15 Must-See Photos Of Coachella 2017's Hottest Babes

Party. Music. More Partying. And let’s throw zero caution to the wind and let it all hang out! That is a loose description of Coachella. The musical desert oasis begins and ends in April. This year, Coachella runs at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California from April 14-April 23 (Friday through Sunday). Coachella is boasted as a music and arts festival. It brings about an eclectic grouping of musical talent from rock to indie music to hip-hop and EDM (electronic dance music). The festival’s grassroots hark back to Woodstock. If you've ever been to Coachella, then you know its relationship to Woodstock. The age grouping is largely younger, with people in their teens, 20s, and 30s dominating the landscape. Older people are not the norm at these events. The festival is not for grandma and grandpa; just saying.

People go to Coachella to let loose. The young use it as a partying bonanza. In fact, there are quite a few issues that arise at Coachella due to everyone's "state of mind." When you combine drinking, drugs, music, and all-out partying, you're bound to have some issues. But we aren't talking about the bad at these festivals; we're focusing on the good, and heck, there is a whole lot of good that goes on at Coachella. From random hot beauties to stars (and wannabe stars) showing off, Coachella has become a big time event and a Hollywood feeding ground. Stars attempt to "blend" in, some going as far as wearing disguises to have a good time while others walk their version of the red carpet on their way to enjoying the festival. No matter what, you can guarantee there are MANY good-looking babes present. And that's where we come in. This is a cultivation of what we've seen at Coachella thus far: some of the hottest celebrities, pseudo-celebrities, and everyday Janes. Enjoy the views!


15 Selena Gomez

You can't be any more different than the Kardashian clan when jumping into the Selena Gomez pool. Selena seems so human to many of us. She wasn't born with a silver spoon, and she landed wonderful gigs using her talent. Unlike so many reality celebrities who crave attention, there's always been something so casually wonderful and beautiful about Selena. She was a focus of the media due to her relationship with Justin Bieber. Then, she assumed her own identity after showcasing her undeniable talent as a pop singing sensation. Selena has conquered so much while never going out of her way to seek attention. Even in this photo here, she's perfectly displayed as someone not trying to stand out and smile for cameras. A photo was caught of her strutting around. Her natural beauty is awesome! It doesn't appear as though she'll be posing sprawled out on a fur rug anytime soon for the cameras at Coachella.

14 Grass Games


This is the ideal photo of what happens at Coachella. It isn't always this much fun in between awesome music sets, but these girls are seemingly having the time of their lives. And as we see them lying on the lush green grass with huge smiles on their faces, we can't help but think that maybe they've enjoyed that "other" kind of grass. Some kind of grass seems to be bringing them euphoria. Pot is a MAJOR source of happiness at Coachella. Make no mistake about it; it's a full-on Dave Mathews Band concert multiplied 100 times over. We're talking serious weed! And if you see the outfits these girls are wearing, well, you know why there are so many people hooking up on these holy grasslands. These women have beautiful figures and are showing it -- a common theme at Coachella.

13 Jasmine and Olivia

Jasmine Sanders and Olivia Culpo are nothing to sneeze at, and they showcased their stuff at the Revolve party. Who are these young women and why should we pay attention to them? Well, first off, they're both gorgeous. Secondly, Jasmine Sanders is a highly successful model who has worked for such brands as Forever21, Smashbox, American Eagle, Seventeen, Glamour, and Ralph Lauren. Jasmine's hotness earned her a spot next to Nick Cannon. Then we have Olivia Culpo. Culpo is ridiculously hot. She was Miss Universe 2012 as well as Miss Rhode Island, and you can see that she's no slouch next to Sanders. The two make a formidable pair. They hit one of the many Coachella-sponsored parties. That's right, the event is SO big now, there are many, many celebrity gatherings and parties surrounding it. The event has grown considerably over the years and isn't showing signs of slowing down.

