Friends: 15 Times Monica And Ross Were Way Too Close For Comfort

Friends is arguably one of the best sitcoms ever put on our screens. Part of what made it so successful and well-loved was the fact that the characters felt like our friends too – mainly because they were so relatable to us and the chemistry they shared together felt right. On the subject of chemistry, though, two characters in particular seemed to share a bond that was a little too close sometimes – Ross and Monica’s sibling relationship.

Sure, many brother and sisters can be close, but Ross (David Schwimmer) and Monica (Courteney Cox)’s kinship could sometimes get a little too icky for our liking. Maybe it all depends on the kind of relationship you have with your own sibling, but there aren’t many girls I know who’d be happy to perform a hands-on dance routine with their bro! Throughout the seasons, the Geller siblings may have fought like all brothers and sisters, but they also showed sides that made us a bit uncomfortable.

From occasional near-kisses on the lips and sitting in each other’s lap to being a little too involved in each other’s sex lives, it’s fair to say that these two did not have a normal bro and sis relationship! In celebration of their overly close bond, we looked back on some moments during Friends when the writers may have forgotten that these guys are meant to be related. Which inappropriate Ross and Monica moment grossed you out the most? Here’s our pick of the top 15 times the Geller siblings got way too close for comfort.


15 Monica Was Legit Turned On Hearing About Ross & Rachel’s First Kiss

Let’s kick off with a Friends moment I’ve never been able to understand and I’m sure I’m not the only one. In the episode that immediately followed Ross and Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) finally giving in to their true feelings and kissing each other, Monica was way too excited to hear about it. She wanted all the gory details about her best friend locking lips with her older brother and nobody seemed to find this strange. What’s wrong with you, Monica?!

The moment Rachel reveals to the girls that her and Ross finally made out, Monica couldn’t contain herself. She grabbed a bottle of wine and three glasses from the kitchen and screamed “Do NOT start without me, Do NOT start without me!” So far, so gross. What’s really messed up about this scene is when Rachel describes the sensual detail of Ross sliding his hands over her body and through her hair and Monica’s eyes roll in the back of her head in some kind of perverted pleasure. Eww no!

14 That Slightly Touchy Feely Dance Routine


Ross and Monica’s famous dance routine was one of the highlights of season 6 and is one of the funniest examples of their ultra competitive side when they get together, but something about their dance moves didn’t exactly scream brother and sister friendly. When Ross and Monica hear that they’re going to appear on the Dick Clark New Year’s Rockin’ Eve show, they can’t believe their luck and decide to do something that’ll make them stand out from the crowd.

They do that alright. While trying to get on camera, the Gellers decide to do "the routine" - a dance they used to perform together when they were in 8th grade. The only problem is, jumping into your brother's arms and wrapping your legs around him as an adult is a tad inappropriate. It doesn’t help matters that Ross seemed okay with the idea of Monica going commando if it meant they were more likely to get on TV!

13 Monica’s Desperation To Watch Ross And Rachel’s "Tape"

When Ross accidentally lets slip that he videotaped him and Rachel getting it on, the whole group expresses how keen they are to watch it. But no one is more excited, it seems, than Monica herself. When Rachel attempts to destroy the evidence and step on the tape, the gang cry out in protest and when Rachel asks the guys “You mean, you actually want to see this tape?” Monica is the first to answer with a slightly too eager “Hell yeah!”

After all, who wouldn’t be excited to watch their big brother engage in physical relations on video? We know Rachel is Monica’s BFF, but Mon seems to be forgetting that her own flesh and blood is the other half of that couple. She was pretty obsessed with the details of Ross and Rachel’s one night stand for the entire episode, grilling Rachel about when it happened, how it happened, and how many times it happened. A big bowl of wrong.

12 Monica’s First Kiss Ever...Was With Ross


We probably shouldn’t have been surprised that a brother and sister as close as these two actually made out once, but at least it was accidental. Still, this doesn’t make it any less disturbing! In the season 10 episode "The One Where The Stripper Cries," Ross is reminiscing about his first ever kiss with Rachel at a college party and how magical and romantic it was. It must've been pretty gross to accept that, after 15 years of having this nice memory, your super hot kiss was actually with your sister.

Monica was also pretty stoked about the fact that she had a “midnight mystery kisser” only to discover she actually locked lips with her older brother. Not only this, but Monica’s hot college smooch in the dark – with her brother – was actually her first ever kiss! They say you never forget your first kiss and there’s no danger that Mon ever will. Chandler (Matthew Perry) summed the situation up best when he yelled in disgust: “What did I marry into?!”

