Deadliest Catch: 20 Facts & Photos Of Sig's Daughter Mandy

We’ve all come to know Sig Hansen as the grouchy but super successful captain of the Northwestern in the Discovery Channel show The Deadliest Catch. The show is a documentary television series and follows the real-life behind the scenes action aboard fishing vessels in the Bering Sea during the Alaskan king crab, bairdi crab, and snow crab fishing seasons. While it doesn’t sound like the kind of show that would appeal to a vast audience of people it’s enjoyed incredible success and the 13th season of the show premiered in April this year. The show has been nominated for eight Primetime Emmy Awards and won two, and currently, airs in more than 200 countries.

Sig Hansen is a third-generation fisherman descended from a long line of Norwegian-ancestry fishermen and the Captain of one of the most successful vessels featured on the show. He’s been featured in every season of The Deadliest Catch and also serves as a technical advisor for the show.

In the later seasons, one of Sig’s daughters, Mandy, joined the crew as a deckhand and fans just couldn’t get enough of her. Suddenly there was a woman in the usually male dominated environment and she was gorgeous too. Here’s what you need to know about this tough as nails hottie…


20 Clark Joins The Hansen Family

19 Gritty And Beautiful


18 Her New Husband

Clark Pederson may be new to the world of fishing – he’s only just joined the crew of the Northwestern – but he has some impressive credentials for a man of his age. According to his bio on the Discovery TV website, he is a graduate of Washington State University as well as the California Maritime Academy. He has already attained his Third Mate Unlimited License and is now completing his education with real-world experience. And where better to gain that experience than on the Northwestern – where the money and cameras are too! Clark has big dreams and plans to become a captain one day and hopes to join the Columbia River Pilots. We’re sure Sig checked him out extensively before allowing him to marry his daughter so we think Mandy is in safe hands.

17 Getting Initiated On The Northwestern


Although a show like The Deadliest Catch may sound boring (does anyone really want to watch people fish for crabs?) it’s the people, and the way they interact with each other, that make the program interesting. The crews never seem to have it easy – between rough seas, injuries, and breakdowns (both mechanical and psychological) which makes the fact that Mandy did it that much more impressive. Often new greenhorns don’t last very long because they quickly find out that the job was far more difficult than they thought it would be.

Many of the boats have a type of initiation for their new hires and the Northwestern is no different. They expect new greenhorns to eat a raw fish before they can officially join the crew and Sig made Mandy do this too. And to everyone’s surprise, she managed to get it all down!

16 Her Plans For The Future

In season 10 of The Deadliest Catch, Mandy joined the crew of the Northwestern, not for the first time (she has been riding along with her dad since she was a child) but it was the first time that she actually actively worked to help bring in the crab. The crew didn’t have very high hopes for the small girl, but she surprised everyone with her tenacity as a greenhorn and completed the journey – something many strapping muscle-bound young men were not able to do. According to her dad, Mandy is obsessed with the sea and has aspirations of becoming a freighter or ocean liner Captain. And if her resolve during this season is anything to go by, then Mandy will certainly achieve her dreams.

15 It’s Not All Smiles Behind The Scenes


14 Mandy Is Adopted


13 How Old Is Mandy Hansen?


12 Big Crab = Big Money

11 How Mandy Feels About Being On TV


So what’s scarier than rogue waves on the icy Bering Sea? The idea of being on television, of course! At least, that is how Mandy Hansen felt about it. This is what she had to say about appearing on television, “It’s so scary. I don’t know what they’re actually going to show on TV. I wanted to go fishing. That was it. I didn’t realize it was going to be such a big deal, and I’d actually be in the public eye. That’s terrifying for me. But I’m starting to wrap my head around it. I want it to succeed. I want to be a part of it. I don’t want to sit back and just watch it. I want to be on deck with the guys. … I don’t want to work at a random company and just have to try to make someone else’s business grow. It’s pride.”

10 Salty Sea Fever

According to her dad, Mandy caught the salty “sea fever” from him when she was a small child and has been spending summers with the crew since her early teens. She’s been involved mostly in salmon fishing and when she first approached her dad and asked him if she could give crabbing a go he was hesitant at first. And of course, what father wouldn’t be? It isn’t as though it’s an easy job – it’s extremely dangerous and no father would want his child to be in danger. But Mandy was insistent and Sig knew that if he said no she would probably find another boat to work on, so he eventually agreed. Being the only woman abroad – and doing what is generally regarded as a “man’s job” couldn’t have been easy but Mandy took it in her stride.

9 When Your Dad Becomes Your Boss


8 Part Of The Crew

7 Big Aspirations


6 Who Is Mandy?

5 Surviving The Bering Sea


4 Water Baby

Sig says that Mandy just loves the water, and with a crab boat Captain dad around it’s not hard to see why. He said, “She’s always been in love with the water. She just wants to be outdoors; she’s the adventurous type. As far as being able to go fishing or whatever she can do, she wants to be a part of that. The kid just wants to be on the water. Anything she can do to be on the water I think is in her future. And that’s great. I told her you don’t have to be a crab fisherman to be on the water.” It’s great to see that his tenacity has rubbed off on her in such a positive way and that he is supportive of her decisions but that he also wants her to explore new horizons. The girl will go far with a dad like Sig leading the way.

3 Getting Started


2 Nothing To Laugh About

1 A Wedding And A New Baby – All In One Year


2017 has certainly been an eventful year for Sig. The latest season of The Deadliest Catch aired (where Clark asked him for permission to marry Mandy), Mandy and Clark got married in a lavish wedding, and then just a few days later he became a grandfather! His eldest daughter Nina announced that she was pregnant with his first grandchild in the show's latest season and gave birth to Jaxsen on the 18th of June this year. Sig looked overjoyed in the pictures that he posted on social media holding the adorable fifth-generation Hansen. He captioned them, “Finally a proud grandpa! Our oldest daughter Nina had baby Jaxsen on father’s day June 18th, after 24-hour labor! Welcome as the first, 5th generation Hansen fisherman!”


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