12 Amber Rose


Who doesn't like a rose? Well, here we go with Amber Rose. It's shocking we got a public photo of her considering how much she likes to hide her figure (insert laughter here). Known for happily parading her body anywhere and everywhere for all to see, Amber Rose actually goes sexy and stylish for a rare occasion. Her impressive outfit is obviously amplified by her bountiful breasts, which never fall short of impressing anyone who enjoys a nice rack. But here, Rose shows stylish shoes and an outfit which isn't overly flaunting her sexy attributes and skin. Sure, it's a bit see-through, but that's just Amber Rose. Throw in a little trashy midriff and a camel toe kicker, and you've got the most sedated you will see of a public Amber Rose photo.

11 Threesome?

Make no mistake about it -- Coachella is a time for people to let their personalities roll. The lone male figure in the picture is wearing an old school Native American headdress, which obviously makes little sense when it's put into context. But beyond that, the girls are dressed in "light" clothing, to say the least. There are many of these beauties rolling around the Coachella Festival. They're literally everywhere and look as though they're already having fun by the look of their dulled eyes. As a father, you look upon these three young girls, and you think to yourself, "Hell, no, my daughter isn't going to this party-fest." And those fathers may have a good point because combined with taking illicit drugs, these girls (or boy) could be coming home with any number of sexually transmitted diseases or worse, a baby.

10 Young and Fun


First off, as we stare at this picture, we can read quite a bit into what's going on at Coachella. Initially, you can see everyone moving about freely in the background across the grounds. People truly enjoy their time at "Woodstock-West." Coachella is a true hark back to the good old days of youngsters enjoying their party time. With the large hot pink glasses, the overdone makeup, the skimpy little outfit, and with her mouth hanging open catching flies, the girl on the left looks wasted and as if she has had WAY too many. And most likely, it would be of the drug variety. The girl on the right looks like she's 15 trying to be 19. This is where things definitely get scary. "Survival of the fittest" is definitely the mantra out in the party jungle known as Coachella.

9 Kendall and Hailey

Coachella has become a HUGE hotspot for celebrities of all types. Let's dive into the pseudo-celebrities, and what place is better to land upon than Kardashianland. In this case, we're looking at the Kardashian-lite version known as Kendall Jenner. Kendall truly enjoys the Coachella tone and atmosphere. And apparently, the desert air isn't too hot to cool reality television stars as the two young wannabe-stars appear quite comfortable on this fur rug. The other girl next to Kendall Jenner is none other than Hailey Baldwin, yet another young, wealthy socialite. Baldwin loves having photos taken of her as well as taking half-naked photos of herself. (She's naturally a good friend of the Jenners). And you have to love the staged pose of them in their beautiful tent. Just hilarious.


8 Angels From Heaven


Even in the desert, we can find ourselves a few angels. Despite the heat, it was nice to see the Victoria's Secret Angels make a nice visit to Coachella to put on an impressive display of hotness. The ladies came out complete with extra short jean shorts and showcasing quite a bit of skin. The gorgeous ensemble of beauties posed in front of Victoria's Secret's sponsored event at Coachella. Obviously, this was all for show and the ladies were paid, but we're big fans of the bras they seem to be wearing with little, if not anything, covering their undergarments. Skinny, confident and sexy -- the ladies definitely draw a crowd, but they're just a few of the many diamonds located in this desert oasis. You don't have to be an "Angel" to be beautiful and desired at Coachella. But it doesn't hurt either.

7 Shakin' It

This is probably one of the most candid and typical displays at Coachella. This is precisely what you'll cast your eyes upon in your sea of beauties located throughout this event. Keep in mind, Coachella is not a one-trick pony with a single concert stage. The set-ups are numerous, and multiple bands/artists are potentially going off at the same time. So people are just roaming all over the place. And these absolute beauties, who are wearing very little clothing (sometimes girls are wearing even less), are happily displaying their backsides and amazing legs. Hot barely defines the blonde on the right. She isn't showcasing her backside so that nobody will look. She wants the stares and is actively saying, "Look at me!" Well, guess what, we're looking!

