Cooking Up Some Heat: 15 Hottest Female Chefs On The Planet

In today’s day and age, all you’ve got to do is turn on the TV and there’ll be a cooking show of some sort. In the 21st century we’ve become obsessed with food, and this obsession has led to a new wave of celebrity chefs taking over our screens, exploiting our food obsession. Some of these chefs have made it pretty big too and have acquired quite a substantial fan following. That’s because they know how to market themselves, know what people want, and – something that always helps – they’re super hot.

A few on this list are what people would deem to be proper chefs. They’ve gone to culinary school, have trained in proper kitchens, and have learned their skills from the best. But quite a few are self-taught – they were interested in food, felt they could make a career out of being a celebrity chef, went for it, and succeeded. Others have achieved fame and have gained recognition as being chefs for being on TV, entering cookery competitions, and then building on the fame they earned from their feats in the kitchen, releasing cookbooks and whatnot. But, I’ll say it once again, their culinary skills aside, the fact that they’re all hot has certainly helped them go far in their respective careers.

People love their food, and if they see a gorgeous woman cooking it, well, it’s enough to get some people salivating. These are 15 female chefs who have gained fame not only for cooking up a storm in the kitchen, but for being sizzling hot too.

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15 Devin Alexander - Decades Worth Of Experience

Devin Alexander has been a prominent media personality for around a decade now. But she wasn’t just one of these famous faces with no culinary experience who decided to get into the whole cooking thing and randomly release a cookbook. Devin had a decade’s worth of experience under her belt in the food industry, having owned a catering company, before getting her big break and being propelled into the limelight.

After studying theatre at college, Devin decided to make the transition to the culinary arts, went to culinary school, and it was a decision that was certainly vindicated. She’s since become a bestselling cookbook author, hosts a TV show, and has appeared on numerous other shows over the years. She’s all about healthy eating, and it certainly shows. Devin’s got a stunning figure, has gorgeous good looks, and a wide toothy smile that warms people’s hearts, makes them feel all warm and fuzzy inside, much like a lot of her comfort food.

14 Giada De Laurentiis - An Italian Beauty

After being born in Italy, Giada moved to LA to pursue her studies, and then like most people who want to get involved in the culinary arts and make a career out of it, she went to culinary school. She really did go all out and received the best training in Paris, after which she came back to LA and applied her trade in restaurants. Giada gained experience by working under some top chefs, and that’s when she got her big break. The TV shows started coming, and people began tuning in, not only because Giada knows what she’s talking about when it comes to food and can cook a mean dish, but because she’s super hot and has the looks and the bubbly, vibrant personality perfect for TV.

Giada obviously doesn’t eat a lot of her own food though because she’s got a truly amazing body. With curves in all the right places and some amazing assets – which she’s not shy about flaunting by the way – this is one TV chef who really does have the complete package.

13 Cat Cora - Iron Chef And A Sex Symbol

Cat Cora is just wow. She’s 50 years old and is absolutely stunning – it’s no surprise she’s had plenty of TV appearances over the years because audiences just lap her up. She achieved fame as an “Iron Chef” on the show Iron Chef America, and has since become somewhat of a sex symbol.

Cora’s another one on this list who’s actually received culinary training. She’s done it in what many people would deem to be the proper way, getting professional training and slogging it out in professional kitchens before taking on a number of different jobs as a culinary expert.

Cora knows she’s hot too, knows she’s got it and isn’t shy about flaunting it. There are some steamy pics of her out there, including a few in popular lads’ mag FHM. But I’m sorry to disappoint all you guys out there: you can ogle, you can dream, but Cat Cora’s actually a lesbian and has just come out of a 17-year relationship. Knowing she’s a lesbian actually probably makes her a whole lot hotter in a lot of people’s eyes.

12 Rachel Khoo - Quirky And Adorable

The quirky, cute beauty that is Rachel Khoo has certainly made her mark in the world of cooking over the last six years. She’s undoubtedly one of the hottest chefs on the scene, but she’s also got the complete package – the personality to go along with her charming beauty, which is ultimately why people tune in when she’s on TV.

