Friends: 15 Things We Didn't Know Were Cut From The Show

Who doesn’t love the TV show Friends? Even though it was aired over twenty years ago, it is still as funny and relevant as ever. Thus, we continue watching it over and over again; never tiring of Chandler’s funny quips, the dramatic and unique plotlines, and Phoebe’s ridiculous stories.

Most of us feel as if we know the Friends and all of the episodes inside out. Some of us have seen all the episodes not once or twice, but five or ten times. We can almost recite the dialogue and we know what to expect next.

However, it turns out that there are still plenty of things that can surprise us when it comes to Friends. A lot of us have never seen the numerous deleted scenes that have been cut out. Similarly, a lot of us have never realized that certain plotlines were cut because the actors did not like them.

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15 A Plotline Was Cut Because Matthew Perry Hated It

A few months ago, Matthew Perry, the actor who played Chandler, appeared on What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. To our delight, Cohen asked Perry a couple of questions about the TV show Friends. One of the questions that Cohen asked was whether Perry wasn’t happy with any of the plot lines in the show.

Surprisingly, Perry replied that there indeed was a plotline he didn’t like – “There was a storyline on Friends where Chandler went to a male strip joint because he really liked the sandwiches. And I called up and I was like, ‘Let’s not do this one.’” To Perry’s delight, the plotline was cut.

14 That Time Ross Tried To Convince Carol To Move To London

Remember that time when Ross was going to move to London because of Emily? Obviously, he didn’t want to leave his old life behind but he felt like he had no choice if he wanted to keep the woman he loved. He knew that he couldn’t convince his friends to move to London but he did try to convince his ex-wife Carol, and her lover Susan, to move to London so that he could be close to his son Ben.

Of course, Ross’ arguments for moving to London were hilarious and included things such as great theater, great accents, tea, the Queen (who is a woman!) and the fact that there would be a Big Ben and a little Ben in the same city. Naturally, neither Carol nor Susan were convinced.

13 Cut Scene: Emma Is Crawling

Remember how excited Rachel got at every little new thing that her baby girl Emma did? Whether it was Emma saying her first words or learning how to walk, Rachel was always beside herself with joy.

Naturally, when Emma crawled for the first time (or more specifically, when Rachel thought that Emma would start crawling), Rachel made sure that everyone was there to watch – she made Joey and Chandler stop shaving and stopped Monica from making pancakes.

When Emma still refused to crawl, Rachel asked everyone to stay still in case Emma was distracted by all the noise and movement. This is the moment that Phoebe walks in, sees everyone standing perfectly still, grabs a pot and stands still herself, breaking the silence only to ask – “Who’s painting us?”

12 Joey Has To Find Out The Ending Of Emma’s Book

Rachel never seemed like the maternal one in the first few seasons of Friends. However, when she gave birth to her baby daughter Emma, her behavior suddenly changed. We got to see her excited about silly baby things and we got to see her doing very motherly things, such as reading baby books.

In one deleted scene, we see Rachel read Emma a baby book about a little red squirrel that took all his acorns and put them in his little satchel, and set off somewhere. However, before Rachel can finish the story, Emma grows fussy and Rachel thus decides to put her to bed. At this point, Joey protests, asking where the little red squirrel is going. Rachel gives him the book and he finishes the story by himself.

11 Susan And Carol’s Wedding Scene Was Banned In Many Countries

Remember the scene from season 2 of Friends when Carol, Ross’ ex-wife, and her lover, Susan, got married? Well, apparently, that scene was banned and cut in many countries that did not agree with same-sex marriages.

The actress Jane Sibbett (Carol) and Jessica Hecht (Susan) recently appeared on ITV’s talk show Lorraine where they finally revealed the long-kept secret – “It was the first lesbian wedding to ever be shown on TV and they blocked it out in some affiliates. But it all worked out as we got so much press because they blocked it. We actually won awards for that storyline!”

10 Chandler Joked About Bombs

Remember the scene in season 8 episode 3 (The One Where Rachel Tells Ross) where Chandler and Monica compete with another newlywed couple on their way to their honeymoon? As amusing as this scene was, it was not the scene that Friends writers originally planned.

The original scene that was supposed to be in a post-September 11 episode was cut out because the producers thought it too insensitive. The scene involved Chandler making inappropriate bomb-related jokes. Right before Chandler goes through airport security he notices a sign that says “Federal Law Prohibits Any Joking About Aircraft Hijacking Or Bombing.” As you can probably imagine, Chandler cannot resist the urge to make a joke about the sign and thus both Chandler and Monica end up detained by the TSA.

9 What Happened To The Geller Cup?

Ross and Monica have always been extremely competitive. Remember that scene in season 3 episode 9 (The One With the Football) where all the six friends decide to play a game of touch football as they’re waiting for the Thanksgiving turkey to cook? It was in that episode that we learned that Ross and Monica have been forbidden to play football after Monica broke Ross’s nose during the sixth annual Geller Cup on a Thanksgiving many years ago. Ross and Monica even had a family trophy that the winner would get.

However, in this latest game of football, neither team (the girls against the boys) wins and it is just Monica and Ross left on the field. Eventually, they go back home, saying that there are more important things in life than winning. They decide to throw away the Geller trophy. But it turns out that Monica has Phoebe stationed at the end of the garbage chute – she is intent on keeping the trophy for herself. But then Phoebe is approached by Ross who has also decided to claim the trophy.

