Cougar Town: 20 Hottest In "Sports"

The fourth in our group of lists looking at some of the sexiest women of a certain age in pop culture, we’ve already touched on the movie, television, and music scenes, but knew we’d be remiss if we ignored sports. An industry that still remains dominated by a few major companies and leagues that decide who they bless with contracts and therefore put their stamp of approval on, it is very difficult for athletes in this world without being chosen. That is true because although there are AAA or foreign leagues for athletes on the cusp of greatness, the real opportunities for fame and fortune really come in the major leagues.

It should go without saying that making it in any sport at the highest level is something insanely difficult to do. After all, in most cases, there are many thousands–if not millions–of people that would love to be playing these games at a professional level, which means you need to seem better than the bunch in order to make it. As most of us age and our bodies transform and ache, it becomes much harder for us to perform the feats that were so simple for us only a few scant years earlier. That is why there are so few athletes of a certain age that still look great and have the attention of the masses. Coming to that realization is what inspired us to put together this list in order to celebrate older athletes that continue to make a mark with their good looks.

In order for an athlete to be up for consideration for inclusion on this list, she first needs to be a part of the sports scene on some level today. For our purposes, that doesn’t necessarily mean she’s still playing the game that first brought her fame. Next, she needs to be a very attractive woman that will be forty years old by the end of the year this article was written, 2017. Finally, you may have noticed that the title of this article has sports in quotes and will be wondering why that is the case. The reason we opted to do that is because we wanted to include things that some argue aren’t legitimate sport—like bowling, competitive driving, professional wrestling, fitness competitions, and others.

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20 Camilla Martin – 43 Years Old

Via femina.dk

When many of us think about playing badminton, images of lounge-filled days playing with our family in a backyard or park come to mind. As a result, this sport is sometimes not given the respect it so richly deserves. However, if you’ve ever seen footage of the pros in the midst of a match, then you’ll know just how silly that is. As intense as any sport we’ve ever seen, it takes someone as impressive as Camilla Martin to rise to the top of the hill. While she was never able to take home an Olympic Gold Medal, she still won a Silver on top of reigning supreme at every major tournament available to play during her time in the sport. Now a 43-year-old woman who looks like someone who’s totally at peace with herself and her fit body, she no longer calls the court home but we’re guessing she is missed.

19 Mia Hamm – 45 Years Old

Via Pinterest.com

A former footballer (or soccer player, depending on your country of origin), Mia Hamm played forward for the United States women’s National soccer team and proved herself a very valuable asset. Also a founding member of the Women’s United Soccer Association, the first pro league in America, her stats were enough to make her one of the most famous players alive. Inducted into the National Soccer Hall of Fame, Alabama Sports Hall of Fame, and Texas Sports Hall of Fame up until 2013, she scored more international goals than any player in history, no matter the gender. An athlete who cleans up with the best of them, at forty-five years old, she looks more like someone who should be modeling instead of being retired.

18 Monica Seles – 43 Years Old

Via teninsider.com

One of the most respected and famous tennis players of her generation, let alone of all time, when Monica Seles hit the court it was an event for fans far and wide. Ranked top in the world in the past, she has been inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame, and Time Magazine named her one of the “30 Legends of Women’s Tennis: Past, Present and Future.” Also very memorable for being stabbed by a crazed fan of her long-time rival, Steffi Graf, in Hamburg during the 1993 season, Monica showed courage and dedication throughout her recovery. Possessing a very distinctive face that sometimes leads some to ignore how awe-inspiring her body actually is, it is abundantly clear the drive that took her the top is still within her even to this day.

17 Shannon Miller – 40 Years Old

Via twicopy.com

If there is any sport that demands participants, at the highest level, to be of top-notch shape in order to compete, it is gymnastics. A member of the “Magnificent Seven,” which represented the United States at the 1996 Olympic Games, she and her cohorts became the pride of the nation. Inducted into the United States Olympic Hall of Fame, the International Gymnastics Hall of Fame, and the Women’s International Sports Hall of Fame, it is safe to say that she is highly respected. A comely beauty that has a number of medals she can drape around her enticing neck, this forty-year-old stunner is as alluring today as nearly anyone alive.

16 Chris Evert – 62 Years Old

Via irishmirror.ie

We’re just going to say it. Chris Evert is an example of what every athlete should strive to be like. At one time ranked number one in the world, over her career, she has won eighteen Grand Slam singles championships and an additional three doubles titles. As if those weren’t enough, if you count every major tournament she was a part of, she has 157 singles championships and 32 doubles titles on her hypothetical mantle. On top of all of that, she also served as the president of the Women’s Tennis Association during eleven separate years of her life. A sixty-two-year-old woman who still looks more vibrant than the vast majority of people decades younger than her, we can only hope to be a quarter as hot at such an age, let alone now.

