Dwayne Johnson's Tailored Suits (And 14 Other Celebs With The Most Fashionable Suits)

Is there anything as stylish as a good suit? A stylish and well-trimmed man in good three-piece can steal anyone's breath away and draw eyes in any situation. When you're trying to promote a major motion picture around the world, then you need that kind of attention. Put it on the right guy, and the right suit could catch the eyes of the entire world. And when it comes to the current world, the biggest stars in movies and sports tend to compete with one another on the red carpet over who can look the most stylish. Many of the biggest men in the world have been trying to one-up one another when it comes to their suit collections, but some of them are doing a better job of it than the others.

A couple of the most impressive suit choices that recent celebs have brought to the table have been partly in thanks to brilliant designers, or by working with fellow trendsetters. Sometimes it's even because the specific star happens to have a good eye for fashion themselves. There are bright and unique takes on the suit that some of these stars have pioneered, and others who remind us all why the classic suit styles have been the standard for so long. These celebs remind us why women love seeing men wearing a nicely tailored suit – it is simply an incredible look on any man. Here are some major Hollywood stars who are getting our attention with their suit game.

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15 Ryan Gosling Loves A Bold Suit

via: Sal Lauretta For Men

Ryan Gosling has gone the full gauntlet of celebrity, transforming from just another member of the Disney Mouseketeers into one of the biggest stars on the planet. He’s picked up a great sense of humor and a refreshingly casual attitude towards his status, a style that’s reflected in his clothing choices. The man has pulled out impressive suits in a wide variety of colors, reminding us all that the finest suits don’t just need to be the same boring colors all over again. He pops out in pictures of the most beautiful people in the world, and it’s partly because he’s not afraid to embrace the burgundy or plaid. He’ll bust out velvet slippers that work perfectly well with any evening get up on top of it, managing to be the comfiest star on the red carpet.

14 Bradley Cooper Brings Back Pinstripes

via: Hedford

Bradley Cooper is considered the suavest bro in Hollywood, the smoothest operator in a town full of them. Even though he’s been an Academy Award nominated leading man for over a decade now, this king of Hollywood never feels out of place or overly stuffy. He does this by wearing a dark, narrow suit when he has to look at the top of his game. But it’s when he can relax a little bit that his style really comes into its own, thanks to his Schott Men’s American Bomber College Jacket. Cooper has been wearing multiple versions of this jacket for years, working with a variety of color schemes like navy blue and marine green. Cooper reminds us that with the right suit, aviator sunglasses can still work.

13 Dwayne Johnson Shows How A Checkered Suit Is Done Right

via: Life of Film

Dwayne Johnson has been in the public eye since he was a big name wrestler in the WWE. But in the last fifteen years, he’s become one of the biggest stars in the world thanks to his towering frame and easy charm. But the man has also learnt how to rock a suit, making every other guy wish they could pull off those kind of looks. His most personally tailored recent look, which he showed off at the premiere for Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, manages to be comfortable but dignified. It mixes a sleek black turtleneck with an Isaia plaid suit. But he can work with ever louder plaid suits, ranging from deep darks to playful light colors. He may not pull out his wrestling outfit much anymore, he’s more than made it up with his on point suit game.

12 Idris Elba Knows How To Layer Over His Suits

via: BBC

Idris Elba works with an entire range of clothing, always making his style choices seem effortless whether he’s just wearing a simple polo or making an entire wardrobe work all at once. For no better example, look at his style and design from when he played the titular character in Luther. His style works despite the sheer number of textures involved with the look chiefly due to the precise layering he employs in the outfit. Despite the apparent ease he always seems to be at in interviews, his suit choices are still incredibly well thought-out and designed. It blends together a sleek coat, blazer, tie, and dark chinos to create an impressive effect. He’s able to make the primarily monotone color scheme work perfectly for him.

11 Michael Fassbender Keeps It Classic

via: Fashion IE

Michael Fassbender has been an indie arthouse darling and an A-list megastar for years, and in that time he’s developed an acute eye for tailoring and style. He doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel with his style choices; he just chooses to perfect it. He’s actually one of the few major celebs who doesn’t utilize a stylist at all when he’s trying to make his clothing choices. Thom Widdett co-founder Thom Sweeney has mentioned in interviews that he admires Fassbender’s eye for style, and appreciates how his suit choices are timeless and perfectly fit instead of trying to look unique or loud. Fassbender brings a classic feel to his movie premiers with those suits, making a strong case for his name in the suit game.

10 Riz Ahmed Plays With Shades Of Blue And Green

via: GQ

Riz Ahmed has been blowing up recently, turning what could have just been small parts in films like Star Wars: Rogue One and Nightcrawler into some of the most exciting and relatable parts of the movies. And he’s been just as impressive on the red carpet as he has been on screen, with some of his fashion choices blowing away the competition. It’s probably because he’s trying on suits that wouldn’t work on a lesser man. The suit that, well, best suits him might just be his metallic blue Burberry number, cited by Eleanor Halls of British GQ’s favorite looks that the actor has employed since rising in fame. Ahemed might be a relatively new talent in Hollywood, but he’s already proving to be a memorable one.

9 Jaden Smith Makes It Modern And Cool

via: Coveteur

Jaden Smith was Hollywood royalty the moment he was born. The son of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, there was no chance that Jaden wouldn’t become a major force in film from the moment he first appeared on screen. But while his work on the silver screen hasn’t quite met those expectations, he has gotten some serious attention for his singular and unique style choices. He wears suits that would look ridiculous on anyone else, but finds a way to make them work despite their apparent oddities. Fashion designer James Long said about Jaden, "I love that Jaden Smith's style is so youthful and invigorating. He really embraces men's fashion and moves style forward. He is an individual." And he’s not wrong about those designs.

