Dream Girls: 15 Gorgeous Celebs That Are Like “One Of The Guys”

For most guys, the girl of their dreams is one that is drop-dead gorgeous. You know the type. Right when she walks into the room, everyone's jaws hit the floor, and all eyes are glued to her and her hot body as she walks past. Although most guys will tell you they prefer a girl with a great personality, the truth is that they're very visually stimulated. If the girl isn't hot, she's not going to be a great turn on, even if she has the coolest, most down-to-earth personality in the world. Sad but true. But here's the problem: even if she's the hottest girl in the world, if her personality sucks, the relationship just isn't going to last.

And then there are those girls who are just fun to be around. Sure, they might not always be the most attractive, but at least you can spend time with them without feeling like you want to blow your brains out, right? These girls are rare but totally awesome. They're the types that will sit down and play video games with you, even beating you at times. These are the girls who will know more about sports than you do, and get just as pumped up during big sporting events. They might know more about cars than you, or own a bunch of guns. In short, they're the girls you feel are "one of the guys."

But what if you could have the best of both worlds? What's that, you say? Impossible? I'm afraid not. In fact, there are several of the hottest celebrities who can beat you at your favorite video game. Some of these hot famous ladies might even be more than willing to sit down and watch your favorite sports game with you. Some might even drive better than you. Still don't believe me? Check out these dream girls who are "one of the guys."

15 Mila Kunis

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Mila Kunis is one girl who is definitely "one of the guys." As ridiculous as it may sound, she's one girl who would be a lot of fun to hang out with. Why is this? Well, she actually admitted to playing World Of Warcraft on a talk show one time. But not only that– she also admitted that she was so addicted that she had to force herself to quit... Cold turkey. That's right, it's not only fat prepubescent males that fall victim to the drug-like qualities of World of Warcraft, it's also hot babes like Mila Kunis. This might come as a huge surprise, given the fact that many of the characters she plays as an actress are extremely feminine. Her role on That 70's Show springs to mind. Can you picture her playing video games? Nope...

She also plays Call Of Duty, and I'm guessing she probably still plays other games at home to this day. She's also reportedly a huge fan of Star Trek, so much so that she named her World Of Warcraft character after none other than Jean-Luc Picard, captain of the Starship Enterprise. Yep, Mila Kunis definitely just got a lot cooler and hotter...

14 Megan Fox

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Another super-feminine figure that loves to do "guy stuff" is Megan Fox. Again, this might come as a huge surprise given the fact that many of her roles are extremely feminine, usually playing the love interest and not much else. But if you remember, there was that scene from the first Transformers movie where she popped open the hood of the car and started talking about what was broken and what needed fixing, etc. She was pretty convincing. But she's actually kind of like that in real life. Okay, maybe she doesn't know too much about cars, but she definitely knows about other typical male hobbies, namely video games.

She's admitted to playing Halo Reach and getting extremely addicted. Well, she has some pretty good taste as many people think that Halo Reach was one of the best games in the series. She's also admitted to playing online against other people. She says that everyone makes fun of her gamertag because it's so girly, but they have no idea it's actually Megan Fox playing against them, and sometimes "pwning" them.

13 Olivia Munn

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Olivia Munn is another hot babe that needs no introduction. Guys everywhere are very familiar with this hot actress, and it's no wonder. She's very active in the gaming and comics community, cosplaying as our favorite characters like Sailor Moon, and even playing everyone's favorite mutant, Psylocke in X-Men: Apocalypse. Everyone knows that Psylocke has the hottest costume, and to see such a hot girl squeeze into it was a real pleasure. But guys might not realize that Olivia Munn is in fact that perfect combination of hotness and coolness, and she loves sitting down and gaming just as much as your average dude.

She plays a lot of Call of Duty, but she also admits: "I love Assassins Creed. I just got the Halo download code for Xbox. I’m so excited to play that. I like the first-person shooters because I feel more capable. Instead of looking out from afar, it feels different when the screen becomes your eyes. And so I just kind of leaned into that a little bit more."

12 Amber Heard

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Amber Heard is considered to be one of the hottest women, if not the hottest woman on Earth. But while most guys salivate over her physical appearance alone, they don't realize that she's the full package. That's right, Amber Heard is definitely "one of the guys," and she is one girl who would be totally chill to hang with. Why? The fact that she was raised in the gun-loving state of Texas might have something to do with it, and she owns several firearms herself. Her favorite is reportedly the .357 magnum. And as many guys will tell you, there's nothing hotter than a gun-toting chick who knows how to shoot.

But that's not the only thing that makes her "one of the guys." She also was raised by a father who considered her to be "the son he never had." As such, he taught her how to fish, hunt, and ride horses. She probably knows how to do more manly outdoorsy things than most men! Nowadays, she still goes hunting and fishing with her dad, which goes totally against her glamorous image.

