Gal Gadot vs Margot Robbie: 15 Pictures Of What Heaven Looks Like

For all the hyperbole and praise that the Marvel Cinematic Universe receives (and rightly so), the DC Extended Universe, while stumbling out of the gate, has been a powerhouse in its own right. Kicking off with the release of the film Man of Steel in 2013, the DCEU has steadily built a universe that encompasses the world's most famous and popular superheroes. Moreover, the rogues gallery that DC has at their disposal has been instrumental in pushing the franchise to the next level as seen in the film Suicide Squad. The villain-heavy film saw one of the more beloved teams of ruffians in all of comics dominate the box office, hauling in a slew of new fans for the franchise. With the film Justice League set to hit theaters in November of 2017, fans can expect the first phase of DC films to culminate with a blockbuster that has the potential to gross over $1 billion at the box office.

But, with all of that said, it's the people behind the cowl and costumes that drive this franchise, and DC just so happens to boast some of the hottest women in Hollywood as their anchors. Suicide Squad not only added a new ripple into the fold for the DCEU, but it also helped launch actress Margot Robbie into the stratosphere, and she's since become one of the hottest women in Hollywood. Similarly, Gal Gadot saw an explosion in popularity after the release of the film Wonder Woman, which was seen as the savior of the DCEU. Though these women had tasted success before their turns in the DCEU, their respective films, both of which grossed over $700 million, made them bonafide A-list celebrities.

Normally, our lists are centered around one actress at a time, but we decided that pairing up the women behind Harley Quinn and Wonder Woman would be a nice treat for the masses to feast their eyes on. Both women are gorgeous, talented, and hugely instrumental in the success of the DCEU. Because of the success of their films, expect to see these two women dominating the box office for years to come. In the meantime, enjoy these 15 red-hot photos of Gal Gadot and Margot Robbie.


15 Wild Thing

Considering that Margot Robbie was the star of the film The Legend of Tarzan back in 2016, this might be the most fitting photo in the bunch that we have to present to you today. Taken for her spread in Vanity Fair, Margot Robbie showed off plenty for fans and readers of the magazine, and she had no problem cranking up the heat while having some fun in the wild. The photographer's decision to have Margot Robbie, seen here getting wet underneath the waterfall, dress in white was a bold choice, and it gave fans even more of a reason to keep turning the pages of the magazine.

They made sure to do a pretty good job in not exposing too much in the photo. After all, the imagination is a powerful tool, and some things are left better to the minds of the viewers. If you think that this photo is hot, then you might want to take a seat, because we're about to take things to the next level.

14 Too Hot To Handle


There are a number of women who've gotten their start in modeling before transitioning over into the world of film, but few performers have the pedigree and the success of Gal Gadot. Before she was taking down the gods in Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot was a model who was looking to take home some impressive hardware. Back in 2004, the beautiful Gal Gadot was crowned Miss Israel, and her conquering of her competition landed her a spot in the Miss Universe pageant.

Coincidentally, Lynda Carter, the actress who portrayed the character originally on the series Wonder Woman, was also a former pageant model. The beautiful Lynda Carter, representing the state of Arizona, took home the award of Miss World USA back in 1972. As you can see, it's a requirement to be a beautiful woman in order to play the character, and while each woman has taken a different approach to their portrayal, they've both found an immense amount of success in their careers.

13 What A Body

Say what you want about the film The Legend of Tarzan, but you have to give it up for Margot Robbie's performance in the film. It didn't seem that critics were in love with the film upon its release, but fans seemed quite smitten with Margot Robbie. There are next to no instances where she hasn't completely shined in a film that she's taken part in. Though this photo isn’t taken out in the wild like the one that kicked off our list, Margot Robbie, dressed in leopard print and soaked from head to toe, exudes sexuality in this steamy photo.

She's incredibly easy on the eyes, and whether she's speaking with her native Australian accent or with an American accent, she has a unique way of captivating viewers' attentions each and every time she hits the big screen. But even without words, all eyes move directly to Robbie when it comes to seeing pictures of her in magazines and on the red carpet.

