Cougar Town: 20 Most Attractive Starlets Over 50

An industry that is notoriously crappy to women above a certain age, the acting world has an awful history when it comes to employing women once they’ve started to mature. An incredibly awful thing as it often leads to extremely talented people being ignored despite the things they should be contributing to their industry, we really hope things will change soon. Often seeming as though this goes on because the powers that be want someone who is young and hot in their project, we think they need to give their heads a shake. After all, if you ask us, there are a number of older women that we think are much more sultry and confident than their younger counterparts. Realizing that is what inspired us to put together this list of the twenty most attractive over fifty female and famous actors working today.

In order for someone to be up for possible inclusion on this list, she first and foremost needs to be someone that will have turned fifty years old by the time the year 2018 begins. Next, she needs to be well-known as an actor to at least a sizable group of people. For the purposes of this list, however, it doesn’t matter what medium she was a part of when she did the work that earned her a fan base. As such, you may find someone that is associated with things like movies and television shows as long as she was acting as a part of them. With that in mind, let’s get to the list.

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20 Diane Lane - 52 Years Old

Via YouTube.com

One of those actors that has always seemed as though her career is just about to break out but never quite gets there, Diane Lane has done great but we’ve always wanted her to be a bigger deal. Best known for the film Unfaithful in which she played a cheating wife whose husband finds out about her misdeeds, she did a marvelous job in the highly sensual role. Also seen in a long list of other films, many people think of her as Superman’s mom in the DCEU these days, and she appeared in movies like The Perfect Storm, Under the Tuscan Sun, and The Outsiders. Fifty-two years old at the time of this writing, she remains of the most sultry-seeming women in the Hollywood system.

19 Nicole Kidman - 50 Years Old

Via AOL.com

An actor that has been able to straddle the line between being a huge movie star and an acclaimed performer on the big screen, Nicole Kidman has shown that she can do it all. A part of blockbusters like Days of Thunder, Batman Forever, The Peacemaker, The Others, and The Invasion, at times, she has been a go-to person when it comes to casting big-budget features. On the other hand, she is perfectly at home in smaller films and has taken home trophies from The Oscars, Golden Globes, BAFTAs, and MTV Movie Awards among many others. Someone who often heats up red carpet events, she’s fifty years old at the time of this writing and still has a figure to die for and always puts her look together as well as anyone possibly could.

18 Julianne Moore - 57 Years Old

Via lesfacons.com

An actor that seems to be someone that the most talented directors and stars love working with, Julianne Moore is fantastic at what she does no matter how big or small her role is. Outstanding in movies like Boogie Nights, Magnolia, Children of Men, A Single Man, and The Kids Are All Right, several of her movies were watershed moments for artistry in the industry. Still, despite listing several amazing works there, we managed to leave out arguably her most stunning performance to date in Still Alice. Cast as a woman that struggles with Alzheimer’s disease while still middle-aged, seeing her mental decline was difficult to watch but highly compelling. A fifty-seven-year-old woman that doesn’t get nearly enough credit for just how gorgeous she actually is, her fiery red hair and exquisite face make her stand out.

17 Julia Roberts - 50 Years Old

Via aarp.org

One of the most beloved stars in the history of the movie industry, Julia Roberts has enjoyed one of the most loyal and passionate fan bases that any actor could ever hope for. Turned into an icon when she starred in a series of romantic comedies, people were swept away by her movies like Pretty Woman, My Best Friend’s Wedding, Notting Hill, and many more. Also pretty great in a series of dramas over the years, sometimes her talents are underreported as evidenced by her performances in Erin Brockovich, Closer, and August: Osage County among others. Blessed with one of the most lovable smiles we’ve ever seen still, she comes off like a great person to be around and looks incredible at fifty years old which is a wonderful combination.

16 Susan Sarandon - 71 Years Old

Via AOL.com

Keeping the redhead train going, this time around, we’re looking at Susan Sarandon, a woman that has brought several lusted-after characters to life on the big screen. First rising to prominence in the seventies, she could be proud early on as she starred in a movie with a lasting legacy since she played Janet Weiss in The Rocky Horror Picture Show. No slouch in the years since, she has anchored popular movies like Bull Durham, The Client, Dead Man Walking, Stepmom, and most notably Thelma & Louise which has had a lasting effect on cinema. Amazingly beautiful and vibrant-looking today even though she is seventy-one years old, she is among the best-looking women in that age range ever and still has cleavage for days.

15 Gina Gershon - 55 Years Old

Via popsugar.com

Spending much of her career as a character actor, Gina Gershon is the type of person that shows up in a film and has many in the audience recognize her but not be able to place exactly where from. Making her film debut in 1981, some of her early notable roles saw her appear alongside the likes of Tom Cruise, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Elisabeth Shue, and Steven Seagal. Rising in prominence over much of the nineties and two thousands, she is now remembered by some for films like Showgirls, Bound, Face/Off, The Insider, and Killer Joe. Fifty-five years old at the time of this writing, throughout her career, Gina has played several seductive characters and many would fall prey to her feminine wiles to this day.

