Dirty Secrets: 15 WWE Stories From Shoot Interviews We Can't Believe

The wrestling industry is known for shocking behind-the-scene tales that involve reckless actions and immature behavior. In recent years, the locker room has cleaned up the majority of the bad apples and incidents have been decreasing, especially compared to the older days. It wasn't a safe nor fun environment for many Superstars who struggled to fit in for one reason or another.

When it comes to wrestlers, we all know that they never hold back. Not only do they cut promos on each other inside the ring, but they also tend to be outspoken in interviews, meet and greet sessions, as well as autobiographies. The majority of wrestlers have been a part of what is known as a "shoot" interview in which they speak candidly about the industry. There is no kayfabe involved, which means they are speaking their minds and not developing a storyline.

Some of the wildest tales have been told by various Superstars about incidents that took place backstage or when the cameras weren't rolling. It's generally frowned upon to tattletale in the industry, but shoot interviews seem to be an exception with Superstars revealing their unfiltered thoughts. Due to the popularity of these interviews, there have been many shows dedicated to wrestlers speaking out, such as YouShoot.

Wrestling's biggest names have been involved in some moments that they probably would like to take back. With today's list, we go through 15 WWE stories told in shoot interviews that you will find extremely difficult to believe.


15 CM Punk Claims Ryback Hurt Him On Purpose

A few years ago, CM Punk and Ryback were two of Raw's top Superstars with the latter having an undefeated streak. They both left the company shortly after having feuded with each other, and have exchanged some words since then. Once Punk left WWE, he did a shoot interview in which he was very critical of Ryback by calling him a dangerous and reckless worker while stating that he took 20 years of his life.

Ryback was obviously upset with his comments and responded to him a number of times to defend his reputation while offering his side of the story. With fans taking sides in the rivalry, many believed that Ryback was truly reckless while others came to his defense. During the interview, Punk stated that Ryback had botched a number of moves leading to injuries, including an infamous time involving the announce table.

14 The Undertaker Was A Party Animal


There are so many ways to describe The Undertaker, but not many would think of him as an animal party. Known as one of the most important and influential figures in WWE history, The Undertaker also led the locker room for so many years. But it appears that he had a different side to him in the early to mid-'90s that didn't feature him chokeslaming wrestlers into coffins. According to a shoot interview with Kevin Nash, they used to frequent strip clubs together while on the road, and The Undertaker was one of the biggest party animals during that era.

Nash said that when their club visits began occurring too frequently, Vince McMahon called a meeting with all talents to ban Superstars from attending them while on WWE tour. The same night, Nash spotted The Undertaker sitting in a corner at a strip club, and they both laughed off the new rule.

13 Shawn Michaels Upset At John Cena For Not Selling

The main event of WrestleMania 23 was initially supposed to be a rematch between John Cena and Triple H, but when the latter got hurt a few months before the event, he was replaced with his D-Generation X partner, Shawn Michaels. Cena retained the title as expected, but Michaels wasn't a happy camper that day at all, according to a shoot interview with Dave Meltzer.

He claims that Michaels was extremely upset with the quality of the match, pointing out to Cena not selling his moves as he should have. Michaels was visibly upset throughout the match and complained to WWE officials once it concluded. Meltzer added that Michaels had been angry to the point he rejected Cena's first handshake offer, which wasn’t scripted. He also reported that WWE officials sided with Shawn Michaels who had been working Cena's leg during the match, which the latter seemed to ignore for the most part.

12 Eddie Guerrero And Kurt Angle Fought Backstage


In 2004, Eddie Guerrero and Kurt Angle ruled SmackDown, engaging in a long feud that produced some high-quality matches. It was a year prior to Guerrero's sudden death, and it's reported that he was struggling with some injuries, which is why he got mad at Kurt Angle and his stable for being too reckless with him in the ring. At the time, Angle wasn't aware that Guerrero has been wrestling while in pain and had grown fed up with him due to constant complaining.

Although they were very close friends, things quickly got heated between them with them trading insults until Guerrero attempted to take down Kurt by his leg, which obviously didn't go too well for him. When JBL approached Guerrero to ask why he would attempt that move on an Olympic gold medalist, his reply was "because I'm stupid!" Kurt Angle concluded in the shoot interview that he and Eddie Guerrero made up soon afterward since they had been like brothers.

