Game Of Throne: Ranking The Most Jaw-Dropping Moments Of Season 7

Game of Thrones is known for being one of the most jaw-dropping shows on television. I mean, this is a show that introduced us to a hero, who was maybe the most moral person ever on TV. (Yes, I’m obviously talking about Ned Stark.) Then, the show killed our hero off in the ninth episode, which basically broke my jaw. Actually when that happened, I screamed so loud my mom ran in the room because she thought I hurt myself. True story.

Moving on, Game of Thrones continued to shock and surprise us. There’s been the birth of dragons and the Red Wedding. There’s been endless tragic deaths and betrayals. Oh, and there’s been a lot of rape. What else could possibly happen that would shock us jaded fans? Um, it turns out there were quite a few shocking, jaw-dropping moments in season seven. Yes, even the most jaded fan may still have been shocked by season seven. This was the season in which we saw one of the dragons (poor, poor Viserion) not only murdered, but then resurrected to become an ice dragon. There was also the death of two long-standing Westeros institutions: the Wall and Littlefinger. There were major reunions and major developments in our two reigning incest couples, Daenerys/Jon and Cersei/Jaime. Overall, a lot went down in season seven.

Below are the 15 most jaw-dropping moments from season seven of Game of Thrones. They are ranked from “Huh, can’t believe that happened,” to “HOLY SH*T, CANCEL THE REAL WORLD. GAME OF THRONES IS NUTS.” Now, enjoy this article and just try not to think about the fact that you have to wait two years until Game of Thrones is back.

15 Cersei Lannister's Sweet, Sweet Revenge

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Cersei Lannister getting revenge on someone isn’t a revolutionary idea. In fact, that’s kind of Cersei's thing, as she truly enjoys getting revenge on those who have wronged her. Let's not forget Unella, the “Shame” nun, in season six. She faced a seemingly gruesome fate, only to never be seen again. Guys, seriously. What did Cersei have the Mountain do to Unella?

One could even argue that Cersei never gave Robert Baratheon a true heir due to his mistreatment of her, including cheating on her with prostitutes, calling her “Lyanna” in the bedroom, and physical abuse. When you really think about it, it seems like many of Cersei's actions are a direct result of her getting revenge of some kind.

That said, it wasn’t a complete shock that Cersei Lannister got revenge on Ellaria Sand. Also, it was one of the rare scenes in which you may have been Team Cersei. I mean, Myrcella was just an innocent teenage girl, after all. Cersei had every right to avenge Myrcella's death. However, the cruel twist in Cersei murdering Ellaria’s daughter just as Ellaria murdered her own daughter was pure gold. Also, the fact that Cersei planned on making Ellaria watch her daughter wither away is just so very Cersei.

It wasn't the first time and probably not the last time we've seen Cersei extract revenge, but it was one of the finest revenge plans.

14 Brienne Of Tarth And Arya Stark's Match

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Like Cersei getting revenge on someone, Brienne and Arya dueling isn’t revolutionary, as these two characters duel with people more often than most of the male characters. However, it was still a jaw-dropping scene.

As the two fiercest female fighters in Westeros went at it with one another, it was evident that it was one of the best choreographed fights scenes in the entire series. In fact, this scene was almost more entertaining than the scene in which Daenerys, Drogon, and the Dothraki roasted the Lannister forces, which also took place in the episode. Let that be a lesson: Not all action sequences have to be large-scale to make an impact. Two well-liked, skilled warriors can go head-to-head and make more of a splash than a dragon.

On that note, we also had the marvelous little moment later in the season in which Brienne informs the Hound that Arya is alive, well, and very dangerous, which the Hound seems so very proud to hear. Proud Papa Hound.

13 Walder Frey's Face

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Speaking of Arya, another of her jaw-dropping scenes was the opening scene of the season, in which Walder Frey is giving a feast. Only we saw Walder Frey die last season, so what is happening? An audience member may first think this is a flashback scene, y'know before their mind can put everything together. As "Walder Frey" continues speaking, you see, ever to subtly, that it's actually Arya Stark behind the face. AND THEN SHE TAKES THE FACE OFF! It’s like all those awful episodes in which we had to watch a blind Arya get beat up have finally paid off. Arya Stark is the badass assassin we always knew she would be.

It also opened season seven with the message that House Stark is no longer here to be pushed around. They will avenge their fallen family members and never again allow anyone to take advantage of them. At least, I hope not.

While this scene was epic in and of itself, the fact that this wasn’t a gut-punch reveal of any kind kept it lower on the list. We already knew Walder Frey was dead and we already knew Arya could take faces, though it was a lot of fun to watch play out.

