Final Fantasy VII: 15 Things You Need To Know About The Remake

It's finally here!'s finally been announced and it's finally on the way. Here's what we know about the Final Fantasy VII remake.

It's been a long time in the making, but it's finally here!'s finally been announced and it's finally on the way. The fabled Final Fantasy VII remake is slated to come out sometime in the next couple of years. And it's going to be awesome. You might think there's no possible way I can truly judge how good this game will be until I'm sitting at home playing it, but you'd be wrong.

There are a number of factors that have gone — and are going — into the making of this game that have convinced me that this will truly be an iconic game all over again. The original creators are on board, there is a new battle system, there will be new additions to the story, the graphics will be a thousand times better, the music will be made with real instruments — there are many factors.

Of course, there are some downfalls. Square-Enix has wasted time toying with a previous PS2 remake as well as releasing an enhanced version of the original game on PS4. They might take away some story elements that hardcore fans will despise. And who knows, maybe some people will not like the new combat system. But read on to find out some must-know things surrounding the remake!

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15 If You Can't Wait, The Original Is On PS4

For those of you who just can't wait to get FFVII for your PS4, you don't have to! You can download the game right now. To be fair, it's just the original version enhanced slightly for the new console, but you can at least sit down and play through it. And why not? If you go through the original game on your PS4, then when the remake comes out you can do an even comparison. That being said, you could probably blitz through the original, and then go through the first instalment of the remake before the second part even comes out, but at least you'll have the ability to compare it. If you do download the original game, you end up with an amazing theme for your console. It plays Aeris' theme, has a beautiful wallpaper, and all of the function sounds are now effects from the game. It's pretty wonderful.

14 New Locations And Discarded Moments

So here is a scary thing indeed. The developers at Square-Enix have been vocal about the notion of cutting certain bits from the original story in order to make room for the amazing look, with some new features and locations. This does sound intriguing, though. Having new places to explore with the new dynamic character view sounds awesome. But there's a little bit of fear here. Some people have done remakes of this game before for ROMs and to pass around online. Obviously, they're working with much less, but they often cut characters like Yuffi and Vincent. I shudder to think of Vincent being cast aside from the game (especially when he had his own bad spin-off with Dirge of Cerberus). Hopefully, the developers really do listen to their fans and will only do away with what they know people won't miss. I am looking forward to new discoveries, though.

13 We Get To Hear Our Favourite Characters

Some of you may be happy to know that the voice actors from Advent Children will be the very same voice actors for the game. That's right! You'll actually hear Cloud speak in this version of the game! You'll have all the ridiculous dialogue between him and Barret while they bicker about what's worth fighting for! You'll hear Aeris' sweet voice. You'll get chills listening to Sephiroth going insane in the flashback of him burning the village to the ground. It's going to be amazing. You may already have made up in your heads just what the characters sounded like back in 1997, but I am sure that this will make everything much easier and better for you to experience. I personally can't wait to hear Cid yelling and swearing at everyone and everything. It's going to be a great time and well worth the wait.

12 No More Midi Music!

Alright. So the music is going to change. I know, that sounds depressing, right? How could you change Aeris' theme? Or Sephiroth's theme? How could you change that wonderfully irritating battles and boss music? Or even the Turks' wicked theme? Well, it's not that kind of change. That music will likely all still be there, but there is one key difference that will make it all infinitely better. It won't be midi anymore! No more of that synthetic orchestral garbage sound. This game won't sound like an 8-bit SNES game. Oh no, Nobuo Uematsu will have real, recorded instruments from a real-life orchestra in there. The experience of this game is going to be unreal when it comes to the audio. They could mess up all of the sound effects and it would still be amazing, because the score of the game will be one of the best game scores ever to exist.

