Cougar Town: 15 Pics That Prove Elizabeth Hurley Is Still Fine AF

Elizabeth Hurley is currently 52 years old and has been considered one of the hottest women in Hollywood for over a decade now. It definitely doesn't hurt her case that she runs her own swimsuit company and often takes to Instagram to show off the latest designs.

Many of which as you'll learn, leave very little to the imagination. It also helps that her television series The Royals was recently renewed for another season. Perhaps due in part to the talents and good looks of Hurley; the latter of which we'll highlight with an unbelievable behind the scenes photo below.

Hurley is definitely no stranger to looking sexy though, as we'll also highlight with the infamous Versace dress that she said forever altered her career and a nice reminder of just how sexy she looked in the Austin Powers franchise.

By the time you get to the list, as clear as it will be that Hurley is unbelievably sexy, it will also be clear that this is the most comprehensive collection of sexy photos of Elizabeth Hurley on the internet.


15 Hurley In A Tiara BTS For The Royals

At first glance, Elizabeth Hurley in a tiara may seem like a bit of a weird sight. It may make a lot more sense however when you learn that she plays a fictional queen of England in her television series The Royals.

Plus if we're being completely upfront here, you may not be spending a lot of the time staring at the tiara in the above photo! Hurley shared the photo on her Instagram along with the caption "Tantrums and tiaras galore."

We hope when the show comes back on the air, we'll get more behind the scenes looks like this. In case you're curious, the other gorgeous woman is Alexandra Park who also stars in the show.

14 Showing Off Her Flexibility In A Swimsuit


You can imagine that being in the public eye as often as celebrities are, would come with it some pressure to always be keeping in good shape. Many celebrities elect to work yoga into their workout routines in order to stay not only physically healthy but mentally as well.

The above photo makes it evident that Hurley is also super into yoga and staying stretched out, and it's just our luck that instead of wearing yoga pants she elected to stretch out in a bikini. The swimsuit not only looks good, it's obviously comfortable enough during other activities.

Hurley's swimsuit was part of her own collection, Elizabeth Hurley Beach.

13 Relaxing In Red Swimsuit At Private Island

This isn't the only time that Elizabeth Hurley wears a red swimsuit on our list. It's also definitely not the only time she is in a swimsuit. But the evidence by the end of the list may help make the point that red is truly her best color.

Hurley shared the photo back in April on her Instagram, along with a caption that it was taken at the Fregate Island Private. The location promotes 7 different beaches, including one that they boast has been voted as the most beautiful beach in the entire world.

As well as this, the island promotes privacy and seclusion which means you should be grateful Hurley shared this photo as the paparazzi probably wasn't getting anywhere near her!

12 Proving A One-Piece Swimsuit Can Still Be Hot AF


There are several celebrities who whenever they go to the beach, it seems like their own personal challenge to figure out how little fabric they can be wearing and still avoid a wardrobe malfunction. While Hurley isn't shy about looking sexy in a bikini, it's clear that by looking at the above photo that she also looks gorgeous in a one-piece swimsuit as well.

Especially when the swimsuit hugs to your curves the way that this one does! Hurley shared the photo to her Instagram way back on April 4th. It's clear it was a sign of things that were going to come as Hurley spent a large portion of her summer lounging around in swimsuits.

11 Putting On A Busty Display During Makeup

Elizabeth Hurley looks fantastic when she is wearing a minimal amount of makeup. But there is also no arguing that when she gets all "done up" that she may capture your attention even more.

Though we wouldn't blame you if there was another aspect of this photo that was also capturing your attention The photo should however also make it clear that while yes, these stars are gorgeous, they definitely have people whose job it is to help them look as sexy as they do.

Hurley shared the photo on her Instagram along with the caption, "Getting ready for my closeup". We're sure you'd love to see her close up!

10 Letting The World Stare At Her Legs


There are several photos on this list in which Hurley has several of her assets put on prominent display. But in the above photo, it's clearly her long and tanned legs that she is hoping captures your attention.

The photo was shared on her Instagram along with the caption, "Yesterday, in my trailer @theroyalsone".

Hurley is the lead of the series The Royals that has been on the air since 2015. Perhaps making the project even cooler for Hurley is the fact that her son, Damien, has recently made his acting debut in the series.

9 Lounging

There are photos that made our list that show off Hurley's more prominent assets "upstairs". There are photos that show off her legs. So you better believe that when we have the opportunity to show off both features like in the above photo, that we are going to take it!

Hurley looks like she is comfortable as she is lounging out on the furniture, but honestly, the whole setup doesn't look like it'd be the most relaxing. Though if you were there with Hurley, you may prefer for her to be lying on her back and not on her side!

While we aren't too sure which company Hurley was working with at the moment for the above photo shoot, we're sure they were happy with the results of the photo. As we're sure you are too.


