Game Of Thrones: 15 Photos Of The Waif Out Of Character

If Hollywood can teach us something it's that makeup can do wonders!

In Game of Thrones, there are quite a lot of characters, to put it mildly. This means that they can’t all be played by Natalie Dormer or Emilia Clarke – some of them have to be a bit more plain. The Waif is one of the characters who is on the plainer side, and intentionally so. She has to blend into the crowd in order to carry out assassinations for the House of Black and White, so it wouldn’t do for her to be exceptionally beautiful.

But the Waif is played by an actress, and since acting is usually based around looks, there aren’t many actresses out there who are truly plain. True to form, the Waif’s actress can look a lot hotter than you might expect. We’re talking about Faye Marsay – not the old woman that the Waif disguises herself as.

Game of Thrones was hardly Faye’s first acting role, and she has appeared on both the big screen and the little one on a fair few occasions. Her past credits include the TV mini-series Glue, true story gay rights film Pride, and period drama The White Queen. That last one means that, ironically, you can find images of her dressed up looking more like she should be hanging around the Iron Throne than her own Game of Thrones character does.

We scoured the internet to find you 15 images which prove that, yes, the Waif can actually be surprisingly hot. It’s amazing what they do with TV hair and make-up these days…

15 That Smokey Eye

Faye definitely has a strong character about her which shines through, with a little bit of a mischievous side. This shot was taken at a TV event and showcases her fresh-faced looks as well as a healthy heaping of vamp-style makeup. The dark smoky eyeshadow she has chosen to wear really highlight the pale blue and grey tones in her eyes. We are also digging this cropped haircut, which manages to be both chic and a bit boho at the same time. The honey-toned highlights together with that little smirk on her face make this just about a perfect look for her. Hopefully she gets to actually use it in a film or television project sometime soon. If you follow her on social media, you’ll see a long chain of different hairstyles pass by one after another as she often changes her hair to suit the role that she has been given.

14 Sideways Smirk Perfection

Most celebrities end up with a “look” which they can do to perfection, and which gets whipped out every time they walk the red carpet. Faye is no exception, as she has clearly figured out that a side-smirk works a lot better for her than a full smile. It gives her a more mature look, and a bit of a naughty one too – like she’s about to make you a proposition that you won’t be able to refuse. In this shot she is definitely working it for the assembled press cameras, and she knows what she is doing. She has also chosen a great outfit which gives just enough of a hint about her figure, without giving too much away and ruining the mystery. The darker hair colour suits her well, and she definitely has that tomboyish look which makes you wonder what kind of trouble she could get you into.

13 Getting Ready To Head Out

We love seeing our favourite celebrities getting ready for a night out – there’s always something so perfect about that moment when they have just finished their hair and make-up and have everything looking the way that they want it. Here, Faye has smoothed her hair down on one side and flipped the rest over to give it a more dramatic look than usual, which is giving us Natalie Dormer in Mockingjay vibes. Her bright blue eyes look so attractive with just the right amount of mascara and eyeliner highlighting their lines, and the dash of pink lipstick is a great touch as well. All in all, if we saw this woman in a club, we would definitely think about going over and offering her a drink. She just has that great energy and attitude about her which can’t be ignored. You can see it coming through even in this simple shot.

12 Midriff Reveal At Comic-Con

This is definitely one of the hottest outfits that we’ve seen Faye wearing. This was taken as she arrived at Comic-Con, where she was appearing thanks to her Game of Thrones role. The crop top is great for showing off her arms and midriff, whilst also still having enough of a low cut at the neckline to stop it from appearing childish. It’s also pretty tight and form-fitting, which you can’t help but appreciate. The skirt is set at just the right point at the top of her hips to stop the outfit from looking like something more suited to a strip club, and bringing it back to the classier side. All in all, she gets top marks from us for this look. Who knew that this body was hiding under the Waif’s costumes? You would have a hard time remembering her face if you had this to grab your attention first, so come to think of it, this could be a good choice for an assassin.

11 Needing That Fan For A Cool-Down

There’s a great shabby chic look to this photo which really makes you feel as though she fits it well. She’s got that same rough around the edges look, with enough polish to it that you still know she’s a lady. The fan is presumably there in the background because the photographer needed to go stand by it and cool down after taking this shot. She has a penchant for wearing sharp blazers and we’re totally fine with that. It gives her a real edge, like she’s not afraid to take charge and wear the trousers in a relationship. Her lace top in this shot is working all kinds of wonders, too. Even though she wears mostly black a lot of the time, it doesn’t make her look too gothic or scary – she manages to soften it out with textures and with her lighter hair colours. Can’t help but wonder what she’s looking at.

10 Centre Stage At The Convention

This shot takes on a much more serious tone than many of the images we have seen of Faye, and there’s something really intense about it. The way that she stares right down the camera lens makes you feel like something very significant is going on, even if you don’t know what that thing is. It feels like it could be a film still of the moment before a big event takes place, even though it was actually just snapped at a convention while she had the crowds wandering around behind her. It’s impressive that she manages to demand the attention quite so strongly. We’re big fans of her outfit, too, which brings back her classic blazer and black lace combo – if it isn’t broken, there’s no need to fix it! It’s easy to imagine the Waif herself would look a lot hotter if she started dressing like this.