12 Cersei And Tyrion's Tense Reunion

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Cersei Lannister and Tyrion Lannister, possibly true of the truest enemies on the show, were finally in a room alone together again. Okay, not alone. The Mountain was there, but he doesn’t really count.

Watching Lena Headey and Peter Dinklage, the two finest actors on the show, duke it out like was a fantastic treat we haven't had since season four. This scene spanned apologizes, insults, rebuttals, and one big poker face. In the end, Tyrion figures out that Cersei is pregnant, which apparently aided him in convincing Cersei not only to call a truce, but also lend her forces to the Northern effort.

Later in the show, it’s revealed that Cersei had played Tyrion all along. She has no intention of sending her troops to the North. Instead, Cersei simply wanted Tyrion to figure out she’s pregnant, so he could believe he had convinced her to be a good person for her unborn child. This added yet another layer to an already very layered scene.

The Tyrion/Cersei scene was tucked inside a portion of the show that had already unhinged all the jaws, as every single character ever was finally brought together again. Brothers the Mountain and the Hound had their reunion. The Hound reunited with Brienne of Tarth, who had thought she had killed him. Theon and Euron. Bronn and Podrick. Tyrion and Podrick. Tyrion and Bronn. So many reunions! It was overwhelming to see everyone finally brought together after seasons and seasons so far apart. All the feels, guys.

11 All The Stark Reunions

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Speaking of reunions, the most anticipated reunions of the show finally happened on this season of Game of Thrones. Yes, I’m talking about all those wonderful Stark reunions. First, Bran Stark came to Winterfell, which was so great! The whole reunion was so emotional! Ha, I’m kidding. Bran Stark is pretty weird these days and void of almost all human emotion. After they reunite, Sansa asked Bran what being the Three-Eyed Raven means. Logically, Bran explained by telling her about the time she was raped by Ramsay on their wedding night. LIKE, WHAT?! Pick another memory, Bran! If your jaw didn’t fall off from the sheer weirdness of that scene, I just don’t know.

Next, Arya Stark made it to Winterfell, finally giving us the semi-emotional reunion for which we were waiting seasons and seasons. To be honest, all these reunions paled in comparison to Sansa’s season six reunion with Jon Snow. But hey, it was still epic to have the gang back together in Winterfell.

Also, bonus points to the Stark sisters for making our jaws drop over and over again this season. There was that time Sansa seemed to be plotting Arya's death. Oh, and that time Arya literally threatened to cut off Sansa’s face and wear it. Y’know, sister stuff.

10 Olenna Tyrell's Drop-The-Mic Death

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Olenna Tyrell is simply too good. She was a character we never even deserved, because she was just that good. Olenna stole every single scene she was in, including the scene of her own death. Because Olenna Tyrell always got the last word, even while she's dying.

After taking Highgarden, Jaime went to see Olenna in her private chamber. At this point, Jaime presented Olenna with a poison, which he promises will be painless. After downing it, assuring herself a painless death, Olenna then reveals she was the one responsible for Joffrey’s death. MIC DROP! And poor, poor Jaime. Every single time he thinks he has the upper hand, someone takes that away from him. This dude needs to win one.

Despite not being as gory as previous deaths, this was one of the most iconic deaths ever on Game of Thrones. However, this scene lacked real consequences. When Jaime tells Cersei that Olenna Tyrell is the one who killed their eldest son, she’s mad for a moment, then poof it’s done. Olenna's reveal was oddly ineffectual, which is a let down since the scene itself was epic.

9 Jon Snow Is The Rightful Heir To The Throne

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In season six, it was revealed that Jon Snow is not actually the bastard of Ned Stark, as was once widely believed. Instead, we found out he's the son of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen, which made him still a bastard but of Targaryen blood.

In season seven, Gilly absentmindedly read a book and blurted out that Rhaegar Targaryen's marriage to Elia Martell had been annulled. After which, Rhaegar married Lyanna in secret. This is HUGE. Like, maybe the hugest, biggest, most significant revelation in Game of Thrones history, as it places Jon Snow as the rightful heir to the Iron Throne. Jon Snow on the Iron Throne. There is no chill to be had about this.

Of course, the odd delivery of this information made one of the most jaw-dropping moments not as jaw-dropping as it could have been. Really, this information should take the #1 spot on this list, but between Samwell hushing Gilly and us already knowing some of this information, the reveal wasn’t as jaw-dropping as it could have been. But hey, that doesn’t change the fact that Jon is the rightful heir to the Iron Throne.

My real question is how they intend to convince the common folk of this, since Jon's claim comes from a maester's diary entry and Bran's ability to see everything. I just feel like the commoners are going to be like, "Um, what? No."

8 When Jaime Lannister Charged At Daenerys

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The fourth episode of the season (“Spoils of the War”) was a largely jaw-dropping episode, mostly because it was dragon central.