11 New Combat Mechanics

This is a very important update for FFVII. Why? You're fully entitled to ask. The answer is the creators are using the Unreal 4 Engine to power the game! This is the same engine that powers games like Ace Combat 7, Dead Island 2, Fortnite, and Gear of War 4! These are not poorly pixelated, unpolished games by any stretch of the imagination. Imagine this clear, amazing, graphically superior version of FFVII coming to life! Add to it that the view with which you will follow Cloud is much more akin to FFXV, and there is pure gold to be had. And imagine, if you will, not just the sleek look of the combat, but the incredible, awe-inspiring look of the summons that will obviously appear in the game. Bahamut is going to look so awesome in this new engine! Not to mention doing away with that Action Time Battle structure of the first version.

10 It Will Be Episodic...Kind Of

Yes, the game will be episodic. Or rather, it will come in several parts. It seems that Square-Enix doesn't like to use the term episodic to describe the FFVII remake. And that makes sense. No one wants to pay up as they play through many chapters of the game. But that's not exactly what's happening here. You must remember that the original version of the game was printed on three discs for the PS1. Now, it's true that the third disc only really had a few extra things, and then the final dungeon and cut scenes, but it was still necessary. Imagine making the game dynamically more amazing, adding astounding new graphics, and trying to shove it all on one disc. No way. I'm not aware of any games now that come with several discs, so it makes sense that instead of going that route, they will basically be releasing two or three games that make up the whole of FFVII. They just better allow for a lot of extra stuff while hardcore gamers wait for the next instalment.

9 Full Remake! Not Just A Remaster

While everyone has spent their time complaining about how long the game has been taking to be released, there's something that people may not have fully realized. This isn't just a remaster of the game. This is a full remake. That includes changing bits and pieces of the story, as well as the combat engine, as well as the music, as well as the graphics. It is a complete overhaul. But should that make you worry? Absolutely not! Cloud is still going to be cross-dressing at some point. Sephiroth will still waste Aeris (sad as that is... but imagine how much more soul-crushing that sequence will be now). Maybe you won't have as many people to date at Goldsaucer. Maybe the weapons will have changed somewhat. But then again, maybe you won't have to spend so long wandering around Midgar before you start exploring the world!

8 Social Justice Issues

Here's an interesting point that no one in 1997 was really thinking about at all. Some of you may have noticed that there's been an incredible surge in what are called “social justice warriors”. While some of what they do is worthwhile, they basically spend most of their time crying about how everyone is sensitive and should never be challenged. That being said, when FFVII first came out, it was nothing for a “manly” guy like Cloud to get dolled up in a pretty dress and pose as a prostitute, but people also forget that he's working as a terrorist. Now, however, not only will Cloud be dressing up as a woman, there is some serious concern that this will cause an upset with certain groups of people. Personally, I think the Honey Bee Inn stuff, and the AVALANCHE stuff is just fine. If this fantasy universe really offends people, then they better find a safe space elsewhere.

7 Real-Time Combat!

This is perhaps one of the greatest aspects of the upcoming remake. Once upon a time (actually not all that long ago) Final Fantasy games were turn-based. The system was called Action Time Battle. Basically, everyone had a meter that would gauge when an attack could be made. While that did usually give you a ton of time to think about how you were going to waste an enemy or go get some pizza pockets, the new system is far better! The new FFVII will feature real-time combat. It's essentially the same system as is used in FFXV. You will have to plan your battle strategy on the fly, and you won't be able to use Cloud to fight off anything flying overhead. You're going to have to switch over to Barret to shoot the bloody things down. And that's going to be something pretty special about the game, and about levelling. No more waiting for random encounters. You will see the enemy coming. Maybe you'll sneak up on them. Either way, it's going to be great.

6 There Was A PS2 Remake...?

“Square has announced that it will release the remakes of Final Fantasy VII, VIII, and IX for the PlayStation 2 in individual packages. Each will be in DVD-ROM format, with graphical and audio enhancements. Additionally, special features will be included in the remake discs. No release information has been disclosed on the three Final Fantasy remakes at this time.” This was a press release back in 2006. I'm sure you already know that there was never any such game release, and that might make you worry even more about this current remake for the PS4. But I have a feeling this one will actually hit shelves sometime in the next two years. FFVII and FFIX have both had their original releases put out on the PS4 with very few enhancements. And while it was a tease to mention something about a PS2 remaster release 11 years ago, at least they're making good with releasing actual screenshots and info on this whole new remake.