11 Overhearing Ross Getting Lucky In Barbados

What do you do when you learn that your brother is having a steamy make out session with a hot girl in the room opposite you? Let them have their privacy and get the hell out of your hotel room would be a good start. That would be the normal reaction, but as we’ve established Monica clearly isn’t normal when it comes to her big brother. In the episode where the gang are in Barbados, Monica overhears moans and make out noises coming from the adjacent room – and doesn’t seem at all phased that she’s listening to her brother.

Monica goes a little too far on her eavesdropping. To get a better listen to Ross and his beautiful palaeontologist colleague Charlie making out, she puts her ears right next to the wall and even asks for a glass she can hear more clearly. Um, WTF? She then starts narrating what she can hear, like some sort of nature show presenter: “Bed springs, unmistakable.” Ewww.

10 Constantly Sitting In Each Other’s Lap


Any Friends fan will have noticed that in a lot of scenes where the cast are sitting down some place (in their apartment, on the couch in Central Perk, etc), Ross and Monica were – quite often – sitting in each other’s lap. Um, for a brother and sister that’s pretty weird. It doesn’t matter how much we love our siblings or how bad our day has been, we’re not ever tempted to sit on each other’s knee like a child meeting Santa.

Even when they weren’t sitting directly in each other’s laps, the Geller siblings were usually acting quite touchy feely in some way. Most of the time when sitting next to each other, Ross would have his hands around Monica’s waist or cradle her in his arms. Ew. When one of them was going through a hard time, it sometimes just came across as affectionate, but this was happening way too much.

9 When Ross and Richard Had That Awkward Chat

When Monica was dating Dr. Richard Burke (Tom Selleck) in season 2, things got more than a little awkward when her and Richard were getting intimate in the same apartment and at the same time as Ross and Rachel. First of all, this is awkward enough as it is – how many people would gladly get busy with someone knowing that their sibling is doing the exact same thing in the room next door? Shudder.

Anyhoo, things got significantly more awkward when Monica and Rachel discovered that there was only one condom left and stay in the bathroom to decide who gets it. All the while, Ross and Richard are left waiting outside their bedroom doors in their socks and underpants waiting to find out which of them will be having sex tonight. So what do you do in that situation? Start up a conversation about moustache combs to fill the awkward silence, of course. Cringe.


8 When Ross Advised Monica On What Lingerie Would Be Best


It’s sweet that Monica and Ross had the kind of brother/sister relationship where they could tell each other anything...but that doesn’t mean that they should have literally told each other everything. When Monica was holding two sexy, revealing pieces of lingerie behind her back, Ross was intrigued by what she was hiding. When Monica said that it wasn’t something she wanted his opinion on, Ross was pretty insistent (and later regretted asking).

Realizing he wouldn’t drop it, Monica showed him the two sexy lace dresses and joked with him: “Oh okay big brother, which of these would make your little sister look hotter so that your best friend would wanna do her?” Ross seemed visibly disgusted and embarrassed that he had asked, but he still gave Monica an answer “The red one.” It was a rhetorical question, Ross! Why would you even answer that?! Apparently, Friends had no problem with seduction advice between siblings.

7 Monica Remembers The Day Ross First Slept With His Ex

In the season 1 episode "The One With George Stephanopoulos," Ross gets depressed when he remembers what date it is. The date October 20th holds a sad significance for him. Not – as Chandler guesses – because “all the good Halloween costumes are gone,” but because it marks the anniversary of the first time he ever slept with his ex-wife turned lesbian, Carol. The weird part is that Monica seemed to already know this.

Upon seeing how upset Ross is, she says to him mournfully: “I was hoping you wouldn’t remember.” So this must mean Ross was somehow happy for his sister to know about the first time he got intimate with his ex-wife or else Monica did a bit of snooping and found this info out herself. But knowing how close they are, it’s obviously the former. What’s even more disturbing is that – as the episode later reveals – this wasn’t only Ross’ first time with Carol, but his first time overall. Monica probably knew this too. Gross.

6 When Ross Couldn’t Stop Staring At His Sister’s Legs


In the hilarious season 10 episode "The One With Ross’s Tan," Ross is inspired to get an all-over sun kissed glow…after admiring how nice his own sister’s tan had turned out, specifically on her legs. He took one look at Monica’s bronzed pins and couldn’t hold himself back from exclaiming: “Wow!” He might have been admiring her tan, but still this is pretty unsettling. Thankfully, Chandler is there to remind Ross of how gross that sounds.