Team Lannister had taken Highgarden and thought they are on the up and up. They were feeling so good that they were making penis jokes about Dickon’s name. All that changed when the Dothraki rode in, followed by Daenerys on Drogon. JAW DROP. Drogon went about scorching the Lannister side to literal ashes, which was both breath-taking and terrifying to watch. We had previously seen the dragons from Daenerys’ POV, but seeing the dragons from the other side is horrific.

Perhaps the biggest jaw-dropping moment of this entire insane scene was when Jaime spotted an unprotected Daenerys tending to a hurt Drogon. Seriously though, why wasn’t Daenerys wearing any armor and why did she land Drogon in the middle of the fighting? Anyway, Jaime saw this opportunity, picked up a spear and started charging for her. You didn’t want Jaime to die and you didn’t want Daenerys to die, but you could also understand why Jaime was charging for her. It was an epic moment. It was a scene in which the whole show had always been working towards, as it was something you never saw coming but also should have always seen coming.

Of course, it got better when Jaime just nearly got charred by Drogon, but was saved by Bronn in the nick of time. Sure, it was completely unbelievable that they both survived this battle, but I didn’t want either Bronn or Jaime (or Daenerys or Drogon) to die, so I’ll buy it.

7 That Time Jon Snow Banged His Aunt Daenerys

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Speaking of something you never saw coming but also always saw coming, how about that time we all rooted for a nephew and aunt to have sex? Yeah, Game of Thrones makes you feel weird feelings. That said, season seven definitely worked towards this moment, as Daenerys and Jon spent nearly every scene having eye sex. Daenerys had just watched Viserion die and yet, she was still eye banging Jon! Can't stop, won't stop.

The Targaryen duo had sex in the season seven finale, because you gotta give the fans what they want. However, this scene reinforced the fact they are are very much related. While showing Daenerys and Jon having sex, Bran’s voiceover reminds the audience that they are, in fact, watching an aunt and nephew bang. Furthermore, this relation set up some major potential problems in their relationship, as Jon Snow is technically the heir to the Iron Throne, which is the only thing Daenerys has wanted throughout the series. Even if she likes Jon Snow's penis, do we really think Daenerys is going to give up the throne easily? I don't.

The truly jaw-dropping part of this may have been how graphic it was. Our main characters haven’t been subjected to a graphic sex scene in which they appear nude in a while. But when on a boat, do as one does on a boat. Have some very naked, very graphic boat sex.

Um also, Jon Snow clearly never skips leg day. Did you see that butt?

6 Cersei Lannister Is Apparently Pregnant

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Cersei Lannister’s pregnancy may not have had the violence of the dragons or the heat of Jon and Dany’s sex scene, but it may have been more jaw-dropping than either. That fact that Cersei conceived a fourth child is jaw dropping because it completely goes against her prophecy, which stated she'd only birth three children.

Season five opening with a young Cersei being given a prophecy in which she’ll marry the king, become queen, have three children who will all die, and finally she’ll be cast down by a young, more beautiful queen. This prophecy has almost completely come true, as Cersei married Robert Baratheon, making her the queen. Cersei and Jaime’s three children all died before season seven. The only bit of the show’s prophecy that has yet to play out is another queen casting Cersei down and taking all she holds dear. Though, Daenerys seems to be in the process of doing just that.

That said, it’s odd that Cersei would become pregnant with another child, as it goes against her prophecy. Fans who remember this moment in season five may have been shook to find out Cersei is with child. Hell, even if you forgot the prophecy, you may have been shook with the idea of Cersei procreating again, because lord knows Westeros doesn’t need a mini Cersei or another Joffrey.

This pregnancy reveal was shocking, that’s for sure. Though, I definitely wouldn’t bet on this baby actually being born, as Cersei’s days have been numbered since the moment she sat down on the Iron Throne.

5 Viserion's Death

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Why, oh why must the animals die on Game of Thrones? And not just the animals, but the DRAGONS. Don't take the dragons! Take Theon, take Euron, take all the Ironborn! Just don't take the dragons.

Daenerys was always close with her dragons, as she thinks they're the only children she’ll ever have. After flying Drogon into battle against the Lannisters, Daenerys found that her dragons may not be as invincible as she once believed, as a huge arrow injured Drogon. That didn’t stop Daenerys from flying her unarmored, unprotected dragons beyond the wall. And yes, I do semi-blame Daenerys for Viserion’s death. Get that dragon some damn defense, will ya? Back to the scene – the Night King apparently has ice spears and superior aim, as he pierced Viserion in the heart on his first try.

The Night King officially killed a dragon.

