Cougar Town: 20 Hottest In Modeling

The fifth in our group of lists looking at some of the sexiest women of a certain age in pop culture, we’ve already touched on the movie, television, music, and sports scenes but knew we’d be remiss if we ignored modeling. An industry that is almost entirely based around looks, with a small amount of personality having an effect, it should come as no surprise that there is a lot of fodder for a list like this. After all, even though these ladies are no longer in their prime moneymaking years because of the way the industry values youth, they were once considered among the sexiest women around.

It should go without saying, but making it in this industry is something that is insanely difficult to do. After all, there are many thousands, if not millions, of people that would love to be modeling at a professional level, which means you need to be more photogenic than the bunch in order to make it. Since this industry is so entirely based on someone’s image, there are many gorgeous models that have been shown the door once they are no longer seen as entirely youthful. That is why there are so few of them of a certain age that have the attention of the masses. Coming to that realization is what inspired us to put together this list in order to celebrate older models that continue to look amazing.

In order for a model to be up for consideration for inclusion on this list, she first needs to be a very attractive woman that will be forty years old by the end of the year this article was written, 2017. The only other requirement is that she needs to be best known for modeling. As a result, someone like Halle Berry who is a famous actress that dabbled in sponsorships, something that includes posing for advertising materials, was not in the running.

20 Shalom Harlow – 43 Years Old

It shouldn’t come as any surprise to you that there will be several supermodels on this list, including some that have already come up; but Shalom Harlow is something a little bit different. Dubbed as an “anti-supermodel,” she had a career similar to some of her more famous peers, but her look was a little bit different than the rest. Seen on magazine covers, including Vogue, on TV shows like MTV’s House of Style, and movies like How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days as well as In & Out, she has conquered many mediums. A Brunette beauty with luxurious hair, a near perfect face, and a figure without an extra pound on it, it is only in a group like this that she wouldn’t be at the top of the list.

19 Tatjana Patitz – 51 Years Old

A German model who became a star in the ‘80s and ‘90s, Tatjana Patitz may not be a household name but she still managed to become a supermodel nonetheless. If you question that, since she isn’t famous these days, the fact that she was featured in the music video for George Michael’s “Freedom! 90,” which featured the cream of the modeling crop, should put that to rest. Featured in advertisements for companies like Cartier, L'Oréal, Revlon, Levi, Corsa, Dupont, Pantene, Dockers, and Ralph Lauren, it is clear that she was a go-to person for brands wanting to sell their wares. Fifty-one years old today, this outspoken animal advocate is still an incredible stunner that we love to look at.

18 Veronica Webb – 52 Years Old

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One of the most sought-after models of her generation, Veronica Webb broke ground as the first African-American person to have a contract with a major cosmetics brand. Seen on the cover of a number of magazines, including Vogue, Essence, Elle, and much more, she was a perfect person for such a role as we would take a second look at anything with her on it. Also an actress in her own right, she appeared in movies like Malcolm X and Jungle Fever, as well as shows like Clueless, Becker, and Just Shoot Me. Fifty-two years old today, these days, Veronica runs a business mentoring younger people which may play a part in the fact that she looks so youthful and hot for her age.

17 Adriana Karembeu – 45 Years Old

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A Slovakian who has had an impressive career around the world, Adriana Karembeu entered the fashion world when she won a modeling contest. Still, despite the fact that she was used by American companies like Victoria’s Secret, it seems like she is best known in countries like France where she fought to win their version of Dancing with the Stars. Also noteworthy because she held a Guinness World Record at one time for the longest legs on a model, you can believe that her stems are extraordinary. Someone who looks like she might be the sexiest hippie alive, this forty-five-year-old woman seems at total peace with herself which is something we find hot as hell, on top of having a body to die for.

16 Carol Alt – 56 Years Old

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One of the oldest women on this list, Carol Alt is an important figure in the history of the business. Said to have appeared on more than five hundred magazine covers over the years, we’re most impressed that she was tapped to appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue. A part of an article published by Life Magazine that looked at some of the most notable models working at the time, each of them were given a nickname and Carol’s was “The Face.” That makes perfect sense to us as anyone who looks at her then or now will likely be able to tell you that her face is as alluring as any erogenous zone of virtually any other woman.

