Did You Spot All The Mistakes In Wonder Woman?

Wonder Woman is currently enjoying an insanely successful run at the box office. Grossing $263.7 million and counting, the film has become the highest-grossing film of all time to be directed by a woman, Patty Jenkins. The film has also earned itself the accolade of being the highest-grossing DC Comics movie to not feature Batman or Superman. The film has also opened to favorable reviews as well, currently standing with a 92% on Rotten Tomatoes. Thanks to the critical and financial success that Wonder Woman has achieved, it has easily earned its spot as the best female-led superhero movie to hit theaters yet. Granted, if we're being honest, that doesn't say much considering the atrocious female-led movies that came before it (i.e. Supergirl, Tank Girl, etc.), but that is beside the point. The point is that audiences are looking at Wonder Woman as a modern classic in the current feminist movement that we live in. There's no denying where the film stands in movie history so far, but what we can argue are the merits that it's as good and perfect of a movie as people think it is.

No movie is perfect, and none of us are saying that every movie should be flawless. After all, movies are made by people, and people make mistakes. With that said, there are enough inaccuracies, inconsistencies, plot holes, and outright problems with Wonder Woman that are impossible to ignore. Here are a few mistakes in Wonder Woman that you might have missed.


15 Cocked/Uncocked Gun

There's a scene where Steve and Diana get held up by two thugs in an alleyway. One of the thugs approaches Diana and Steve with his gun already cocked. This is evident when the thug puts the gun to Steve's head with the hammer cocked back. When the thug isn't hearing what he wants to hear and the couple aren't complying with the thug's demands, the thug proceeds to cock his gun back. This is evident from the cocking sound that the gun makes. This is also strange because if the thug already approached Diana and Steve with his gun cocked back, then there would have been no reason (nor possibility) for the thug to cock back his gun a second time.

14 The Deaths of Ludendorff and Hindenburg


Two prominent characters in Wonder Woman happen to be Erich Ludendorff and Paul von Hindenburg, played respectively and menacingly by Danny Huston and Rainer Bock. Little do most audiences know that both of these so-called characters were actually based on real-life figures of the same name. The two German soldiers end up dead by the end of Wonder Woman, but in real life, the two actually survived World War I. Ludendorff didn't die until 1937 and von Hindenburg died a few years earlier in 1934. Ludendorff died of liver cancer while von Hindenburg died of lung cancer. Ludendorff died at age 72 while von Hindenburg lived to be 86.

13 The Costumes

One of the biggest praises for Wonder Woman happen to be for the lavish costume design, but it seems that the costume designers chose to go with a more aesthetically pleasing approach rather than a historically accurate one. In one scene, after Chris Pine's character (Steve Trevor) is done taking a bath, we can hear him zipping up his fly. In reality, the trousers in WWI never incorporated zippers but instead had buttons. Another inaccuracy comes when further dissecting the villain Ludendorff's uniform. His uniform features a long, three-pronged collar tab, which wasn't incorporated into the German soldier's uniform until World War II.

12 Time Errors


In many ways, the character of Wonder Woman can be described as someone out of her own time. Which is ironic because the film has its own issues with time. Near the end of the film, hardened aircraft hangars are clearly seen during the final battle. This is particularly strange considering that this type of aircraft hangar was never even built until the 1980s. In another WWI scene, a railway carriage is clearly seen to be the Southern Railway, which was never even built until 1923.

11 Musical Inaccuracies

Wonder Woman takes place during the time period of World War I, which took place between 1914 and 1918. Oddly enough, the music that features in the film doesn't quite reflect the time period. During a scene where the Belgium townspeople are drinking beer and being merry with each other, a scratchy record of an Edith Piaf song is playing in the background. Edith Piaf wasn't discovered until 1935, and none of her records were released until that same year. Piaf herself wasn't even born until 1915. Another song played at the cafe is "Sous Les Ponts De Paris" (which translates to "Under the Bridge of Paris"), which was originally performed in 1913 by Jean Rodor and therefore would be historically accurate to the time period. However, the version played in the film is by Lucienne Delyle, who was born in 1913 and didn't record the song until 1950, making the use of the song inaccurate.

