Did They Or Didn't They? The Truth Behind 15 Rumored On-Set Love Affairs

In 1963, the world was rocked by one of the biggest scandals of all time. Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton were confirmed to be carrying on an affair on the set of Cleopatra. Both were married at the time and thus, the attention was huge as it sparked a famous romance. Forty years later, it happened again when Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie hooked up on a set, crushing Pitt’s romance with Jennifer Aniston. These are two famous cases but the fact is, over the years, Hollywood has been used to actors having affairs on set. In many cases, they spark long-lasting relationships from Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall to Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander. When two people share a set for months (or, in the case of a TV show, years), people get close and thus natural some might get together, if briefly. With today’s tabloid culture, it’s just easier for such affairs to get attention.

However, many affairs manage to sneak under the radar. Just before her death, Carrie Fisher shocked fans by revealing she and Harrison Ford had gotten together years before, something no one suspected. There are numerous co-stars who some wonder are closer in real life than they appear. In many cases, these are “relationships” going back years and while a few have been confirmed, others are more speculation. That some pairings can give evidence that seems to indicate they did have an affair adds fuel to the fire and even seems to prove these happened. There are a lot of possible suspects but several are more notable than others. Here are 15 hot rumored on-set affairs and whether or not they’re true to make you wonder how many stars hook up on the side.

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15 John Stamos And Lori Loughlin, Full House: Quite Probably

It’s forgotten how John Stamos was actually a pretty rising TV star in the 1980s, mostly some brief sitcoms but the potential there. Stamos laughs that when he took on the role of Jesse on Full House, he assumed it would be a brief show with no idea it would be a major hit lasting for eight seasons and then a later revival. The show picked up when Lori Loughlin joined as Rebecca, a reporter who soon became Jesse’s love. The duo were a great on-screen couple with differing styles but still coming together with great humor. It’s easy to imagine them carrying on for real but the show was tight on such things in fear of running the family image that made it a hit. Stamos would later marry Rebecca Romijn so one could think he’d have been happy. But in interviews, Stamos appears to confirm it by calling Loughlin “the one that got away.” While it’s not totally for sure, the duo continues to be close today and thus give credence to the idea they were a couple in real life.

14 Jennifer Garner And Ben Affleck, Pearl Harbor/Daredevil: Most Definitely

When Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck announced their divorce, it was a sad thing for many. The duo had just seemed a perfect couple, raising their children, talking of how they made their marriage work and just great together. However, the question of just when this relationship began is open to debate. The buzz started in 2003 when they co-starred together in Daredevil and the chemistry quite obvious. At the time, Affleck was with Jennifer Lopez while Garner was married to Scott Foley. She would divorce him to date Michael Vartan before she and Affleck finally started going out in 2004. Thus, many speculate that the two had a hook-up on the set of Daredevil that grew.

But some say it goes even further back, citing how Garner had a small role opposite Affleck in Pearl Harbor. The idea is the two had a fling then and it just laid the groundwork for their future affair. Each has dodged the question, just citing 2004 as the start of things but the evidence indicates their relationship began far earlier which makes their breakup even worse.

13 The Cast Of Friends: Perhaps

Much has been written of the class of this hit NBC comedy. At various times, they have presented themselves from true best friends to sworn enemies, talk of egos clashing but also a bond that remains today. Thus, it’s not surprising that rumors have abounded that a few of the actors were more than just friends on set. Naturally, on-screen couples David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox and Matthew Perry are candidates. Lisa Kudrow was happily married during the show’s run and thus unlikely although some rumors of her and Matt LeBlanc. Some actually suspected Cox and Schwimmer but given how they seem to dislike each other, it’s unlikely. A major suspect is Aniston and LeBlanc who was not invited to Aniston’s wedding and things seem the tension of exes. Some interviews make folks suspect Perry and Cox did have a brief fling and they seem close today and Cox also close to LeBlanc. The entire group seems to brush it off but those denials appear a bit too strident as it’s hard to imagine six people could be so close for a decade and not give in to some feelings.

12 Jamie Dornan And Dakota Johnson, 50 Shades: Perhaps

Like the original books, 50 Shades of Grey and 50 Shades Darker are both slammed by critics as badly written works. And like the books, the movies are smash hits and still look to continue. The production was going to have Charlie Hunnam as Christian Grey but he bowed out early with reports he and Dakota Johnson didn’t click on screen. His successor, Jamie Dornan, didn’t have that problem. True, many critics would cite a lack of chemistry between the actors and they didn’t seem that comfortable doing promotional work. But given how incredibly kinky the scenes are, it’s only natural fans wonder if the duo hooked up for real. Both played coy with it with Johnson joking in an interview on how “we love each other and hate each other, it’s all good.” Each continues to downplay that but the rumors abound given how wild the movies get and one can easily imagine the two tossing some different type of “shade” on each other.

