From Disney Star to Princess: 20 Stunning Photos That Prove Zendaya Can Work Any Outfit

Disney stars and their whereabouts are something we love to read about, and Zendaya doesn't disappoint! This multitalented singer, actress, dancer, and designer has a lust for life that is positively contagious!

The star was born in Oakland and attended the Oakland School of Arts. Being the daughter of a stage manager, she participated in various theatrical productions. In 2010 she finally made her first debut when she landed a role in the tween comedy series Shake it Up. Not long after, she signed a recording deal with Hollywood records and then proceeded to compete on Dancing with the Stars. Writing was her next adventure, where she became a first-time author with Between U and Me.

Let us note that all of the above was achieved before the age of 20... (Take a minute and chew on that!) Her more recent conquests include landing the role of Michelle in Spider-Man and starting up her own clothing line, Daya by Zendaya. As if this was not enough, she proved to be quite the trapeze artist in The Greatest Showman!

Whilst juggling the adventure that is her life, Zendaya’s style game is always spot on. Whether she is sporting denim with a fresh bed head or a Dolce & Gabanna Gown, she has proven to be a forward-thinking fashionista. Here are 20 outfits that prove Zendaya can look good in anything!

20 Float Like A Butterfly

Perhaps this outfit was inspired by her hometown Oakland Butterfly Conservatory, or maybe she's sending a message? All we know is that this regal beauty is ready to spread her wings, and we believe that she can fly! Styled by Law Roach (I mean if you're wearing an insect-inspired dress), she flaunted the winged butterfly dress from Moschino's Spring 2018 runway collection.

This awe-inspiring look was paired with strappy Stuart Weitzman heels and a touch of bold eyeshadow to compliment her wings. Her simple updo completed the look with that sort of 50's glamour that would make Coco proud.

Zendaya, who has proven her abilities as a high wire trapeze artist in P.T. Barnum’s circus, appropriately earned the right to the winged throne. Who knew that the curly haired Shake It Up star would emerge a goddess from her cocoon?! If anyone can do the butterfly proud, Zendaya can. That being said, we do appreciate that daring thigh split too…

19 Sting Like A Bee

If you are going to break the rules, go big or go home, right? Zendaya’s bee chic apparel at the Spider-Man Homecoming photocall in London had crowds buzzing. Given the nature of the event, one might forgive her for this comical look, after all, she has been known to make fearless fashion choices!

A bumblebee cardigan, a bouncy sky blue tutu and white pointy pumps, not quite something one would deliberately plan, but once again Zendaya proves to be the queen bee in this attire. Her slicked-back ponytail and oversized hoops completed her simply elegant yet fun attire. Not to mention the teeny tutu showcasing those well-toned legs.

Zendaya’s bold couture leaves us questioning our wardrobes. Perhaps getting dressed in the dark could result in buzz-worthy beauty? She might be a rule breaker, but she still respects the basic rules by matching her shoes to her belt. We definitely approve of this Bumble Bee meets Carrie Bradshaw look!

18 Birds Of A Feather

The humble feather, a truly glamorous fashion accessory which dates back to the 11th century. Adorned by those of social standing and celebrated by seductive cabaret dancers. The feather denotes a subtle air of sophistication and romance, perhaps even mystery, especially when one thinks of masked balls. These fine affairs are popular for elaborate masks, donned with crystals and fancy feathers.

She looks breathtakingly beautiful in this gorgeous J.W. Anderson chain-mail dress with sectional Grey ostrich and could knock us over with a feather in some of the other outfits she sported during the shoot.

This Disney turned Diva fluffed her feathers for Vogue in a way that may put her in good stead with Le Moulin Rouge (now there’s a show we would pay good money to see). Her playful yet seductive nature compliments the flirty feather, inspiring us to flock toward the nearest Louis Vuitton for a fabulous feather collar!

17 This Is A Man’s World

Sorry James Brown, but this fashionista just proved you wrong! Zendaya is well known for her unique ensembles and believes that genderless wear is the future of fashion. She pulls this tux off in a way that has women questioning their sexuality. Paired with white stilettos and long flowy waves, she will have heads turning in any boardroom.

Not to mention that sexy subtle makeup with highlights in all the right places. Yet the dark liner and matching lips makes it known that she means business. Don’t forget that chunky piece of art on her hand! Kiss the ring, boys!

This girl is a fashion chameleon, from red carpet goddess to androgynous minx, she can wear anything and look sensational!

16 Pajama Party Anyone?

If you are going for that tailored but slouchy look, then Zendaya’s sequenced rendition of the classic pajama is perfect for you! Complete with wild bed head and natural makeup, it seems she is ready for a fun sleepover. Yet another one of her menswear-inspired looks. She completed the ensemble with a simple yet classic sandal.

Zendaya exhibited the louche daywear at the Teen Choice Awards 2017 where she won the Choice Summer Movie Star: Female Award. Perhaps her choice of outfit had something to do with her setting an example for the young crowd? She did deliver a rather inspirational message to them.