Also, before this season, it seemed like dragons were invincible, so seeing Viserion go down so easily was shocking. Daenerys better have people working on some damn dragon armor.

4 Oh, And Viserion's Resurrection

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I can’t just stop at Viserion’s death because that was only half of it. And the other half is so much worse. Like, SO MUCH WORSE. After the Night King had his minions lift Viserion from the icy waters, he brought Viserion back to life as an ice dragon. Guys, AN ICE DRAGON. This was one of the biggest game changers since Daenerys birthed the dragons in season one.

Quite frankly, we shouldn't have been shocked by this moment. As soon as Viserion died north of the wall, an ice dragon was on the table. Unless a body is burned, the Night King can bring it back to life. We’ve seen that he can bring back both humans and animals alike. Knowing this, I’m a bit shocked Jon Snow didn’t tell Daenerys to have Drogon burn Viserion before he finally fell into the icy water, though I don’t know if that would have made a difference. But hey, it would have been worth a shot.

Seeing Viserion open his blue eye was a MAJOR game changer, as the army of the dead gained themselves a dragon. Like, I thought it was bad when Cersei was making dragon arrows, but the Night Knight claiming a dragon for himself is terrifying.

3 House Stark Sentences Littlefinger To Death

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“How do you answer these charges… Lord Baelish?”

OH MY GOD. This scene may have been one of the most satisfying scenes in the entire series thus far. I mean, Ned Stark’s last living children avenged his death. It doesn’t get better than that, ladies and gentlemen. On top of that, there’s the thrill of watching the Stark siblings work together and use the skills they developed on their individual journeys. Sansa learned how to play the game, Arya how to be an assassin, and Bran… Um, he, like, learned everything?

Sure, this scene may have been even more satisfying had the scenes leading up to it been better. The Arya/Sansa/Littlefinger plot felt weak at best and completely out of character at worst. During every Winterfell scene, Littlefinger, Sansa, and Arya all did things that made the audience say, “But wait, they aren’t that stupid.”

A weak story arc aside, seeing the tables turn for the first time ever on Littlefinger, one of the the most cunning villains on the show, was pay off enough. Also, Sansa gets a front row seat for all the best deaths – Joffrey, Ramsay, Littlefinger!

2 The Fall Of The Wall

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The fall of the Wall was something that had to happen ever since the Wall had been introduced. I mean, you can’t introduce a wall that keeps out evil winter zombies and say it’s never fallen, because then it’s obviously going to fall. We all saw this coming, right? But still, it was shocking. Oh, and not only did the Wall fall, but it fell because Viserion can now shoot out a blue ice fire laser or something. What is even happening in the world?

So, season seven ended with an ice dragon taking down the Wall. Now, all of Westeros is in danger. I’m even more shook because Arya and Sansa are in Winterfell, which is a very northern point. This will be an easy target for the Night King. Also, literally every single other character you want to live - Jaime, Daenerys, Jon, Tyrion, Grey Worm - is now heading North, with no knowledge the Wall fell. We didn’t lose too many of our beloved characters in season seven. Even Grey Worm somehow made it out alive, even though he already had his warrior send off scene. But it’s likely we’ll see A LOT of death in season eight with the absence of the Wall.

ALSO, WHERE IS TORMUND? I will not be okay if he’s dead. Tormund and Brienne need to have giant ginger children together.

1 Jaime Lannister Walked Away From Cersei

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The most jaw-dropping moment in all of season seven did not involve ice dragons, regular dragons, pathetic Littlefinger, or a long-awaited sex scene. Instead, the most jaw-dropping moment of all was Jaime Lannister finally, finally, finally walking away from Cersei Lannister.

In the very first episode of Game of Thrones, Jaime pushed a 10-year-old boy out a window to protect Cersei. There was seemingly no length he won’t go to in order to protect and defend his twin-sister-lover. If Cersei had no one else in the world, she would still have him. That is, until Jaime had enough. Season seven inched Jaime towards this point, through his conversation with Olenna, his private interactions with Cersei, and Cersei and Euron’s engagement. The final straw was Cersei’s apathy towards the threat in the North. Actually, not only apathy. Cersei has hopes the North will destroy most of her enemies, making Daenerys' side easy to defeat. It’s a strategic decision, but not the right choice for Westeros’ safety. And let us not forget, Jaime Lannister, at his core, has always cared about Westeros' safety. That was why Jaime stabbed the Mad King in the back long before the show even began.

This is the first time we’ve seen Jaime really, truly step away from Cersei. And can I just say, I never thought I’d see the day Jaime finally had enough. Congrats to Jaime for stepping away from that very toxic relationship. Now all he has to do is go save the world and marry Brienne of Tarth.

Alright guys, only two more years until season eight. No biggie.

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