Getting Better With Age: 15 Hottest Female Stars Over 50

For most of us, getting old generally means things start to change; there are more health concerns, things may start to sag, the body changes, and looks diminish. That’s just generally what tends to happen, the natural course of progression. It sucks, but hey, what can you do about it? Well, evidently there is something that can be done. These 15 women have found the answer. Who’d have thought that being in your 50s, you could look better than you’ve ever looked before? Because that’s what these 15 female celebs have accomplished. Sure, you may say they’re celebs, that they have the cash, live in sunnier climates, gorgeous locations, can afford the best foods, chefs, dietitians, personal trainers etc. and can really afford to live and embrace that whole health and fitness lifestyle. That probably has a part to play, as does plastic surgery, enhancements, cosmetic procedures, all that kind of stuff, things that people get done to make them look – they think – more youthful. But who cares? Envious people will, but if it has the effect of making them look seriously hot and maintaining their looks, it’s well worth it and has had the desired effect.

Growing old gracefully is a term that’s thrown about quite a lot. But it doesn’t really apply to these celebs, mainly because they probably don’t consider themselves to be old. See one of them on the street, and you wouldn’t think of an oldie; nope, one thing will cross your mind and that’s that the woman standing in front of you is incredibly hot. These are 15 women in the limelight who are incredibly in their 50s, but have gotten better with age, still look fabulous.

15 Ann Curry

This American TV personality, news reporter, and journalist, isn’t in her 50s, she’s way past that and is in her 60s! Ann Curry's been in the industry for over three decades, and has been to some truly horrific places, in the centre of some pretty dicey situations, such as the wars in Syria, Palestine, Darfur, Congo, the Central African Republic and I can just go on and on. For any ordinary person, just being there, in those situations, at the centre of the conflicts, would take a whole lot out of you, make you feel haggard, worn down and beat. But it hasn’t seemed to have affected Ann one bit. It’s what she loves to do and she’s energized, she must be rejuvenated by reporting on such conflicts, being on the ground in the centre of it all. She must be, because at the age of 60, see Ann and you wouldn’t have guessed she has lived such a life.

14 Beverly Johnson

Beverly Johnson is a bit of a Jill of all trades. Over the years she’s made a name for herself and has achieved fame because of her modeling, acting, singing, and her business endeavors. She’s regarded to be one of the world’s most influential fashion icons too – that’s plenty she’s got on her résumé. However, she’s simmered down a bit over recent years and is enjoying the quieter life; she can afford to do so and certainly deserves it after spending most of her life in the public eye. But whenever she does venture out, the paparazzi are also out and about in full force.

She’s the paparazzi’s dream woman, because she’s absolutely stunning. Even at the age of 64 – you wouldn’t have guessed it – she looks about 20 years younger, and really is every bit the glamor icon she was two, even three decades previously. Sure, she’s had work done, quite a bit of work by the looks of things, but that’s only enhanced her already natural beauty, and made her a dead ringer for this list of the hottest 50 plus year olds around.

13 Michelle Pfeiffer

Michelle Pfeiffer’s career really took off in the early 1980s. She started to get mainstream attention when she starred in Grease 2, but was really propelled into the limelight when she starred opposite the infamous Tony Montana in the epic movie, one of the greatest of all time, Scarface. That movie really did make Michelle’s career. After that, she had no trouble getting movie gigs, although she wouldn’t really go on to star in another super-hit film. But she’s had a steady career since, and despite recently taking a few years off, is still regarded to be one of the best actresses in the movie industry. She’s regarded to be one of the hottest actresses in Hollywood too, and has been labelled with that “hot actress” tag right throughout her career. At the age of 59 she still looks fantastic, glamorous, sophisticated, and carries herself like one of Hollywood’s leading ladies.

12 Marisa Tomei

This brunette bombshell has enjoyed a stellar career as an actress, a career that’s spanned over three decades and is still ongoing. Having just passed her half century, she’s showing no signs of slowing down, much to her fans’ delight.

Marisa really does have a wide-ranging and extensive filmography. Pretty much from when she started out in the 80s, she’s starred in at least a couple, sometimes three or four movies, every year. From that we can deem she’s a bit of a workaholic, and this trend, this personality trait, looks to be continuing into her 50s.

You wouldn’t really call Marisa your stereotypical drop dead gorgeous babe. She’s not really renowned as a sex icon or anything like that, but it’s fair to say that because of some of the movies she’s starred in over the years, she has gained some level of sex appeal. She also looks incredible for a woman in her 50s, and looks at least a decade younger. Keeping to that busy schedule seems to be keeping Marisa looking fabulous, and long may it continue.