14 Angela Bassett - 59 Years Old

Via EW.com

A multi-talented performer who has used her understanding of how to tell a story on the stage, television, in films, and behind the scenes as a director, Angela Bassett is an impressive person. Most notable for movies like Boyz n the Hood, Malcolm X, Waiting to Exhale, and How Stella Got Her Groove Back, among others, she is also set to appear in Mission: Impossible 6. On top of that, her career has recently received a sizable boost as well, as she has joined the list of actors that are a part of the anthology series American Horror Story each season. Fifty-nine years old today, when looking at her, you’d never know it as she looks like she could be in her forties at most and would be among the hottest people in that age range too.

13 Sela Ward - 61 Years Old

Via gotceleb.com

If you’ve been paying attention to the film and television worlds as of late, then you are likely to recognize Sela Ward the moment that you see her and quite possibly smile at the same time. In fact, if you are watching a series and they start to talk about a middle-aged person being smitten with a woman in their age range, then there is a good chance that she will show up. After all, if you want to cast someone the audience will fall for in a moment, there aren’t many people that are better suited to that role, if you ask us. We say that because of her long and lustrous hair, beautiful face and body that shows through even when she has clothes on that are safe enough for primetime TV audiences.

12 Jane Seymour - 66 Years Old

via:TV Fanatic

Someone that seems to be defying the laws of aging, we’re not sure if Jane Seymour has found the fountain of youth but it certainly seems like that is the case. One of the women that were tapped to be a “Bond girl,” someone (dismissive name aside) playing one of the love interests in 007 movie is a huge thing for the career of an actor. Additionally, she is also memorable for her leading part in the show Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, and films like Somewhere In Time, East of Eden, War and Remembrance, and several others. Someone that drove us wild with her steamy role in the movie Wedding Crashers, in it she proved then that she still had it going on, and in the years since, that hasn’t changed at all.

11 Jennifer Tilly - 59 Years Old

Via Pinterest.com

An actor with a voice that is hard to ignore, whether you love or hate Jennifer Tilly’s sometimes infantile-sounding speaking, there is no doubt that her body is anything but innocent-looking. Seen in a long list of films, she has had an impact on movies in very different genres including Monsters Inc., Bound, Bride of Chucky, Liar Liar, Play It to the Bone, and Made in America. Not content with being known for her acting career, she also managed to win a bracelet at the World Series of Poker, which is something that many other celebrities have failed at doing. A very busty woman that knows full well that her chest draws a lot of looks, she seems more than happy to show it off which is as wonderful as her lovely face.

10 Rene Russo - 63 Years Old

Via hollywoodreporter.com

Proof positive that it is a real shame that a lot of the time aging women in the acting world stop getting plum roles, Rene Russo has given some incredible performances after turning forty. Early on making a name for herself with films like Major League, Mr. Destiny, Lethal Weapon 3, and In the Line of Fire, her career was on an upswing when she surpassed that age. Still, there is no doubt that she blew minds with her work in The Thomas Crown Affair and that she gave the performance of a lifetime in the incredible film Nightcrawler. A splendid-looking person that lights up the screen whenever she shows up on it, she was perfectly cast when she showed up as a god in the Thor films as looking that good seems supernatural.

9 Marisa Tomei - 53 Years Old

Via footwearnews.com

The subject of a nasty rumor throughout much of her career, many people thought Marisa Tomei won an Oscar for My Cousin Vinny because the presenter read the wrong name. An awful thing that followed her around throughout much of her career, for a while, it seemed like that would be her most lasting legacy in Hollywood. But thankfully, that is no longer the case. Able to move on from that because of giving great performances in movies like The Paper, In the Bedroom, and The Wrestler, she has also been cast as Aunt May in the new Spider-Man franchise. Cast as an adult dancer in one of her most notable films, The Wrestler, in it, Marisa showed off her body which is better than almost anyone no matter their age and she still has a bewitching face too.

8 Kelly Preston - 55 Years Old

Via radaronline.com

Someone we wish got more attention for her own career, a lot of the time, it seems as though Kelly Preston has lived in the shadow of her more famous husband, John Travolta. Too bad as she has been good in several movies, on top of that, no matter who she shares her life with, she should be judged on her own merits when it comes to her life and career. Best known for movies like Twins, Jerry Maguire, For Love of the Game, Sky High, and several others, she is also set to appear in the upcoming gangster movie Gotti. Fifty-five years old today, we could easily still imagine her playing someone that audiences went gaga over from a physical standpoint on the big screen in the future as she is simply stunning.

