhere near that nasty. While it is fun to see her getting along with her co-star, the look on her face definitely makes it seem like this was a private moment she didn’t want to be photographed. We’re not certain why that is but if someone went to their bosses and proposed this as proof of something untoward, it could harm both of their employment prospects.

8 Chyler Leigh’s Questionable Company

Via ladbible.com

An actor that we’re shocked hasn’t become a much bigger deal, Chyler Leigh has been able to land pivotal roles in a series of projects but has yet to find one that will make her a true star. Joining the cast as a guest star in the third season of Grey’s Anatomy, she was good enough at her job that she was brought back the following year and added to the series’ main cast at that time. Cast as Lexie Grey, the half-sister of Ellen Pompeo’s character, right off the hop, that connection allowed fans to see her character as an important one. Someone who previously starred in the movie Not Another Teen Movie, that comedy featured a song by Marilyn Manson on the soundtrack. Featured in that track’s music video, as a result, her involvement with such a controversial figure could be career poison for anyone but an actor.

7 Brooke Smith’s Kids And A Controversial Ad

Via fortune.com & Twitter.com

Added to the cast in a recurring role during the second season and guesting in the third, during the fourth and fifth, Brooke Smith had a tenure as part of the main cast. The focus of controversy because of a modeling gig that her kids took that was used to promote clothing put out by The Gap, the advertisement was seen as racist by many. An image of four girls wearing their clothing, the one black child of the group has a white girl using her as an armrest. Insensitive and poorly considered at the very least, the two young girls at the center of it are both daughters of Brooke. Wrapped up in the controversy as a result, despite another shot in the campaign featuring a white child as the armrest of a black girl, people embroiled in moments like these are often fired.

6 Isaiah Washington’s Racist Position

Via Yahoo.com

The first actor that was a part of the main cast from the first episode of Grey’s Anatomy that departed, Isaiah Washington only played Preston Burke during the first three seasons of the show. Somebody who has definitely become known for his hateful positions on a number of things, considering that led to his dismissal, this moment didn’t take us by too much surprise. Reacting to Chris Rock’s revealing on social media every time he was pulled over for no reason other than being a black man in an expensive car, his position was pretty breathtaking. Seemingly blaming the victim, he tweeted Chris that he sold his Mercedes and never gets bothered, thus implying that these circumstances are his fault for living high on the hog. A revolting concept, there aren’t too many businesses that would want to stand by someone who furthered it.

5 Ellen Pompeo’s Attire Choices

Via EW.com

If you aren’t one of the legions of Grey’s Anatomy fans and have always wondered what the title is in reference to, it brings to mind a notable medical text but also plays on the name of a single character. The woman tasked with playing the titular character, Ellen Pompeo has starred as Meredith Grey in every season of the series to date. As a result, she should, therefore, by now have some understanding of what is okay to do while basically wearing her Seattle Grace hospital uniform. It is a good thing that she is just an actress playing a character then as that makes it okay for her to take this photo in her doctor’s jacket. After all, if she was her character, then this shot spreading far and wide would likely lead to her dismissal.

4 Patrick Dempsey Spilling Secrets

Via inquisitr.com

A pivotal part of the history of Grey’s Anatomy, characters in the show and fans at home often swooned when Patrick Dempsey appeared as Derek Shepherd. Often referred to as McDreamy because people found him so attractive, he was part of the show’s main cast throughout its first eleven seasons and has been missed by many since his departure. A pair of images put together, the shot on the right is there for context to help people understand what is going on in the left one which Patrick shared on social media. A behind-the-scenes image of the actor Eric Dane in character, it spoiled the fact that as part of the series, he would be playing a patient before too long. The equivalent of spreading company secrets, that is a sin that is often seen as unforgivable by companies.

3 Ellen Pompeo’s Racism Defense

Via Twitter.com

An actress that has played a beloved character for many years now, that doesn’t mean that the actress that plays her hasn’t offended many with her actions as evidenced by this image. Upsetting many when she tweeted brown-skinned emojis, in response, she tweeted it is “sad to see racism is still alive and well on all sides,” which started a long Twitter war between her and many followers. She probably should have left that alone or apologized as when she tweeted about having a black husband and child. It was seen by many as claiming that she, therefore, couldn’t post something racist. Seen as “weaponizing” her family, it further offended many which could result in her firing if the reaction continued to grow but it diminished soon after.

2 Katherine Heigl Slamming Bosses

Via goldderby.latimes.com

An actress that has been the focus of controversy more than once in her time in the spotlight, Katherine Heigl unfortunately has a reputation as a malcontent. A star of television and film, in the past, she has made her problems with the way that her characters have been written spill out into headlines which has caused productions to no longer work with her. Opting to withdraw herself from Emmy contention because she felt that her Grey’s character had been given so little by writers that she didn’t deserve one, not too long after that, she left the series. Perceived by some as needlessly attacking her bosses, something that would see her fired from even a hospital job, it is sad as you can also look at it as her pushing for more substantive female roles.

1 Isaiah Washington Defending Homophobic Remarks

Via fansshare.com

We’ve already touched on the fact that Isaiah Washington left the cast of Grey’s Anatomy after only three seasons, but we didn’t look at the reason why that happened until now. Rightfully fired from his job after he was the focus of a lot of anger because of an offensive rant he uttered while on set, it was amazing that he thought he could behave that way with impunity. Admitting he “said several bad words,” he recalled yelling that he wouldn’t be treated “like the B-word, the P-word, or the F-word” because his co-star, Patrick Dempsey, came to work late. If you’re not sure what he meant by that last one, it was a homophobic slur he said while in the workplace, which is something every employer worth anything wouldn’t permit.

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