11 Leonardo DiCaprio And Kate Winslet, Titanic: Quite Possible

Say what one will about the quality of Titanic but it’s a hit unlike anything in the last 20 years. The number one movie for 14 straight weeks and, for a long time, the highest grossing film ever that won slews of Oscars, it’s probably James Cameron’s best achievement. It made true stars of Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet and their performance as lovers Jack and Rose is still loved today. Given how huge they were on screen, it should be no surprise that many wondered if the two were together in real life. At the time, both shot the idea down, Winslet married and each has gone on to different relationships.

However, fuel to the fire comes from the fact the duo remain very close today. Each was there to cheer the other on with their Oscar victories and most recently, they were spotted hanging out on an island vacation (albeit each had their respective significant others along too). The duo play mum about any on-set actions but given how they remain a close couple today, it’s not hard to believe they had a fun ride at the time.

10 Megan Fox And Shia LaBeouf, Transformers: Definitely

It’s easy to laugh at Shia LaBeouf now. The actor has become infamous not just for several major flops but also some rather bizarre behavior. But in 2007, he seemed on his way to real stardom by being featured in Michael Bay’s first Transformers film. Megan Fox became an instant sex symbol with her part in the flick, showing her nice form off as they bantered amid the action. It perhaps should be no surprise LaBeouf was attracted to Fox as most any straight male would be the same. There were some rumors of a hookup but unlikely and of course, Fox became famous for her feuding with Michael Bay on set that led to her dismissal from the franchise. In 2011, LaBeouf finally went on record to confirm that he and Fox did indeed hookup during filming, just shrugging it off as “it is what it is.” At the time Fox was “on a break” with husband Brian Austin Green but wasn’t happy about LaBeouf going public but one can hardly blame him for wanting to get with Fox for real.

9 Rachel Weisz And Daniel Craig, Dream House: Quite Probably

The timing makes this very suspicious. In 2010, Rachel Weisz was doing great with her career, an Oscar-winner and a long-time engagement to director Darren Aronofsky, the father of her son. Daniel Craig was also doing well, successful as James Bond and various other films. They began working together on Dream House, a dark thriller with them as a married couple. Naturally, having two very attractive people working together had some rumors but it wasn’t seen as that big a deal. That changed when, shortly after production, the duo began coming out in public as a couple. Within a year, they were married and continue to be together today. Obviously, many believe the relationship began during filming although Craig and Weisz had been friends for years before that. Both refuse to really discuss it but the timing makes it highly likely that it was this movie that had this lovely couple bonding together for the first time.

8 Jennifer Lawrence And Chris Pratt, Passengers: Possible

There had been rumors at the time but just building up more now. Passengers was seen as a major disappointment, the sci-fi romance chastised for a bad storyline and, while not a flop, not the huge hit expected at the box office. Pairing up Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence, two proven stars, was supposed to make this a huge smash but it never worked out that way. There had been some buzz about the two maybe getting closer than believed on set but their reps denied it. However, the rumors have only picked up steam since Pratt’s shocking separation from wife Anna Faris.

Thus, the buzz is Faris finding out Pratt and Lawrence had a fling on set which pushed the end of the marriage. Lawrence is infamously tight-lipped on her personal life and refuses to give up details and Pratt likewise doesn’t seem inclined to discuss things. Right now, it’s a bit up in the air but there had to be something to ruin a seemingly strong relationship like Pratt and Faris and the timing lends itself to thinking that maybe something to these rumors after all.

7 Katie Holmes And Joshua Jackson, Dawson’s Creek: Definitely

When Dawson’s Creek premiered in 1998, it was an immediate hit. Fans loved its smart storytelling and of course, its very photogenic cast. James Van Der Beek, Katie Holmes, Joshua Jackson and Michelle Williams were soon stars and have gone on to very successful careers since. From the beginning, the show pushed how Holmes’ Joey was in love with Dawson but he saw her as a friend. Later, she took up with Jackson’s Pacey for a pretty good time. That shouldn’t be a surprise as rumors abounded of Jackson and Holmes together for real at the time. In a 1998 Rolling Stone interview, Holmes mentioned “meeting someone amazing” and keeping the name quiet but many suspected it was Jackson. They managed to hush it up during shooting but still rumors abounded and continued even after the show ended. The two did eventually breakup with Holmes moving to her infamous marriage to Tom Cruise. Still, it’s fun to know how these two were close off set as they were on it to make this show a hit.

6 Jason Segel And Linda Cardellini, Freaks And Geeks: Definitely

Freaks and Geeks is hailed as one of the best one-season shows of all time. A terrific look at high school life, its cast includes several future famous names like James Franco, Seth Rogen and creator Paul Fried. Jason Segel starred as a goofball jock with Linda Cardellini as the teen girl wrestling with her future. The two were set up as boyfriend and girlfriend and a great emotional backbone fans loved. What few realized was that the relationship wasn’t just on screen as the two were carrying on for real on set. While the show sadly only lasted one year, they kept it up a bit afterward, often ignored as they weren’t that famous then. The ending was rough and many believe Segel used it for the infamous “naked breakup” scene in his comedy hit Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Each has dismissed that but it is fun to think of how one of the most acclaimed shows of its time gave a fun relationship some steam.