7 Jamie Lee Curtis - 59 Years Old

Via vanityfair.com

Considered one of the preeminent scream queens of all time, Jamie Lee Curtis had the pedigree for that job considering that she is the daughter of Janet Leigh who played Marion Crane in Psycho. Making her film debut as the main character in the original Halloween film, her character was one of the best in horror history, and she has also popped up in The Fog, Prom Night, and other scary films. On top of that, she also turned heads in films outside that genre in movies like Trading Places, A Fish Called Wanda, My Girl, True Lies, and Freaky Friday. Fifty-nine years old at the time of this writing, early in her career, she showed off her impressive body, and she still has curves to die for and is a perfect example of someone who has aged gracefully.

6 Lea Thompson - 56 Years Old

Via parade.com

One of the stars of a series of films that is among the most beloved of all time, Lea Thompson could have rested on her laurels simply because of playing a character in the Back to the Future films. However, that is not what she did at all as she also starred in the show Caroline in the City and movies like All the Right Moves, Red Dawn, Some Kind of Wonderful, and The Beverly Hillbillies. Of course, if you are a fan of films that are so bad they are good, then she also has another huge credit since she played the female lead in the Howard the Duck big-screen adaptation. A redhead who has a sweet demeanor to her, sometimes that has caused a failure to notice that her figure is outstanding, to say the least, and she deserves more credit for that.

5 Sandra Bullock - 53 Years Old

Via hollywoodreporter.com

One of the most recent people that could accurately be described as America’s Sweetheart, Sandra Bullock has not only appeared in several well-received movies but she is liked by most people too. A veteran of the romantic comedy genre, at one time, she seemed destined to stick it out in that genre which fans of films like While You Were Sleeping and Miss Congeniality would have loved. However, she has also appeared in films from other areas of the industry like Demolition Man, Speed, The Blind Side, Gravity, and is set to lead the film Ocean’s 8. A beautiful brunette that has a pearly white smile and a grace to her that few could compete with, almost anyone attracted to women would feel on top of the world with her on their arm.

4 Michelle Pfeiffer - 59 Years Old

Via stylist.co.uk

Able to breakout and become a star when she played Elvira Hancock in the movie Scarface, it was an amazing feat as the movie was so outrageous that it is stunning that people paid her any mind. Since then cast in a series of films that were well received by fans and critics alike, Michelle Pfeiffer received great acclaim for what she did in Dangerous Liaisons and The Fabulous Baker Boys. Also a good bet to cast if you want big box office returns, she appeared in hit films like Batman Returns, Hairspray, Dangerous Minds, I Am Sam, and is set to join the MCU in the sequel to Ant-Man. The type of person that is roundly considered as one of the best-looking women around, Michelle is often listed as gorgeous by people that aren’t even attracted to women because she looks so good.

3 Halle Berry - 51 Years Old

Via Maxim.com

An actor that seemed on top of the world but then made the misstep of appearing in an atrocious movie called Catwoman, Halle Berry should still be commanding the best roles around, if you ask us. After all, she is far from the first person in Hollywood to anchor a terrible film and has also proved how talented she was with what she did in the movie Monster’s Ball. She has also been a part of many movies that were hits including the X-Men franchise of films, Boomerang, Die Another Day, and The Call among others. An alluring woman that dazzles wherever she goes and lights up the screen, people wanted to see more of her so bad that she was reportedly given a huge bonus to partially undress in a film.

2 Monica Bellucci - 53 Years Old

Via YouTube.com

An Italian actor that has been in a series of major films, as a result, it is sometimes easy to forget that Monica Bellucci is a former model that worked for companies like Dior as well as Dolce & Gabbana. A huge deal in her homeland, her films that aren’t in English include the likes of Malèna, Irréversible, Brotherhood of the Wolf, as well as Asterix & Obelix: Mission Cleopatra. No slouch in North America either, she also popped up in The Matrix films, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Shoot ‘Em Up, and The Passion of the Christ to name a sampling. Someone with curves to spare, this international superstar has a figure that we could stare at for hours and when shot from the neck up, is still an astonishing beauty.

1 Elizabeth Hurley - 52 Years Old

Via shaamtimes.net

Introduced to much of the world when she was dating Hugh Grant, Elizabeth Hurley showed up on the red carpet with him and looked so incredible that she became famous herself. Able to take advantage of that momentum, she landed roles in North America that cemented her reputation as not only an actor but an incredibly stunning woman, to say the very least. Best known for films like Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, Bedazzled, and many more, she has also starred in the great show The Royals since 2015. Fifty-two years old at the time of this writing, she is somehow more attractive today than ever before in our books which is an amazing feat considering that she was so exquisite, to begin with.

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