17Is She A Red Walker?

There's an interesting fan theory going around the world of Westeros that goes something like this: Melisandre is a "Red Walker". Apparently, she is some sort of mix of one of the walkers on Walking Dead and one of the White Walkers from Game of Thrones. I don't see the connection to TWD

other than the possibility of her being undead, but the Red Walker theory does interest me. But it's not like the White Walkers really go about hiding their age. They all look like corpses. Melisandre is something special, though. Hiding her age, living for centuries below the Wall, and being impervious to the cold are three good reasons to at least examine this sort of theory. After all, maybe there is such a thing as a Red Walker, and instead of the Night King being their ruler, it's the Lord of Light.

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