Cougar Town: 20 Hottest In Music

The second in our group of lists that look at some of the sexiest women of a certain age in pop culture, we’ve already touched on the movie and television scenes, but we knew we’d be remiss if we ignored music. An industry that still remains dominated by a few major music labels that decide who they bless with contracts and therefore put their stamp of approval on, it is very difficult for musicians in this world without being chosen. That is true because, more often than not, a song becomes popular only after the public becomes aware of it through consistent play on the radio.

The industry is changing these days, however. Through the popularity of online streaming services and newer media platforms like YouTube, there are more platforms for a musician to become known than ever before. Additionally, in the music world, there is a great equalizer—the power of the singing voice. As such, despite the media machine preferring young hot performers, someone with talents beyond their peers are still capable of rising above them. Still, we’d be lying if we tried to pretend that even most older musicians that are successful these days aren’t extremely attractive people. Coming to that realization, we decided to put together this list in order to celebrate older musicians that continue to make a mark with their equally good looks and talent.

In order for a musician to be up for inclusion on this list, she first needs to be a part of the music scene. Next, she needs to be very attractive and will be forty years old by the end of the year this article was written–2017. The artist in question must have released an album or single in the last five years, still perform with any regularity, or remain in the public eye for another reason. With that said, let’s get to the list.

20 Faith Hill – 49 Years Old

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One of the most successful country singers of all time, Faith Hill’s career took off in the early ‘90s, and she was last nominated for a Grammy Award in 2015 for a duet with her husband, Tim McGraw. Best known for songs like “The Kiss,” “Breathe,” “Let Me Let Go,” “Stronger,” and “There You’ll Be” among others, she has had enough hits to earn the career achievement award she received in 2006. Reported to have signed with Sony Music Nashville in February of 2017, it is exciting to know that she has more music on the way. A beautiful blonde that has been included on lists of the most attractive women alive many times over her career, Faith has won the hearts of millions with her voice and looks.

19 Sarah McLachlan – 49 Years Old

A Canadian singer and songwriter who was so talented at recording highly affecting ballads and rock songs, it is saddening to us that Sarah McLachlan seems mostly absent from music these days. A winner of two Grammy Awards and four Junos over her career, she also founded the hugely popular and influential Lilith Fair tour which featured female-led music acts. Hopefully forever remembered for songs like “When Somebody Loved Me,” “Angel,” “Fallen,” and “I Will Remember You,” her music remains powerful to this day. Born with a naturally pretty face and body, Sarah’s vocal range seems to be about as large as her heart, which is one reason why we find her so beautiful.

18 Kylie Minogue – 49 Years Old

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A pop performer with staying power far beyond nearly any of her peers, Kylie Minogue began recording hit songs in the ‘80s, including “I Should Be So Luck” and “The Loco-Motion.” Releasing album after album in the years since in North America, it wasn’t until 2001 that she had a huge hit again. However, several other countries knew they were missing out. We say that because by that point, the young woman with big and frizzy hair had been replaced by a seductive songstress who seemed all too happy to be seen in outfits that only covered up her naughty bits. Nearing 50 years old at the time of this writing, she hasn’t let that number get in the way of her being hot enough to rival nearly any performer decades younger than her.

17 Lee Ann Womack – 50 Years Old

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A Country singer who rose to stardom in the late ‘90s, aside from a short hiatus, Lee Ann Womack has spent most of the intervening years in the public eye. Last nominated for a Grammy in 2016 for Country Solo Performance, she has won five Academy of Country Music Awards, six Country Music Association Awards, and others in the past. Having sold more than six million albums over her career, it seems like music is in her genes as her daughter in her 20’s, Aubrie Sellers, has followed in her musical footsteps. A woman who looks like she knows exactly who she is, that is a wonderful quality; and we love her bountiful chest and gorgeous face too.

16 Susanna Hoffs – 58 Years Old

One of the co-founders of The Bangles, one of biggest pop-rock acts of the ‘80s, Susanna Hoffs was one of several women central to the band, but there is no doubt that she still stood out. Highly memorable for eyes that seemed to force viewers to stare at them with jealousy or lust in their hearts, she was one of the sexiest women alive at the time. Last heard as part of an album in 2013 when she performed with Matthew Sweet and actor Tim Robbins, there is no knowing if she will release new music anytime soon, but we hope she will. After all, any opportunity to keep someone as graceful and sultry as her around in pop culture is something we will always cherish.