Rachel’s the spontaneous type. She proved this by randomly going off to France to partake in a patisserie course at the world-renowned Le Cordon Bleu cooking school. She did this despite having no knowledge of the French language, and just because she was bored and fancied a bit of an adventure after finishing university. That get up and go attitude has changed her life, because she’s now a world-renowned chef and is basically involved in the food industry in every possible way. She’s pretty, seductive, and can cook, which makes her just about the perfect television chef and the cooking world’s sweetheart.

11 Lisa Faulkner - Actress Turned Celebrity Chef

Lisa Faulkner’s absolutely stunning, so stunning in fact that she’s been voted one of FHM's "100 Sexiest Women in the World," an accolade she’s had six times during the course of her long and illustrious career in the limelight.

Lisa’s been on British TV for a hell of a long time. When she was just a teenager she was scouted by a modeling agency, and this led to her acting career. She had her first stint as an actress in 1992, and has been on our screens pretty much ever since. But today she juggles her acting with her cookery endeavors.

Her culinary career really took off in 2010. She entered the Celebrity Masterchef competition, emerged victorious, and that was that, Lisa the chef was born. She’s since hosted cooking shows, released cookbooks, and has basically just done the usual things celebrity chefs do. But since Lisa’s on the front cover, those books have been flying off the shelves – understandable since she’s one of the sexiest women in the world, in FHM’s eyes and I’m sure a lot of yours too.

10 Padma Lakshmi - Model, TV Host, And Food Lover

When Indian-born Padma Lakshmi made the move to LA as a kid with her mom, she didn’t have a happy time. She endured plenty of bullying, and had to overcome "internalized self-loathing," as she’s so eloquently put it. But boy has she blossomed and shown all those bullies who’s boss.

She began modelling while in Madrid, and progressed through the ranks pretty quickly, becoming one of the top models in the industry, which was a bit of a novelty considering the fact she was Indian and modeling in Paris and Milan. In addition to modelling, Padma’s had plenty of film and TV roles over the years, so there are no shortage of steamy pics of her out there, for all of you who want to do a bit of research. She’s also posed nude for Allure magazine, in an issue that understandably sold like wildfire.

Despite not having culinary training, Padma tried her hand at cooking, and why not? She knows what she’s talking about, and is today regarded to be a culinary expert. She’s hosted two successful cooking shows, has written numerous cookbooks, and is just an all-round food nut, wanting to share her passion and knowledge with the world. Padma’s also a savvy businesswoman and knows how to market herself – not that she needs to do a lot of marketing, just slap her face on the book cover or poster and that will suffice.

9 Nadia Giosia - Bitchin' Kitchen Hottie 

This Canadian chef’s a bit of a Jill of all trades. She’s a comedian, punk rock singer, celebrity chef, and an all-round media personality.

Nadia’s got a unique style when it comes to presenting, one that’s led to her gaining a huge fan following. She doesn’t just chop up a few bits and pieces, throw it in a pan, and hey presto, that’s the whole show. She blends her skills as a comedian with cooking, and that’s gone down well with her almighty fan base.

Self-taught, Nadia made it all happen herself and can now proudly call herself a celebrity chef. She was doing her thing on the comedy scene and was simultaneous doing a cooking web series on YouTube – oh the joys of YouTube – and this was picked up by the Food Network, and her career just took off from there.

As a punk rock singer and comedian, you can imagine that Nadia’s got a bit of attitude and the personality needed to entice viewers to watch her shows. She’s got that rock chick persona, but she’s also super hot, and of course that’s had a part to play in helping her get where she is today.

8 Rachel Allen - Sweet And Wholesome

Irish celebrity chef Rachel Allen is kind of like the woman most guys had a crush on growing up – the girl next door’s mother. She’s really sweet – that Irish accent helps – and is just an all-round beautiful woman.

