Game Of Thrones S7 Finale: 15 Questions We All Have

Anyone reading this article right now has certainly seen the season seven finale of Game of Thrones. If not, then you definitely don't mind reading up on all the spoilers. And that's fine. I'm personally waiting for the next book to come out, and don't really think the show does the story justice. I know a bunch of you hate me now too. I'll live.

Either way, we learned a lot of things from the finale. All sorts of stuff happened! Littlefinger finally bit the dust (or the steel). The Wall crumbled by Eastwatch. Niece and nephew Dany and Jon got it on (right around the same time that Sam revealed that they are certainly related). Hell, Jaime decided to turn on Cersei and help the North!

It's been a crazy ride and given how disappointing a good chunk of the rest of the season was...it was about time for some real story. But now that we have to wait another year or two for the next season (and maybe the book will arrive before then), we have to sit back and think about what the finale means. We have to think about what we need to know and what might come next!

15 What Does It Mean That The Wall Has Fallen?

First of all, it means that the show has given up on a wicked mythic item called The Horn of Winter. And that's pretty sad because it seems like Sam might have found it earlier on in the series. It also means that apparently, the undead (who were never supposed to be able to hurt the wall) can hurt the wall. But besides how embarrassing it is to have a 700ft wall tumble because of a blast of zombie dragon fire, this means a whole lot more. Westeros is now vulnerable to that big threat Ned Stark always knew existed. It also means that the show is going to look a lot more like The Walking Dead for a little while. And now the "good guys" are trapped between a zombie army (that has a dragon, giants, bears, and so on), and the Lannisters who might soon have elephants!

14 Who Is Aegon Targaryen?

No, this is not Aegon the Conqueror whom you've likely heard so much about. This is actually Jon Snow! As it turns out, Snow was never the bastard boy of Ned Stark. He was a Targaryen all along. But it's not like he knew that. Hell, he still doesn't! But thanks to Ned, Aegon was able to survive. If Ned didn't pretend that Aegon was his bastard son, then Robert Baratheon would have surely smashed his skull against a stone. Which was not an uncommon thing to do at that time. So Ned may have lost his sister, but he kept her alive through Jon Snow (I mean Aegon Targaryen). And I'm not sure if you realize this, but there are only two sure Targaryens left (unless you count Young Griff from the books, but I doubt he'll appear in the show). So, will Dany bend the knee? Or will they join together?

13 Will Jaime Start Blabbing About Cersei's Plan?

So here's an interesting thing. Jaime decides to go North to help out all of the "good guys". But there's something he really seems to have forgotten about. Sure, Cersei said that she would kill him. So that sucks. But also, she said that she's getting Euron Greyjoy to bring back an army with elephants! And that she plans on using them against the Starks and Targaryens. Not against the undead. But Jaime hasn't mentioned that at all to any single member of the good team. Is it because he's still trying to protect his sister/lover? Or is he waiting until they're far enough away so as not to cause a very unwanted battle right then and there (though realistically Dany's dragons could have made quick work of Cersei, Strong, and any other significant foe in the South). Or maybe he's still helping Cersei. Either way, his character has drastically changed for the worse with this wishy-washy stuff.

12 Will Jon Be King?

To be fair, saying that a Targaryen has a legitimate claim to the Iron Throne is a little ridiculous now. Everyone who wants to be king or queen seems to have a claim. And since the Baratheons had taken the throne a long time ago...it's still silly to say the Targaryens are owed the throne. But let's say that there is a legitimate claim. In terms of the Targaryen household, there are only two heirs left, and it just so happens that Dany is not the first in line. Thanks to the legitimate marriage of Lyanna Stark to Rhaegar Targaryen, Jon Snow has the first claim to house Targaryen as Aegon. But will that make trouble between him and his newly discovered lover and aunt? Dany has spent a long time building an army and waging war to be queen. Will she give that all up for the rightful dragon?

11 Will Cersei Try And Kill Jaime?

Sure, Cersei was shown the wight, and it probably scared the sh*t out of her for a little bit. But we all have to remember something important: that's not the first undead creature she's seen. Her gigantic bodyguard is a zombie after all. But more importantly, after telling Jaime that she's really not going to help, he decides he's going North with the "good guys". Cersei is pretty clear that she'll kill him if he does. But that doesn't stop him. So now there's something huge here to consider. Will Jaime perish at the hands of his sister/former lover? Or will he be the one to slay the Mad Queen? It would suit him just right since he already is the Kingslayer. I have to be honest though, if Jaime went up against Robert Strong, he'd be screwed. So hopefully the Hound will be there to back him up.

10 Are Tormund And Beric Dead?

Short answer on this one is: yes. But we don't know that. The only reason why I won't say for sure that they're dead is that we didn't physically see them die. And as you should all know by now, if you didn't see them die, they're not dead for sure. Except for Benjen, of course. Because he's sort of dead...but not dead. Anyway, chances are these two greats are likely not dead. Or if they are...never mind being wights. These guys will be turned into White Walkers for sure! And that would make an amazing battle. It would be a heartbreaking one, but amazing. Viserion could light the blue flame on Beric's blade, and Tormund could ride a zombie giant into battle. Ultimately, the crumbling of the Wall is not the last we'll see of these two guys. They'll be back...one way or another.

9 Are Dany And Jon Close Enough To Reach Winterfell Before The Night King Does?

So, here's the thing. Dany and Aegon are now sailing to White Harbour. If you take a look at a map, you'll notice that White Harbour is still significantly South of Winterfell. That could be a huge problem. Why? Because probably hundreds of thousands of zombies are pouring through the Wall, and Winterfell is directly in their path. And the zombies are closer than Dany and Aegon. It also doesn't help that they're sailing in Winter weather, which is always dangerous. Of course, Bran could send a raven (since they can apparently fly faster than a speeding car), and Dany could bring her dragons North pretty quickly. But then there's another problem. Apparently, all it takes is one javelin made of ice to kill a dragon. There's going to have to be some good strategy involved in surviving this storm.

