Double Trouble: 15 Hot Female Duos On TV And In Movies

When a struggling actress begins to dream about finally landing that perfect Hollywood role, typically they envision a leading lady character that doesn’t have to share the limelight with any other ac

When a struggling actress begins to dream about finally landing that perfect Hollywood role, typically they envision a leading lady character that doesn’t have to share the limelight with any other actresses. Not only would sharing the screen with another leading lady take away from their own screen time but it can also cause audiences to compare them to another actress. This can lead to an actress being outshined onscreen and it could even lead to some criticisms over her acting ability or physical appeal. Neither or these outcomes are exactly considered favorable.

Yet, there are some instances when sharing the lead spot with another actress can actually help a career. There have been some female duos in previous years that have become iconic in the minds of audiences, from Beaches to Thelma & Louise. While these two films offer up a great storyline, neither of them offered audiences much in the way of eye candy. From friendship stories to dueling rivals to super steamy lovers, there are some female duos that have played themselves out in Hollywood to the delight of audiences and critics alike. It’s not every film or television series that can pull off having two leading ladies help to tell the story without one outshining the other. Yet, during the times when the stars align, the result is cinematic magic. Check out our list of the 15 hottest female duos on TV and the big screen and see how some onscreen performances were able to double down on the sex appeal factor.

15 Kat Dennings & Beth Behrs

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One of the huge reasons why a sitcom can become successful or fade into oblivion is whether or not the characters have good onscreen chemistry. In the case of 2 Broke Girls, the onscreen chemistry has never been a problem. Ever since the first episode premiered in 2011, critics have hailed both Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs for their stellar acting ability when working as a team. While the show has definitely come under fire for their racial stereotype humor and the heavily sexualized storylines, all-in-all it is a fun sitcom that doesn’t require too much thought. The series has actually been hugely successful with audiences and has had six glorious seasons filled with various states of undress for both of its main characters. While the waitress uniform is oddly appealing, there are a number of episodes that have allowed viewers a glimpse at what’s underneath the aprons as well. Whether it’s on camera or behind the scenes, these two ladies definitely can hold your attention.

14 Jennifer Lawrence & Amy Adams

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When word got out that the renowned director David O. Russell was going to team up again with Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper for the 2013 release, American Hustle, people knew that they were in store for something truly special. Their collaboration in Silver Linings Playbook led to a number of awards and accolades and it seemed like a winning combination for future films. While Bradley Cooper, Christian Bale and Jeremy Renner all gave stellar performances, it was Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams that truly made the film great. Lawrence may not have been completely sexy with her over-the-top hair and crazy personality but she made up for it with a few seduction scenes with Bale and a stolen kiss with Amy Adams in the bathroom. Adams, on the other hand, gave a performance that was filled with sex appeal. While she’s played up her sexuality in past films, this ‘70s themed style was an ultra sexy mix to this glamorous redhead and it definitely worked for her in this film.

13 Salma Hayek & Penelope Cruz


While you’d think there would be an incredible amount of competitiveness between Penelope Cruz and Salma Hayek, the truth is that they are actually really great friends. This is actually quite refreshing, considering that these two Latin beauties probably had to compete with one another for Hollywood roles and were most likely disappointed more than a few times when the other landed a role in their place. Yet, they are actually quite close, even before they starred together in the 2006 film, Bandidas. Starring as a bank-robbing duo, there is something extremely sexy about seeing these two Hollywood leading ladies on the big screen together. In a 2013 interview for Allure magazine, Cruz opened up about how close their relationship has been over the years and even offered a sexy little tidbit when she stated, “We slept in the same bed so many times and it was like she was always trying to wake me up and call me huevos.” Apparently, that is a little pet nickname they had for one another, which only makes the duo even hotter.

12 Idina Menzel & Kristen Bell

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It used to be that animated films were voiced by virtually unknown actors and singers. In fact, there was a specific career path for those with cartoon-like voices and people made a decent living lending their voices to cartoon characters and Disney films. Yet, the evolvement of animation also made filmmakers want to include some more prominent names in Hollywood. Including celebrities like Justin Timberlake in Trolls or Ellen DeGeneres in Finding Nemo was actually really smart for filmmakers to draw more people to the movie theaters. In the case of Frozen, both of the lead characters were portrayed by prominent celebrities. Idina Menzel played the role of Elsa and Kristen Bell portrayed Anna. It seems that the duo became fast friends and even after their voice-over roles were completed, they remained extremely close. When seen on the red carpet together or at charity events, it’s incredibly appealing to see two beautiful Hollywood hotties with such completely different looks. From the blonde and beautiful look in Kristen Bell to the dark and sultry look in Idina Menzel, seeing them together is a definite feast for the eyes.

