CM Punk Doesn't Approve: 15 Hot AF Photos Of AJ Lee

Once upon a time not too long ago there was a certain WWE Diva who took the entire WWE by storm.  That WWE Diva was AJ Lee.  AJ made everyone take notice of her with her "innocent-yet-psychotic" unstable gimmick in the early 2010s.  Her on-screen relationships with Daniel Bryan and CM Punk made for entertaining storylines and her in-ring talents led to her becoming a record-breaking Diva's champion.

Oh yeah, she's also HOT AF.  Lee earned a huge following among the WWE Universe, even earning a huge storyline slot as the Raw General Manager in 2012.  AJ's appeal garnered significant attention from her fans and even peers.

Let's just say CM Punk made sure to take full advantage.  The two married on June 13th, 2014, not too long after CM Punk's final days (as of now) in a WWE ring.  AJ Lee would still wrestle for the WWE (while hearing immense CM Punk chants) until her last WWE match at WrestleMania 31.  Now it's time for all of us to gawk and drool as we stare and place judgment upon CM Punk's wife AJ Lee!


15 Phoenix Rising

One of the reasons AJ Lee connected with the WWE Universe is because while she might be ridiculously hot, she also happens to be cute and a self-proclaimed nerd.  She's not one of the geeky gals that just hop on the bandwagon of superheroes and cosplay being sexy and popular, she a genuine proud geek, as evidenced by her (short) top, which features Jean Grey from the X-Men as Phoenix.  AJ had and has one of the best bodies in WWE Diva history.  She's small in frame but amply toned in all of the right places.  AJ whooped heavy amounts of ass in the squared circle, eventually becoming the longest reigning Divas champion ever at one point.  Lee's appreciation of powerful women characters shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone; she portrayed a crazy, yet also a powerful woman who was capable of getting exactly what she wanted when she wanted it.  There's a reason that AJ was the Raw General Manager!

14 Totally Awesome Dude!


Here's yet another smokin' photo of AJ Lee showing off her dorky skills.  This time she sports a rockin' Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles shirt with "84" placed above them.  The turtles made their first appearance in 1984 and as we know they went on to become an iconic force in 80s pop culture and beyond with their 1987 TV show of the same name.  Their popularity led to movies, more cartoons, and a lot of merchandise.  AJ Lee is so damn hot that she's able to pull off wearing a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles shirt with ease.  This photo is actually a part of a string of hot photos that showcase Ms. Punk's affinity for nerd culture.  There has simply been no WWE Diva that has made looking nerdy look so damn hot like AJ Lee.  She's faded into the background since her marriage to the former WWE champion, but she definitely made sure to leave her mark on the industry and fans abound.

13 Geek Chic

We all need to be incredibly honest with ourselves right now.  We love(d) AJ Lee because at her peak of cuteness she pulled off that "innocent-sexy" look like no other.  One could argue that the former WWE superstar looks even better with glasses.  Lee's biggest attribute comes across as being innocent one moment and then being a complete psychotic maniac the next.  It's probably that element of "danger" that makes the WWE Diva so damn alluring and so damn sexy.  There's no question that's an ability that separated AJ Lee from the rest of her attractive counterparts.  This photo also gives us a glimpse into the world of AJ; full of Pop! toys referencing a plethora of characters that are dear to AJ's heart.  We all know that behind those dorky things could very well be a, dare we say "kinkier" reality?  If only! Only CM Punk knows right? Maybe not.

12 How Would You Like Your AJ?


Would you like her cute?  Would you prefer her to be innocent?  Devious?  Just plain ol' crazy?  How about all of the above? We've seen photos of AJ Lee being the super cute woman that she's famous for being...Here's a shot of the popular former WWE Divas looking hot n' serious.  AJ Lee was talented enough to show a serious, vicious side when the time called for it.  Like that time where she was supposed to get married to Daniel Bryan, or whenever she had to get serious as the Raw General Manager.  AJ definitely makes an effort to mix in class, sexiness, and her distinct personality when she posed for this shot. That opening around her chest along with her skull lathered tie definitely lets everyone know that the blazin' woman is not your average person, she's a force of nature.