Even though we think a bit of tailoring would have been great, she still looks the part in these glimmering nighties.

15 Just Peachy

Zendaya looked nothing short of angelic at the 2016 Billboard Music Awards in the daring Calvin Klein number. Slaying the red carpet, as usual, this peach ensemble complimented her perfectly tanned torso. This seductive look is a bit different to her usual fun approach and had the audience gasping for air.

She obviously put good thought into this, knowing that many eyes would be on her as a presenter for the evening. Mr. Roach (her personal stylist) really outdid himself here. One could hear jaws dropping as she sauntered along the red carpet.

Zendaya was seen doing hair flicks and turns, peering over her shoulder whilst posing provocatively for the benefit of the cameras. That bone straight hair complimented this sultry approach perfectly. Zendaya, style prowess, we applaud thee!

14 Distressed For Success

As far as distressed denim goes, our star took this look to new heights – tattered from hip to hem! She attended a Taylor Swift concert rocking this punk-inspired look. Completing this sporty punk attire, she paired her ripped trousers with a cropped white hoodie from Badwood, a clothing line by a tattoo artist. Only Zendaya can show off her toned torso in baggy jeans and a hoody and still leave the crowd wanting more!

And what would tattered denim be without a classic white sneaker? She would make J-Lo proud - very Jenny from the block! Her Insta post reads “When you belong to the 90’s…” inspiring us to bring back that grunge fashion! Once again Zendaya proves that she can look good in anything!

13 What’s New Pussycat?

Activate deer in headlights mode for any man (or woman for that matter) who crosses paths with this fearless feline. We are speechless. Baring her flesh in black lace animal print is almost too much to digest. James White must be the luckiest man in the world to photograph this lady - and trust Cosmopolitan to push this starlet's boundaries.

Alexandre Vauthier did a good job wrapping her up in this mesh (can we call it a dress?). Even for Zendaya, known for her bold fashion choices, this is a rather liberal look. Showing off some serious skin there! We do, however, appreciate this attire, (if you are reading this, we know you have caterwauled) and Zendaya looks simply ravishing in it. Can anyone say “meeeooouuww”!

12 The Student Life

This couture chameleon keeps us on our toes. Just when we think she is ripe for the plucking, she reverts back to her inner geek, specs and all! We often see her in borderline androgynous wear, and she is known for anticipating a fashion future where unisex clothing prevails.

Here she sports what we think may be the true Zendaya - girl next door, no makeup, hair-in-a-bun, couldn’t be bothered to care look. She doesn’t seem to try very hard to attract attention whilst casually out in Los Angeles, and yet she still does. Even in a baggy onesie paired with sneakers, Zendaya still turns heads; we want to know her secret.

11 In The Pink

Zendaya owned the red carpet at the Spider-Man Homecoming premiere in Los Angeles. That daring thigh-high slit showing just enough skin to tantalize the taste buds. This hot pink gown, by Ralph & Russo, hugged her figure in all the right places and complimented her skin tone beautifully. Furthermore, and fittingly so, it had a small cape trailing behind it. At one stage, Batman star, Michael Keaton, helped her straighten her trail… we see what you were doing there, Michael…

Her pointed toe pink stilettoes showcased her legs beautifully. She polished off this look with a dramatic eye and big, loose waves. Once more the style goddess proves her worth to all fashion police. Barbie, move over, Zendaya is in town and she is here to slay!

10 Like A Natural Woman

Let's face it, if anyone can pull off the fresh-faced no makeup look, its Zendaya. This natural beauty took to the streets of London, followed by fans, to do a bit of impromptu sightseeing. Wearing a simple grey jumper, distressed jeans, white trainers and a Vivienne Westwood across the body faux croc bag, the star looked super laid back, yet beautiful.

Ditching makeup for a day and flaunting her naturally wavy locks definitely sent a message to her following fans. In the spirit of celebrating her fun side, she was seen taking selfies with her Londaya squad (as she called them) pulling funny faces and showing off peace signs. Zendaya displays the picture of perfection, and makes it look like no effort at all!

9 Power To The People

This Alicia Keys meets Lara Croft look has our blood pumping! Inspired by the Tuareg people of West Africa, Zendaya pulls off these braids like no other! "I'm about empowering young people, women, and people of color – everybody,” she shared at her photoshoot launch of Daya by Zendaya footwear. Her line caters for real women who work, have their first jobs or are in college. Wearing those heels to an interview might land you a job for sure!

We know she is capable of making pajamas look good, but we did not anticipate her rocking the cargo. The figure-hugging sports bra, by American Apparel, is but an undergarment to the G Star Flight suit, which is ever so casually half undone.

8 Bird Of Paradise

Dolce, Dolce, Dolce… they just never disappoint. This elaborate garment, paired with Zendaya’s ethnic beauty, ensures that this ensemble is an absolute winner! This work of art would make Picasso proud, and she did it justice at the MET Gala 2017.