15 Shania Twain – 51 Years Old

A Canadian country megastar who has sold more than eighty-five million records over her long-lasting career, Shania Twain seems to be on the latter side of her career as she put on a “Final Tour.” However, that appears to be far from the truth as she has a new album coming out in September of 2017, two years after the aforementioned tour began. Her first studio album debuted in 2002, and her previous record included huge songs like “Up,” “I’m Gonna Getcha Good,” and more, so we think big things for her may be on the way. If her success is dependent in any way on her being an attractive lady, then she need not worry as anyone who sees photos of her today can say that she remains a vibrant and exquisite woman.

14 Jewel – 43 Years Old

For those of you that weren’t around when Jewel became a star seemingly overnight, from the get-go, a large part of her story was an idea that she was a natural-born artist. Known to have lived in a vehicle at one time in her life, she turned to her poetry, singing, and guitar-playing to allow her to rise above it all, and her hope came to fruition. Someone who has released hit songs over more than a decade, including “You Were Meant for Me,” “Foolish Games,” Stronger Woman,” and “I Do,” it seems like genres or years won’t hold her back. A blonde who has a peaceful and beautiful energy to her, aside from her appealing image, it was also because of the feelings she seems to draw out of those who watch her perform that also landed her on this list.

13 Sheryl Crow – 55 Years Old

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A singer and songwriter who came to prominence in the ‘90s, Sheryl Crow has had a career for the ages. A musician who is skilled at playing pop, rock, folk, country, and the blues, that has led to her working with a long list of other musicians including Michael Jackson and Eric Clapton to name two of many. Having earned 32 Grammy nominations over her career, Sheryl has actually taken home 9 of them, which makes it seem like she must need a huge mantle to place them and her other awards on. Seemingly born to be a star, on top of all of the drive that has made her one, it seems like she looks good enough to roll out of bed and turn heads anywhere she goes.

12 Geri Halliwell – 44 Years Old

A member of one of the best-selling and most beloved pop groups of all time, Geri Halliwell is one of five women who call themselves Spice Girls. A group that has been compared to The Beatles by some–due to their British origins, massive sales figures, and cultural impact–there are few musical acts in history that have been as big as these women. Opting to do it alone when the act she was a part of was at its zenith, it was flabbergasting, but Geri (to her credit) was able to release some hit songs all by herself. A curvy woman with fiery red hair that drove the world wild with her sexy demeanor, there is no doubt in our minds that Ginger Spice has it going on even to this day.

11 Sharon Den Adel – 42 Years Old

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The first of a few musicians on this list that the majority of our North American fans will likely know nothing about, Sharon den Adel is a Dutch singer and songwriter. Known for her work with the symphonic metal band Within Temptation, her role in the writing of their music and as lead vocalist make it clear that she is a driving force in their music. Reported to have become a performing musician when she was only 14 years old, she continues to perform nearly 30 years later, including many guest spots on other bands’ tracks. Someone who brings to mind a more mature and less inked-up version of Kat Von D, calling her alluring seems like an understatement to us.

10 Martie Maguire – 47 Years Old

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One of the best-selling and most controversial acts in the history of country music, the Dixie Chicks (at one time) was arguably the most talked-about bands in that genre, if not music as a whole. Known in part for speaking out about their beliefs, including deriding a former American President, that controversy at times seems like it has obscured some immensely impressive musical careers. Having won 13 Grammy awards over their career, the trio–made up of Natalie Maines, and a pair of sisters, including Martie Maguire–has sold more than 27 million albums. A beautiful blonde who looks like the epitome of the girl next door all grown up, Martie is a talented singer and performer who plays a long list of instruments–which we find sexy–and has an image we can’t resist.

9 Fergie – 42 Years Old

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Most singers would thank their lucky stars to be a part of a single musical act that made an impact, but that hasn’t stopped Fergie from being a solo star and part of Wild Orchid and The Black Eyed Peas. Probably best known as part of the latter group, she was the sole female participant who brought a lot of s*x appeal to their songs and music videos. Possessing a tight body, it seems to defy reason that she still has curves as big as she does, but there is certainly good reason for everyone to appreciate her “lumps” and “humps.”

8 Laura Pausini – 43 Years Old

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One of two performers from Italy that you will find on this list, Laura Pausini is a pop singer and songwriter whose history as a record producer further proves her musical talents. Having won the newcomer artists’ section at the Sanremo Music Festival all the way back in 1993, it was her track “La solitudine” that made her a star in her country and in others around the world. Having released 10 studios albums–the last of which came in 2014–as well as two international greatest hit releases, you may not know who Laura is. But trust us, she deserves oodles of respect. Blessed with cleavage that will nearly hypnotize anyone who comes across it and a face that seems like it could have been seen on a walkway, Laura remains a stunner.