15 Amber Valletta – 43 Years Old

First becoming a cover model for Vogue Magazine–one of the most important in the industry–at eighteen years old, Amber Valletta had already risen to heights she likely couldn’t have imagined. Definitely deserving to be called a supermodel, she worked with some of the most impressive brands out there, including Chanel, Prada, Gucci, and Versace. Also talented enough to make it into acting, something many of her peers tried and failed at, she was a pivotal part of films like Dead Silence, Gamer, Transporter 2, and the TV show Revenge. We’re not sure if Amber made a deal with the devil, found the fountain of youth or what, but she seems to have barely aged at all which is marvelous as she has never stopped being a delight to see.

14 Christy Turlington – 48 Years Old

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Many of the women on this list are still doing things of note these days, but most of them are mostly a part of the periphery. You could argue that that is the case for Christy Turlington these days but a few scant years ago, that wasn’t the case. A supermodel of the highest order, she was named one of Glamour’s Women of the Year in 2013 and one of Time’s 100 Most Influential of People of 2014, more than a decade past her heyday. Founding Every Mother Counts in 2010, her non-profit organization helps women that are pregnant or giving birth to stay safe which only shows how attractive she is both inside and out. As slender today as she has ever been, she still possesses all of the attributes that made her a star the world loved to watch.

13 Christie Brinkley – 63 Years Old

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If you have followed the career of Christie Brinkley at all, the word ‘wow’ is likely to come to mind. The cover model of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue for three years in a row, that feat was impressive but pales to what she pulled off with CoverGirl. One of the best-known and most important cosmetics companies in history, the company could’ve had the pick of the modeling litter. That is why it’s so mind-boggling that this gorgeous woman served as the face of their company for a mind-boggling twenty-five years. Sixty-three years old today, that fact is hard to fathom while looking at a recent photo of her mouth-watering body.

12 Kathy Ireland – 54 Years Old

Working in the industry at the same time as some of the more famous women on this list, Kathy Ireland was a mainstay of the industry but never quite ascended to the tip-top of her profession. However, that doesn’t mean she wasn’t a supermodel or that her career doesn’t feature some awesome stats. Chief among her achievements is the fact that she appeared in thirteen of Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issues–which may be the most coveted gig in the modeling world–in a row. Also an entrepreneur of the highest order, her marketing company, Kathy Ireland Worldwide, has turned her into a business juggernaut. Today looking like someone you wouldn’t want to reckon with, she communicates confidence, authority, and intelligence while also being totally exquisite.

11 Yasmin Le Bon – 52 Years Old

Named one of the highest-earning models of the ‘80s, that is really saying something as the decade seemed more image-obsessed since in our opinion. Signed by Models 1 Agency out of London in her youth, Yasmin Le Bon would go on to work for designers like Versace, Calvin Klein, Chanel, and far too many more to all be listed here. Still an active part of the business recently, she even garnered headlines in 2012 when she wore a gown that weighed fifty kilograms during an Haute Couture show. Arguably the woman who looks best-prepared to be a regular part of the industry today, if you ask us, Yasmin is capable of making virtually any outfit sing to this day.

10 Niki Taylor – 42 Years Old

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Niki Taylor could aptly be described as a modeling prodigy. Starting her career when she was far younger than she had any right to be, in fact, she graced the cover of an issue of Vogue Magazine at only fifteen years of age. Named one of the “50 Most Beautiful People” by People Magazine in 1991, she would go on to be one of the most lusted-after people around throughout the decade. Also someone who appeared in the pages and on the cover of Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue or its calendar, she also worked with other publications like Allure, Vogue, Self, and Marie Claire. Still possessing the trademark mole that some of the hottest models around seem to have, we hope she never has it removed as her look seems perfect in every way to us.

9 Claudia Schiffer – 46 Years Old

A woman whose name is synonymous with beauty, Claudia Schiffer is a woman who other models are often compared to. Held up by The Guinness Book of World Records as the person who has appeared on more magazine covers than anyone in history, it is clear that editors around the world recognize her ability to motivate purchases. At least that seems to be the case when you find out the number of covers that she has received is more than one thousand. Now a mother of three at forty-six years of age, she is still more than capable of raising the heart rate of almost anyone lucky enough to see images of her today.