11 Hilary & Haylie Duff

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There is an incredible amount of talent and beauty in the Duff family since Hilary Duff has had a successful music career and her older sister, Haylie, has had her fair share of success as well. Hilary is best known for her role as Lizzie McGuire and Haylie is best known for her role on the popular television series, 7th Heaven. Yet, it was when the duo teamed up in the 2006 film, Material Girls, that audiences got to see just how talented and beautiful these two sisters are when they work side-by-side. Haylie is the older sister but she has maintained her looks incredibly well over the years. Hilary caught a bit of criticism when she overdid some dental work but she is still thought of as an ultra hot celebrity in Hollywood. She also made headlines due to her rocky personal life but the real intrigue started when rumors started swirling that she was going on Tinder dates.

10 Jessica & Ashlee Simpson


When Jessica Simpson was first introduced to audiences as a burgeoning pop star, there was a lot of competition in her particular genre. Names like Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears were vying for the top spot on the billboard charts, as well as the top spot for gaining the most fans. Yet, Jessica was able to stand out from the pack once her personality started to shine through in her reality series, Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica. During the series, fans also became acquainted with her younger sister, Ashlee, who later obtained her very own reality show. Ashlee went on to start her own singing career and fans got to see more of the Simpson sisters regularly. When Ashlee first started out, she had a rebellious darkened hairstyle and quite a sizable nose. Yet, she ultimately followed in her big sister’s footsteps and donned the bleached blonde look that was much more fetching. She also had a nose job, which she unapologetically did without a second thought. Ashlee took a bit of heat when she seemed to be lip syncing during her SNL performance but she came through it and has remained beautiful while doing so. Nowadays, the Simpson sisters are one of the hottest commodities on the red carpet and they definitely know how to turn heads.

9 Paris Hilton & Nicole Richie

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When Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie were first introduced to audiences through the reality series, The Simple Life, it was actually received pretty well. People loved seeing the socialite hang out in situations where she wouldn’t normally be and the relationship between these two gals was definitely fun to watch. At the time, Richie wasn’t exactly the looker in the duo but she had a certain type of spunk that made her extremely appealing. Not necessarily the episode where she threw a bottle of bleach on a pool table but she showed that she had a wild side that couldn’t easily be tamed. The pair had a falling out in 2005 but aren’t exactly arch enemies nowadays. Fans are still hopeful that one day there will be some sort of Simple Life reunion special to show that the two friends were able to bury the hatchet. In the meantime, fans are left with fond memories of low cut tops and stolen kisses with boys from the sticks.

8 Heidi Montag & Lauren Conrad

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There was a time when reality television didn’t center around housewives or wags of sports celebrities. In fact, the biggest reality television stars were still in high school and living at home with their parents. MTV had a series entitled, Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County, and one of the breakout stars became the lead in the hit spin-off, The Hills. Lauren Conrad allowed audiences to follow her in the new life she was leading in the world of fashion and one of her closest friend, Heidi Montag, was in it for the ride. The two had a falling out that surrounded around a fake rumor being spread that Conrad had made a sex tape and Montag was blamed for being the culprit in spreading that falsehood. Yet, Montag went off to achieve her own brand of celebrity when she became the other half of the dreaded Speidi couple with Spencer Pratt. While there are a number of criticisms over her dramatic change due to plastic surgery, she still looks pretty good with her buxom body and bleach blonde hair. Conrad still looks the same as her Laguna Beach days and seeing them together offers up some nostalgic memories of a time when ratchetness hadn’t even been invented yet.

7 Neve Campbell & Denise Richards


Back in the ‘90s, Neve Campbell had started her way on the track to being one of Hollywood’s hottest “It” girls. Coming from a successful television series, Campbell was able to alter her squeaky clean persona through various film roles like The Craft and the Scream film series. Yet, it was her 1998 film, Wild Things, that truly had jaws dropping. She paired up with the super sultry actress, Denise Richards, and the two of them created some of the hottest scenes in cinematic history. From the pool fight that turned into a sex romp to the threesome with Matt Dillon’s character, there’s no denying that this female duo had the right stuff to steam up a few glasses at the movie theater. The film garnered so much attention that it was inevitable that there would be a sequel. Yet, Richards and Campbell didn’t return to star in Wild Things 2. While Maya King and Susan Ward did an alright job in their roles, it wasn’t nearly as hot as the original film.

6 Emma Stone & Rachel McAdams

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Hollywood is filled with a number of leading ladies, with each containing their own characteristics in what makes them special. While they’re each extremely hot in their own way, it’s undeniable that there are major differences between a star like Julia Roberts and a star like Angelina Jolie. From different looks to different personas created by the characters they played on the big screen, each leading lady has their own appeal. Emma Stone had already garnered a huge fanbase as the beauty that could win over the heart of Spider-Man and Rachel McAdams became a major dreamgirl from her iconic role in The Notebook. These two leading ladies teamed up in the 2015 film, Aloha, where they played two women vying for the love of one man, played by Bradley Cooper. Stone looked amazing in her Air Force attire and McAdams looked like the MILF that everyone wanted to meet up with after school.

