15 Celebrities Who Think Being Gay Is A Sin

In today’s Hollywood culture, we don’t usually see a lot of devoutly religious celebrities. The ones we do see can often be hush hush on their beliefs because religion can clearly be controversial. On the other hand, there are some celebrities out there who share their beliefs loud and proud. They rally, campaign and preach to the world with the platform they’ve been given. Nothing wrong with that I suppose, except for when it’s 2017 and their beliefs are a little outdated.

Homophobia has been going on since, well, forever. “Traditional” terms state that men and women are meant to be married, says who? The Bible, which is why religions who follow the Bible’s teachings find homosexuality unthinkable and wrong. That view might have been accepted decades ago, but we’re in a whole new era. Negative treatment toward anyone in the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community is now known as discrimination, and it ain’t cool. I guess nobody told the celebrities on this list that.

You’ll find that whether it’s Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty, Denzel Washington or Kid Rock, these openly anti-gay celebs will do whatever they can to insist they aren’t homophobic if that makes sense. In one breath they’re using gay slurs, and in another they’re claiming they don’t hate gay people. Some of them support gay groups, but not gay marriage. Apparently, hating gays and thinking gay people are going to hell are two different things.

15 Angus T. Jones - Obama's Pro-Gay Views Make Him Like Hitler


Beloved child star, Angus T. Jones from the television show, Two and a Half Men took a turn for the weird when he entered adulthood. He’d spent 10 years on the show when all of a sudden a newfound religious ideology made him turn on it. In a testimonial video, he claimed the show that took him to fame was “ungodly filth”.This all started when he found a mentor in doomsday preacher, Christopher Hudson. Hudson is a conspiracy theorist who is anti-gay, anti-masturbation and anti-Obama to name a few.

In the testimonial video Jones appeared in, Hudson stated that former President Obama’s pro-gay views made him similar to Hitler and that Jay-Z was tied to the devil. Jones sat back and supportingly listened to the rant and later said Hudson’s information was “great.” Hudson has said the two share very similar views, leading us to the conclusion Angus T. Jones is also a homophobic weirdo.

14 Tom Cruise - Scientology Can "Cure" Gays With Fake Marriages


If there’s one thing everyone knows about Tom Cruise, it’s that he’s a devout Scientologist. The controversial religion’s founder, the late L. Ron Hubbard wrote that homosexuality is an illness. Evidence claims that Scientologists believe they can “cure” gay behaviour and that the church has actually arranged fake marriages to cover up homosexuality.

Rumours of Tom Cruise being gay have swirled around since the 1980s. There’s even been claims his three failed marriages were thrown together to cover up his homosexuality. He’s been so offended by certain publications and individuals making these claims that he’s actually sued them. Cruise's son Conner has been caught throwing around gay slurs in which he’s had to publicly apologize for. I wonder if Scientology can cure idiocy too.

13 The Duggars - Where Do We Start?


The Duggar Family from TLC’s television show 19 Kids and Counting are hard-core Baptists. Throughout their years on the air they’ve avidly discussed the values of purity, modesty and faith in God. They get married at young ages and pop out as many kids as their bodies will let them, refusing to take birth control because only God should determine the number of children they have.

The family has never been shy campaigning against same-sex marriage, defending anti-LGBT comments and being all around homophobic. Josh Duggar is even the executive director of a nonprofit anti-LGBT group that has been classified as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Centre. Let’s not forget, Josh is the one who was revealed to have molested some of his siblings as a teen and got caught cheating on his wife through AshleyMadison.com. I suppose it takes a sinner to know a sinner!

12 Manny Pacquiao - "Gay People Should Be Put To Death"


Filipino boxer, Manny Pacquiao has had some seriously negative things to say about gay people in the past. He was raised as a Roman Catholic but is currently a Evangelical Protestant. I’m not sure how they do it over there in the Philippines, but his views on gays definitely doesn’t fly in North America.