11 John Cena Bullied Tyler Reks

John Cena is undoubtedly the biggest wrestling star of the 2000s. In addition to his impressive accomplishments, he has also held a reputation for being a great model due to the huge number of charitable work that he has done. While plenty of kids idolize him, there are many wrestlers who aren't so fond of him, among them is Tyler Reks.

During a shoot interview, Reks indicated that he was bullied by Cena for using a finisher that was somewhat similar to his (but not really), which frustrated him to the point he berated him in front of the entire roster. The previous night, Cena had told him to change his finisher upon seeing a Reks match, and his botched finisher resembled the Attitude Adjustment. Reks thought that Cena wasn't serious and understood that the move looked differently, but such wasn't the case.

10 Randy Orton Shot Fireworks At Maria's Car


When Maria participated in a YouShoot interview, she had the entire wrestling world talking on the internet. Appearing to be honest throughout the interview, she dished on various topics and tales that captured fans' attention. One of the names that was often mentioned was Randy Orton due to his backstage antics and a reputation of harassing newer Divas. Maria said that he eventually got over that phase, but did recount the scariest moment of her life when Orton started shooting fireworks from his ride towards her car.

Umaga and Carlito were also in the same car as Maria, and it appears that the group didn’t think Orton’s prank was funny at all. Maria believed that Orton could have easily hurt someone with his reckless behavior, especially since they were inside the car. It certainly isn't shocking to hear since Orton has a history of pulling some pranks that went way too far.

9 The Ultimate Warrior Ignores Make-A-Wish Kid

Being one of WWE's biggest stars, it was only normal for requests to come in with kids hoping to meet The Ultimate Warrior. During the 90s, WWE granted a request to a Make-A-Wish kid who had been terminally ill although that didn't stop him from dressing up like his hero.

According to an interview with Bret Hart, as well as his autobiography book, Warrior ignored the kid who had waited hours inside the locker room to meet him. When Bret found the kid wandering around backstage, he thought that he had received his wish but that didn't turn out to be the case.

Apparently, The Ultimate Warrior had asked WWE officials to move the kid and his family away so he could comfortably make his entrance to the ring. While we never heard Warrior's side of the story, most fans tend to believe Hart's version since he is a reliable source.


8 The Bella Twins Have A Gross Tendency To...


During one of his shoot interviews, Tony Atlas revealed one of the most shocking stories in wrestling history. The outspoken Superstar was asked about many wrestlers and he didn't hold back, offering his honest opinions while also telling stories about different aspects of the industry. The most controversial one that had fans talking is when Atlas told about a fetish that The Bella Twins allegedly have, claiming that they enjoy defecating on people.

He also noted that it's well-known among people in the industry as The Twins used to wander around doing it to different folks. While it may be hard to believe, stranger things have turned out to be true so we aren't counting out this one. Some fans believed that Atlas had no reason to lie about the allegation, especially since he told another story about them sharing bathtubs with John Laurinaitis, which was also confirmed by Maria.

7 X-Pac Did His Business In Sable's Bag

During the Attitude Era, Sable was one of the many stars that assisted WWE in winning the Monday Night Wars, but it seems like she let that get to her head. X-Pac's interview with Stone Cold was pretty revealing, to say the least. He talked about Sable taking heat in the locker room due to her arrogance by claiming that she was the reason fans were tuning in to WWE instead of WCW. She was certainly popular with the fans at the time, but definitely not to the extent she claims, so it's understandable that some Superstars took offense to her behavior.

But some took it a bit too far. X-Pac wasn't a fan of her comments and chose to retaliate in a way that Sable would never forget. She was set to leave the company at the time and prior to one of her flights, X-Pac defecated in a cup and left it in Sable's bag. She traveled carrying X-Pac's gift for hours before unwrapping it once her airplane landed. Jim Ross and Jim Cornette have also confirmed the story, proving that it isn't an urban legend.

6 Muhammad Hassan Bullied By The Locker Room


Muhammad Hassan was arguably the most hated Superstar of the 2000s despite his short run. His gimmick didn't sit well with the fans who would boo him and chant "USA!" whenever Hassan got on the mic. And it seems like he wasn't very popular with the locker room either, who rejecting to welcome him since they believed he didn't earn his spot. Hassan was involved in some high-level feuds with the likes of Hulk Hogan and The Undertaker in his first year, and fellow wrestlers didn't exactly appreciate that.