5 Darby Stanchfield & Kerry Washington

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When Scandal was first introduced to audiences in 2012, it became obvious that the world would soon become obsessed with the Olivia Pope character, played by Kerry Washington. The storyline created by Shonda Rhimes was riveting enough to maintain an audience, the romance was hot enough to keep female viewers tuned in season after season and the fashion ensured there would always be a constant amount of buzz surrounding the show. Yet, it was the dueling personalities of Olivia Pope and Abby Whelan that was one of the major elements of the series. While they started off as a team, they quickly became at odds. Viewers were left wondering who would win the battle, especially since Darby Stanchfield’s character had learned quite a lot while working under Olivia Pope. The duo took turns on who was wearing “The White Hat” but they both looked incredibly sexy whether it was on the side of good or bad, nonetheless.

4 Natalie Portman & Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson had already proven that she could accurately portray a character in a period piece since she wowed viewers and critics alike during her 2003 film, Girl with a Pearl Earring. So, when it was announced that she was going to star alongside Natalie Portman in the 2008 film, The Other Boleyn Girl, there wasn’t any question as to whether or not she would be able to pull off the role. The only question surrounded around who would be the hottest actress in the film. Portman had already started to come into her own as an adult actress and she was able to pull off the seductress role with ease on the big screen. While the film definitely had its moments in helping to show off each of their appealing characteristics, it was their offscreen moments promoting the film that truly had people’s tongues wagging. A few of the interviews garnered some negative attention because there were some awkward moments involving Johansson staring longingly at Portman. However, what’s a little awkwardness between coworkers?

3 Scarlett Johansson & Penelope Cruz

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Scarlett Johansson has never been an actress to shy away from taking ultra provocative roles. In fact, she has bared it all on more than one occasion and doesn’t seem bothered by the fact that she’s usually seen as the lead sex symbol in a film. Yet, her 2008 film, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, was something on a totally different level. Starring alongside Penelope Cruz, these two females offered a completely different take on what is considered truly beautiful in Hollywood. Adding to the incredible sex appeal of this duo, they even shared some intimate moments in the film. The hottest moment was shot in the dark room where the first kiss was enough to reimburse the price of admission. While the threesome aspect of the film was heightened by Javier Bardem’s performance, the real stars of the film were the amazingly sexy duo, Scarlett Johansson and Penelope Cruz. With one looking like a Spanish Goddess and the other like the perfect California girl, this film is definitely a treat for the eyes.

2 Kylie & Kendall Jenner

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When audiences were first introduced to Kylie and Kendall Jenner, they were just tiny little sprouts in the background of the world’s hottest reality show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians. People never even gave them a second though, except to comment on how difficult it must be living in the shadow of their three famous sisters and perhaps how neglected they seemed. Yet, the two girls grew up in front of the cameras and also grew into being two of the hottest girls on reality TV. Kendall is a full-fledged supermodel that has walked the runway wearing the labels of some of the most coveted fashion designers in the world and Kylie has become a trendsetting Internet sensation with a burgeoning makeup line that has sold out in minutes. After all of Kylie’s surgical enhancements, the sisters don’t really look much alike. However, that can be a good thing for some. For those that like a fresh-faced beauty with an effortless style, Kendall is the one that will make men drool. Yet, those who are interested in a young Kim Kardashian lookalike, Kylie will definitely fit the mold.

1 Blake Lively & Leighton Meester

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Not all of the shows on the CW have been able to achieve infamy in the eyes of viewers. While other networks like HBO seem to have a winning recipe in how to produce stellar series and maintain a viewer fanbase, the CW seems to have a hit or miss style in their programming. Yet, that definitely wasn’t the case when the network released the series, Gossip Girl, in 2007. The series ran strong until 2012 and gained a huge fanbase. The series helped to propel the careers of the two main lead actresses, Blake Lively and Leighton Meester, with both of them going on to achieve their own successes on the big screen. During the heyday of the show, the pair was asked to partake in a photoshoot with the famed photographer, Terry Richardson, for a spread in Rolling Stone magazine. While it was an obvious promotion for the show, it didn’t seem to matter since it featured some of the hottest photos of these two ladies getting a tad risqué in front of the camera. From chewing on opposite sides of a licorice stick to licking the same ice cream cone, the photos prove that these two ladies need to get back together for a future collaboration soon.

Sources: Rolling Stone, Daily Caller, E! News

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