Going Bald: How 20 Hot Stars Would Look Hairless

It’s unclear who exactly started the shaved head craze, but odds are it was Michael Jordan. Besides being arguably the greatest basketball player ever, MJ was incidentally a fashion icon. Back in the late 80s, the NBA, and the rest of the world, was sporting tight shorts and unshaved heads. Then Jordan started killing it on the court. He wore baggier shorts so he could fit his lucky North Carolina drawers underneath, and when he started losing his hair, he simply shaved it clean off.

However, let’s get one thing straight; Michael Jordan, or anybody else on earth, never wants to go bald. And they don’t want to shave their head every day either. But what’s the alternative? Grow it out like Pennywise the clown? Well actually, thanks to modern technology, the battle over baldness can be treated.

Another Chicago sports hero, Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher, used to be a proud bald man. Then one day he showed up out of nowhere with a thick mane on his noggin. But instead of praise, people were flabbergasted. Hair had shattered Urlacher’s entire image. People wondered how this big, strong, confident man could be so insecure. How a champion’s ego was fragile enough to go under the knife.

He’s not alone. ABC News estimates there are 40 million bald men in the USA alone, and fighting baldness is a billion-dollar a year industry. Losing hair really freaks people out. For crying out loud, even cancer patients say that hair loss is what they dread most. So yeah, mankind’s inner conflict over baldness is pretty complex. And in an effort to lighten the mood, we wondered what some of the most famous faces in the world would look like, if they too were bald. Sometimes the results are hilarious! Other times the stars are barely recognizable, proving how powerful hair can be, and why people are so obsessed with it. Then sometimes, even bald, these celebs still look absolutely stunning. And those are the gems on this list that you balding sons of b’s should cherish. Bald is beautiful.

20 Katy Perry

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If there is one thing we could all agree on, it's that Katy Perry is hot as hell, and her music sells a ton, but is she really all that original? We think, nope. That’s why she never really wins big during awards season. Yes, she is likable, and yes, she can pull off tons of crazy looks, including bald (we think), but her soul and passion is rather questionable, in line with what lacks in Ariana Grande’s records. Even when Perry attempted to do some soul-searching on a collaboration she did with her then boyfriend John Mayer, called 'Who You Love', something was still missing and the track ended up flopping. She hasn’t released any new music lately, so let’s hope the next single will be more poignant, and she could match her personality with her looks.

19 Ariana Grande

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There are a lot of list articles here at The Richest and some of the most popular ones beg to question, “What are celebs like in real life?” Well, we are very sorry Miss Grande but the verdict is in and your personality has not been very well received by your fans. In other words, many people have claimed (including proof from footage) that this young lady is not too fun to be around. She is known to act spoiled, soulless, demanding and very rude. And now that you get a glimpse of her without her full head of hair, are you any closer to gauging who she really is like inside? Behind that mane she looks pretty normal. But damn, can she ever sing.

18 Tom Cruise

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Tommy Cruise has got to be one of the biggest movie stars of our time, with movies such as Risky Business, the Top Gun and Mission Impossible film franchises and Jerry Maguire, to name just a few, under his belt. And the guy just doesn’t seem to age. He’s like the new Dick Clark or Bob Costas. Even without hair Cruise still has that magic, that energetic charisma with just the slightest hint of crazy about him. Tom has been pushed around in the media quite a bit because of his religion, Scientology, which is new to the world, and rather bonkers. The crazy perception of him has managed to sink into the public’s view. Think about it, has the guy been in a really good movie lately? He used to get all the best scripts.

17 Harry Styles

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Coming in at number 18 is One Direction member, Harry Styles. If anybody knows anything about One Direction, it’s that there’s that one popular dude, who can maybe kind of sing, who went out with the one and only Taylor Swift, and who has a ton (and we mean a ton) of unruly greasy hair. And that’s about all you really need to know to describe Harry Styles. But without all the hair, surprisingly, he’s not a bad looking dude. A lot better than expected. Maybe he could use a good hairdresser and a good trim. And a good single, too. Solo acts are popping off of One Direction, with Zayn Malik and Liam Payne taking their own route, but when is it going to be Harry’s turn? Many One Direction fans are starting to get impatient...

16 Rihanna

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Oh, Rihanna. She’s got to be the nuttiest lady in entertainment, right? After all, she is "the" good girl gone bad. There’s Lady Gaga, and Miley Cyrus too, but their outlandish outfits and hair seems rather deliberate, or like an act, whereas Rihanna pulls it off as genuine as hell. I’m not sure how she can carry goofy looks so well (and manage to still look hot as hell while doing so), and being bald is no exception. What is it that makes this woman so damn attractive? Her voice has that same mystical appeal as well-- exotic but totally relatable. That’s a hard combo to pull off. Drake is one lucky guy (or at least, was one lucky guy, as the two are rumored to have split up recently).