Although she is dainty, by no means did this dress overshadow the star. In fact, this dress only but lifted her to new heights and she carried herself ever so gracefully. Even the winner of best dressed for the evening, Rihanna, tweeted Zendaya’s dress and captioned it "Brown Goddess". Rumour has it Zendaya had a mini freak out when Riri applauded her.

Her wild, native hairdo perfectly complimented the tropical work of art, paired with a juicy tangerine lip. This look literally makes our mouths water!

7 Doe A Deer

An eccentric dress (is it though?) with a very sad looking stag and swathes of tulle…this dress just doesn’t make any sense. All we see is a camping shirt draped in scrunchies. We have to wonder if Zendaya and Roach sometimes see what they can get away with when pairing an outfit with some Loubs and a messy bun.

Still, somehow Zendaya rocks this off the beat look, making it seem as though she could comfortably go grocery shopping in it. Her dewy fresh-faced makeup celebrates her youth and inspires us to invest in a good highlighter. She claims that she didn't actually have her hair styled; it really is just a topknot! We applaud this quirky fashion queen for going boldly where no woman has gone before!

6 Dancing Queen

This ensemble is simply hair-raising. The Dior dress, Vionnet T-shirt, and Louis Vuitton boots complement her free-spirited nature perfectly. Not to mention that wild mane - this girl just can't be tamed! Her overall look here is very powerful, one can see how Zendaya is not afraid to dance to the beat of her own drum.

The multi-talented (actress, singer, dancer, and recently trapeze artist…the list goes on), is well known for encouraging the youth of today to stand up for their beliefs and speak their truth. We respect her for not conforming to the status quo but to always standing out from the crowd. One thing is sure, Zendaya never disappoints!

5 This Girl Is On Fire

Zendaya stepped onto the red carpet at The Greatest Showman premiere, draped in an astonishing Viktor & Ralph number from their Spring Collection 2018. This modern yet timeless piece left the crowds gasping for air. The black and red strapless tulle gown is edgy yet feminine, with a certain romantic air about it. And who better to exhibit this bold work of art than our starlet, Zendaya.

We also love those bangs! With a simple bob, she gracefully pulls off this elegant ensemble and makes it look like it was no effort at all (having a personal stylist has its benefits…) Finishing her look with that natural makeup we have come to adore. No one can argue that Zendaya has impeccable taste!

4 Skin Tight

Zendaya wore this sleek Ralph Lauren number paired with a Crowns by Christy hair comb at a Vanity Fair Shoot. The skin tight dress vacuum packs her curves in all the right places, it practically could have been painted on. Even though this daring dress is sexy as hell, she still manages to pull it off elegantly, ever careful not to cross the line between classy and trashy.

Except for that peachy Calvin Klein ensemble she wore, we don’t often see her baring too much of her flesh. All stars start out fresh and innocent, but somewhere along the line they fall down the rabbit hole and let it all hang out. We hope that is not the case for this fashionista.

3 All Dolled Up

Let’s not beat around the bush, we will talk about the colorful skirt later. What is up with that sheer black bustier bodice? Zendaya oozed appeal at a Dolce & Gabbana party in Beverly Hills with her racy top and voluminous curls. The low cut bodice was paired with a bold monochrome tea length skirt with doll print, giving this outfit a bit more of a playful appeal.

Zendaya stood out amongst the other A-listers who attended, as she has so often done in recent years. She has really earned a reputation for her bold and beautiful fashion statements. This flamboyant attire fit her perfectly; finished with gold earrings and red lips. Zendaya aims to please, and she did Dolce proud!

2 I’m A Barbie Girl

Another bold move by Zendaya - rocking faux dreadlocks at the Oscars. In contrast to her locks, she wore an off the shoulder, white dress. Apparently, the star was slammed for her hair, by Fashion Police co-host Giuliana Rancic, who stated that she probably smells like patchouli oil … or weed.

This statement did not sit well with Zendaya, who lashed back on Twitter stating how proud she is to represent people of color, and that their hair is a symbol of strength, like a lion's mane. Not only did this outfit cause a stir amongst pop culture followers, but earned Zendaya a Barbie in her own likeness – complete with the white dress and dreadlocks! Toy manufacturer Mattel, states that Zendaya’s Barbie doll commemorates that particular red carpet look - where she stood up for herself, her culture and what she believes in.

1 Slip Into Something More Comfortable

That’s it, we give up, we are throwing in the towel! If Zendaya can look so hot in terry cloth, is there anything she can’t pull off? Here she opted in to pose for Mario Testino's Towel Series. Put this girl in a black bag, slap on some bling and Jimmy Choo’s and she will still have heads turning. The Oakland starlet has grown into a fashion icon and continues to raise eyebrows and drop jaws every time she steps out onto the red carpet (or anywhere she goes for that matter).

Her sheer audacity and fearless fashion choices are a true inspiration, and we love that she always has a natural air about her.

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