5 They're Bringing Back The Original Creators

Yoshinori Kitase, Nomura and Kazushige Nojima, the original producer, director, and writer are the ones that are making the remake. That is some awesome news. They made the original game. Imagine what they could with all of the new technology at their disposal. It's true, they could maybe go overboard and change so much that they lose sight of the original experience, but I have a strong feeling that this won't happen. Nomura, in an interview with Digital Spy at E3 stated, "The availability of these three key members finally aligned, and we were able to see a window in which we can start the production with these creators. It made it possible for us to move forward with the project." They are the heart and soul of this game; the original and the remake (well maybe Uematsu, the game's composer, is the soul, given his beautiful music). There is every reason why those waiting for this game should be confident that it will be amazing.

4 What's The Release Date?!

Unfortunately, this is something that can't be answered here in this article. But that doesn't mean we can't speculate. After all, the last few game conventions didn't feature any information about the remake (for the most part). I think that means that Square-Enix really wanted to wait until they had some kickass gameplay to show off to their fans. If that's the case, then we're not going to see this game until at least 2018 (especially since there are only a couple of months left to 2017). It seems likely that if it does come out in 2018, it will be late in the year. Hopefully, the official date will be announced at the next E3 or Playstation Experience. If not, then we're not going to be throwing Cloud at Shinra soldiers until some time in 2019. It sounds like a long time, but I still think that, given everything that needs to come together, I'd rather they get it right.

3 It's Going To Take A Long Time, But It'll Be Worth It!

A lot of people have been complaining about just how long it has been taking to make this game. Considering that the game was first made 20 years ago, I guess there's every reason why people might be a bit antsy. Rumors may not have really started about the remake until 13 years ago, but that's still a long time to wait for a game. But again, to be fair, the official announcement for the remake wasn't until 2015. So, that's only been two years. I get that die-hard fans are losing their minds that it's finally happening, but considering the work that has to be done, several years makes total sense. Imagine how many years it took to make The Last Of Us. Now that is a great game, but FFVII has so much more to see and do. So, you might think it's taking forever, but I think it will be well worth the wait.

2 Just How Relevant Is This Remake Right Now?

Alright, so the remake of the game was announced back in 2015, and it probably won't be released until 2019, but talking about it this year is pretty damn relevant. Why? Because it's the 20th anniversary of the original Final Fantasy VII release. That's a big deal. It's been a long time. And sure, the actual release of the remake won't happen during such a significant milestone, but it's important to recognize just how long people have worked on the universe of FFVII. The Final Fantasy franchise is probably the best known, or at least the most expansive, of any game franchise. And amid that, the FFVII realm is basically its own franchise. It has spawned several games, comics, and even films! Nobuo Uematsu has toured the world playing his Final Fantasy music with his orchestra for years! This game, both the original and the remake, are very important to the gaming world. The success of this game means a lot to the franchise as a whole.

1 The First Rumors Of A Remake

It took only six years for the rumors to really start in earnest about the idea of there being a remake for Final Fantasy VII. That's how amazing a game it truly was/is. All it took was a Final Fantasy film in 2001 and a surge of games that related, in one way or another, to the FFVII universe, and suddenly everyone is drooling for a remake. And it's not like there haven't been hints along the way. But as soon as one worker from Square-Enix would say it was a possibility, another would say there is no way that it would ever be done. Thankfully, that possibility has come to life in an amazing way. But just think about that. Thirteen years ago there were rumors about what we are experiencing today; imagine the difference in graphics and dynamics from then till now! I'll be totally honest, I'm glad they waited so long.

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Final Fantasy VII: 15 Things You Need To Know About The Remake