15 Leonardo DiCaprio

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All right, Leonardo Dicaprio finally won an Oscar for his role in the 2015 drama/thriller The Revenant (he did have to fight off a bear to get that Oscar...). After all these years (30 years, to be exact). Wow! Everybody cheer, the dude absolutely deserved it. He is undoubtedly one of the most likeable actors on earth and his good-to-bad movie ratio is unmatched. He’s always leading the ensemble in great films, and he dives into each role head first. But has he ever been shiny bald in a flick? In J Edgar, who about nineteen people in the world probably actually watched, Leo looked pretty darn ugly, maybe had a receding hairline or something, but he’s never gone cueball, right? Too bad. We think he could actually pull it off.

14 George Clooney


Here’s another pic, that at first glance is really quite hilarious, but then you stop and look again and think, “Man. Am I crazy, or does old George Clooney still look pretty darn good with no hair?” And why exactly is that? What is it about George Clooney that appeals to people so much? He has an awesome voice, that’s for sure, but is that all it is? Does the memory of his voice influence what we think about his overall appearance? Or is it just facial symmetry? Or is it bits of both? Who knows. All we do know is he has been making the ladies swoon since his early days in his breakthrough role on TV's ER, and is still making the ladies swoon till this day. Let’s just hope Clooney gets back into doing more movies, and less Nescafe commercials...

13 Justin Bieber

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It's okay, you could really laugh at this one.

I try, and I try, and I try to hate this guy. To hate everything about him. But I just can’t. The guy is a total douchebag. He embodies the word like nobody else can. They should start calling it a Bieb-bag in his honor, because he’s the best one that ever was. And as I try to hate every bit of him… I just can’t. The last couple of singles he’s put out (Where Are You Now, Coldwater, Let Me Love You, Sorry, What Do You Mean? to name just a few) are so damn catchy. And they’re always on the radio. Then I start singing them and it’s all over, and the hate subsides. He can even kind of pull off the bald look, too. Leave it to Justin Bieber to surprise the world and actually shave his head like this.

12 Taylor Swift

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If there are any stars on this ridiculous list who really can pull off the bald look, it may just be T Swizzle. Those eyes are so blue and accentuated. The girl has about a hundred friends in Hollywood, about 54 ex-boyfriends (which she has written songs about), and about a million hit singles, and she looks good bald, too. But just to break her heart a little, let's say she looks bad. Then maybe she'll write a song about The Richest, and we’ll become the biggest, most popular entertainment website ever. Whether you like Taylor Swift or not, she does seem to have the golden touch with just about any project besides boys. Even folky, Springsteen-ish rocker Ryan Adams covered her entire 1989 album and cashed in on her unmatched songwriting prowess. We've got to admit, that's really impressive.

11 Kim Kardashian

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Our eleventh entry on this list is one that certainly has gorgeous hair. Many people believe that this beautiful, over-exposed, pseudo-talented celebrity got famous for being very promiscuous. Some say her colossal behind is the one reason she constantly makes the big bucks. Others would argue it’s her well endowed chest, smoky eyes, or countless masterful selfies on numerous social media platforms. Some might even claim that Kim Kardashian is a savvy businesswoman, which is true. But a low percentage would think that her hair made her so appealing. And now that you see her without it, she’s still cute, but in a whole different way. What do you guys think?

10 Jim Carrey

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Good old funny guy Jim Carrey has not been looking so hot lately, but still, he has got to be one of the funniest dudes on the entire planet. And just look at him as a bald guy in this picture. It's just hilarious! There is something about the look in his eyes that just makes everybody want to giggle. Jim was so good at being funny that it’s kind of sad that he hasn’t done any comedies as of late. Everyone can agree that the sequel to Dumb & DumberDumb & Dumber To, was not as funny as everyone hoped it would be. Sure, he was a decent dramatic actor in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, The Number 23The Truman Show and others, but common, do what you do best, Jim! Wait, was all that anti-vax stuff supposed to be a joke, too? I sure do hope so.

9 Angelina Jolie

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Coming in at number 9 is the beautiful Angelina Jolie. I think we could all agree that Angelina Jolie is a bit of a dark mystery, right? She has had so many faces over the years that nobody really knows who she truly is. First she was the young model, just another celebrity daughter (of Jon Voight). Then came the rebel stage, then the lesbian stage, Billy Bob Thornton’s blood-drinking goth girl, the brother-kisser, then the homewrecker, the loving mother, the director, the philanthropist and last but not least, the victimized divorcee. We think she had a few good roles in between all those mystery identities, such as with Salt, The Changeling, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, Gone in 60 Seconds and Girl, Interrupted. But now looking at her completely bald, she looks more like an alien than anything else. A really, really hot alien nonetheless.

8 Zac Efron

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Sorry ladies, but we think this dude looks way not-handsome without his thick brown locks. Zac Efron looks pretty young in this shot,  but the guy has really been working hard as of late, you’ve got to admit. He was pigeonholed as a Disney kid forever, and thanks largely to Neighbors and its sequel, Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising, with Seth Rogan, he seems to have finally broken out of his shell. He’s been doing a lot of light comedies and he seems to be pretty good at it. The next big one that is coming out is Baywatch, the remake of the popular TV show from the 90s, and it's coming out this summer. The movie is rated R, so there are bound to be many hilarious raunchy jokes that audiences will love, and of course, a lot of sexy people in red swimsuits running on the beach.