11 Jessica Alba

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Another hot actress you might not realize is just "one of the guys" at heart is Jessica Alba. You might know her best from her roles in movies like Sin City, Good Luck Chuck, and Into The Blue, but she's also been playing video games for years, and is a totally awesome girl that gives the feeling she would be super fun to hang out with.

And she shares the enthusiasm a lot of guys have for gaming, saying: "I think games play an important role in movies. It's all entertainment. It's all fantasy, and it's a way for people to connect to the movie by living vicariously through the characters in the video game. It's a great role-playing experience. I've had a go or two at 007 and there's a part of me that likes to pretend that I'm James Bond."

She's also a proud Wii player, admitting: "I think the physicality of the Wii gets people off the couch. Sometimes you can just sit there playing a video game for hours and never move and you're brain is just zapped from playing the game. With the Wii, you're up on your feet and moving around. The physical aspect of it is great, especially for kids. They actually call it the Wii Diet, since active players can burn calories!"

10 Kim Kardashian

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Okay, some of these girls you probably might have guessed were into video games. I mean, Olivia Munn is already pretty active in the comic con and video game community, for instance. But Kim Kardashian? No way, right? Wrong. At least if you believe her Twitter, that is. She once posted on the social media platform saying "I can't wait for Call Of Duty Black Ops II to come out!!! The graphics look crazy!" Then when people asked if she was joking she replied: "Nope! And no advertising-paid Tweet either! I really love COD!" When her fans were still skeptical, she replied again: "Ya! Ask @RobKardashian! We play all the time!"

So if you believe what she's saying (and why would she lie about something like this?), she plays Call Of Duty all of the time with her brother. Somehow I just can't picture her playing first person shooters, but hey– looks can be deceiving! If this is indeed true, she's not only one of the hottest moms around today, but also one of the coolest.

9 Jessica Nigri

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This girl needs no explanation. Do you want a girl who knows all about your favorite video games, comic books, and anime series? Sure you do! Any sane guy would want that. But what about a girl who likes all of those things and is smoking hot too? Well that would be a girl that most guys would die for. That girl just so happens to be Jessica Nigri, and it's no wonder why so many guys (and girls) are totally obsessed with this babe. She's cosplayed as some of our most beloved comic book and video game characters, and she makes even the most mundane heroes look amazingly hot. Check out her Magneto cosplay if you don't believe me.

As long as you're comfortable with other guys staring at her as she walks around at comic con, Jessica Nigri would pretty much be a dream girl. You could talk to her about video games, anime, comic books, and pretty much anything else that you're into. She's really up to date on all of the gaming news, and because of her publicity contracts with games developers, she might even be able to get you early copies of your favorite games!

8 Keira Knightley

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Another girl who would be totally cool to hang out with is none other than Keira Knightley. Those who know her primarily from Pirates Of The Caribbean might be a little surprised, because she plays a very feminine character in that series of films. Then again, you might not be surprised, because she picks up a sword and fights alongside the men all the time in those movies. But those who saw the movie Bend It Like Beckham will definitely not be surprised at the fact that she's pretty much "one of the guys." In this movie, she plays a female professional soccer player, and Keira Knightley is actually really good at soccer! She'd probably beat a lot of us out there on the pitch!

But she doesn't just play soccer. She also watched it religiously. She's a strong, vocal supporter of East London side West Ham, who currently play in the Premier League. Rumor has it that she's such a huge fan of this team that she even gets up to watch their matches at 6 am in California due to the time difference. Now that's dedication to your team, something most guys can relate to.

7 Margot Robbie

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Margot Robbie became the object of many guys' fantasies when she played the role of Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad. She later enthralled even more guys with her smoking hot portrayal of Leonardo DiCaprio's wife in The Wolf Of Wall Street. But you might not realize that Margot Robbie isn't just drop-dead sexy– she's also a really cool, hardcore chick. Believe it or not, this amazing actress is hugely into some of the most hardcore metal bands on the planet...

She admitted in an interview: "I had a real, like, heavy metal phase. I was like 14 and I dyed my hair black and I cut it with a razor blade and I’d only wear, like, band shirts and go listen to the heaviest of heavy metal. It was a really weird phase, but like Silverstein and Bullet for My Valentine and bands like that.”

She also revealed how much she enjoyed going to a Slipknot concert: “I went to a Slipknot concert and to this day it was probably the best concert I’ve ever gone to. They’re just amazing performers and even if you don’t like metal, I think you would appreciate a Slipknot concert, cause it’s just incredible to watch.”

6 Kendall Jenner

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Another girl who you wouldn't expect to be a "guy's girl" is none other than Kendall Jenner. But that's exactly what she considers herself to be! Kendall Jenner is usually snapped walking down the catwalk at major fashion shows, or hanging out with some of the most beautiful women on the face of the Earth. But when the paparazzi aren't looking, she's most likely hanging out with her giant crew of friends, all of which seem to be guys.

