Friends Secrets: 15 Questions That Remain Unanswered

Friends is widely regarded as one the greatest and funniest TV sitcoms of all time. Friends was more than just a TV series, it was a cultural phenomenon. David Crane and Marta Kauffman created Friends

Friends is widely regarded as one the greatest and funniest TV sitcoms of all time. Friends was more than just a TV series, it was a cultural phenomenon. David Crane and Marta Kauffman created Friends, which ran for 10 seasons from September 22, 1994 to May 6, 2004. The series revolved around 6 best friends living in New York while they struggle with their careers, love life and each other. The series starred an outstanding ensemble cast, including David Schwimmer (Ross Geller), Jennifer Aniston (Rachel Green), Matthew Perry (Chandler Bing), Courteney Cox (Monica Geller), Matt Le Blanc (Joey Tribanni) and Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe Buffay). The cast all became major TV and movie stars and have gone on to become some of the biggest celebrities in the world. Friends was universally praised for its tremendous cast, phenomenal writing and its incredible influence. Several of the series' catchphrases, such as “How You Doin?” and “Pivot”, are still used today. Additionally, it was very common for fans to copy Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox’s hairstyles. The series was a critically and commercially acclaimed show that was nominated for several awards. Friends was nominated for 62 Primetime Emmy Awards and won for Outstanding Comedy Series in 2002.

Friends is still one of the most popular series of all time. However, there are several mysteries about the series that remain unsolved. There are also several questions that have never been answered.

15 Rachel’s Key

Rachel Green and Monica Geller were best friends in high school but later lost touch with each other. After Rachel runs out on her wedding her father cuts her off. Rachel reconnects with Monica and moves in with her. Later, Monica and Chandler move in together and Rachel moves out of the apartment. Apparently, she gets to keep her key in case of an emergency. However, in the season 8 episode, “The One where Rachel Tells…”, Monica and Chandler go on their honeymoon while Joey and Phoebe attempt to get into Monica and Chandler’s apartment. Joey tells Mr. Treeger that he smells gas and Treeger knocks down the door and is forced to change the locks. Later, in the season 10 episode, “The One With The Late Thanksgiving”, Rachel uses her key to open the door just a little. However, it’s not explained how Rachel’s key still works in the lock unless she was given a new key as well.

14 Their Ages/B-Days Are Very Inconsistent

The season 7 episode, “The One Where They All Turn Thirty”, featured Rachel’s 30th birthday. During the celebration, the rest of the group reminisces about their own 30th birthday. Joey is the most upset over turning 30 and is in denial. However, this episode reveals that their birthdays and ages have all been very inconsistent. This episode implies that Rachel is the youngest one in the group. However, in season 1, Joey is 25 and in season 2 he says he’s 28. In season 7 he states that he is 31. In season 1, Monica is 26 and by the time season 7 rolls around she should be 32. That would mean since Rachel and Monica went to school together that Rachel should actually be 32 (not just turning 30). Also, Rachel should be 26 in season 1 but in season 4 implies that she is 28. Additionally, Ross and Chandler should be the oldest, however Ross is 29 in seasons 3, 4 and 5. Also, Ross gives both December and October as possible birth dates.

13 Who Is Reserving The Reserved Table?

The gang’s usual hangout spot was the local coffee shop, Central Perk. Sometimes they would go for coffee and other times they would go just to hangout. They were lucky because they always had the best seat in the whole place. For years fans wondered how it was possible that the six friends could always get the seat regardless if the place was busy or not. Well, several loyal fans discovered the reserve sign on the table. That explains why they’re able to have the sweetest spot in Central Perk. However, the question then becomes, how were they able to reserve the sweetest spot for nearly a decade? One can only assume that each day they’d take turns reserving the table. Although it might have annoyed others who wanted the chance to sit in the sweetest spot in Central Perk.

More importantly, now that the six have moved away, who’s hanging out at that spot?

12 Why Did Chandler And Monica Not Keep Their Promise To Name Their Child Joey?

All Joey ever wanted was to be a huge movie star, sleep with a lot of beautiful women, eat two pizzas and have a child named after him. Initially, he tried to get Phoebe to name one of the triplets after him but instead she names one Chandler. Later, Joey would try to get Chandler and Monica to name their first child after him. Chandler and Monica were out searching for love when it was just across the hall. They surprisingly hook up while in London and they soon fall in love with each other. Later, they get married and decide to have a child. They struggle with conceiving a child and eventually adopt twins. In the season 9 episode, “The One With The Blind Dates”, Rachel goes on a date so Chandler and Monica babysit Emma. They end up going into the bedroom to make an Emma of their own but Joey figures it out while baby Emma is out in the main room. Joey agrees not to tell Rachel if they name their first child Joey. However, when they have twins in the series finale they name the boy Jack. Poor Joey, apparently nobody likes his name.