7 Robert Pattinson

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Coming in at number 7 is Twilight star, Robert Pattinson. Man, this actor looks so different without his dishevelled head of hair (which he has claimed he almost never washes). But what ever happened to this dude, anyways? He did Harry Potter and the five Twilight movies, and then what? The guy’s career is in a bit of a lull lately. Pattinson  starred in the circus drama Water For Elephants with Reese Witherspoon, even though he is reportedly deathly afraid of horses. But what other major films is he in? The poor guy has been in so many tabloids due to his highly controversial relationship with ex girlfriend Kristen Stewart (she cheated on him with her Snow White and the Huntsman director, Rupert Sanders). It’s never good when the gossip overshadows an actor's career. Hopefully he can get back on his feet sooner rather than later. Twilight was really bad, but the dude can act.

6 Emma Stone

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Coming in at number 6 is actress Emma Stone, known for her roles in Crazy, Stupid, Love, The Amazing Spider-Man, Superbad and Gangster Squad, to name a few. This charming redhead dominates a lot of the hot-or-not lists here at The Richest and across the internet. And usually when I read those such lists, I side with the former: hot. Of course she’s hot, I mean, they’re all hot. There’s something about every actress in Hollywood that makes them a success. That’s why we know who they are. Take Geena Davis for example, not that hot, right? But if you saw her in person, you'd almost fall to the floor she’s so stunning. My guess is that’s how Emma Stone looks in real life, beautiful with or without hair.

5 Scarlett Johansson

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What do you guys think about Scarlett Johansson without hair?

This "it" girl came on the scene in 2003 with Lost in Translation starring Bill Murray and directed by Sofia Coppola. Coppola had those director genes popping when she started the film with a nice, slow, close-up shot of Scarlett Johansson’s sexy rear end. But other than that, the film wasn’t really physically that sexy. There was however a chemistry between her and Murray that was palpable. See, that’s what real hotness is all about. It’s not necessarily about flaunting cleavage (which ScarJo often does as well, and that’s okay), it’s really about that inner charisma that comes out. Such inner beauty is how Scar jo can rock a baldy, no problem.

4 The Rock

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Okay, okay, yes, we had to flip the script on this one, and see exactly what happens to a bald star that gets hairy. The result is absolutely hilarious! But he’s not as appealing with a full head of hair, right? This is just another example that proves that you should always be yourself and people will like you exactly for who you are. With a full head of hair, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson looks too smarmy, almost like the stereotypical used-car salesman or something. With the bald head he seems more genuine, and something that is rather rare for a WWE guy: modest. The Rock’s career is flying high right now, with his Kevin Hart flick, Central Intelligence and Baywatch (with Zac Efron) due this summer. Maybe it all would have never been if the hair was there in the first place. You never know.

3 Brad Pitt

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Well if Angelina Jolie gets a spot on this list, then you just have to get Brad Pitt on there, right? After All, they are like the royal family of America and when they announced their divorce a few sad weeks ago, people all around the world lost their sh*t. Like was it really that big of a surprise, people? Come on. Angelina Jolie has had so many boyfriends, girlfriends and personalities over the years, and Brad Pitt doesn’t seem like the sharpest tool in the shed. He already cheated on one of the hottest women in Jennifer Aniston, so what makes you think he wouldn’t do it again? It’s just such a shame, because we do love them and their large family. And those poor kids, all 34 of them, are the ones who will suffer the most. And poor Brad, he can’t help that he’s such a babe magnet, with or without his hair.

2 Jennifer Lopez

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No offense, but Jennifer Lopez is one of the biggest posers in Hollywood. Literally, she is posed like a pro in every photo. She knows how to look good. She has her lips slightly parted so her cheeks look thinner. Her eyes are slightly squinted so she doesn’t look bug-eyed, too excited, or crazy. She has her his hips turned just right, one knee bent, one arm akimbo. But the funny part is, she doesn’t even need any of that. Even without her gorgeous hair, although she’s a little less recognizable, she's certainly a very attractive woman. I just wish she’d focus on one threat and perfect that. The triple threat of dancing, singing, and acting does not bode well for her, especially with age. Please pick one and master it.

1 Michael Jordan

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All right! At the end of the article we have come full circle. Beginning with Michael Jordan and ending with him, too. Although he has gotten older, and not so hot, he is still remarkably recognizable, and you must admit, that with hair, he’s a bit too much. If you’re not a sports fan, you probably aren’t a lover of this finale, but technically Space Jam was a box office success, so the dude can act, too. Michael Jordan was untouchable doing just about anything back in the day, including a stint on the Chicago White Sox. Then after he retired we found out about his gambling, awful team ownership skills, and extensive womanizing. Sometimes it sucks when the truth comes out, as we'd rather stick to the vision we have of someone we look up to. I still do like the guy though, but would probably not vote for him for president...

Source: ABCNEws, BusinessInsider, Telegraph, Dailymail

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