8 Rebecca Romijn – 44 Years Old

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We made it clear that we only considered people who are famed models on this list instead of movie stars, and that left Rebecca Romijn in a grey area. Currently a successful actress who is known for her work in the X-Men film universe and the show Ugly Betty, to date, she has acted a great deal and to a lot of success in several cases. However, she owes the opportunity that started her acting career to the fact that she had already made her name by modeling for a long list of companies, including many magazine appearances in notable publications. A very sexy woman that we find awfully alluring, to this day, she gets us going and proves that she is a seduction machine.

7 Naomi Campbell – 47 Years Old

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A little bit of a controversial figure in the modeling world since she has a history of violent outbursts, that shouldn’t stop anyone from recognizing her career and beauty. Deservedly declared a supermodel, Naomi Campbell became a star around the world because she is about as photogenic as anyone alive. Even named “the reigning megamodel” by Interview magazine, that name may sound ridiculous but goes to show you how important her career has been. Seemingly looking exactly the same as the woman we were introduced to decades ago, the only thing that has changed about her is that she seems more dignified and dazzling than she has ever been in the past.

6 Elle Macpherson – 53 Years Old

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Some models are great on the catwalk. Some models are amazing in print. Some models are impressive when it comes to branching out into other avenues. Some models seem to be likable whenever you see them be interviewed. Then, there are a select few models–like Elle Macpherson–that are good at all of these things and many more. Able to appear in a number of successful movies, including The Edge and Batman and Robin, she also played a recurring role on the show Friends, and we can’t imagine anyone complaining after seeing her on film. A statuesque blonde with a chest we find rather hypnotizing, this 53-year-old model has got it going on.

5 Eva Herzigová – 44 Years Old

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A Czech model who totally took the world by storm, Eva Herzigová won a beauty contest that started her career in 1989. Going on to be the talk of the town, the gig that turned her into a star was when she was the lead in a Wonderbra campaign. If you ask us, that makes perfect sense as she always struck as a throwback to the looks of former s*x symbols–like Marilyn Monroe–that were known for their bountiful bosoms. A blonde bombshell who looks entirely capable of wrapping millions of people around her little finger, Eva is proof positive that age is just a number as she is hotter than most people decades younger than her.

4 Heidi Klum – 44 Years Old

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A model who garnered two of the most desired jobs in the industry, Heidi Klum was featured on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue as well as being named a Victoria’s Secret Angel. One of the most successful crossover stories in the history of pop culture, since she started out in the spotlight, she has become the host and judge of multiple competition shows. On top of that, those TV gigs have earned her six separate Emmy nominations, which is something very few people have ever accomplished. Named the second highest-earning model in the world, only trailing Gisele Bündchen, that is a testament to her staying power and timeless beauty.

3 Tyra Banks – 43 Years Old

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Here we are in our top three, and the time has come to look at a trio of women much of the world adores. First off, we have Tyra Banks. A busty model who has spent years as the power broker behind America’s Next Top Model, she spent that time defining what it is to be a pro in this industry for millions of people. Despite the fact that she has been a TV host and had acted in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Higher Learning to name only two, we think she will always be best known for her work posing in front of a camera. Forty-three years old today, we can’t even understand anyone who wouldn’t want to spend their time looking at her in the midst of any photo shoot or just walking the streets on a regular day.

2 Cindy Crawford – 51 Years Old

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We bet you are totally shocked that this beauty didn’t take the top spot on this list, and we totally get that. The woman we think deserves to be called the most celebrated model of her generation, let alone of all time, Cindy Crawford was one of the first women called a supermodel and helped define the word. Named one of the sexiest women ever by a number of entities, she and her trademark mole are forever seared into a deprived part of our minds. Still, a stunning woman who hasn’t let herself go at all, at fifty-one years old today, she continues to blow us away in the looks department.

1 Stephanie Seymour – 48 Years Old

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We can’t argue that Stephanie Seymour is the best-known woman listed here. We can’t argue that Stephanie Seymour accomplished more in her career than most of the other ladies we’ve spoken about. In fact, we are willing to say that at the height of her career, if you asked if Stephanie Seymour was hotter than the majority of the people listed here, we would’ve said no. So, you may be wondering what qualifies her for the top spot here. That’s an easy one; she has aged like a fine wine. Whether it is in paparazzi photos of her in a bikini on a beach or if she is fully dressed in a photo shoot, one thing is for certain. Stephanie Seymour looks glorious in pretty much every situation, and we devour any image of her that we can.

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