Pacquiao has been quoted in saying “gay men should be put to death.” He denied the validity of that quote and it was eventually revealed he did not in fact say those words. However, in 2016 he was videotaped making a comment that people in same-sex marriages behave worse than animals, as animals do not mate with the same sex. Nike dropped him as a partner after the comments. Pacquiao apologized stating he does not condemn gay people themselves, “just the marriage which is a sin against God.”

11 Denzel Washington - Talks Fellow Actors Out Of Doing Gay Roles


As the son of a preacher, Denzel Washington basically had the whole anti-gay thing ingrained into his brain. During an interview, Washington was asked if he supported gay marriage, he gave a neutral answer saying “I think people have the right to believe what they want to believe. And people have the right to disagree with it.”

Rumour has it that Washington actually convinced some of his fellow actors not to accept homosexual roles in movies. In the film Six Degrees of Separation, Will Smith agreed to an onscreen kiss with another male actor. Washington personally advised him not to do it, and so a stunt double ended up being used. Who knows what the conversation sounded like. It might have been something along the lines of, “I’d hate to see you burn in Hell over this, Will.”

10 Azealia Banks - Denies Being Homophobic But Says She Wants To Pepper Spray Gay Men


Azealia Banks has never been shy about letting her anger and emotions get the best of her. She's thrown temper tantrums on planes, gone on multiple Twitter rants and has an arsenal of anti-gay slurs and remarks in her back pocket whenever she wants to “diss” anyone.

The plane incident occurred when she got into a heated argument with a flight attendant, she called the man a “f***ing f***ot.” When an Instagram user called her out for the bad behaviour, she responded by saying she wants to “spray a gay man in the face with pepper spray” and then told the user to “keep trolling for d**k on Grindr.” She also once tweeted that the “LGBT community are like the gay white KKK’s. Get them some pink hoods and unicorns and let them rally down rodeo drive.” Despite all of those evil remarks, she still claims she’s not homophobic. Figure that one out.

9 Kirk Cameron - "God Hates Gay People"


Growing Pains actors, Kirk Cameron labeled himself as an atheist in his early teens. When he was 17 be became a born-again Christian. In a controversial interview with Piers Morgan he labeled same-sex marriage as destructive, unnatural and detrimental.

Some 20 years ago, Cameron filmed a pro-Christian mini-documentary in which he was videotaped saying “God hates gay people, God hates f**s and you’re going to hell. If we fail to be blunt and straightforward about that sin, we’re doing a disservice to our gay friends.” The video went viral in 2014. Cameron defended himself by saying the video had been edited to make it seem like he was saying those things. According to TMZ, that claim is actually true. Either way, although he didn’t technically say it doesn’t mean he doesn’t think it.

8 Fantasia Barrino - "Gay Marriage Is Legal Yet I'm Being Judged"


American Idol winner, Fantasia Barrino went on an Instagram rant which made it very clear how she views the gay community. The Christian singer took to the social media site to air out her anger when she felt that she was facing public scrutiny. She stated that there's a lot going on in the world that the Bible says we should not be doing, “Weed legal in some placed, gay marriage legal but yet I’m judged!”

While many took that as an anti-gay comment, Barrino insists she was taken out of context. Damage control was a must seeing as the gay community is one of her largest supporters. A statement was released which said Barrino is not and has never been anti-LGBT. Think before you type, everyone!

7 Paris Hilton - "Most Of Them Probably Have AIDS"


Paris Hilton has never been smart when it comes to what comes out of her mouth. Her comments about gay people that were secretly recorded and released is a prime example of that. During a taxicab conversation she was having with friends, Hilton stated that gay men are the “horniest people in the world” and that “most of them probably have AIDS”. She also said she’d be scared to be a gay man because “You’ll like, die of AIDS.”

How do you defend yourself against that? Well apparently Hilton’s publicist had a genius idea to turn it into something positive. The publicist stated that the star meant "to express that it is dangerous for anyone to have unprotected sex that could lead to a life threatening disease.” If anyone’s dumb enough the believe that, they’re almost as dumb as Paris Hilton.