12 Perfection In Black And White


Suicide Squad may have been a film that looked like a Hot Topic store threw up all over a superhero movie, but Margot Robbie still looked gorgeous in the film, and this shot of her here in black and white isn't any different. Some women are just born to have their faces on the covers of magazines, and Margot Robbie is one of these women. It just so happens that Margot Robbie is also an incredibly talented actress, and since receiving her big break, she's done nothing less than dominate her respective profession, and she shows no signs of slowing down.

Say what you want about her acting career, but her time spent modeling for the most popular publications throughout the world is simply stunning to look at. Whether she's modeling for GQMaxim, or Vanity Fair, Margot leaves little doubt that she's one of the hottest blondes that Hollywood has ever seen.

11 Legs For Days

As the old adage goes, “less is more,” and from the looks of things in this photo, Gal Gadot took that message to heart, and her decision to wear virtually nothing while showing off her gorgeous body was the correct choice to make. Standing at 5 feet 10 inches tall, Gal Gadot has a long, slender frame that works perfectly on the runway and on the pages of fashion magazines.

Because of the costume that she wears in the film Wonder Woman, her legs are constantly the center of attention, and this photo here is no different. Each person has something that's uniquely hers, and for Gal Gadot, while her body and her smile are more than enough to get by, her legs are what truly set her apart from the rest of the women in Hollywood. Of course, this photo shows off some of her upper body as well.

10 A Retro Look


The fashion industry is an ever-evolving scene wherein styles from different generations are expanded upon on a year-to-year basis, but sometimes, a retro-inspired look takes the world by storm. We've seen it on a number of occasions, and in recent years, the fashion of the 1990s has come back in a major way. Pictured here rocking a more vintage look and showing enough skin to get anyone hot and bothered, Margot Robbie makes this a look all her own, and fans everywhere lost their minds when this picture was released.

Then again, there might not be a single picture of this beautiful woman that hasn't sent her fans into mass hysteria. Pulling off this look with little effort is a good indicator of the timeless beauty that Margot Robbie is. Even after she gets older and her career fades, she'll long be remembered as one of the hottest women of her era.

9 The Perfect Wonder Woman

Before we continue with this entry, we want you to go ahead and take a seat, take a deep breath, and calm down for a second. We've had some insanely hot photos to kick off our list, and this photo of Gal Gadot is our catalyst to take things to the next level. There's been plenty of skin shown so far, but nothing quite like this picture here. The gorgeous Gadot is wearing very little in this photo, and she's letting it all hang out for viewers everywhere.

With her head tilted back giving a sensual stare, this photo of Gadot is one of the hottest that you'll find anywhere. It captures everything that makes her physically attractive to virtually every person on this planet, though to truly appreciate Gadot's beauty, you should watch interviews that she's done. Her personality is just as beautiful as her body, making her truly beautiful inside and out.


8 Nice And Relaxed


It's always nice to kick off your clothes and relax on the couch at the end of a long work day, but we're willing to wager that almost no one out there looks as smoking hot as Margot Robbie does when she's letting off some steam. Actors and performers in the entertainment industry pump in a ridiculous number of hours into each project that they take part in, and it's important to enjoy some down time whenever they're able. Their careers call for them to display a wide range of emotions on a moment's notice, so it's always good to get away for a while.

Pictured here in some underwear sprawled out on a couch, there's nothing Al Bundy about this photo. Margot Robbie looks incredibly gorgeous in this photo, and we can't help but wish that this couch was in our home. Instead, we'll just have to stick to admiring this red-hot photo.

7 A Seductive Stare

Instead of just showing off her legs in this photo, Gal Gadot and her photographer decided to show off everything, and we couldn't be happier with the results. After all, a woman with a body this nice should be showing it off for the entire world to see. Granted, she's done photos like this on multiple occasions, but looking through the sets of photos, this one was a real standout. Not only is Gadot showing off her incredibly toned physique, but she's also casting one of the most sensual glares we've ever seen.

The setting of the photo also helps, though you could argue that this picture could've been taken anywhere and still have been hot. And to think that at one point, people seriously doubted her as being the right person to take on the role of Diana Prince. After raking in over $800 million, we would have to say that Warner Bros made the right choice.

6 Out To Sea


After taking a dip and getting nice and wet, it's always good to hop out of the water for a while to chill out and relax, especially when you're being featured in a magazine on a luxury ship. Vanity Fair is renowned for capturing some of the hottest photos of Hollywood's biggest stars, and their work with Margot Robbie has been nothing short of impeccable. Not only have they captured her looking fierce in the wild, but they've also shown her looking gorgeous and elegant.