Explaining this, Kendall said: “Nine times out of ten, I’d rather hang out with a group of guys instead of girls,” she said. “I definitely consider myself a guy’s girl. Growing up, I was always a tomboy, but more recently I’ve found myself really gravitating toward hanging with only guys. I think because I have so many women in my family and not many men — especially after my dad transitioned — I’m drawn to male energy when choosing friends. Half the time, I’m the only girl in the room! Like the other night, seven or eight of my guy friends were at my house and I was just napping on the couch. I’m just super comfortable around them.

5 Natalie Decker

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While a lot of the other girls on this list are huge names and big celebrities, you've probably never heard of Natalie Decker. But if you're into Nascar and motorsports, you might just have heard this name. And if you know about her, chances are you've already fantasized about this super-cool babe. She's only 20 years old, but this smoking hot blonde bombshell is already one of the biggest names in Nascar, and she looks set to be one of the best women to ever compete in this competition. She hasn't qualified yet, but each year she gets closer, and her driving skills improve.

Imagine what it would be like hanging out with her? Many guys lament over the fact that most girls have no idea what they're talking about when they ramble on about cars and engines, but Natalie Decker would probably know more about cars than most guys! The only hard part about hanging out with this girl would be knowing that she's a way better driver than you'll ever be.

4 Rihanna

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Rihanna is another babe who is definitely someone you could chill with. While most girls want to go to the movie or go on dreaded shopping sprees at the mall, Rihanna's idea of a perfect outing is a night at the basketball game (front row seats, of course). She's been snapped watching tons of different games countless times, and she always seems like she's having a great time. If she didn't enjoy it, why else would she go? She also gets really friendly with fans she meets at the game, and is totally approachable and down to Earth.

She also describes herself as a "guy's girl," much like Kendall Jenner, and she prefers having guy friends over girlfriends: "I have three girlfriends and about 20 guy friends. I love listening to guy talk because I learn a lot. Here's the key– you can't lower your standards for a guy because he won't respect you and he'll tell his friends. You always have to stick up for yourself and speak your mind."

3 Alyssa Milano

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Alyssa Milano is probably the biggest female celebrity sports fan on the planet. She's a huge fan of the Dodgers, as well as Inter Milan, the Italian soccer team that plays in Series A. She goes to tons of sports games, and although you might remember her from her many hot roles in countless movies and shows, she's just as famous for being one of the most famous female sports fans in history. And she can really talk the talk, as well as walk the walk. In interviews, she can talk baseball statistics, new players, tactics, you name it. She really is the real deal.

And she's even created her own line of female-friendly sports clothing. Speaking about the importance of female sports fans, she admitted: "I feel like the line really shined a light on the fact that female fans are important, too, as knowledgeable as male fans. Because, mind you, 10 years ago we were man-splained everything. I feel like what we were able to accomplish paved the way for female fans to be taken more seriously in general, not just about merchandising. I think that the industry has given us a voice, and I think that’s great."

2 Miley Cyrus

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Another girl who's looking more and more like someone most guys could hang out with is Miley Cyrus. We all know that Miley Cyrus has gone through a lot of transformations over the last few years. She's recently admitted to suffering from bipolar disorder, so who knows which Miley Cyrus we're seeing at any given time. But her most recent incarnation seems to be a really chill, down-to-earth girl who loves to do "guy stuff" like skateboard around town. It definitely wasn't always like this. She started out as a sweet and innocent but very feminine pop star. Then she started acting much more promiscuous and she seemed to become a different person.

With all the twerking, weed-smoking, and dancing around half-naked on stage, her long-time boyfriend Liam Hemsworth found it too much to handle. But recently, Miley has cooled it a little and started to become a much more stable person, and Liam has started hanging out with her again. And nowadays, she seems really chill, skateboarding around with her boyfriend on more than one occasion. She seems totally comfortable on that board, too!

1 Ronda Rousey

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As long as you're not scared of getting your butt kicked by a girl, Ronda Rousey would be pretty much the ideal chick to hang with as a guy. And there's no denying that she's pretty hot, too. In fact, that's a huge part of why she gets so much media coverage. She's just so photogenic! A lot of guys don't like hanging out with girls because they're too sensitive, and they get grossed out by things guys do, or don't want to do the same physically demanding things guys consider fun. I think it's safe to say that Ronda Rousey is not one of those girls, and she would probably love to work out with you if you wanted.

She also loves video games, and by now it's no secret that she's a World Of Warcraft player. Apparently it was Vin Diesel who got her hooked in the first place. But she also used to play Pokemon as a small kid, and she admits she was a "socially awkward" gamer as a young girl.

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