8 Will Euron Greyjoy Help Cersei?

You know, he's probably f*cked in the head enough to actually think he has a shot with Cersei. I bet he thinks he's going to have the best trophy wife in all of Westeros. So he likely will help her (though he's definitely dying in season eight). What I was hoping might happen (and I guess could still happen) is that Euron pays for the army that Cersei wants, and then decides to take it for his own. Then he could wait out the battle between the Starks, Lannisters, and zombies, and he could swoop in, finish off whoever is left and become king. It would be a brilliant scheme. But his likely loyalty to Cersei will probably put Theon in charge of house Greyjoy by the end of the series. You know, if Theon lives through the whole mess.

7 Who's Happy About Littlefinger?

There is really only one answer here. And it is: very happy! Anyone who wasn't happy about Littlefinger getting iced (or needled I guess) is just a horrible human being. Littlefinger has needed to be put down for a long time. Pretty well since day one. And what does it mean that he's out of the picture? Well it means that the army of the Vale is out of his hands. It also means that Arya and Sansa can stop pretending to hate each other (because that was getting a little too silly). It also means there is a huge amount of justice for the Starks. After all, Baelish was obsessed with Catelyn Stark who, partially thanks to him, got her throat slit. Then he fixed his gaze on Sansa. And as he thought he had won Sansa over to thinking Arya was against her, the two girls turn judgement on him!

6 Is There A Dangerous Love Triangle?

Now, this is something interesting to think about for the next season. There could be a bit of a rift thanks to a complicated love triangle. Everyone guy seems to fall in love with Dany at some point, but every one of those guys happens to be related. So that could spell trouble for Jon Snow (Aegon). Also, Tyrion seemed to be staring intently at the incestuous couple in a way that seemed to suggest he was in love with Dany also. And that's not all that surprising. He did mention that she should leave her husband back on the other side of the world. But this could potentially spell disaster for the "good guys". What if Tyrion conspires against Aegon? What if Aegon decides that sleeping with his aunt is a bit much, but still wants no one else to touch her? What if Jorah Mormont decides that none of this is good...could this end up being a love square?

5 What Happens If Jaime Goes North?

First of all, it could mean a very awkward meeting between him and the rest of the Starks. Bran might have a few choice words to say to him. Arya might try to kill him. Sansa will cry. Brienne will want to hit him and love him. It will be a trying time for Jaime for sure. But it may be his salvation. That is dependent on whether or not he tells them all about Cersei's plan to back stab them though (which hopefully Tyrion is already aware of). Ultimately though, Jaime going North could be the redemption of the Lannister house. And if he doesn't die in the final season, he could very well lead the Lannisters into a time of prosperity with Tyrion at his side. Together they could make the Lannister name a great one. But first, he has to survive the biggest battle of his life.

4 Can Bran Save Winterfell? 

A lot of people thought that it would end up being Bran's fault that the White Walkers would make it through the Wall. There was a lot of speculation about the Night King branding Bran, and that making it possible for him to dispel the magic of the Wall. But that's not the case. What is the case though is that there are thousands upon thousands of zombies on the way South from the Wall, and Winterfell is right in the way. Thankfully Bran can see anywhere he pleases, so do you think he'll be able to see all of this coming before it's too late? Because if he doesn't check up on the Wall, then who knows how quickly the Night King could have his zombie Viserion wreaking havoc on the freshly rebuilt Winterfell? I don't think the army of the Vale is a match for the undead.

3 Will The Incest Thing Be A Problem?

There are definitely good reasons for and against whether or not the incest thing will be a problem between Dany and Aegon. For starters, it's not unheard of for the Targaryens to sleep with each other. It was pretty well a dictated practise in order to continue the purity of their dragon-commanding line. On the other hand, Jon Snow doesn't know that he's actually Aegon Targaryen yet. And he might not feel so good about f*cking his aunt when he does. He was raised as a Stark after all, and he might have a few hangups about the incest thing. However, this could cause an interesting rift between them that will make room for Tyrion to profess his love to Dany. Or perhaps Aegon will embrace his true identity, and rule Westeros with his naughty aunt.

2 Does The Magic Of The Wall Mean Anything?

The short answer to this question is...no. The magic of the Wall apparently means nothing at all. At least not in the way it seemed to in the books. In the books, there is a lot of talk about the Horn of Winter (a magical item that could bring the Wall down). But in the show, they completely disregard any previous information about the undead not being able to penetrate the Wall. And what do they do? They make one of the undead creatures, who apparently cannot damage or cross the Wall...and they make it blow the Wall apart. If it was that easy, then why didn't the Night King just instruct the White Walkers and wights to build explosives, and shatter the Wall that way? They already apparently learned how to forge gigantic chains to pull dragons up from the depths. So the magic of the Wall means nothing in the show.

1 How Vulnerable Is Winterfell Now?

Well here's the thing. Dany and Aegon (Jon Snow) are now sailing to White Harbour. But the White Walkers have already broken through the Wall. Now, besides Karhold and the Dreadfort, there are no real places of note close to the Wall but Winterfell. Once Dany and Aegon land, they will be closer to Winterfell than the Wall is, but the Walkers are already pouring through. They have a head start. Unless Bran sees what's going on, and the Starks make South with the army from the Vale to make a stand with Dany and Aegon...they might be screwed. And if they do go South, that means they'll have a Lannister army coming up their rear. So they might be screwed either way! So basically, unless they try to hold Moat Cailin, or head further South to get to the Vale before the Lannisters get too far North, there may be a few more dead Starks before long...

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