6 Chris Brown - Isn't Into That Gay Sh-T

If you needed another reason to hate Chris Brown, here it is. Not only is he a hot-headed, abusive jerk, he’s also homophobic. Although he denies this, there’s enough evidence to prove otherwise.

Brown allegedly made a homophobic slur during a physical fight with another man. Law enforcement claimed he said “I’m not into this gay sh*t, I’m into boxing,” before throwing a punch. Other slurs were used during a long-running feud with musician, Frank Ocean who identifies as gay. Brown also cancelled an appearance at a Pride event allegedly due to the fact gay men would be in the audience. Like I said, he fiercely denies this all, but as everyone knows where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

5 Phil Robertson - Women And Men Are Meant To Be Together


TV star, Phil Robertson is a man who unapologetically dislikes gays. He is a devout Christian who hasn't been shy in speaking his mind on the matter of gay marriage. In 2013, his anti-gay remarks printed in GQ magazine actually had him suspended from the television show Duck Dynasty in which he made so popular.

Robertson’s remarks included back-handed comments about Jesus loving everyone even if they are gay sinners. He also went as a far as to state how he doesn't understand how men can find other men’s anuses more desirable than women’s vaginas. Following the backlash of the interview, Robertson released a statement that he follows teachings from the Bible which say, “that women and men are meant to be together.” Duck Dynasty’s conservative fan base eventually rallied to get Robertson back on the show.

4 Donna Summer - "It Was Adam & Eve, Not Adam & Steve"


Donna Summer, the late American singer who gained popularity in the 1970s was an icon to the gay community with her glamorous style. That's why it was so surprising when she was quoted as saying some pretty harsh things about homosexuality, comments that damaged her career.

Summer was quoted as saying “It was Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.” That comment was minuscule compared to what else she was noted to have said “I’ve seen the evil homosexuality come out of you people... AIDS is the result of your sins. Now don’t get me wrong; God loves you. But not the way you are now.” Summer denied the quotes for years and blamed them on angry journalists. She died of lung cancer back in 2012, and despite her denial of the quotes, many people still remember her for being homophobic.

3 Chuck Norris - Gay Marriage Betrays Sacred Union


Chuck Norris, the man who can make a fire by rubbing two ice cubes together, who dug the grand canyon with a spoon, who makes onions cry and who boils water with his rage seems to only have one phobia, gays!

Norris is a Christian celebrity spokesperson for the anti-LGBT National Organization for Marriage. The organization posted a photo onto their Facebook page with a Chuck Norris quote which stated same-sex marriage betrays the institution’s purpose as a sacred union between a man and a woman. He said traditional marriage advocates are American citizens following 5,000 years of human history and the belief of every major religion. He claims that the organization is just protecting honest convictions. Come on Norris, it’s 2017 for crying out loud.

2 Kid Rock - We'll Never Get Anything Politically Correct Out Of Him


Christian musician, Kid Rock is actually an ordained minister. He’s open to marrying anyone, but when it comes to same-sex marriages he says that's something he’s never looked forward to. “As much as I believe marriage is between a man and a woman, let gay people get married if they want…That’s not my f***ing issue,” he said. I guess that’s his very care free way of saying he’s not opposed to it.

Kid Rock is very right-winged and very politically incorrect, using the word “gay” out of term whenever he so pleases. “If someone says you can’t say ‘gay’ like that you tell them to go f**k themselves. You’re not going to get anything politically correct out of me.” Got it Rock, got it…

1 Michelle Shocked - Anti-Gay Rant And Prop 8 Comments


A few entries in this list consist of celebrities who are “allegedly” homophobic because they continue to deny saying anything anti-gay. Well, musician, Michelle Shocked isn’t one of those celebrities.

The alternative rock icon enraged fans with an anti-gay rant during one of her performances back in 2013. Shocked, whose fanbase is full of left-wingers became a born-again Christian. Onstage at a show, she began telling the crowd her opinions on Proposition 8, California’s legal definition of marriage being between a man and a woman. She said when they stop Prop 8 they will have to “force priests at gunpoint to marry gays, it will be the downfall of civilization, and Jesus will come back.” She also said, “God hates f***ots.”

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