If You Love Lindsey Pelas These 15 Instagram Models Are Worth Following

Today, fashion is influenced by social media at an unprecedented level. While actresses and musicians were previously the trendsetters, we are now looking to people on platforms like Instagram to get all our style tips. And it really shouldn't surprise anyone. Tons of women have millions of followers on Instagram, and they can really influence the fashion world – maybe even more than commercials or ad campaigns. That's why so many Instagram models these days are getting sponsored and making big bucks. But what it really all comes down to is the fact that these girls often have a great sense of style and fashion, and they post amazing photos of their enviable clothes.

One notable example is Lindsey Pelas. This American Instagram model has millions of followers, and many people are absolutely obsessed with her. While she does have some pretty revealing photos, there are those that would argue that she's actually a really great role model. This is because Pelas has a very curvy body that is unlike the typical fashion model of today. Her curvy body and her thick, hourglass frame shows women that it's okay to have a body that is not the same as a skinny supermodel. Moreover, she totally rocks it and inspires women to show off and be proud of their frames, regardless of what they look like. And her fashion sense is one that really compliments her body type and her curves. But she's hardly the only one...

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15 Emily Sears

via: pinterest.com

One of Lindsey Pelas' best friends is actually Emily Sears, so it should come as no surprise that they share a very similar sense of style. This is also because the two share very similar body types, and clothes that compliment their curvy frames look great on them. Emily Sears has a very clear vision about her fashion sense, and she explains:

"In my opinion the greatest pro that social media has given me, and given other women is the opportunity to engage my own audience and to prove to the industry that there is an audience for models of all body types. It’s refreshing to start seeing online boutiques choosing curvier women, to see the breakdown of an industry that has previously only given curvy models very provocative opportunities. It’s refreshing to see hard working fitness models get the recognition they deserve both as athletes and inspiring people in living healthy lives. It’s refreshing to see hard working stylists and makeup artists and fashion bloggers have control of their platforms and to be compensated and recognized."

14 Sivan Ayla

via: pinterest.com

Another hugely popular Instagram model is Sivan Ayla. She's actually not just a model, but a fashion blogger. While some of the other girls on this list are pretty much just Instagram models, this woman actually makes fashion her main focus when it comes to her online presence. And her sense of style reflects that. Her fashion is pretty similar to Pelas' though, and she really favors loose fitting clothing that show off her bod. When she talks about her ideal clothing, she explains what she looks for:

"Realistic and wearable. I’m big on shopping for the season, rather than splurging on one expensive piece. I’d rather have a whole new wardrobe each season than one expensive t-shirt, you know? However, I love to invest in designer handbags and shoes. Those, to me, are timeless. Surprisingly, I’m into the ruffle trend. I think the way it’s being done is feminine but not over the top. I love anything off the shoulder and I’m seeing a lot of that with a dramatic ruffle here and there."

13 Marcella Portugal

via: pinterest.com

Marcella Portugal is another very popular Instagram model, and not much is actually known about her, besides the fact that she has hundreds of thousands of followers and presumably lives in Portugal. She is one of the prettiest models on Instagram, but she has also proven to have a great fashion sense, and it's not unlike that of Lindsey Pelas. Of course, the two share a lot in common, not counting their style. They are both extremely attractive blondes with great figures.

Marcella Portugal tends to favor more casual styles that go great with the hot weather of Portugal. Because both Pelas and Marcella live in hot climates, they both wear tops with a lot of skin showing. In this picture, Marcella is shown wearing a cute top with slits cut in the back, not only making her look stylish, but also helping her cool down on a hot day. And like Pelas, Marcella seems to favor oversized shades as a great summer fashion statement.

12 Jessa Hinton

via: pinterest.com

Although Jessa Hinton is no longer blonde, at one point she had the classic blonde bombshell look. This model has done it all, from acting on the show Baywatch to modelling, and her Instagram page is incredibly popular. Her curvy body is similar to Pelas', and therefore she wears a lot of clothes that complement her body type. This strapless dress shows off her amazing curves, and it's definitely something that Pelas would wear. Speaking about her love for fashion, Hinton revealed what she likes most about clothes:

"I’ve been designing and sketching since I was probably 11 years old. My mom, in our storage unit, has binders and binders from me. What I would do is I would go through magazines — and that’s probably one of my weaknesses. I spend so much money on every fashion magazine that comes out. Every Vogue, every Vogue Europe. Like every single fashion magazine, it’s ridiculous. So I’ll rip out ideas and then I’ll sketch from that. So I can alter and change everything that I like. Modelling has helped me figure out what looks good on my body and what doesn’t work."