8 Chandler’s "Protection"

Remember that time the friends went to Ross and Emily’s wedding in London? Those London episodes were not only good for the drama they created but also because it was in London that two of our favorite friends, Chandler and Monica, got together.

Could Chandler and Monica’s relationship have been foreshadowed? Perhaps, if a scene where Joey and Chandler are getting ready for London wasn’t deleted. In the deleted scene, Joey asks what it is that Chandler is holding in his hands, to which Chandler replies, bewildered – “Condoms dude.” Still, as surprising as it may be, Joey is confused by the pack of condoms since the writing is in Spanish.

7 Six Episodes Were Cut From Season Ten

Some people feel that the TV show Friends was cut short. Of course, that makes sense – the show was so good that many felt as if it could go on forever without diminishing in quality. However, others claim that the TV show ended perfectly and at the right time – when we first met the six friends, neither of them had their lives figured out. But at the end of season ten, all have secure jobs and their love lives figured out (well, except for Joey).

However, the first crowd who believed that the show was cut short were actually right. Friends was indeed cut short! You see, initially, season ten was supposed to be 24 episodes long. However, because Jennifer Aniston (the actress who played Rachel Green) was shooting several movies at the time, the last season had to be cut down to 18 episodes.

6 Phoebe’s Baby Shower Tantrum

Who can forget the storyline where Phoebe agreed to be the surrogate mother for her half-brother and his much older wife? We all thought that Phoebe was pretty crazy to agree to such an unconventional favor. But we’re sure she felt crazy for agreeing to it too when she found out that she was carrying triplets.

Phoebe’s pregnancy was not an easy one and towards the end of it, she was going crazy. Of course, we saw that but not the full extent of it since the scene that really shows it was deleted. The deleted scene shows Phoebe’s baby shower. Rachel and Monica think that Phoebe would love to get leather pants as a gift since she has been eyeing them for a long time. However, when Phoebe opens the present and sees the leather pants she has a meltdown.

5 Something Sinister Is Going On

Remember the time when Carol, Ross’ ex-wife, was giving birth to Ross’ son? Of course, Ross was there for that. But Susan, Carol’s lesbian lover, was also there. As you can probably recall, there was quite a lot of tension between the two as they tried to compete with each other. As a result of all this tension, Phoebe decided to talk with the two and accidentally locked Ross, Susan and herself in a closet.

When Carol finally went into labor, neither Ross nor Susan could be found anywhere. It was Monica and Chandler who looked for them, but we never saw that because the scene was deleted. It’s a shame for it was a funny scene!

4 Ross Scares Phoebe

Another funny scene we never got to see was of Ross scaring Phoebe. In the deleted scene, Phoebe sits at the coffee table in Central Perk and practices her guitar. She is clearly very concentrated on her guitar practice.

Suddenly, Ross comes in, walks over to the sofa where Phoebe is sitting and says “Guess what?” Phoebe, not expecting to see anyone, freaks out and screams. This, in turn, freaks Ross out and he too starts screaming.

Naturally, this bewilders other people at the cafe but Ross calms them down saying – “We’re good, we’re good, we know each other.”

3 Jennifer Aniston And Courteney Cox Body Doubles

Sometimes actors can’t always make it to filming, especially if their role that day is to just simply stand in the background. In these cases, actors are often replaced with stand-ins or body doubles. Of course, these stand-ins are not supposed to make it to the aired episode. However, a small mistake on the part of the editing team sometimes means that they do.

Recently, Friends fans noticed that in season 9 episode 15 (The One With the Mugging) Jennifer Aniston (Rachel) is talking to Joey about his upcoming audition. However, as Joey turns around to talk to an off-screen Monica, Jennifer Aniston suddenly disappears and is replaced by a strange woman. Sure, the woman looks very similar to Aniston – the same facial features, the same body shape, the same hair. But she is wearing a different shirt.

Similarly, in season 8 episode 5 (The One With Rachel’s Date), Phoebe and Monica can be seen sitting in Central Perk. The two are chatting and Monica looks exactly as she should for she is being played by Courteney Cox. However, when the camera focuses on Phoebe, Monica's appearance suddenly changes.

2 Joey’s Brain

We all know that Joey is the dim one in Friends. However, you may be surprised to learn that originally Joey was not supposed to be dim at all. Thus, you could say that Friends writers cut out Joey’s brain to make the show funnier.

How did that happen? Well, when the actor Matt LeBlanc was auditioning for the role of Joey, he put a “different spin” on the character. The writers quickly realized that Joey’s dimness could be a major source of comedy.

Interestingly, LeBlanc also gave his character Joey heart which the Friends actors did not realize that he had.

1 Phoebe Has A Headache

Another scene that we are incredibly sad was deleted is the one where Phoebe has a headache. In the scene, Chandler and Monica are sitting in their apartment eating breakfast when suddenly Phoebe comes in, evidently in a bad mood.

Monica asks Phoebe if she’s okay, to which the latter replies that she has an awful headache. Monica is about to give Phoebe pills when Phoebe says that she does not believe in Western medicine. Apparently, all you have to do is apply pressure to your hand. But it doesn’t exactly work – “If you just apply pressure to these points right here then your hand starts to hurt and you still have a headache.”

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