11 How Did Monica Forget The Turkey Incident?

Monica is known for her obsessive behavior, the enjoyment she gets out of cooking and the need to boss people around. However, it seems she doesn’t have a very good memory. The season 1 episode, “The One Where Underdog Gets Away”, features Monica trying to make her first Thanksgiving dinner. Everybody wants something different for the dinner and Monica tries to keep everyone happy. It’s a stressful day for her and her friends but she manages to make it all work out. However, this contradicts later information that implies that she has hosted several Thanksgivings in the past. In the season five episode, “The One With All The Thanksgivings”, the six friends reminisce about past Thanksgivings. It’s implied that Monica hosted one Thanksgiving when she was still living with Phoebe. This is one Thanksgiving Monica should never have forgotten because Joey gets a turkey stuck on his head. However, she doesn’t seem to remember this in season 1. It’s most likely something the writers came up with later but still getting a turkey stuck on a head seems unforgettable.

10 What Does The “E” in Monica E. Geller Stand For?

There is a lot that we know about the six best friends. For example, Chandler struggles with not smoking, Monica used to be overweight and Phoebe grew up in the streets. However, there are still some tiny mysteries that have never been solved. Monica E. Geller is a chef living in a beautiful apartment in New York City. She lives with her high school best friend, Rachel, and later with her husband, Chandler. Her older brother is Ross Geller. She is controlling, obsessive and cleans when she is upset, stressed or happy. Courteney Cox portrayed Monica for all 10 seasons of the series. One of the most burning questions regarding the series is Monica’s middle name. We know 4 out of the 6 middle names. Their full names are Joseph (Joey) Francis Tribbiani Jr., Rachel Karen Green, Chandler Muriel Bing and Ross Eustace Geller. Phoebe doesn’t know what her middle name is because she never saw her birth certificate. However, Monica’s middle name is never revealed. She does say that her initials are M.E.G. but beyond that it remains a mystery. Perhaps her middle name is simply just “E”.

9 What’s Gunther’s Last Name?

Gunther appeared in several seasons of the series but he was never a friend, he was more of an acquaintance. Gunther works at Central Perk and essentially becomes the manager. He’s not a part of the group of friends but appears in roughly 185 episodes. He has a secret crush on Rachel but never reveals how he feels. He also has a deep hatred and jealousy of Ross. It wasn’t until his 33rd appearance that he had a line. He was a prominent character but very little is known about him. We do now that he had similar smoking habits as Chandler. He was also a soap star and appeared as Bryce in All My Children. However, his last name is a complete mystery and is never revealed. Perhaps, his name was simply just Gunther and had no last name. Regardless, it’ll remain a mystery forever. James Michael Tyler portrayed Gunther in the series.

8 Why Does Phoebe Not Believe Rachel Had Kissed A Girl When She Witnessed It Herself?

Winona Ryder guest starred as Melissa Warburton in the season 7 episode “The One With Rachel’s Big Kiss”. Rachel and Melissa were in the same sorority in university. Rachel claims that she and Melissa made out once in their younger days. Joey is ecstatic to hear the news but Phoebe doesn’t believe Rachel. Phoebe claims that Rachel is too uptight, and doesn’t know how to be fun and be impulsive. Phoebe thinks that Rachel is “vanilla” and wouldn’t do anything like make-out with a girl. Later, it’s revealed to be true and Phoebe even kisses Rachel. However, the confusing part is it’s not the first time Rachel kissed a girl. During season four Rachel and Monica lose their apartment to Chandler and Joey. In the season four episode, “The One With All The Haste”, Rachel and Monica try everything they can to get the apartment back including trying to bribe the guys with Knicks tickets but nothing works. In order to get the apartment back Rachel and Monica make out for Joey and Chandler in front of Phoebe. It makes it a bit confusing when later, Phoebe doesn’t believe Rachel.

7 Bruce Willis, John McClane and Paul Stevens

Friends featured several guest appearances by some of the biggest celebrities in the world. The season 7 episode, “The One With The Nap Partners”, starts with Joey, Ross and Chandler watching their favorite movie of all time, Die Hard. Joey loves Die Hard so much that he rented two copies of Die Hard. However, one question does come to mind when watching that opening scene. How come none of the guys notice that Bruce Willis looks very similar to one of Ross’ ex-girlfriend's dad, Paul Stevens. Bruce Willis guest starred in season 6 of Friends as Paul Stevens. He’s not the only celebrity to be mentioned and guest star as a character. For example, Jessica Rabbit is one of the celebrities on Chandler's list of women he can sleep with. Kathleen Turner, who also portrays Chandler’s father voiced Jessica Rabbit. Additionally, Winona Ryder, Tom Selleck and Susan Sarandon are mentioned in the series and also appear as characters.