Somewhere in between those two extremes are where we find this stunning photo of Robbie, who's not only out on the ocean but is also looking incredible after taking a quick swim break. Sure, she may not be showing as much skin as she has in previous entries on our list, but Robbie is insanely gorgeous even when her near-perfect body is covered.

5 Showing Off Her Asset

If we're being completely honest, the closest that any of us will ever get to being with Gal Gadot is seeing one of her movies in theaters or watching one of them in the comfort of our home. But, while none of us will ever know what it's like to call Gal Gadot our own, we do possess the ability to see her on-screen and to look at her pictures in magazines. It's not as satisfying or fulfilling, but her newfound fame has ensured that she'll be hanging around the mainstream for quite some time.

In this stunning photo, Gal Gadot looks like she's ready to hop in bed, and we have no complaints about that. Wearing all-white was a great decision for this photo, and the natural tan that she has really makes her clothes, or lack thereof, stand out. If this photo were taken from a little bit further back, we would've gotten a nice shot of her long legs, but we've already spoiled you with a number of photos showing those off.

4 Striped Beauty


Throughout this list, we've shown you several examples of what Margot Robbie looks like after getting wet, but for this entry, we decided to show you the beautiful Robbie as she is before hitting the water. Her retro-inspired striped bathing suit in this photo perfectly caresses her curves while she strikes a pose for the onlooking photographer. Each piece of this furniture set boasts a different set of stripes, and they all play their part in helping Robbie become the center of attention.

Truth be told, this beautiful woman could've just been standing there looking at her phone, and we would've been transfixed on her beautiful body. Nevertheless, the photo that was captured here is quite stunning, and Margot Robbie is beautiful even before she gets wet. Regardless of the decade that inspired the look, Margot always finds a way to transform any look into something that any woman would wear in a heartbeat.

3 All White Everything

This is one of the few photos that are taken directly from the pages of a magazine. Of course, anyone who's seen pictures of Gal Gadot in her military uniform would still tell you that she still looks incredibly beautiful. This photo is, in fact, one where Gadot is out of uniform. Actually, she's out of just about most of her clothes in this photo, and we really can't complain. Once again, Gal Gadot is showing off her long, gorgeous legs, and she's showing off her toned midsection as well.

Even after her military service, this beautiful Israeli woman has kept herself in tip-top shape while pursuing her ambitions in Hollywood. Now that she's an A-list celebrity, we truly cannot wait to see what the future has in store for this woman, not just in the world of film but in her modeling career as well. After all, it would be a sin for this beautiful woman to not be in the world's largest publications on a regular basis.

2 Stunning In White


When casting a character in a film, it's important to find someone who can not only play the part but look the part as well. In The Wolf of Wall Street, the casting director was in charge of finding an actress who had the talent and the looks to get a man who was on a warpath of decadence to abandon his already-attractive wife. Take one good look at the picture for this entry and tell me that Margot Robbie isn't that woman.

Sure, she gets compared to actress Jaime Pressly as far as looks go, and that's not unfounded. They do bear a lot of similarities, but Robbie is younger, and she's still tapping into the looks of her youth. Landing the role was instrumental in launching her career, and she quickly became one of the most desirable women on the planet.

Margot Robbie and Gal Gadot are white-hot in their careers, and we cannot wait to see what each has in store. Outside of their work in the DCEU, these actresses will be looking to bolster their resumes with impressive performances in other films.

1 Hollywood's Hottest

After feasting our eyes on the red-hot Margot Robbie taking a dip in the outdoors, let's head on inside where we find Gal Gadot showing off one of the reasons why she's become perhaps the biggest name in Hollywood. Given her background in the military and on the pageant scene, it should come as a surprise to no one that Gal Gadot is in incredibly good shape, and her level of fitness must've been a reason why she was an early candidate to take on the role of Wonder Woman.

As a strong and highly skilled soldier, Gal Gadot is no stranger to working hard and doing what's best for the team, much like her on-screen character. Comparatively speaking, Gal might not have as big of assets as her predecessor Lynda Carter, but after watching her take on the role of Diana on the big screen, she left no doubt that she was the right choice for the role of Wonder Woman.

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