7 Rozonda Thomas – 46 Years Old

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One of three members of another one of the best-selling girl groups of all time, alongside the aforementioned Spice Girls, Rozonda Thomas’ work in TLC helped make them a sensation. Able to have 9 top-ten hits on the Billboard Hot 100 over their career, the group released unforgettable songs like “Creep,” “Waterfalls,” “No Scrubs,” and “Unpretty.” Still a member of TLC, alongside fellow original member Tionne Watkins, the pair is set to release their last album under that name in June of 2017, opting to rename themselves going forward. Possessing skin that looks about as soft and supple as any we’ve ever seen and a tight body that we always enjoy seeing more of, Rozonda has looks that she deserves to take pride in.

6 Cristina Scabbia – 45 Years Old

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A woman who many of our readers have likely never heard of, Cristina Scabbia is best known as one of the two vocalists in the Italian Gothic metal band, Lacuna Coil. Known for her ability to harmonize with the man she sings alongside in the band, their sound has been described as “melodic” and “detached.” A band that has toured around the world despite hailing from a country whose musicians oftentimes don’t get much attention in North America, they have even been nominated for an MTV Music Award. Sporting the shade of red hair most have come to expect from metal bands, she makes it look incredible as it sits atop a body and face that are nearly impossible to not lust after.

5 Mariah Carey – 47 Or 48 Years Old

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One of the most vocally impressive singers at the height of her career, at one time, Mariah Carey’s vocal range surpassed nearly everyone that has been a part of the popular music scene. Able to become a star in the early ‘90s, she has managed to remain relevant ever since, whether that involves her songs, television appearances, or other pop culture avenues. Known for songs like “We Belong Together,” “Hero,” “Fantasy,” “All I Want for Christmas Is You,” and a lot more, she has released far too many hit songs to list here. A buxom brunette with big breasts, a sweet smile, and seemingly flawless skin, she oftentimes is willing to be seen in revealing clothes, and we couldn’t be more appreciative of that.

4 Mel B – 42 Years Old

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Another one of the Spice Girls who made it to this list, that shouldn’t come as any surprise as the pop group that became a worldwide phenomenon was filled to the brim with attractive women from the start. A mainstay of the act throughout nearly all of its history, despite that fact, Mel B has also found fame by herself. A longstanding judge on competition shows including more than one country version of The X Factor and America’s Got Talent, she brings a likable–but far from timid–energy to everything she does. Looking like she has only become hotter with age, she may have been known as Scary Spice at one time, but the only frightening thing about her is that she seems like her looks defy time as we know it.

3 Lisa Loeb – 49 Years Old

A singer and songwriter who is memorable for her distinctive glasses, stripped-down music style, and nearly universally appealing singing style, Lisa Loeb remains a pivotal part of the ‘90s music scene. Best known for her song “Stay (I Missed You),” as much as we love that song (and we do), we find it disappointing that she was never able to rise to that level again afterward. At least we got to see her star in a short-lived “reality” show looking at her single lifestyle called Number 1 Single, where she stripped down to her skivvies in one moment. Also, a businesswoman who created an eyewear collection and The Camp Lisa Foundation among other companies, Lisa is a strong and attractive woman who looks great even up to this day.

2 Gwen Stefani – 47 Years Old

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Starting out her time in the spotlight as the lead singer of the rock band No Doubt, in her early days, Gwen Stefani sang the song “Just a Girl” despite already being a woman to reckon with (which was the whole point of the song). Going on to record several albums with her cohorts, she would also have a great deal of success as a solo artist. Now probably best known as one of the coaches on the competition show The Voice, it has earned her many new fans despite her already long and impressive career. A blonde with a slender build who comes off as delightful, her fashion choices are always distinctive and serve to further accentuate all of her many attractive attributes.

1 Shakira – 40 Years Old

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When we sat down to do our research for this list, Shakira is one of the first people who came to mind; and in truth, anyone who wanted to unseat her from the throne here had her work cut out for them. Clearly, nobody rose to that task. But, in all fairness to them, it seemed like a nearly impossible task from the start. A Lebanese-Colombian singer, songwriter, record producer, and dancer, Shakira has had huge hit songs in countries from one side of this planet to the other. Blessed with natural curves that drive viewers wild, when you then throw in her sexy dancing, it seems like she oozes s*x from every pore, and we couldn’t love her more for that.

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