11 Monica Bellucci

Italian born Monica Bellucci got recognized and started getting movie roles due to her exploits in the modeling industry. She began modeling at the age of 13, and over the next few years things really took off for Monica in the modeling world. She moved to Milan, was signed up by a model management company, and then started strutting her stuff and posing for the cameras for some of the world’s biggest brands. She quickly became a big deal in the modeling world, and became known as an Italian sex symbol, one of the most desirable women in the world. This caused casting directors to take notice, and in the 90s, Monica Bellucci the sultry actress was born. Pretty soon she’d gained worldwide attention, for being a pretty decent actress, but mainly because she sizzled onscreen. Decades on and at the age of 52, this hasn’t changed. Monica’s someone who’s renowned for her looks, and will probably remain this perpetually good looking for the rest of her days.

10 Elizabeth Hurley

Here’s another 52-year-old; it seems as if 52’s the magic number here, the age at which these stars have ceased to age and actually begin to look younger and get better looking. I know I’ve said this about quite a few stars on this list, and I’ll say it about more of them too, but Liz Hurley really does look like she’s a model and looks about 20 years younger than she is. Look back to some of her earlier work and you’ll see she hasn’t really aged a bit, and the changes that have become apparent have only made her even more beautiful.

The English actress is one of the nation’s best. She’s been around since the 80s, has had numerous film and TV roles, but now that she’s in her 50s, she seems to be taking a foot off the gas a bit. Since 2010 in fact, she’s been very quiet, but that certainly hasn’t made her any less popular.

9 Angela Bassett

58-year-old Angela Bassett has made a name for herself, not really because of any mainstream Hollywood movies she’s done, but because of her performances in biographical films. She’s been around since the 80s, but really grew in popularity after What's Love Got to Do with It, the Tina Turner biopic. She’s starred in a number of other biographical films too which have just increased her fan base.

Angela Bassett isn’t and has never really been regarded as a sex symbol. She’s known for her acting ability more than her looks, which isn’t at all saying she’s not a beautiful woman. In fact, she may actually be glad she’s known more for her acting – that is, after all, her profession.

I’ve said that a lot of the stars on this list look a decade or two younger than they actually are. I’m not going to say that about Angela. I’m not being mean here, but Angela looks like she’s 58. But that certainly doesn’t mean she doesn’t look like a hot 58-year-old. She’s certainly one of the hottest over 50s in the limelight, and age hasn’t had any bearing on her performances.

8 Heather Locklear

Heather Locklear gained fame as a TV star. Sure, she’s appeared in a good number of movies too, but Heather Locklear fans will always remember those T.J. Hooker days, and later on, Melrose Place. Those two series are what propelled Heather into the limelight, and she’s been basking in it ever since.

Heather played the hot rookie police detective in T.J. Hooker, a role that essentially made her a sex symbol. There were some sultry scenes in that series, although I don’t reckon sex appeal is what the producers were going for – Heather just had it naturally. At the age of 55, she still has it in spades. She looks utterly fabulous; sure, it’s evident that she’s had some work done, but she hasn’t gone over the top with any surgery or cosmetic procedures. She looks rejuvenated, like she did in her younger days, and looks like she could carry on for a good number of years yet.

7 Christie Brinkley

It’s that smile, that beautiful beaming face that people love about Christie. But that’s not to say that she still doesn’t have the body, although at the age of 63, she probably isn’t too fond of showing it off quite as much as she did back in her younger days.

Christie’s career really took off way back in the 70s. She’d been modeling for some time, but when she posed for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, Christie suddenly became known to the world. She didn’t just pose for that illustrious magazine either; she was their cover girl, not once, not twice, but three times in consecutive issues. They certainly loved her and it’s clear to see why. As a model, she went on to appear on over 500 magazine covers, and then dabbled in a bit of acting and became something of a TV personality too. That’s her focus nowadays, and the timeless beauty’s still enjoying life in the fast lane – being in her 60s certainly hasn’t slowed her down.

6 Paige Turco

Another 52-year-old here, someone who’s still going strong and is looking fabulous.

The name Paige Turco might not ring any bells for a lot of you. That’s because Paige isn’t really one of the biggest names in the industry. But look at her pic and you’ll then probably realize who I’m talking about. Paige is someone who appears mainly in TV shows, and has played parts in a lot of shows and series over the years. Her last movie was in 2009, but in terms of her TV career, the roles have just kept on coming. She had a recurring role in Person of Interest, NCIS, and is currently one of the main cast members of The 100. She plays the role of a strong, confident, sophisticated woman really well, which is the way she carries herself in real life. Many would actually feel she’s hotter now that she’s older, because she fits those roles perfectly; let us know if you agree.