9 With Her Fellow Actors

This shot was clearly taken at an event to celebrate the launch of the film Pride, as Faye is standing to raise a glass with her co-stars. She has again opted for black and a lace number, which seems to be a bit of a recurrent theme in her wardrobe. Our favourite things about this look are her red lipstick, which really brings everything up a notch, and the slight wave to her hair which softens everything out nicely. Mostly, the reason why she looks so hot here is because she looks pretty happy. She’s got that cool smile which comes from a genuine place, and you can see that in her eyes. She’s also able to hold her own against bigger stars, as she poses with Andrew Scott without so much as a flicker of self-consciousness. A woman who can stand her ground with confidence is always going to be one of the hottest in the room.

8 White Gown For A Premiere

While she normally goes for a more harsh style, with blazers and jeans or skirts being her usual wardrobe, we’re pleased to see that Faye can go for something more feminine now and then. This white dress that she wore to the Pride red carpet is a great example of that. Her favourite black lace is still part of the outfit, so she’s able to keep her normal trademark whilst still trying out a new look. The open shoulders of this dress are totally hot, and we love how it falls to just around the ankles so she can show off her high heels as well. She opted to go without accessories, which is a bold choice and again demonstrates how Faye just exudes self-confidence. We’re sure there are a lot of readers out there who would very much enjoy having her on their arm with this particular look.

7 With Her FunkoPop

If you’re the kind of person who finds achievements and success to be a big factor in finding someone hot, then you really have to appreciate this shot. Faye is posing for a shot with her very own FunkoPop, depicting her character of the Waif. How many people do you know that have their own figurines? This is a huge achievement and it’s also super cool to see her posing as if she isn’t fazed by it at all. She actually has a bit of an Emma Roberts vibe in this picture, with her hair smoothed right down and very simple but effective make-up. We have to say that this is a look which really suits her. It would also be easy to imagine this look being another character for one of her upcoming roles because she just looks so put-together. That little raised eyebrow is the cherry on the cake.

6 Kicking It Up A Notch

This shot shows that Faye definitely has a playful side, and we’re all for that. She is wearing a dark suit blazer and trousers combination, with a black lace top underneath and a pair of simple black high heels. Even her make-up is black, so you could easily imagine this photograph taking on a really harsh atmosphere. Instead, she has brought a bit of playfulness in by leaning back on the arm of the leather chair and kicking her leg up in the air. It’s a pretty hot gesture and demonstrates that she must be quite flexible! There’s also someone else hanging out in the background, which means she’s not shy about being herself even when strangers are around. All in all, it makes her seem like the kind of woman that we’d like to get to know. It’s great to have someone who doesn’t have to take everything so seriously!

5 Night Out With The Girls

If there’s one thing that we love about finding someone’s personal photos, it’s seeing what they are like when out with their friends. This image was posted to Faye’s Instagram account and it shows her out in a bar somewhere, having a night out with the girls. Each of them has a drink in hand to show the camera, and out of the three friends, Faye is definitely the hottest. She has that look about her which suggests that she might not be drunk yet, but give her half an hour and she’s going to get messy. Frankly, we would love to be a fly on the wall to see what happens afterwards. You can’t imagine a woman who looks like this being anything but the most fun you have ever had. Sign us up for the next bar outing, please – we will even bring our own wine if necessary!

4 On The Game Of Thrones Carpet

Now it’s time to see a shot of her right where you might expect to find the Waif – on the carpet at a Game of Thrones launch event! This would have been right after the time that she was filming her role, which is why she still has the dark brown hair colour which you will recognize from the show. It’s easy to see here how the right make-up and clothing can totally transform someone from a boring, dowdy look into a hot stunner. She has opted for her usual blazer put paired it with a short white dress, which is an exciting look that we are on board with. She’s facing the press cameras after taking a role which will definitely expand her career, and you can see that she knows it. This is a big moment for her, but she remains cool and happy under pressure at all times.

3 By The Jukebox

This is a bit of an older shot, from before Faye cut her hair into the sharper style that she wears today. She posted it to her Instagram during a night out, and we have to say we love everything about it. There’s the pose as she goes to choose a song on the jukebox, which is somehow pretty provocative. There’s the beer in her hand promising a good night to come. There’s the hot combo of the burgundy leather miniskirt up against the tight black turtleneck, a classic look which really hugs the curves of her body. Basically, we can’t get enough of this look. She really looks like she knows how to let loose and have a good time in this shot, and also like it’s a good time you would really want to be part of. One thing we’ve noticed is she always has painted nails, which shows great self-care and attention to detail.

2 Sporting A New Haircut

Posted to her Instagram account, this shot was captioned with a suggestion that she was going to look like Ace Ventura for a while until her hair finished growing out. If you ask us, it reminds us more of There’s Something About Mary. Whatever the inspiration behind the look might be, we’re definitely digging it. The shorter cut and the way that it sweeps back from her face allows her bone structure to really stand out, including her strong cheekbones and nose. This gives her a delicate, elfin look which is definitely on the hotter side. There’s also something about the way she does that side-on look with her big, blue eyes that we adore. We can’t get enough of her social media posts, especially when they contain plenty of gems like these. We hope she continues to post these quality selfies now that she’s getting a little more famous.

1 The Black And White Look

This shot has much more of an arty feel to it, not least because it was taken in black and white. It’s much more fashion orientated, and you can guess that she probably didn’t choose the outfit herself as her trademark blazer is buried under layers of coats and scarves. Normally she goes for a much simpler look, but this shows that she can pull it off too. There’s a lot of mystery in this shot, and she could easily be a fashion model if this is anything to go by. She almost looks like you could just rush in and save her, but then you can’t help but feel that she’s a strong enough personality to look after herself pretty well. It’s great to see her in more of a scripted photoshoot rather than the usual candid shots, as she is totally killing it. Hopefully there will be more spreads to come after her Game of Thrones appearances.

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