Rachel went to culinary school when she was just a teenager, and it’s something she’s been involved in pretty much for her whole life. She worked around the world, honing her skills in the kitchen and picking up new ones, did a bit of teaching, but her face was always meant for TV and that’s where she eventually ended up. She’s made numerous appearances over the years on British TV, on various cooking shows, and viewers just love to see her, not only for her cooking, but because she just lights up the room with her bubbly, vivacious personality and her charming beauty. Rachel Allen isn’t really a sex symbol, but she’s still up there in terms of being one of the hottest celebrity chefs around.

7 Dipna Anand - As Spicy As Her Food

Dipna Anand isn’t what you’d consider your stereotypical stunning beauty to be. But nevertheless, this celebrity curry chef has been making waves in the culinary world over the last few years or so, and is a real hit in the UK, especially in West London amongst the sizable Indian community. She’s known for dishing up sizzling dishes out of her kitchen at Brilliant restaurant, but she certainly sizzles in other ways too.

Dipna’s another one for whom cooking has pretty much been her whole life. She started out when she was young, and is now a lecturer, owns the critically acclaimed Brilliant restaurant, has released a cookbook, and has become a media personality of late too. Her aim, as it states on her website, is to educate and wow people with “real Indian food with a touch of glamour and a lot of spice!” Dipna’s certainly has spiced things up, and looks incredibly glamorous doing her thing. Compared to others on this list her media career’s still in its infancy, but she’s growing into that role of a celebrity chef and is doing it splendidly.

6 Rachael Ray - No Culinary Training, But Still Hot

Rachael Ray is someone who loves quick and easy recipes – that’s basically what her cooking’s about, what she’s known for creating. That’s all well and good, but the downside is that we don’t see much of Rachael on TV, not as much as we’d hope to, because her dishes are normally served up in a matter of minutes!

Rachael’s classified as a chef because of her line of work, but having said that she’s had no culinary training. But she certainly knows the food industry, having worked in a candy store, a market place, and then going on to manage a pub. Rachael then began teaching people to cook delicious meals under 30 minutes, and due to the success of her classes, she began to get cooking gigs on TV, and from then on, her media career just took off.

She’s someone so-called “real chefs” love to hate, because she’s not classically trained or anything like that but has still achieved a tremendous amount of success. There’s got to be some level of jealously in there too, because Rachael is stunningly beautiful, so even if her dishes aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, she’ll still get to make media appearances – people will never tire of seeing her face.

5 Catherine McCord - When A Model Turns To Cooking

The founder of the website Weelicious, Catherine McCord is certainly just that – if the term can be used to describe a person! She founded the website, one that helps busy parents cook quick, healthy and kid-friendly recipes, and has founded another company, and has released several cookbooks, so she’s certainly a well-established member of the food industry. As a founder of Weelicious and all she’s done to help parents, she’s regarded to be one of the most influential so-called “mommy bloggers” in the world, and what she’s done in the food industry has certainly helped a lot of people. If you’re reading this and aren’t a mom, chances are you’ve probably seen her on the screen but in another capacity, on the big screen. She’s starred in some pretty big films as an actress, including Derailed and Gridiron Gang, but her heart ultimately lies in cooking healthy, wholesome dishes.

Take one look at Catherine and you can probably guess that she’s done some modeling. She started out in the modeling industry as a teenager, and it’s certainly helped her get where she is today. She became a prominent name, and so her fans followed her as she went about embarking on different ventures. Consequently, she’s today one of the biggest – and of course hottest – female chefs in the industry, and she does it all for a cause.