11 Read Between The...Ropes!

I'm not sure many people know this but AJ Lee and Kaitlyn (also a former WWE Diva, and unfortunate victim of one of the many celeb leaks) were super close.  In fact, judging by the action in this picture, maybe they were a little too close?  Are we complaining? Hell no!  We can't predict if her straight edge fuelled husband likes AJ exploring her sexual boundaries but we can surmise that there's probably a part of the former champ's soul that wonder's if she's willing to make a one on one match into a triple threat. Yup, I definitely just went there and made that over the top corny AF sexual metaphor, cut me some slack? thanks! It definitely looks like AJ is trying lock lips with Kaitlyn, who somewhat looks like she's stuck between continuing the embrace as a friend or going all the way.

10 The Ultimate Thrill Ri--Fantasy


So...remember Britney Spears "Hit Me Baby One More Time" video? There's a reason why that video blew up. Everyone knows that one of the ultimate fantasies for anyone out there when a hottie wears the coveted schoolgirl outfit. Well, when a WWE Diva like AJ Lee decides to pose in a schoolgirl outfit, you can bet for damn sure it's getting highlighted on a hot AF list such as this. AJ was inspired by WWE Hall of Famer Lita, who had no problem showing off her ample assets whenever she could. Including wearing a visible thong as part of her ring gear and having that live booty bumping celebration on Monday Night Raw back in 2006. So there's a part of AJ that loved to put out her kinkier side as a compliment to her gimmick. Unfortunately, in today's WWE, a photo like this from one of their WWE Divas on WWE TV would most likely result in a fine or a suspension due to being overly sexual. That's why the internet always wins!

9 Blast From The Past

Here we have AJ Lee and her ex-boyfriend Jay Lethal having a great time at the beach.  Yes, people, AJ Lee had a significant other before CM Punk.  Ever wonder where AJ Lee got her pro wrasslin' skills from?  You're looking at him in this photo.  Jay Lethal trained AJ and she was obviously able to take those skills and further develop them on route to WWE fame. Jay had been silent in the public after splitting from the blazin' hot WWE Diva until deciding to throw shade at his ex and her husband, claiming that the straight edged icon took his "hand me downs."  Lethal later refuted the statement in an interview from 2013, praising his ex, her determination, and success:

"In the class, she had the most dedication out of everyone.  She was the smallest person...there were no other girls in the class, so she had no choice but to train with the other guys. When it comes down to it.  I'm very happy for her success, and I'm glad that her storyline has taken off so well," said Lethal.


8 Looking Good In All The Right Places


AJ Lee has a petite frame, but with that said she's definitely more than that. She has more to offer physically and mentally.  But let's be honest, who cares about the mental part of this particular list.  There's a reason that I put this woman on my first list about The Top 16 WWE Booty Revolutionaries Of All Time.  She's little but she for damn sure is packing some serious heat where it counts the most. In this shot, AJ looks to have been "one-upped" and is laying in the middle of the ring on her side in her distinct ring gear looking like she's about to lash out at whoever wronged her at that particular moment in time.  One of the special things about AJ Lee was that every movement and action within the squared circle was an exclamation point regarding her talents.  You can bet there's a large amount of WWE fans that definitely miss watching her skip down the aisle on route to the ring.

7 Washboard...

Wow.  AJ Lee always seems to let everyone know how hot she is regardless of the photo.  I think we all can make a legit prediction as to what AJ Lee's favorite part of her body is.  Through all of these hot AF photos, we can all see that she loves her abs and you know what? We love them too AJ! We love them too!  AJ rocks a Harley Quinn shirt and manages to sneak in a "POW!" pendant on her shorts.  Even though she's against a brick wall looking all tough we know damn well that AJ Lee is cute no matter what.  It's a shame that we haven't been gifted with AJ dressing up as Harley Quinn, Catwoman, or other famous female villains and heroes like Princess Leia and Wonder Woman.  It's pretty cool that someone like AJ can be hot AF when she's simply showing off her personality through her fashion.

