Divorcing Brad Pitt Wasn't Messy Enough, Angelina Jolie Decides To Sue Perez Hilton

Angelina Jolie's divorce from her husband Brad Pitt has been dominating the headlines but apparently she's not a fan of all the coverage she's been getting.

Celebrity gossip journalist Perez Hilton showed the internet and Jolie the stuff he's made of when he released photo on Instagram of an email reply he sent to Jolie's legal team.

According to Hilton, Jolie is threatening to sue Hilton over his coverage of her divorce from Brad Pitt. She and her team had earlier attempted to have Hilton change one of his articles regarding the divorce, which he refused to do. The response was the threat of a lawsuit and Hilton volleyed back with this now very public email.

Hilton added to the Instagram post the following caption as well:

In other news, #AngelinaJolie’s lawyers at Greenberg Glusker have just threatened to sue me for my coverage of her split from #BradPitt. ME!! I have always been one of Angelia Jolie’s loudest and strongest supporters and defenders!!!!! This was my email back to Angelina’s lawyers, #BertFields and #PriyaSapori. Glad I’m not running for president!!

It seems Jolie may have bitten off more than she could chew as her legal battles continue to progress.

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