Enzo's Gone From The WWE: 16 Others That Can Join Him On The Unemployment Line

Before the Raw 25 show, it was unveiled that Enzo Amore was suspended by the company indefinitely. Following the show the very next day, the Cruiserweight Champion was released by the company sending shock waves around the WWE Universe. New details have emerged and according to the recent news, Amore is being charged for a touchy situation, however the validity of the story still remains up in the air. Despite the fact that the allegations might not be true, the company was not too pleased that Amore held out on telling the WWE about the situation. Along with that, he already had major heat and the offense was seen as the final strike by a number of backstage officials.

With Amore’s departure, we couldn’t help but to think, in the words of Goldberg: “who’s next?” Whether it be a release pertaining to bad behavior outside of the ring or a diminished role in the company, some of these wrestlers might be on the WWE’s chopping block.

From Neville to Paige, we’ll examine lots of talents that might join Enzo in the near future. Enjoy and like always, be sure to share the article with a friend. Without further ado, here are 16 other WWE Superstars that can join Enzo Amore on the unemployment line. Let’s get started!

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16 Daniel Bryan - New Japan?

This release might be out of the WWE’s control. According to the latest gossip, Bryan fully intends on returning to the ring, however which ring remains up in the air at this point with the WWE still not clearing Daniel Bryan medically. With his contract set to run out near the end of 2018, we might be seeing the last of Bryan with rumored interest elsewhere; indie promotions include ROH and New Japan as possible destinations for Daniel.

We hope he’ll eventually get the clearance, however already knowing what the WWE knows about his past head issues, it wouldn’t shock us if that clearance doesn’t come, which would result in a shocking departure. Unlike most on this list, this release might be out of the WWE’s hands.

15 Neville - Frozen Out Of His WWE Contract?

As of mid-November, talks seemed to be going positively. The rumor mill indicated that Neville was set to return during WWE’s European tour; the kicker? He was to return as a part of the SmackDown Live brand away from 205 Live, an idea many agreed was the right one.

Just a month later in mid-December, it was said that those same talks came to an abrupt end. It turns out both sides could not agree to a deal and once again, Neville is on the sidelines getting paid for doing absolutely nothing. We would love to see a Rumble return, however at this point, that likely does not seem to be the case. It’s a shame but the likely scenario seems to be Neville getting frozen out of his WWE contract until it expires. He’ll then join former foe Enzo Amore on the unemployment line. He won’t be a free agent for too long if that is to be the case.

14 Sheamus - Neck Injury

We’ve seen neck injuries end various WWE careers, but who can forget Edge’s emotional WWE departure announcing his abrupt retirement due to ongoing neck issues? A couple of current talents are undergoing similar circumstances nowadays (we’ll include the other one a little later in the article) and that includes WWE veteran Sheamus.

WWE officials are well aware of Sheamus’ neck troubles behind the scenes. For that reason, they’ve protected his neck from some severe bumps in his latest matches. He’s inching close to his 40s and with such problems ongoing, it won’t be too shocking if the WWE decides to pull him from in-ring competition sooner rather than later. However, due to his longevity with the company, he might be offered a spot internally instead of finding his way onto the unemployment line.

13 Big Cass - Joining Former Tag Team Partner On The Unemployment Line?

At one point, both Cass and Enzo were looked at as massive building blocks towards the future of the WWE. Now, in 2018, Enzo was recently released by the company while Big Cass is a forgotten face currently on the sidelines rehabbing from an injury. Yes, things have a way of turning quickly in the wrestling business, and Enzo and Cass have faced the wrong side of that in recent months.

Cass was at one point viewed as a future Universal Champion, though he lost all of that momentum following a terrible feud and set of matches against The Big Show. Making matters worse, he was injured shortly after the program. One must believe that he’ll be on a short leash with the company once he returns - if he fails to impress early on, he’ll be joining his former tag partner on the unemployment line.

12 The Singh Brothers - Frozen Out And Released?

An untimely injury can destroy the career of a certain WWE Superstar; we’ve seen that lots of times in the past. Even poor Summer Rae never got to return following her hiatus, she was instead frozen out until her contract expired.