8 Benedict Cumberbatch Loves An Elegant Suit

via: W-Dog

Benedict Cumberbatch always gives off just the right feeling of Britishness in everything he does. It makes it difficult to ever believe him as an American whenever he appears in a major Hollywood movie, but it works wonders for him elsewhere. And not just on television screens either, but on the red carpet as well. With his tall frame, it’s like he was specifically built in a lab to wear suits. Like Elba, he’s good about utilizing a coat when he can, which proves to be a surprisingly versatile piece when Cumberbatch wears it. He even has entire blogs dedicated to his style online, with all of his stylistic choices even being indexed by certain subsets of the internet. It doesn’t hurt that he has a close friendship with fashion designer with Savile Row tailor Spencer Hart, who does a solid majority of his clothing.

7 James Corden Shows How A Suit Can Make Any Man Look Incredible

via: CBS News

James Corden has been slowly becoming a global stable in recent years, with his own late show becoming a major force on television. But he’s also been using his expanded influence and means to really hit a stride when it comes to expanding his style. He’s hosted both the Tony and the Grammy Awards in recent years, with both shows giving him the chance to show off an entire wardrobes’ worth of suits. He rocked a host of styles over the course of those events, including distinct looks from Stella McCartney and Burberry that went everywhere from simple and sleek to crazy and colorful. And while he can make a rather silly looking outfit look respectable, he can also absolutely kill a good formal suit. There’s a reason this guy has been voted the hottest male plus-size celebrity.

6 Tom Hiddleston Is The Classic Gentleman In A Tailored Suit

via: Fashion Beans

Tom Hiddleston has become one of the biggest stars on the planet in almost no time at all, partly thanks to his captivating roles in the Avengers and Thor films. And even those movies, where he’s playing an Asgardian God who also comes from space, find a way to get him in a suit. That’s how good this guy looks in a nice dark number. And that’s to say nothing of the kind of looks he saves for himself. Of all the men on this list, he’s the one that depends the most on a classic, conservative ideal of a suit. He doesn’t go big or loud, instead relying on small subtle touches like a distinctive tie to help him stand out. He also makes sure to keep his suits expertly tailored and precise to his body. This is a man who takes his suit game seriously, and it shows.

5 Conor McGregor Likes Suits That Make A Statement

via: Bloody Elbow

Conor McGregor has been using his fame and wealth to up the stakes of the fashion world, and he knows it. He’s not quiet about it either, loudly boasting about the kind of wardrobe he pulls from on a daily basis. But it’s hard to imagine that anyone would be modest if they had the ability to just bust out a handmade David August three-piece-suit. His personal tailor, David Heil, has said in interviews that the man is innately stylish: “He’s such a style guy. He’s always been that way since the day I met him… He takes everything and makes it his own. It takes a guy with the right mind to pull off these extreme looks, and he does.” Rodeo Drive, Louis Vuitton: everything about his look is built around being smarter (and more stylish) than anything anyone else is wearing.

4 Luke Evans Makes Formalwear Look Amazing

via: WallpapersCraft

The thing about Luke Evans and his suit game is that he has a keen sense of self-awareness when it comes to his fashion choices. As opposed to a lot of other celebrities, who wear the same kind of suit all the time, regardless of event or situation, Evans is acutely aware of what suits look best in what situation. He knows how to suit his look to the event. When trying to impress during fashion week in London, he busts out a gorgeous custom-made Turnbell and Asser three-piece suit. But when the situation calls for it, he’s more likely to bring out a slim maroon number that he almost seems poured into. The Welsh actor has a quiet and almost relaxed sense of elegance about him, and that feeling carries over with all of his suit choices. Being confident is a big part of pulling off a well-tailored suit.

3 Armie Hammer Likes A Bit Of Pink

via: Team Coco

Armie Hammer was this close to being Batman, you guys. He was meant to star in what would have been Mad Max director George Miller’s take on the famous superhero team, and while that initially doesn’t seem like a great choice, wait until you see the man in a navy blue suit. He’s exactly the kind of person you could see as a billionaire player. Seen wearing it most recently for the publicity tours on his most recent film, Call Me By Your Name, is an Etro monochromatic shirt and tie that still manages to stand out even amongst a full crop of other impressive stars in Hollywood. The suit itself is from stylist Ilaria Urbinati, becoming an extremely popular choice with the people at GQ. It doesn't hurt that the man is handsome and self-assured enough to pull anything off.

2 Dave Franco Keeps His Black Suit Simple

via: GQ

Dave Franco might not be as famous as his older brother, but the actor has actually been blazing his own trail in recent years. He is a talented actor with his own interesting body of work. He’s been going on the publicity tour for The Disaster Artist, but he’s not just wearing any old black suit. Working with corduroy, one of the biggest trends in fashion in the last year, Franco has been wearing a slick black suit that utilizes the unique fabric for an extra layer in those cold New York nights. His style and make of suit helps him stand out in a crowded field of impressive men, but makes a good case for his place in the best dressed men in Hollywood today. It's no wonder he got Alison Brie to be his wife; the man has style.

1 Chris Evans Makes The Suit Look More Casual

via: PopSugar

Chris Evans managed to pull off the seemingly impossible when he took a character earlier considered to be too corny to really work within a modern setting and managed to turn him into an engaging and relatable figure. Seriously, what Chris Evans pulled off with Captain America cannot be understated. The charm is a major part of that, but his looks haven’t hurt either. He’s the kind of guy who can confidently rock an adventurous mix of colors like dark green or burgundy. No suit looks standard on this guy, with his superhero looks managing to sell suits that would have been impossible for a lesser man to pull off. Evans looks just as impressive in his Captain America suit as he does a simple black tux. The man certainly knows how to rock any look.

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