6 Butter Up


There are some things certain people can do that just comes across as hot, no matter what. These "things" can involve the most leisurely activities: walking, jogging, talking, adjusting, exercising, or in AJ's case, lying down on a couch eating a nice big tub of popcorn. Lee is once again sporting a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles t-shirt that exposes what looks to be her absolute favorite body part; her torso. She's also wearing purple pajama shorts and looks to be nice and cozy. It takes a unique talent to be able to balance the art of being a nerd and being sexy AF. There's obviously a reason CM Punk fell in love and eventually married the former WWE Diva's champion. There's just something amazing about a beautiful, hot, fun woman who can come across as a sexy maniac, fan of all things "dork" and, to top it off, is a talented pro wrestler; you can't lose.

5 Divas Champ

Here's a great shot of AJ Lee as the WWE Divas Champion.  She was the longest reigning Divas champion until Nikki Bella broke the record a few years ago.  The thing about Ms. Punk is that she was actually very good in the ring and had many good matches.  Her finisher, the black widow, was AWESOME.  Her theme music managed to capture everything about her gimmick and was catchy.  Finally, her work was constantly rewarded by great crowd reactions.  AJ's popularity was big enough to be the center of attention in a storyline with Daniel Bryan and (then WWE Champion) CM Punk back in 2012.  Anytime someone is able to ascend like AJ did, there's no doubt that something was done very right.  AJ had the talents and she for damn sure had the looks to get the job done.

4 Talkin' Bout My Best Friend


Here's yet another photo of Kaitlyn and AJ.  The two Divas competed and developed an on-screen"BFF" union during their time in NXT between 2010 and 2011.  They made their main roster debut in 2011 forming a tag team called "The Chickbusters."  Their on-screen friendship quickly developed into an off-screen affair and judging by the amount of fun they have from their photos, they definitely had their moments.  As we've seen the two definitely seem to figure out ways to have their brand of fun, whether it be by hugging each other for an extended period of time or posing together on the beach.  There hasn't been any news regarding anything negative in regards to their relationship since AJ got married to CM Punk, but who knows, maybe they still keep in touch.  Kaitlyn is pretty damn hot, so for AJ to steal all the glory from her in this photo shows how hot AJ really is!

3 Skull Candy

As previously said, AJ Lee had this aura about her that was hard to ignore.  She's an individual who has her own style, her own charm.  Here's yet another candid photo with her BFF at the time Kaitlyn.  Anyone keeping up to date with the news of today's present and past WWE Divas knows that Kaitlyn certainly loves to show off her body.  When AJ and she hung out all the time it definitely looked like she brought that side out.  Judging by the giant skull placed on her shorts, AJ seemed to have an infinity for the "punk" side of fashion.  This photo also represents the pre-cursor to WWE's Diva's revolution because AJ and Kaitlyn were the prominent Divas on the NXT brand years before it became what its known to be now on the WWE network.  Both, one way or another, made their marks during their time in the ring.

2 Bikini Clad


Here's another candid photo featuring AJ, this time showing off her bikini bod while standing alongside other hotties with bodies.  AJ's WWE fame occurred during the PG Era, which for many reasons is a far cry away from the Ruthless Aggression and Attitude Era's that preceded it.  You know, gone are the bikini contests, mud wrestling, lingerie matches, backstage segments with intense sexual innuendo, crude references, prancing around wearing almost nothing, the constant references and closeups to "T&A." Ya'll get it!  If AJ was in that era we would have seen more photos like this and her dressing up as such way more often.  That said, there's no doubt that women's wrestling in the WWE has gone up into another tier of talent and AJ Lee was definitely a huge part of that movement.  You can bet she's hot AF but she has the talent to back it up over and over again.

1 Devious And Angelic

CM Punk is LUCKY AF.  Not only is he married to AJ ****ing Lee, he's married to one of the hottest and most prominent WWE Divas in the history of the company.  AJ is so beautiful and nerdy at the same time that it could be conceivable that she might not even realize just how attractive she is....Nah screw that, she knows and she also knows that she can probably get whatever she wants, whenever she wants.  AJ never really has to do much to be hot AF. She can just make a slight turn, tilt her head, twirl her hair with her index finger and she would probably have hordes of fans bow to her and do any and everything she wishes.  This photo showcases exactly why AJ was able to ascend to the top and stay there before deciding to retire and ride off into the sunset with her hubby.  That said, you never know with the WWE. As they always use to say, "anything can happen."  Maybe we'll see AJ Lee in a WWE ring again sooner rather than later.

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