The Singh brothers are hoping this won’t be the case for them as well. Managing Jinder Mahal, the duo managed to solidify a position within the company during Jinder’s prominent run. Times have unfortunately changed now with Mahal following down the pecking order and as if that wasn’t bad enough, poor Samir just suffered an ACL injury keeping him out for both the Rumble and WrestleMania. Who knows where Mahal will be by then? If the WWE has nothing for the duo creatively, they’ll likely be frozen out and released.

11 Rich Swann - Suspended Indefinitely... For Now

With Vince McMahon’s recent XFL announcement, he made it clear that those with a criminal record won’t be tolerated in the league. Vince set an early example of what is to come by releasing Enzo Amore following the allegations of an assault charge. Rich Swann, for the time being, should consider himself lucky as he was shockingly not released after his mugshot for assault surfaced, but instead, was suspended indefinitely.

It turns out that the decision was the right one as Swann’s partner recently dropped all the charges. Still, the WWE will likely take their time in bringing back Swann and perhaps, they might even consider freezing his contract out, given the negative publicity his name ushered in. Regardless of what takes place, it’s hard to imagine the WWE giving Swann any type of push following such bad press.

10 Dana Brooke - Unemployed In The Near Future?

Dana Brooke hasn’t broken any laws, instead she’s suffered the consequences of a lesser in-ring ability compared to her peers. She was rushed onto the main roster following a two-year stint with NXT, given the fact that she entered the WWE with no prior experience; she should have been given more time to work on her craft. Brooke was just starting to thrive with NXT and then, she got an abrupt call up which has only hurt her thus far.

Brooke has become an afterthought in large part thanks to her lack of in-ring skills. The WWE has taken her out of the ring recently putting her in a managerial role in the Titus Worldwide stable. She seems better suited for the role and has great charisma, however we don’t believe that’ll be enough to grant her a new WWE deal. Given the amount of competition in the division, Brooke being unemployed in the near future seems like a big-time possibility.

9 The Ascension - Pulling The Plug In 2018?

NXT success does not translate onto the main roster; we’ve seen examples of that more times than not. The Ascension is one of the most glaring examples as the most dominant tag team down in developmental. However, once they debuted on the main roster, that luster was completely gone. They became afterthoughts and many forget that the duo is still with the company nowadays.

Both came such a long way; Chris Jericho revealed on his Podcast that Viktor would literally camp out of the Performance Center living in his car till he was offered a contract by the company. At the very least, both members of the team made some coin with the company on a consistent basis in the last couple of years. However, with their diminished role, it wouldn’t shock us if the WWE pulled the plug at some point in 2018.

8 Heath Slater & Rhyno - A Love For Politics...

Both Rhyno and Heath Slater managed to resurface their careers during the launch of the brand split. They were an underdog duo that became massive fan favorites; they ended up winning the Tag Titles which was a welcomed sight for WWE fans. Now, in early 2018, the duo are back to being afterthoughts, some would even fail to recognize that they’re now a part of the Raw roster.

Age 42, Rhyno’s due to retire from the WWE. With passions outside of sports entertainment (which includes a love for politics), a release really wouldn’t surprise too many. As for Heath, he isn’t all that old at 34, however he’s been in the WWE system for over a decade - some would argue that his character as grown stale and perhaps it's best for both sides that Heath moves on.

7 Tamina - Time To Part Ways

As we stated with Dana earlier, the women’s division is starting to get crowded with loaded rosters on all brands, including NXT, Raw and SmackDown Live. For that reason, lots of female Superstars have been forgotten about and that includes the veteran Tamina. No disrespect to the vet, but would anyone really notice if she wasn’t on television any longer? You’re lying if you said yes.

With the WWE since 2010, the daughter of the late Jimmy Snuka has yet to win a Women’s Championship and at the age of 40, that seems less and less likely given the new crop of talents constantly emerging. Since her debut, Tamina has mostly been utilized as a background player whether that be as the manager of the Usos or bodyguard for AJ Lee. It might finally be time for the company to part ways.