5 Audrey Hepburn And William Holden, Sabrina: For Sure

It was easier to hide on-set affairs in the Golden Age of Hollywood without the tabloid culture of today. Yet it was still a surprise when this came to light decades later. Audrey Hepburn exploded to stardom with her Oscar-winning turn in Roman Holiday and known for her amazing beauty and culture. Her follow-up was Sabrina, a comedy with her as a “plain jane” turned into a knockout. This leads to her winning the hearts of feuding brother William Holden and Humphrey Bogart. Bogart (suffering ill health and not happy being in a romantic comedy) ran Hepburn down a lot on set. She turned to Holden who answered back and the two were soon good friends.

In 2015, a book revealed the duo were more than that, embarking on an affair together. Hepburn was willing to go public despite the scandal (Holden was married) but when Holden revealed he couldn’t have children, they broke it off. They managed to keep it quiet although before his death, Holden confessed Hepburn was “the love of his life.” Next time you watch this classic, marvel at how the romance was quite real.

4 David Duchovny And Gillian Anderson, The X-Files: For Sure

This has been rumored for years and just won’t die. From the start, The X-Files rested on the terrific chemistry of David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson. Their roles as Mulder and Scully helped ground the wild series and make it a massive hit that changed genre TV. Naturally, rumors circulated about the two being much closer off-camera. That was heightened by things like photo shoots of them in bed together and other bits. Of course, there were as many stories of the two feuding on set but the idea of them as lovers grew more. Both were married, Duchovny to actress Tea Leoni, and that seemed to silence the reports for a time. But the rumors abounded for years and seemed to grow as the show’s legacy lasted.

Indeed, in 2014, Duchovny announced he and Leoni were divorcing on Anderson’s birthday. Anderson herself was single and soon reports had the two living together although they both denied it. It’s continued with their bantering and reunion for an X-Files revival and both seem very friendly in public appearances. The two actually seem to enjoy pushing the idea of them together for real which adds fuel to the fire and funny how this could be the true conspiracy of the X-Files.

3 Brad Pitt And Marion Cotillard, Allied: Unlikely

Some might call it karma. Angelina Jolie famously had an affair with Brad Pitt on the set of Mr. & Mrs. Smith, causing a massive scandal by ruining Pitt’s relationship with Jennifer Aniston. The duo soon became Hollywood’s It Couple with various projects together and raising a large family. Pitt stood with Jolie during her double mastectomy and they looked a great couple. So it was jarring in late 2016 when they filed for divorce and a huge break-up. Instantly, stories abounded that Pitt had an affair with Marion Cotillard on the set of their WWII drama Allied. The media pounced on it, loving the irony of Jolie having been cheated on in the exact same way as 2004 and the timing seemed perfect. Cotillard would post a message claiming nothing happened, perfectly happy with her husband and pointing out she was pregnant at the time of shooting. That would seem to settle it yet the tabloids love to push how the Pitt/Jolie relationship may have ended the same way it began.

2 Taylor Lautner And Lily Collins, Abduction: Definitely

Taylor Lautner came to fame as Jacob in the Twilight movies but trying his game breaking out beyond that role. Abduction was a wild action piece of him as a kidnapped youth who’s soon involved in a wild conspiracy. Lily Collins played his love interest with a steamy scene of them hooking up on a train. In interviews, the two talked of how much they liked it as each naming the other one of their best on-screen kisses. It turns out that it wasn’t just for the film. Reports abounded of the two dating in real life with the movie wrapping up although each didn’t confirm it. It did build, a rare under the radar romance given their mutual fame and how the paparazzi followed Lautner a lot at the time. The duo was quiet for a time but announced a break-up just before the movie opened, even though they still didn’t totally admit they were dating. Interesting how there was a relationship and breakup despite never coming out as a couple.

1 Spencer Tracy And Katherine Hepburn: Yes And How

For years, it was the greatest unspoken romance in Hollywood. Behind closed doors, everyone knew, it was an open secret but no one would speak of it publicly. In 1941, Spencer Tracy was at the top of his Hollywood game, an Oscar-winning actor who could balance comedy and drama well. Katherine Hepburn had established herself as a sexy star who could also handle most anything. The two were paired up for Woman of the Year, a romantic comedy and it was a hit with audiences loving their chemistry. During filming, the duo would indeed embark on an affair and it would last for almost 30 years. It was known but not to the general public as Tracy didn’t want to embarrass his wife by getting a divorce. Even gossip columnists respected the obvious love of the two too much to write about it.

Instead, the duo continued to carry on while making another seven movies together. Their last, Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? opened just after Tracy’s death. It took a few more years before Hepburn finally admitted what most already knew and it came as little surprise that one of the greatest on-screen couples ever could be just as good off it as well.

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