11 Sarah Jean Underwood

via: pinterest.com

Sara Jean Underwood is another very popular girl, both on Instagram and off. She's known for her saucy photoshoots, so in that respect she's not unlike Pelas, who frequently poses in alluring clothes. She's also one of the hottest blondes around, much like Lindsey Pelas. And her style of dress is actually pretty similar to the Instagram star. In this picture, she demonstrates her love for crop tops, as well as her penchant for denim. Both are fashion items that Pelas wears frequently, and it totally fits in with her casual styles that you see her rocking on Instagram so often.

Aside from Instagram, Sara Jean Underwood frequently attends Comic-Con and other events, where she cosplays and enjoys that whole subculture. As a result, tons of guys are obsessed with her, mostly so-called "nerds" who can't get enough of her.

10 Sahara Ray

via: pinterest.com

Sahara Ray is another extremely popular Instagram model, and this one is right up there with Lindsey Pelas and Emily Sears in terms of setting fashion trends with her social media influence. More often than not, you'll see her in a bikini, posing on the beach. But when she's wearing something suitable for the streets, she chooses dresses and styles that are very much trending with other Instagram models. Talking about her style influences, she revealed what she likes to include on her Instagram page:

"My happy place has always been in the ocean. I grew up surfing everyday and was always in a swimsuit. I wanted to create a line that embodied myself: city girl/beach girl. I would call myself a hippie in the city. My job is 24/7, and that’s not an exaggeration. I never sleep! Well, not much at least. I try to delegate as many tasks as possible. I’m still new at this, so I pick the brains of everyone I can, and try to take in and learn as much as I can."

9 Tiffany Toth

via: instagram.com

Tiffany Toth is one of those girl's whose appearance blows you away the first time you see her. That's not unlike Lindsay Pelas, who has a very similar effect on people. As you can see, Tiffany is as blonde as Pelas, and the two actually have very similar bodies. In addition, their sense of style is very similar, and this cute top really demonstrates that. It's casual yet very stylish and alluring. The soft cotton feel is complimented by the slightly seductive plunging neckline. All this is definitely similar to Lindsey Pelas' style.

The two models are also very similar in terms of their background. Both simply love the beach, and as Tiffany Toth reveals, “I love the beach, so I hang out there as much as possible. It’s how I grew up. I always went to the beach with friends, laid out in the sun and rode Jet Skis and bicycles. I still look forward to those summer nights when the sun goes down and you start a bonfire, have a drink and make s’mores.”

8 Galinka Mirgaeva

via: megara.com

Another Russian Instagram model that's definitely worth mentioning is Galinka Mirgaeva. She's actually pretty similar to Olya, in that she comes from the same Russian city, Perm. She actually has well over 2 million followers on Instagram, making her one of the most popular Russian women when it comes to social media. This girl is also famous for her revealing and sensual yet artistic photos, typically posing in little clothing. This is another way in which she is very similar to Lindsay Pelas.

And when she's not posing in lingerie or in a bikini, she chooses styles that are very similar to those favored by other Instagram models. This bright yellow dress is totally something that Lindsey Pelas or Emily Sears would wear. Bright colors are great for Instagram, and the cut and shape of the dress really flatters her figure. Her style, her hair and her choice of footwear is also typical of modern Instagram stars.

7 Anna Nystrom

via: reddit.com

Anna Nystrom is definitely one of the best known Instagram models today. She's a little different from Lindsey Pelas and Emily Sears in that her focus is fitness. As a fitness model, she's not quite in the same category as many of the other models listed in this article, but there's no doubt that she shares a lot of similarities with them, even if her body is way more ripped and muscular. For one thing, she's a beautiful blonde with some amazing curves.

And then there's her sense of style. She frequently wears workout clothes like sportsbras and yoga pants, which Lindsey Pelas sometimes wears on her Instagram page. But her choice of dress in this particular photo is especially similar. She's wearing a simple yet charming dress that hugs her amazing curves and really shows off her hard work, while still remaining quite conservative.

6 Abigail Ratchford

via: pinterest.com

Abigail Ratchford is another Instagram model who does fall into pretty much exactly the same category as Lindsey Pelas. Glamour is a big focus for Abigail Ratchford and Lindsey Pelas, and it's clear that these two have a very similar sense of style. This beautiful dress features an amazing slit that shows off her amazing pins. There's also the case of her very classy heels, which totally complete the look.