6 Lio Rush - One More Strike: Release

The signing of Lio Rish was met with a huge roar of approval by independent wrestling fans. The 23 year old dazzled on the indie scene before the WWE, and many were hoping to see those skill in an NXT ring and that’s exactly what happened with the signing.

Call it youth, but Rush destroyed his public image among his peers after making insensitive comments pertaining to Emma’s WWE release. He was blasted by numerous WWE employees along with the fans; things got so bad that Rush even disabled the comments section of his social page on Instagram. He’s been featured on NXT television twice, with both matches resulting in losses. He’s picking up steam at live events recently, however he’s on a short leash since his disturbing comments. You've got to believe one more strike is likely to result in his release.

5 R-Truth - Pulled From The Ring?

At the age of 46, Truth is still employed by the WWE; that’s what happens when you’re in the good graces of Mr. McMahon for so many years. For those of you wondering, no, Truth is not released, instead he’s been nursing an injury as of late resulting in his hiatus from the company for now.

As we said, the veteran is 46; putting things into perspective, he began wrestling during the mid-90s (if you can believe it). Similar to Sheamus who was mentioned earlier in the article, it’s possible that the WWE pulls him from the ring and instead of releasing him, they offer the vet a position internally behind the scenes. A father of five and residing in North Carolina, Truth still needs to pay the bills, hopefully the WWE does not leave him hanging.

4 TJ Perkins - Release Papers Or Walking Out?

205 Live has been an absolute disaster from the start. Perkins was the first ever winner of the Cruiserweight Classic tournament; the entire ordeal was met with massive excitement from WWE fans. Thinking of the Cruiserweights getting their own brand seemed incredible, though we’ve gotten the exact opposite.

Things for Perkins haven’t been any better either, not only did he quickly lose his championship, but was he forced into changing his name to TJP due to the fact that Vince McMahon hates the Perkins restaurant... Yes, true story. If the 205 Live show doesn’t revamp, we can easily see the scenario of Perkin either getting release papers or choosing to walk out of the company himself given his obvious talents currently being wasted away. Being unemployed might be better for the talented 33 year old at this point.

3 Zack Ryder - Stagnant Career

Following the Ryder Revolution, WWE Superstar Zack Ryder really hasn’t done all that much. He had a monumental WrestleMania moment winning the IC Championship, though it was all for nothing as he lost the title a day later to The Miz. He was in a Tag Team alongside Mojo Rawley most recently, since their split however, everything remains up in the air (pertaining to what’s next for Zack).

A part of the WWE since 2005, it might be time for Ryder to look elsewhere. His career has been stagnant for quite some time and perhaps a stint on the indie scene can help resurface his value. Still quite young at the age of 32, Ryder has time to make the jump, though it must take place sooner rather than later.

2 The Revival - Another Recently Released NXT Act?

The Revival were a rare example of an old school tag team thriving. They became extremely over down in NXT and many salivated at the numerous tag bouts they could be having up on the main roster. Instead, an untimely injury hurt their momentum and making matters worse, they just put over Anderson and Gallows during a recent edition of Raw. Things aren’t the best for the duo.

According to word backstage, Vince was apparently none too pleased with the duo following a promo on Raw in which they stated they were not WWE Superstars but pro wrestlers. They’ve been booked terribly thus far and we wouldn’t be too shocked if such booking continued, resulting in both sides parting ways even before the duo scratched the surface on the main roster. We hope we’re very wrong about this assumption and they don’t become another recently released NXT act.

1 Paige - Potential Release?

The WWE has zero tolerance when it comes to controversy outside of the ring. For that reason, it was truly shocking to see Paige not only keep her job with the company but return to television altogether as a prominent act. The company believes in her abilities, evidently.

Recently however, things took another shocking twist as Paige suffered a terrible neck injury during a live event. It was later revealed that doctors had ordered for Paige not to return initially due to the seriousness of her neck condition. Nonetheless, despite the retirement rumors, Paige recently posted a backstage video showing her neck being fully functional. With a desire to return, perhaps the WWE will have no other choice but to release the talent if she does intend on returning (similar to Daniel Bryan). We can also see Paige brewing up more controversy in her personal life, which might also result in a potential release. At the end of the day, most fans would want to see Paige back in a WWE ring if possible.

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