15 Natascha Ragosina – 41 Years Old

Via en.wikipedia.org

A forty-one-year-old athlete who has won more titles over her career than most in her sport ever even sniff at, she held belts under the WBA, GBU, WBF, and WIBF umbrellas. Also a kickboxer who won three championships in that sport, Natascha Ragosina was clearly an impressive a*s kicker. In fact, when she decided to retire, she still held every major female super heavyweight title and an additional two heavyweight belts. Then, you think to yourself, boxing is a sport in which people get punched in the face over and over again in order to win purses and championships. As a result of that, it is hard to fathom how this retired Russian boxer not only remains so hot but that her looks weren’t degraded by broken bones and trauma years ago.

14 Cristie Kerr – 40 Years Old In October

Via Pinterest.com

A member of the LPGA for several years, despite coming up on her fortieth birthday in October, Cristie Kerr last won a Championship as recent as 2015. If that wasn’t impressive enough, let me tell you then that she brought home nineteen different wins on the LPGA tour, where she competed with the best in the world. To date, she has earned more than fifteen million dollars. Ranked the number one female golfer in the world at various points, in 2010, she also represented the United States at the Solheim Cup in three separate years. Someone who looks incredible in even the blandest of clothes as long as they are tight–which is a good thing considering the muted colors worn on golf courses–it takes someone really hot to pull that look off. And Cristie fits the bill.

13 Dominique Dawes – 40 Years Old

via Popsugar

The second retired gymnast to make it to this list, when it comes to this forty-year-old athlete, we knew instantly that we had to include her here and we’d be all too happy to do so. Also a member of the aforementioned “Magnificent Seven” gymnastics team that represented the United States, she was also celebrated for breaking new ground. The first African-American athlete to win an individual Olympic medal in artistic gymnastics, her dedication to her sport was evident by her many accolades. Dominique Dawes is as alluring today–now that she no longer wears skintight clothing constantly–as she ever was.

12 Gina Ostarly – 49 Years Old

via www.cekc.mn

A 49-year-old mother of three who decided to transform her body when she began to question “is my sexy-self history,” we can assure Gina Ostarly that that is the farthest thing from the truth. Someone of Italian and French Creole descent that identifies as Cajun, she is proof positive that age can be only a state of mind when it comes to your health if you work hard. Also a grandmother today that was placed in the top ten of the Flex Model Search, we’re not sure about you but she is nothing like the kindly old woman we grew up with.

11 Nancy Kerrigan – 47 Years Old

Via trashtalktv.com

An American figure skater who won the bronze medal at the 1991 World Championships and 1992 Winter Olympics, those are huge achievements; but they pale in comparison to the others listed here. As a result, if you weren’t around in 1994, you may wonder what makes Nancy Kerrigan such a famous person. Attacked by an assailant while exiting a rink in January of 1994, it turned out that there was an attempt to injure her by a man hired by fellow skater Tonya Harding’s husband. Seen as a gigantic controversy by everyone, it was clear that there was an attempt to make it easier for Tonya to place well in competitions with her rival out of the way. Cast as a contestant in the twenty-fourth season of Dancing with the Stars, which aired in 2017, she and her partner placed sixth but her inclusion proved that she hadn’t been forgotten. Still someone who is quite pleasing to the eyes today, she continues to have an almost angelic vibe to her looks.

10 Gabrielle Reece – 47 Years Old

Probably the most famous volleyball player in history, if you exclude Tom Cruise from the memorable Top Gun scene, Gabrielle Reece spent her professional life being seen in a bikini. It is probably a good thing for her ego that she spent hours on end running and jumping in the sand, which led to her body looking like it was a gift from the gods. Now a sports announcer, actress, and model, the latter career move makes perfect sense as we can’t think of a single athlete in her age range who looks anywhere close to as hot as she does today.

9 Kristi Yamaguchi – 45 Years Old

Via Pinterest.com

From one figure skater to another, Kristi Yamaguchi’s fame has nothing to do with controversy. Instead, she owed it all to raw talent, although she did compete on and win in a season of Dancing with the Stars. Inducted into the U.S. Olympic Hall of Fame, World Skating Hall of Fame, and the US Figure Skating Hall of Fame over the years, any fan of her sport can tell you that those accolades are well-deserved. Someone who has won far too many medals and championships to even begin to list here, trust us when we say that Kristi was one of the best of all time. Standing less than five feet and an inch tall, there is an incredible amount of energy and charm trapped in her small frame which we love to look at.