8 Adjusting Her Glasses In A Turquoise Bikini


Something tells us you aren't going to get tired of seeing Elizabeth Hurley in a swimsuit any time soon. Which means this list is definitely going to be a worthwhile part of your day. Hurley has always been considered to be one of the best looking women in Hollywood, but she is also one of the most inspirational.

In a past interview, Hurley shared some motivating words for the younger celebrities

"I wish I’d realized that all young people are gorgeous. Those tiny faults we obsessed about were insignificant in the whole dazzling, youthful package.”

We're sure her son is lucky to have such a fantastic role model.

7 Showing Her Mirror Selfie Skills In A Swimsuit

Elizabeth Hurley has several sexy photos of her, but at least in comparison to some celebrities, many aren't taken from the perspective of a selfie in front of a mirror. We're sure you're going to be ecstatic that we found one of the exceptions to the rule though. Especially because she's in a bikini!

When talking about her attitude towards aging, Hurley put people who stare at mirrors all the time on blast

"If you’ve got time to think about aging, then you’re not busy enough. Being busy and interested is the key to being attractive. Narcissistic bores who stare at themselves in the mirror for hours are the dullest people on earth.”

6 Paparazzi Catches Her Looking Her Best


One of the biggest hassles that celebrities need to deal with is the paparazzi. You can imagine that even if you look amazing 90% of the time, that the 10% when you don't that the tabloids will have a field day with you.

Thankfully for Hurley, the above photo was clearly taken on a day where she was looking tremendous. Perhaps the only issue with the photo is that we don't get to see the backside, which if judging by the guys' reaction in the background, was well worth talking about!

While we are not too sure as to where Hurley was going to on this particular day, we are sure you agree that she looks gorgeous.

5 Showing Off Her Own Swimsuit Design In The Grass

Elizabeth Hurley looks outstanding whenever she is standing on the sandy shores of a beach with the water behind her. But you don't need to be at the beach to wear a swimsuit. In fact, as evident from the above photo, you can just decide that you want to look sexy and relax in the grass.

Hurley shared the photo to her Instagram towards the end of July along with the caption "No place like home".

Hurley also made sure to give a shout out to her swimsuit company, Elizabeth Hurley Beach, who designed the unbelievable swimsuit that she's wearing above. Something tells us the more she models her designs, the higher her sales will go!

4 Remember How Hot She Was In Austin Powers?


Mike Myers career is definitely not going as smoothly as it once was. But he will always have some movies that are well worth talking about with his greatest claim to fame perhaps being the Austin Powers franchise. While Myers steals the show with his comedic abilities, we wouldn't be the only ones if one of the most memorable aspects of the film came from Elizabeth Hurley's role.

While Hurley took an 8-year hiatus from Hollywood following the birth of her son, the above photo should also make it clear why she was always considered one of the most attractive and sought after leading ladies.

Hurley was set to have a bigger role in the 2nd film, but this was changed drastically after a scheduling conflict with Hurley became apparent.

3 Beautiful In Brown For Professional Swimsuit Photo

Elizabeth Hurley is no stranger to having photos taken of her in a swimsuit. But while most of these photos were taken by herself or people close to her, the above photo appears to have been taken as part of a professional photo shoot.

We're sure no matter who is responsible for the photos being taken, Hurley is going to be left looking amazing though. While Hurley also looks fantastic when she is looking right at you, perhaps the coy look to the left leaves you feeling even more captivated.

One thing that becomes clear is that alongside the shade that her hair is in the above photo, that the swimsuit is a great color. You'd probably love it in any color though!

2 Looking Perfect In Pink At Breast Cancer Foundation Party


Elizabeth Hurley has several outfits (or swimsuits) where she has several of her assets put on very prominent display. But the above photo should help make the point that even if she wears something without a lot of skin showing, that she's still an absolute knockout.

The pink dress was, perhaps fittingly, worn to a Breast Cancer Research Foundation event. While Hurley is a regular at the annual "Hot Pink" party that is held in New York, this particular outfit was worn to the event back in 2016.

We're glad that Hurley has helped use her influence as a celebrity to help support such an important cause.

1 The Versace Dress That She Said Started Her Career

This list is full of photos of Elizabeth Hurley proving that despite the fact that she is in her 50s, that she is still drop dead gorgeous. The above photo, however, was taken decades ago when Hurley was attending the premiere of the film Four Weddings and A Funeral.

When talking about the dress, Hurley admitted that her entire career could have been different if she hadn't worn it

“It is interesting to think about the better or worse outcomes had you not had that particular moment. From an acting point of view, who knows? I guess it could have been different. Perhaps I could have joined the National Theatre and become a much more worthy actress.”

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