4 Candice Brown - The Hot PE Teacher Turned Baker

I mentioned in one of the previous entries that Lisa Faulkner became a chef as a result of winning the Celebrity Masterchef competition. Well, each year there’re also regular competitions, for all those non-celebs out there that fancy themselves as decent cooks. One of these competitions is the Great British Bake Off, a show the British public have become addicted to over recent years. Candice Brown entered this competition, having been baking since the age of four, and ended up going all the way to the end. It catapulted the then-PE teacher – lucky kids! – into the limelight, and she basically became a baking sensation overnight. Part of the reason was because of her baking ability, but the other was because she’s super hot and has model-like looks. Fans of the show were going crazy over Candice throughout the series – going wild over her iconic sassy pout - and were utterly delighted she won. There were also a few eyebrows raised that the hottest contestant just happened to make it to the end and win – it would have definitely affected the ratings had she been voted off during one of the earlier weeks.

It's amazing to think that Candice only became famous a couple of years ago. Where was she hiding? See her on the street and you’d think she was in showbiz or a model or something, but nope, she was earning her corn teaching PE at schools. But that’s all changed, and today she’s doing what she loves, and that’s baking.

3 Ching-He Huang - Business-Minded And Oh So Hot

Talking about savvy businesswomen, here’s Ching-He Huang. This celebrity Chinese chef was just made for TV and is just cute as hell. People really can’t get enough of Ching, and ever since she fashioned her own way into the industry, she’s made a ton of TV and media appearances, much to the delight of her fans.

Everything Ching has achieved has been down to her own hard work and her business-minded approach to things. She knows how to market herself and knows what people want to see, so she gives the people what they want. Her foray into the cooking world began after she graduated from business school in Milan. Upon finishing her studies, she set up a couple of food businesses, which became successful, and this just opened doors and led to more opportunities for Ching, which she’s just embraced.

Quick and easy dishes that are often hot and spicy, that’s Ching’s cooking in a nutshell, and many people say that about her too – the hot and spicy part!

2 The Hemsley Sisters - Sultry Sisters

It would be a copout if I included them both as two separate entries, so you’re getting two beautiful chefs here for the price of one! Jasmine and Melissa Hemsley are two thirty-somethings with an appetite for clean eating. The sisters are all about keeping fit and healthy and giving their bodies plenty of nourishment through eating beautiful wholesome dishes. The clean eating queens of TV are pretty much always together, whether they’re making media appearances, releasing cookbooks, or appearing on TV. They’ve embarked on this great culinary journey together and are always at each other’s sides.

Their popularity really took off when they got their own TV show, imaginatively named Eating Well With Hemsley + Hemsley. Their healthy recipes combined with their gorgeous looks and eye-catching outfits meant that the show became a success, and off the back of this they’ve branched out and have released books, as well as making other media appearances.

There’s no doubt the Hemsley sisters play to their looks. Their outfits show off their stunning figures, and they’re regularly seen gazing seductively into the camera with their dark sultry eyes - it’s cuteness personified!

1 Nigella Lawson - A Domestic Goddess

Any number of people on this list could have taken the number one spot, but I’ve gone with British chef Nigella Lawson because she’s basically responsible for making cooking sexy – she paved the way for a lot of the other chefs out there who have adopted a similar approach and  followed in her footsteps.

Nigella started off as a journalist and freelance writer. Even during these early years, she was getting picked up by the media and was beginning to get a lot of attention. That was partly because of her privileged upbringing and who her dad was – he was a UK politician, Nigel Lawson, a former Chancellor of the Exchequer. Her parents also owned a catering business, and after a stint in writing, Nigella decided she wanted to follow this path rather than go down the political route. She used her writing and started releasing cookbooks which just flew off the shelves. Then the TV appearances began, and Nigella hasn’t looked back since.

Nigella doesn’t actually like being called a “celebrity chef.” She doesn’t deem herself to be an expert in the culinary arts or anything like that, she just does it for the enjoyment of it all, because she gets a great deal of pleasure out of cooking and eating, and it shows. She lights up the screen when on TV, and isn’t interested in showing us all this clean eating stuff.

She’s renowned for her overly flirtatious presenting style, and because of that she’s been labelled “the queen of food porn.” Nigella’s just really down-to-earth warm, bubbly, likeable, beautiful, and curvaceous with a voluptuous figure – a domestic goddess and a sultry cook if ever there was one.

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