8 Geena Davis – 61 Years Old

Via today.com

If you haven’t been keeping up with the career and life of Geena Davis, then you may be wondering what the hell she is doing on a list related to sports. Best known for performing in movies like The Fly, Beetlejuice, Thelma & Louise, A League of their Own, and much more, she is an Academy Award-winning and celebrated actress. However, if you didn’t know, she is also an accomplished archer who has made a run to be a part of the U.S. Olympic team in 2000 and barely fell short, making it to the semi-finals. Also tapped to compete in the Sydney International Golden Arrow competition, she revealed that she only trained for two years prior to reaching these heights. Still possessing the appeal that led to her being a movie star of the highest order at one time, this 61-year-old actress and athlete still does it for us today.

7 Mia St. John – 49 Years Old

Via en.wikipedia.org

Another boxer who proves that being punched in the face a lot isn’t enough to take away the beauty from someone’s looks necessarily, she is an impressive woman on every level. A former World Boxing Council super welterweight champion, Mia St. John also held titles governed by the IBA and IFBA in the lightweight division. Also adept enough at Taekwondo to have won a championship in that sport, she even has an MMA win under her belt too. Going on to be a businesswoman in her own right, it is clear that the industry believes she belongs on a list like this one as she has also been a paid model in the past. 49 years old today, her body has curves in the best way possible to drive us nuts.

6 Gabriela Sabatini – 47 Years Old

Via Twitter.com

A former tennis player who was one of the leading athletes in the sport during the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, at one time, she stood atop the sports world. Managing to win a singles title at the US Open in 1990, she was also the champion at Wimbledon in 1988 and took home two Year-End Championships, on top of holding a Silver medal at the Olympics. Also an entrepreneur during her career, she launched a line of fragrances in conjunction with a German perfume company in the past. The exact type of woman that we’d love to take home to our family and friends, she is a drop-dead gorgeous, accomplished, and astute businesswoman.

5 Trish Stratus – 41 Years Old

Via Twitter.com

Considered by many as the best among other women wrestlers in the history of the business, prior to working for the WWE, Trish Stratus spent years as a model, which makes perfect sense when looking at her. Retired from in-ring competition today, she still works on her body for a living as she has opened up a yoga business in her home country, Canada. A former seven-time WWE Women’s Champion that also held their Hardcore Championship once, she was deservedly inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2013. Arguably more attractive today than she has ever been in the past, which is really saying something, she remains as sexy as ever while also having a more natural look that’s really appealing to us.

4 Katarina Witt – 51 Years Old

Via imagefap.com

The winner of two Olympic gold medals for her home country of Germany (known as East Germany at the time), this figure skater proved time and time again that she was akin to a graceful swan. Also a former four-time world champion and two-time world silver medalist, every time Katarina Witt laced up her skates, people around the globe stood in appreciation. Famous enough to be tapped to have a small cameo in the movie Jerry Maguire, she even sang the theme song for a German-language film she starred in. Inarguably one of the greatest figure skaters of all time, this 51-year-old retired athlete remains busty and beautiful.

3 Dara Torres – 50 Years Old

Via Ranker.com

A competitive swimmer who is 51 years old today, Dara Torres is a twelve-time Olympic medalist who has held world records in three events in the past. Obviously someone with a sports career much lengthier than the ones enjoyed by almost anyone, she is also the first swimmer to represent America at five Olympic Games. On top of that, she is the oldest swimmer to ever earn a place on the U.S. Olympic team, something she did at 41 years old. Still possessing a body that has been crafted by hours at end in a pool, today, she makes a swimsuit look great...not the other way around.

2 Gail Kim – 40 Years Old

Via Reddit.com

One of two professional wrestlers who made it to this list, Gail Kim was contracted to the number two company in North America–Impact Wrestling–for many years. A former six-time Women’s Champion in that company, she also spent time in the WWE, which is the biggest entity in that business, where she won in the Women’s Championship. Inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame, which is run by Impact Wrestling, Gail and a slew of other women’s skills had a large hand in making female wrestlers treated much more seriously in the industry. Forty years old today, she is currently nursing an injury. But, the last time we saw her, she still looks fantastic in her ring gear.

1 Laila Ali – 40 Years Old In December

Via foodiepleasure.com

The daughter of arguably the biggest sports star of all time, Muhammad Ali, it seems like an inconceivable career choice to follow in his footsteps and become a pro boxer. After all, there wasn’t much of a chance at all that she would come close to the achievements that made her dad so celebrated, which seems like it can only lead to her being seen as a disappointment. We would have thought all of that but we’d be dead wrong as Laila Ali’s time in the ring deserves to be the thing of legends. A former WBC, WIBA, IWBF, and IBA champion, when she retired after twenty-four bouts, she remained undefeated. A gorgeous gal with skin that looks so soft and supple that many would likely give their life savings to touch, her looks are every bit as incredible as her record.

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