5 Sheryl Crow

Ok, so let’s steer clear from the babes of Hollywood for a bit. Sheryl Crow, the American singer-songwriter – and ok, an actress too – is known for her unique style of creating sweet music. Her songs don’t belong in a single genre; she incorporates pop, rock, folk, country, and blues into her songs, and it’s an approach that’s obviously worked, because she’s sold over 50 million albums worldwide, and has achieved numerous other accolades. But the 55-year-old isn’t just known for her music. She’s become known over the years for having one of the best celebrity bodies around. She really does have a body half her age, and it’s not because of plastic surgery, procedures, or anything like that. It’s because she’s a fitness fanatic, and has been living that whole health and fitness lifestyle for decades. It’s certainly worked; Sheryl Crow is testimony to that fact that if you embrace that whole lifestyle and stick at it, you can look like a million bucks and half your age when in your 50s.

4 Halle Berry

I just had to include Halle Berry on this list. It was a no-brainer on a list of the hottest female stars, although quite a few of you would probably be surprised that she’s just entered her 50s. It seems as if she’s been around forever, and she has, she’s been doing her thing since the late 80s in fact.

Before wowing audiences onscreen, she was a model and was competing in beauty pageants. But Halle always harbored that ambition to become an actress, and so did everything possible to make it happen. All that hard work’s certainly paid off, and today she’s one of the best actresses in the industry, one of the hottest, best, and most recognized actresses in the world.

Halle’s said she had newfound confidence when she hit 40. That’s when she became serious about health and fitness, and because of that she’s been able to maintain her fabulous figure. In fact, the only thing that seems to have changed about Halle, is her hairstyle, but the rest has remained the same, if not gotten even better with age.

3 Elle Macpherson

Elle Macpherson’s one of the top models in the world, and has been ruling supreme in the modeling industry for decades. Many prominent names have had their time in the limelight, have come for a brief period, have momentarily shone, and then have gone, but Elle’s someone who’s been a constant in the industry. She achieved superstardom from modeling alone, but then her fan base just continued to grow as her modeling led to other stuff, roles in TV and films and numerous other business ventures.

Elle’s nicknamed “The Body” for a reason, take a wild guess why. She’s body beautiful. She is absolutely stunning, and really hasn’t changed a bit from when her main focus was modeling. She still appears on magazine covers, is still one of the biggest names in the modeling industry, and is now regarded as being a top businesswoman too. If I didn’t write she’s 53 you wouldn’t have guessed it; looking at her body alone, it wouldn’t be ludicrous to say that she’s in her 20s – that’s no overstatement.

2 Kris Jenner

Love them or hate them, you can’t deny the Kardashian-Jenner clan are probably the most beautiful family on TV. Their lives are basically lived out in front of the cameras; they can’t go anywhere without the paparazzi following them in full force, baying for some kind of sultry pic, and so they know that they’ve got to look fabulous, whatever the occasion might be.

Those who watch, or know of, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, will know that it’s the kids – although they’re not really kids any more, but you get the gist – Khloe, Kourtney, and Kim, that rule the screens. But there’s someone who’s responsible for keeping everything together, someone who actually gets a lot of flak and doesn’t get the recognition she deserves. That someone is the mother hen, Kris Jenner. She’s her girls’ manager, and basically runs everything, including her own business ventures. She’s on the go all the time, she's a work horse who has led a - let’s say interesting – life in front of the cameras, has popped out six kids, and still looks gorgeous. All of that would’ve beaten any mere mortal down, especially a woman in her 60s, but not Kris. She in no way shape or form looks like a 61-year-old, which is truly amazing considering everything she’s been through and has going on in her life.

1 Courteney Cox

Our favorite star from Friends has also gone on to have a pretty successful career since the popular show ended. She’s starred in number of iconic film and TV series over the years, but she’ll always be remembered for her role as the brunette bombshell in the world’s most popular sitcom. It’s amazing to think that those days as Monica Geller were over 13 years ago, because she hasn’t seemed to have aged a bit, and could still pass for Monica.

How does the 53-year-old Courteney Cox stay looking fabulous? She used to love running, but is now into all sorts of things, does Pilates, surfing, yoga, and basically just keeps things fresh by mixing up her workouts. "My fitness philosophy is to be active in life and enjoy what I am doing. I have always loved exercise and feel that being active is important to maintain not only physical health, but mental health as well," she’s said.

Obviously, looking at her pictures over the years, she’s had plenty of plastic surgery too, but has recently admitted she took things too far. She kept getting touch-ups and fillers, before one day it hit her and she realized she’d taken things too far. She now looks natural, beautiful, and relies on her active lifestyle to keep herself looking young and gorgeous.

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