15 Hotties From Fast And Furious: Where Are They Now?

Ever since The Fast and the Furious zoomed onto movie screens in 2001, the franchise has given us hot cars, even hotter guys, and totally insanely sexy babes in abundance. Why do we love it? What's not to love? You've got hot guys and girls, illegal street racing, heists, superhero antics, and seemingly impossible stunts featuring flying cars, smashups, and feats of daring acts that leave fans sitting on the edge of their seats and begging for more. Way back in 2001, nobody saw the most successful franchise ever in movie history coming. But it did come, amassing more than $4 billion in box office receipts. And by the time The Fate of the Furious is done, the total will probably swell to over $5 billion. It won't last, the critics once said. But when in April of 2017, The Fate of the Furious smashed the record for the largest global opening weekend box office with a staggering $532 million worldwide, well, there was talk of spin-offs and more films. Here are 15 hot babes from the Fast and Furious franchise that make bad look, oh so good. Some have come and gone and some have been around since the first film in 2001. They're hot, into cars, into guys, and ready for action.


15 Jordana Brewster

From the very first flick in 2001, Jordana played Mia, the hot sister of bad boy racer Dom Toretto (Vin Diesel). She was all loved up with Brian O'Connor, the CIA Agent turned thief, who was played by Paul Walker. Then, tragedy struck in 2013. On a break from filming Furious 7, Paul Walker was killed in a fiery car crash when a Porsche being driven by his friend, Roger Rodas, slammed into a tree. Somehow, using Walker's look-alike brothers and CGI, the filmmakers managed to finish the film and in the final scenes, Brian and Mia, with their son, drive into the figurative sunset. Bye bye, Mia. But don't worry about the talented Jordana. These days she's strutting her stuff in TV's Lethal Weapon. 

14 Eva Mendes


Eva Mendes made a brief appearance as Monica Fuentes in 2 Fast 2 Furious in 2003, and again in 2011's Fast Five. It was a small part, you see. If you blinked, you might have missed her. She was playing (guess what?) a hot Latina, a gig that she's got down to a fine science. She went on to make Girl in Progress and Lost River. And these days? She does the talk show thing and is totally all loved up with Hollywood's favorite boy toy and star of La La Land, Ryan Gosling. And, yes, he is officially a boy toy, as he is 36 years old, some seven years younger than 43-year-old Eva. If there's a list of the hottest Hollywood cougars, Eva Mendes would probably be most guy's numero uno choice. Ryan is not complaining one little bit.

13 Gal Gadot

She's been motorcycle riding hottie Gisele in three Fast and Furious films, beginning in 2009. And since then? Well, she's done the Wonder Woman (Diana Prince) thing in several films, including 2017's Justice League. And she was so totally hot and awesome as Wonder Woman in 2016's blockbuster Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Wonder Woman got her own stand-alone film, called (no surprises here) Wonder Woman. But you'll have to wait until June of 2017 to see this totally awesome, mind-blowing film. It's gonna be big and we confidently predict it will totally promote Gal Gadot to the Superhero Hall of Fame, if there were one. Apparently, she and the film are amazing.

12 Elsa Pataky


Don't mess with Elena Neves. Elsa Pataky owns the role of a tough Brazilian cop who Luke Hobbs (Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson) recruits. Elena ends up helping Hobbs and Dom (Vin Diesel) pull off an audacious bank robbery involving hauling an entire bank vault through the streets of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She and Dom get involved romantically and end up having a son together. She and son Marcos, have a spot of bother thanks to The Fate of the Furious villain Cipher (Charlize Theron). Out in the real world, Elsa is married to Thor (Australian actor Chris Hemsworth). Look for her in 2018 starring alongside hubby Chris Hemsworth, in CIA-take-on-the-Taliban blockbuster Horse Soldiers. She's gonna be bad. And that's good, we think.

11 Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron is Cipher, the nasty, hacking, man-eating villain in 2017's The Fate of the Furious. It appears she has seduced Dom over to her dark side. WTF? They even make out in front of Letty! That's mean and low down, big time. For much of the movie, Cipher is either hitting on Dom or sitting behind banks of computers making things like submarines break through the ice and chasing our good guys. Does she win the day? No spoilers here. Go and see the film. The 30-something South African actress also did a star turn in 2015's Mad Max: Fury Road as the scary Imperator Furiosa. Charlize looks darn fine in just about anything. And she's smoking hot alongside Vin Diesel. Their chemistry is complicated, but hot.

10 Michelle Rodriquez


The babes in the Fast and Furious universe can be divided into two categories. First, there are the arm candy hot babes riding bikes or strutting down a beach showing lots of cleavage and hearing wolf whistles from bay watchers. The second? Well, Letty (Michelle Rodriquez) is the quintessential Latina bad-girl hot babe. She's an illegal street racer who can give the guys a run for their money. She packs a mean punch and an array of big a** guns. She's the kind of babe you don't want to be enemies with. And when Dom seems to go over to the dark side with Cipher, she is...well...pissed off. Michelle Rodriquez has totally owned Letty since the first film way back in 2001. She is like a male Dom...but hotter. And we predict she'll go on rocking Letty as long as Fast and Furious goes on making films. Letty is hot. Letty is handy. And Letty kicks a** with the rest of the team.