6 Why Did Joey and Chandler Have Two Microwaves?

Here is a mystery that several fans of Friends have spent hours trying to figure out. Chandler and Joey lived across the hall from Rachel and Monica. Joey and Chandler had a love for each other that not even Rachel and Ross can match. There were many mysteries about their apartment. Will Joey and Chandler ever realize that there is a switch in their apartment that turns off Monica and Rachel’s TV? Probably not. However, a question that fans on Reddit debate fireclay has to do with the appliances in the apartment. There are two very visible microwaves side by side in their kitchen. Some fans have questioned if one microwave is actually a bread maker or a toaster oven. As many fans recall Chandler buys a bread maker and several other appliances for Joey after he makes out with Joey’s girlfriend. Other fans believe it is two microwaves because Joey would need them to heat up a Joey Special: two pizzas.

5 Why Does Central Perk Sell Whole Potatoes?

Central Perk was the main hangout spot for the gang. Central Perk sold everything from coffee to muffins but it seems they truly sold everything. It wasn’t just a hangout it was like home to them, mostly because they spent a lot of time there. In addition to hanging out there both Rachel and Joey worked at Central Perk at different times. Also, Phoebe often performed for the small coffee shop dazzling them with her musical skills. It was a place they’d go if they wanted coffee, a muffin or even a potato... apparently. It’s one of the most baffling mysteries in the series; why is Central Perk selling a potato? In this picture, the potato is the only thing on display. Perhaps it was something that was really popular in the 90s. Sometimes people would go out for a tea and potato. The other burning question is, how much does the potato cost?

4 Why Does Emily Finish The Wedding Ceremony?

Friends was known for its shocking cliffhanger season finales. The season four episode, “The One With Ross's Wedding”, is one of the most memorable season finales in the series. In the episode, Ross and Emily are getting married after knowing each other for a short period of time. Rachel shows up at the wedding unannounced with the idea of telling Ross how she feels. However, she realizes that Ross is happy with Emily. During the ceremony, Ross accidentally calls Emily- Rachel. Now if one applied logic to the situation, one would assume that Emily would stop the wedding right then and there. Instead she continues on with the ceremony clearly upset and runs off after the wedding. They go through a lengthy divorce, which is kind of a headache. Emily could have avoided the whole situation if she left right when Ross said the wrong name. However, Ross could have avoided the situation if he just said the right name.

3 What Happened To Ben?

Ben Geller is the son of Ross Geller and Carol Willlick. He makes his first appearance in the season 1 episode, “The One With The Birth.” As an infant he’s portrayed by Michael Gunderson and later by brothers Charles and John Allen. When he gets older, Cole Sprouse plays the role for season 6 to 8. Ben makes his final appearance in “The One Where Joey Dates Rachel”. Ben was a prominent character throughout the series. He was the center of Ross’ world. Ross and Carol divorced and Ross was always worried that he wasn’t going to have a place in Ben’s life. So he made an extra effort to be close to him. However, Ben suddenly disappears and is never seen again but only mentioned. Many fans were upset over the fact that Ben is never seen meeting his younger half sister, Emma. Although, it’s possible that their meeting took place off-screen. Regardless, it’s pretty alarming that Ross doesn’t seem to care about Ben all that much and his disappearance.

2 Why Doesn’t Rachel Remember Chandler When They Meet In The First Episode?

Rachel Green and Monica Geller were best friends in high school. Rachel was the pretty and popular girl that every guy wanted and every girl wanted to be. Monica was her nerdy, overweight best friend. Often, Monica’s older brother Ross and his geeky best friend Chandler, would come to visit from college. Ross was always trying to get Rachel’s attention while Monica accidentally cut off Chandler's toe. Later, Monica and Rachel attend a college party where Rachel and Chandler actually make-out. Despite all of this, in the pilot episode when Rachel meets Chandler for the first time it’s as if they’ve never met before. It appears that it’s the first time they’re meeting. To be fair, Rachel had just run out on her wedding so it’s possible she had a lot going on. Still there is absolutely no indication that they’ve met before. Also, at the time Rachel is shown to be very shallow, self-centered and in her own world. It’s very possible that Rachel simply forgot who Chandler is.

1 Are Ross and Rachel Still Together?

Ross Geller and Rachel Green will go down in history as one of the greatest Will They? Won’t They? couples. First Ross was secretly in love with Rachel, then Rachel was secretly in love with Ross, then they got together. Later, they were on a break… well depending on who you ask. They broke up for good, Ross said Rachel's name when he was marrying Emily, then they moved on with their lives and then had a child together. In the end of the series, Rachel has an offer to move to Paris and at the last minute Ross is able to convince her to stay. However, many fans have wondered what happened to Ross and Rachel after the series finale. Historically, they would have feelings for each other and break up. Did they stick to that pattern or did they find a way to stay together? Did they end up having more children or are they on a break again? The burning question becomes: are they on again or off again? With the series now being over it’s hard not to wonder if Ross and Rachel stayed together for good.


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Friends Secrets: 15 Questions That Remain Unanswered