Chandler snaps back “Hey, stop staring at my wife’s legs” before adding an even more scathing rejoinder when he realizes how doubly inappropriate his comment was “No, no – stop staring at your sister’s legs!” You know, Ross, there are other ways to compliment your sister. Maybe start with her fashion sense or her hair before you comment on her legs and if you do, make a mental note not to sound so creepy.

5 When Ross Bursts In On Monica In The Shower

Admittedly, this was a time their sibling relationship accidentally took an inappropriate turn, but an incredibly inappropriate one nonetheless. In the episode where Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow) makes her own doll house, the house catches fire, so Ross runs into the bathroom to put it out. He manages to kill the fire, but he can’t ever kill the image he comes across when he does – he accidentally catches Monica in the shower doing something other than cleansing herself.

The mere thought of mistakenly catching your sibling in their birthday suit is horrifying enough, but this takes things to a whole other level of messed up. Ross walks out of the bathroom with a horror-stricken face like a war vet who’d seen unmentionable things. Monica later explains to Ross that there was a perfectly innocent and reasonable explanation behind what he saw: “By the way, I was just checking the shower massager.” Awkward!

4 Happy To Discuss Birth Control In Front Of Your Bro


I’m sure the closest brother and sister out there can discuss all kinds of things in front of each other, but birth control shouldn’t be one of them. When Ross and Monica are fighting about whether someone left a phone message, Ross spots an opportunity to get back at his little sister and pretends her boyfriend Richard is on the line. When he passes the phone to her, Monica shares some pretty intimate info before realizing – to her horror – that her Mom is actually the one on the line.

Monica grabs the phone off Ross and - assuming it’s Richard – asks a pretty revealing question: “Hi sweetie, before I forget did I leave my diaphragm at your place?” Monica is of course humiliated once she realizes she’s speaking to her mother about something as intimate as her birth control options, but why would she bring this up right in front of her brother? It seems to us that if she can openly talk about contraception in front of Ross, she shouldn’t be too phased about her mom knowing either!

3 Monica’s Ovulating And Doesn’t Care Who Knows It

Anyone who knows Friends well enough will know how baby crazy Monica was throughout the series. It didn’t work out with Richard because she wanted kids and she even applied to a sperm bank. So when her and Chandler started trying for a baby, things got a little graphic – even when her own brother was in the room. Monica made the most of her ovulation window, even if it meant scarring her brother for life in the process.

In one episode, she comes home and immediately tells Chandler to get his pants off, before bothering to check that Ross was also in the room. Since Chandler was about to break the news to Monica that they can’t try until he’s financially ready, Ross tries to stall Monica by asking her what they felt like doing tonight. Monica stands her ground, making us (and Ross) deeply uncomfortable. “Let me put it this way. We’re having sex whether you’re here or not.” Yikes.

2 When Ross Boasted About His Aptitude For Self-love


In the earlier seasons of Friends, Monica couldn't wait to see her best friend and older brother get together (she even had a pretty unhealthy fascination with their sex life, as we’ve established) but in the season 7 episode "The One With Monica’s Thunder," the sight of Ross and Rachel kissing sends Monica into a jealous rage, since it’s happening on her and Chandler’s engagement night. After accusing Rachel of stealing her thunder, Rachel storms out and makes Monica believe her and Ross are getting it on.

When Monica asks to speak with Rachel later, they get their feelings out in the open and make up. During this episode, Rachel gave Ross quite the ego boost by telling him that, when they used to date, he had a special way with his hands. Clearly quite proud of himself, he kisses them and says “Way to go, guys.” But this comes back to haunt him. When Rachel turns him down, he later proclaims (in front of his own sister) that from now on, the only person to enjoy his “bad boy” hands is himself. Score.

1 The One With All The Wrestling

The big dance number for that New Year’s Eve episode isn’t the only time Ross and Monica got a little physical together. In one episode, Rachel begins dating a guy who is way too close with his sister (you’d think she’d be used to that after dating Ross in previous seasons!). Worried that she might be jeopardizing a promising relationship, she asks Monica about whether or not her boyfriend and his sister’s love of play fighting is normal.

Monica laughs it off and admits to wrestling with Ross when they were younger, but suggests they would never try it as adults. That is, before their super weird competitive side kicks in again. Ross implies that Monica could never “take him on” like she used to, so naturally Monica steps up to the challenge and starts wrestling Ross in the middle of the living room. Rachel got her answer - it’s definitely not normal.


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