9 Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey burst onto the MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fight scene back in 2010. And in 2015, she was the totally bad a** villain, Kara, the bodyguard of a prince from Abu Dhabi, in Furious 7. No prizes for guessing who she famously fights in the film. Yep, none other than another bad girl, Letty. So what happens? Let's just put it this way; in a scene that veers from comic one-liners to a martial arts battle of the divas, Letty leaves Kara unconscious on the floor, wipes her hands, and walks away. Unfortunately, since that famous defeat, our Ronda has gone on to experience real defeats in the ring. Back in December of 2016, Amanda Nunes TKO'd Ronda at UFC 207. Even worse? The knockout came only 48-seconds in the first round. Ouch! She had better success on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimwear Edition, though.


8 Iggy Azalea


Were you surprised to see singer Iggy Azalea's appearance in Furious 7? Well, she certainly was. See, she thought she would be on and off in the blink of an eye. Only, it didn't work out like that. She was (wait for it) a female racer. Hey, she's thinking, I'll just wave a flag or something and that'll be it. Not so. First, she got a car. Then, she got some lines. Then her character becomes friends with Dom. She was pleasantly surprised and said, "I'm kind of the head of this monster truck crew of people and I'm, like, the girl in charge and I have this big truck." Whoa! That appearance in the film is a rare occurrence for Iggy, and it is probably just about the only time she ever actually "acted." If you can call it that.

7 Rita Ora

Hottie English singer Rita Ora had a "blink and you'll miss me" moment in Fast and Furious 6. Her part? She's a race starter who...well...waves a flag and starts the race. The 20-something Yugoslavian London-based singer/actress can be seen these days sitting alongside Simon Cowell as a judge on The X Factor. After her brief appearance waving a flag in the sixth film, she went on to land the role of Mia in 50 Shades of Grey. What did the critics think of her? Well, to sum it up, Rita, don't give up the singing just yet. But an actress? Not. Well, a girl can't have everything, can she?

6 Gina Carano


It seems that Fast & Furious 6 was full of hot babes who can kick a**.  In that film, MMA star Gina Carano made an appearance as Riley, Hobbs' reliable assistant. The only thing is that things get complicated and pretty soon you realize that good old Riley is a sneaky spy. She did a pretty good job as the assistant who isn't what she seems to be. And, unlike Ronda Rousey, Gina has had some considerable success in building up an acting career, having landed a part in Ryan Reynolds' runaway blockbuster hit, Deadpool. She played a chick called Angel Dust. In 2017, she'll star as post-apocalyptic bounty hunter, Gage in Scorched Earth. Trust us. You don't want Gage coming after you.

5 Amber Stevens West

2006's Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift is actually not a fan favorite. There's no Vin Diesel or The Rock in sight. Some of the street race scenes are wicked, but the film often gets lost in the shuffle. Way back then, a very young Amber Stevens starred as a...guess what? Yes, a cheerleader. Cute, hot! Amber is a real life Beverley Hills, 90210 born and bred kind of babe. Since Tokyo Drift, she's gotten married and been crazy busy in television and movies, landing juicy roles in Criminal Minds, 22 Jump Street, Grey's Anatomy, and The Amazing Spider-Man. In Hollywood, she is that rare kind of star; somebody nobody seems to have a bad word to say about.

4 Talia O'Neal


There are chicks who hit Hollywood in a big way. While there are others that hit Hollywood and then kind of disappear. Talia O'Neal was a "hottie with the body" in the first film, The Fast and the Furious, way back in 2001. No prizes for guessing that she was a briefly seen babe. Blink a couple of times and you would have totally missed her. She did a few other films which are mostly forgettable. These days she's only showing up at car shows like Miami's Forgiato Fest. IMDb lists four films that she was involved in, beginning with 2001's The Fast and the Furious. She's still the kind of babe with a muscle car fronting her Facebook page. And yes, she's still a "hottie with a body", big time!

3 Amanda Dixon

What can we tell you about Amanda Dixon? Well, she's the kind of in-your-face chick who appeared in Age of Love, Bachelor wannabe where hot girls date a famous tennis player to see who gets the prize (the guy). She didn't win, having been booted off on the sixth show. She made a brief appearance in 2011's Fast Five. She was a "party hard" kind of girl. It was a very brief, almost "blink and you'll miss it" kind of thing. And her character? Think trailer park hottie. Since then? Well, she had a brief stint on Trailer Made, about a group of dysfunctional trailer park housewives who win the lottery. No, we're not kidding. It didn't last long. Thank heavens.

2 Naureen Zaim


Pakistani-Irish Naureen Zaim is an American model, actress, artist, and (oh yeah) boxer. She was a hot girl (among many hot girls) in 2009's Fast & Furious. You probably also remember her as a hot girl in Wedding Crashers. One really interesting thing about this hottie is that she was in Perfect 10 Model Boxing. What was that exactly? It was a boxing competition for women with "admirable" boobs. That, we think, means big, busty and lusty. We don't think she won it, but she looked great losing. In case you want to look it up, she competed under the title, "The Dream." And we can certainly see why.

1 Clara Paget

These days, English model/actress Clara Paget is knocking them dead as the wench Anne Bonny in a pirate fest show, Black Sails. In 2013's Fast & Furious 6, she played Vegh, baddie Owen Shaw's right-hand person. She and Shaw are working on Nightshade, a device that can take down power grids. They're going to sell it to the highest bidder. Vegh's doing stuff like invading Interpol headquarters and being chased by good guy Brian O'Connor. It doesn't end well for Vegh. Something about a car crash and going up in smoke. She's a kind of evil twin to good guy Brian. Come to think of it, there are times when Brian is not all that good.

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