6 Vanessa Hudgens


Let's take a step back from the nearly naked and jump into a celebrity who was looking to style up Coachella on her visit. We all remember Vanessa Hudgens, the star of High School Musical, a beauty who was once part of the young power-couple with Zac Efron. Vanessa has since slogged through a series of crappy movies, never really catching on as a leading lady. These days, she has stepped back and performed on television's Grease: Live. And now, she's the lead on the television series Powerless. Hudgens has found far more success on the small screen than the big. At Coachella, she strolls across the sundrenched grass in a stylish and sexy black outfit. Her midriff is quite impressive. Her shoulders are very sexy. We love her smile and the ability to look casually hot in the heat. If Hudgens has always done one thing, well, it's having an absolutely beautiful face, and we love seeing her in any format.

5 Paris Hilton

You really can't deny the lasting legacy of Paris Hilton. Paris is the equivalent of British royalty here in the United States. She isn't anything... but she's something all at the same time. Paris always seems to draw a crowd wherever she roams. She never seems to disappoint with her sleek style. This dress is the perfect compliment for the festival with its acid-like tripping colors while also remaining current. Paris doesn't carry a big bra size, but she always looks modelesque with her tall and thin body type. Her necklace and eye-popping cat-like ears are excellent complements. Paris has attended ten straight Coachellas and shows no signs of slowing down. She does some DJing these days and always seems to surprise. The Godmother of all that Reality TV and Internet fame, Paris Hilton continues to be the most famous person for simply being famous.

4 Fanning the Heat


Beautiful young women fanning themselves with super-tight and short shorts? Sign me up! This is another regular scene on the grounds of Coachella. It always seems like the hot girls are grouped together just so perfectly. Here, you can obviously enjoy the gorgeous tanned legs of these two slim beauties. But when you add the tight tops and the one displaying quite a bit of skin where you almost get a glimpse of side boob, you get the fashion sense at Coachella. The event is meant to be a free-spirited journey of fun. The enjoyment in accepting any and all outfits and styles is exactly what the event promotes. Just as they enjoy a tremendous amount of musical stylings at the event, the opportunity to promote fashion freedom is another awesome piece of this experience. And skin is in! So enjoy the shows!

3 Hailee Steinfeld

Hailee Steinfeld is all full of fun things. The actress, model, and singer made her feature film footprint in the 2010 film True Grit. Her role as Mattie Ross landed her on the map. From there, she has been a regular in a variety of movie and TV roles. In addition to that, she has stepped into the music industry with her 2015 album Haiz. We're all for Hailee's career choices, but let's dig into her hotness at Coachella. First off, the fishnet. We're ALL for it. Fishnet anything is pretty solid, especially when looking at someone who isn't trashy. A beautiful and classy-looking girl like Hailee, when she adds some fishnet, is a lot more sexy than trashy. In addition, the higher stripper boots is an excellent touch. And, of course, we get a glimpse of her short shorts and her slim body. Well played, Hailee.

2 2 Hotties


Here we go. This is the IDEAL picture at Coachella. If you're a guy, and you've been drinking, this is a party you want to join. First off, we have two absolutely beautiful young women here. They're both styling with their outfits. They've dressed to impress with bra-like tops (thank you!). Second, they're clearly looking to have a good time. As long as they aren't completely drunk or wasted (we aren't promoting taking advantage of wasted individuals here), if they're buzzed and you're equally buzzed, seems like a match made in heaven. And with this picture, let's just dive head first into the possibility of a three-for! That's right, the amazing and difficult-to-obtain threesome with two hot women. This situation is a perfect place to indulge in some excitement. This is definitely the perfect situation to jump into something like this!

1 Emily Ratajkowski

Well, we don't really need to be surprised about this awesome display. Emily Ratajkowski is absolutely legendary. She isn't a great actress. She may not be considered a "supermodel." But I think everyone can agree that she's clearly super-hot! Emily is a model but isn't a glam model. She's increasingly gained in popularity since she appeared in Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines." With multiple appearances that followed in Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit magazine, Emily is a big-time hit with fans across the globe. Her voluptuous figure and pouty, beautiful face have made her somewhat of a legend. The show and movie Entourage made a big deal about her hotness and lore. And they did so for good reason. Getting ready for Coachella, this is Emily Ratajkowski's way. And we love her way... every way!

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