Speaking about her sense of style, Ratchford revealed, "I love being able to dress up as different things and plan my shoots with concepts and props. Seeing it all come to life in an image makes me feel pretty amazing. I'm working on some cool beauty stuff now, trying to get more into cosmetics so I can come out with my own products. Also, I plan on coming out with my own lingerie by summer! It's a lot of work, but it's something I've wanted to do for a while."

5 Emily Ratajkowski

via: pinterest.com

Emily Ratjkowski is one name that needs no introduction in the world of Instagram. She's become a household name, on pretty much the same level as Bella Hadid or Kendall Jenner. She started off as an Instagram model, but nowadays she's getting more and more into other areas, such as acting and fashion. And her fashion sense has always been something of note. As you can see, her clean, denim-heavy look is similar to the fashion sense of Lindsey Pelas.

Speaking about her collaboration with the French fashion brand The Kooples, she said, "I've been a big fan of the brand and of their cool ads. I really wanted to do a super structured bag as there's something about a bag. I have about 40, but I only use about four of them and I wanted to find a bag I could take from day to night, to work, on a plane, and one that also functions as a wallet too, as I don’t use a wallet. I love what they had to say about what a bag stands for and I had such fun collaborating."

4 Demi Rose

via: pinterest.com

Demi Rose is another huge name on Instagram, and this young girl hails from England. Her hair might not be blonde, but in terms of her style of dress and her overall vibe, she is very much similar to Australian Instagram star Lindsey Pelas. Her body type is actually extremely similar, as she has amazing curves and shows them off. As such, it should come as no surprise that she chooses a lot of the same kinds of clothes. This dress is a casual yet chic choice for wearing on the street. It also features a plunging neckline which makes Demi Rose's look slightly more alluring. The color of the dress is very much in style, as it is a faded pastel pink which is very pleasing to the eye.

Outside of the world of fashion, Demi Rose is famous for making headlines after dating famous rapper Tyga, who is of course Kylie Jenner's ex. After amassing millions of followers, she moved to LA, where she became a model.

3 Cindy Prado

via: grammio.com

Cindy Prado might not be as popular as some of the other models on this list, but with over 320k followers on Instagram, she's hardly a nobody. This beautiful girl was born in Miami, and as such she knows what it means to live in a beautiful, hot and sunny location like Lindsey Pelas does. This girl has been modelling since the age of 15, and she's also posed for magazines such as FHMShe is of Cuban and Spanish descent.

Her sense of style is very similar to that of Lindsey Pelas. Obviously their body types are very similar, and they have curves in all the same places. And because they both live in hot climates, their sense of style is very similar. Loose, flowing clothing with a touch of glamour is the name of the game for both these women, as are tops and dresses that show off their figures. This dress is definitely something that Lindsey Pelas would wear.

2 Alexis Ren

via: pinterest.com

The final model on this list is none other than Alexis Ren. She's definitely one of the most popular girls on Instagram, and it's not hard to see why. Not only does she have an amazing body and overall image, but she definitely knows how to dress in a very stylish way. She blends classiness with seductiveness very well. Although she might not have the curves of Lindsey Pelas, the two models definitely share a very similar fashion sense.

Speaking about fashion, Alexis Ren revealed, "I'm from L.A. and when you work out in the day you usually stay in your workout clothes. So I always liked it where I can go to meetings in my workout clothes and still feel on it and fashionable. I really wanted something that could go with me and wherever I go I could take it with me and it could be part of my life and story."

1 Olya Abramovich

via: pinterest.com

Of course, beautiful blonde Instagram models with a great sense of fashion are not simply limited to America or Australia. There's also Olya Abramovich, who is a very popular Russian Instagram model. She has well over a million followers, and is one of the most well-known Eastern European women when it comes to social media. Despite rumors, she is unrelated to Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich. She grew up on a small farm in Russia, and now works as a model. She is known for her amazing and alluring photos.

Her fashion sense is also very similar to that of Lindsey Pelas, Emily Sears, and many other Instagram models today. She definitely favors the casual and fun look, and it's clear that she dresses like she lives in a hot locale such as LA or Australia. There's also the matter of her oversized sunglasses, which make her look just like other Instagram models today.

sources: instagram.com

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