10 Disappearing Acts


There are some glaring issues of continuity in Wonder Woman that are hard to ignore. In one scene, in particular, the trench scene, Diana and Steve are arguing about rescuing the citizens of Veld. During the whole argument, there's a soldier standing behind a ladder in the background. Suddenly, in a moment's notice, when the camera hard-cuts from Steve to Diana, the soldier is gone. There wasn't nearly enough time between those two shots for the soldier to simply walk away. Either the soldier has a knack for turning invisible whenever he wants, or a certain extra forgot to show up to the movie set one day.

9 Reappearing Acts

As many times items and people randomly disappear from scenes in Wonder Woman, there are even more moments where items disappear and reappear in a split second. In one scene, after striking her opponent with a sword, Diana walks away from the sword. The next scene, the sword is back in her hands as if she didn't just drop it and leave.


8 Her Gauntlets


Wonder Woman's wristbands, aptly called the Bracelets of Submission, are a key aspect of her costume and are absolutely essentially for a film telling her origin story. One would think that there would be a proper explanation as to what the bracelets are, what they mean, and how she got them. We get none of that in the film. In fact, throughout the movie, the wristbands appear without explanation.

7 Continuity Issues

Throughout the film, there are several issues that screw up the continuity of the movie. During numerous fight and battle scenes, Diana's hair goes from messy to perfect in a moment's notice as if she takes a comb to her hair immediately after a brawl. In another scene, her shoes are spotlessly clean despite just walking through the mud and dirt as if she had her shoes spit-shined immediately afterward.

6 Character Inaccuracies


When Diana first meets Steve Trevor, he happens to be wearing a German uniform. Despite this fact being clear as day, her first instinct is to speak to him in English to communicate. Since Wonder Woman has been known to know multiple languages, her first instinct should have been to speak German after seeing Steve's uniform. Especially since she had yet to understand the concept of spying or lying, she should have immediately taken Steve as a German pilot and thought something was up when he started speaking perfect English.

5 The Quartz Watch

Near the end of the film, Steve gives Diana a watch. This watch happens to feature a quartz movement. In the context of the WWI time period, this doesn't make any sense as quartz watches were not created and introduced to the mass public until 1969. The only explanation would be that Steve may be some sort of a time traveler -- which, if you've seen the film and know the comic book history of Steve Trevor, that isn't the case at all.

4 The Weather


In the scene right after Steve and Diana save the Belgian village, the two lovebirds decide to dance in the snow outside of the cafe. Keeping in mind that it's snowing the whole time, their breath should be visible while in the freezing cold at all times. For much of the scene, that's the case. However, there are times when the pair didn't show any cold breath. Then, their breath would be visible all over again, and then, suddenly, for some reason, there'd be no breath to show again. This happened repeatedly for the remainder of the scene. Movie magic keeps a better lid on this type of small stuff, but it seems to have failed during this scene where the breath thing, despite being a small element of the scene, is wildly noticeable.

3 Morphing Beer Glasses

After saving the town of Veld, Diana and Steve are seated in a town square, and Sameer brings them three glasses of beer on a tray. One of the glasses has a handle while the other two glasses don't have handles. Diana grabs the beer glass with a handle while Steve grabs one without it. Yet, when they toast their glasses, both Steve and Diana have beer mugs without handles. Later on, when we see Steve holding what's supposed to be the same handled mug, the mug doesn't have a handle.

2 Beer Glasses During the Dance


In that same town square scene, we see Diana holding her beer mug in her left hand before setting it down on a fountain. When Steve asks for a dance, not only is Diana holding her glass beer mug again; she's also holding it in the right hand instead of her left. She sets the glass back down even though she had just done so right before Steve asked her for the dance.

1 Plot Holes 

In addition to the technical imperfections of the film, Wonder Woman also happens to have issues with its story -- and by issues, we're talking about severe plot holes. After Steve escapes Dr. Poison's facility, he ends up being tracked by the German soldiers tracking him. However, in the era of WWI, there was no such thing as radar, and radio was only in its infancy. Therefore, there would have been no way for his enemies (nor anyone for that matter) to track down and find Steve while he was so far away on the run.


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