Hassan didn't help his case when he approached the legendary Eddie Guerrero to ask him not to use his finisher anymore - not knowing that Guerrero's father had invented the move. It made him even more disliked by his co-workers. According to Shane Helms, Hassan attempted to patch things up by buying drinks for everyone at a Tokyo hotel, but all Superstars poured them on the floor. Ouch.

5 JBL Hogties Brian Christopher In The Shower

JBL has a long history of bullying Superstars so this shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. Throughout his WWE tenure, he has been called out by many wrestlers for his antics. During the late 90s, Brian Christopher joined JBL's victim list when the latter hogtied him in the shower and threatened to treat him the same way he might have been handled in prison.

Although he didn't follow through with the threat, it's been reported that Christopher was terrified and completely changed that day. Many Superstars and officials have confirmed the story, among them was Billy Gunn who was present when the incident took place. During an interview, he spoke about JBL's behavior towards Christopher. As usual, JBL escaped punishment from the company, which isn't surprising at all if you are familiar with the backstage environment during past eras and how Superstars used to treat their peers.

4 The Undertaker Tapes Up His Wrists To Attack Shawn Michaels


Before The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels squared off to produce classics at WrestleMania XXV and XXVI, it nearly happened backstage in 1998. The main event of WrestleMania XIV featured Michaels against Stone Cold Steve Austin for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, with the latter coming out on top. Although the match ended as it had been agreed on, Jim Cornette revealed in a shoot interview that WWE officials feared that Michaels might have acted on his own by refusing to lose.

At the time, he was known for playing backstage politics and his antics that caused plenty of headaches for the company. The Undertaker was seen taping up his wrists backstage, preparing to give Michaels a beating if he were to change the outcome of the title match. With things going according to plan, Cornette claims that Taker was glad that he didn't have to deal with Michaels.

3 Rob Van Dam Told To Befriend Vince McMahon If He Wants To Be A Main Eventer

It took Rob Van Dam longer than most stars from his era to win a WWE World title. Despite being arguably the second most popular Superstar of the early 2000s, fans never got their wish of seeing him in the main event scene and winning championships.

It wasn't until 2006 when he defeated John Cena at ECW's One Night Stand and that reign came to an abrupt end. According to an RVD interview with YouShoot, he had been informed by top WWE officials as well as Shane McMahon that he needs to befriend Vince to make it to the top.

RVD refused to play backstage politics and maintained a professional relationship with him; most of their conversations were centered around basic greetings or random topics such as the weather. It's highly likely that RVD would have reached greater heights of success if he had chosen to play the game as most of his peers would have.

2 The Miz Gets Kicked Out Of The Locker Room For Eating Chicken


So much trouble was brewing behind-the-scenes during the 2000s. The Miz may have become one of the top Superstars today but he was still a newcomer who wasn't particularly popular back in 2006. Known for his participation in an MTV reality show, it only made things worse for him.

Many stories featured on the list will most likely shock you, including this one told by The Miz during an interview, and then later on confirmed by his future tag team partner John Morrison. While wrestling on the SmackDown brand, The Miz was once eating chicken in the locker room near Chris Benoit's bag.

The latter was upset at the sight and went off on The Miz, kicking him out of the locker room. He wouldn't be allowed in for six months with The Undertaker reportedly giving him the green light.

1 Dolph Ziggler And Sunny Went At It For 7 Hours

Over the years, Sunny has made headlines for speaking her mind on wrestling peers, past relationships, and wild experiences. Dolph Ziggler was one of the names that she mentioned during one of her interviews, indicating that they had a one-time fling. Sunny claims that Ziggler reached out to her via Facebook, leading to months of texting. They eventually hooked up, and Sunny clearly hasn't forgotten that encounter after naming him the best between the sheets.

As impressive as he may be inside the ring, Sunny notes that Ziggler is even better outside of it as they went at it for seven straight hours. She referred to him as a machine who had stamina for days. While that may be too much information, shoot interviews are usually filled with details that nobody needs to know, but are interesting to learn for a large number of wrestling fans.


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