Class Of 2017: 20 Celebrity Kids All Grown Up

When it comes to celebrity kids, it can be easy to lose track of all the new faces popping up throughout Hollywood and the music industry. While there's always a big push to get pictures to the media regarding a new celebrity baby, there isn't always a huge media following for every single child. This is definitely a plus for parents trying to maintain a sense of normalcy for their children, but it's also a little sad for the kids who are constantly hounded by the paparazzi. While it doesn't look like Suri Cruise will be having a completely normal childhood, hopes are still high for some of the other young faces in Hollywood.

Yet, it might surprise you that some of these celebrity kids have started to grow up. It can be easy to get fixated on the brand new baby photos and the cute Halloween costumes, but those little infants have quickly grown up to become mini-versions of their celebrity parents. Celebrities have shared these photos of their kids on graduation day, and it's interesting to see these Class of 2017 kids in all their glory. While some celebrity parents are tearing up at a preschool graduation cap and gown, there are others who are absolutely beaming about their little own graduating high school. Check out our list of the 20 celebrity kids all grown up for their graduation day in 2017, and see which of these little stars have slipped past you without you realizing it.

19 Reginae Carter - Lil' Wayne's Daughter

The rapper, Lil Wayne, isn't exactly known for being a family man. He's been linked romantically to a number of famous women and has four children by multiple women. His ex-wife, Toya Wright, famously wrote a book about their love and personal struggles and even included messages written by Lil Wayne. There's been speculation that the two will ultimately come back together, especially since they've managed to stay close through the family they once shared. Lil Wayne has never neglected his children and has often been photographed with his daughter, Reginae Carter, at various events and special occasions. It shouldn't be a surprise that Reginae's high school graduation would be a huge event. Lil Wayne and Toya were both in attendance at the ceremony and seemed like a glowing family for their college-bound daughter.

18 Noah Phoenix Ambrosio Mazur - Alessandra's Kids

The model Alessandra Ambrosio has had a hugely successful career over the years but is probably best known for being a Victoria's Secret Angel. While she's portrayed as the ultimate sex goddess with the impossibly flawless figure, she's actually a devoted wife and mother who's been married since 2008. Jamie Mazur and Ambrosio have two children together, a son and a daughter. While she's often photographed with her children, it's amazing to see how time was flown by. It seems like just the other day that she was releasing his first photos, and now, he's donned a cap and gown. Yet, he's not exactly heading off to college. Little Noah Phoenix Ambrosio Mazur had a sly look in his cap and gown when he graduated from preschool, but his supermodel mother was all smiles.

17 Sydney J. Conway - Muhammad Ali's Grand-Daughter

Laila Ali's second marriage to Curtis Conway has been filled with happy days and a growing family. The couple have a son and daughter together, and the world can't get over how her daughter, Sydney, looks just like her mother. In the past, Laila has done a multitude of interviews about what it was like growing up as the daughter of Muhammad Ali. In an interview with People magazine, Laila talked about what it was like growing up with nannies in her childhood. She stated, "I didn't want that same lifestyle for my children." In contrast, Laila has been seen to be a real hands-on mother and couldn't help but beam about her daughter graduating from Kindergarten. Mother and daughter were all smiles, and the public couldn't have been more excited to see this amazing milestone moment.

16 Mariah Smith - Busta Rhymes' Daughter

Trevor George Smith Jr. is best known to the public by the stage name Busta Rhymes. He's best known for the success he had in the ‘90s but continued to release hits well into the 2000s. While he's been featured in various spots over the past few years, the real focus seems to be his family since he pretty much stepped out of the spotlight with regard to his rap career. In total, Busta Rhymes has four children, but there's only one princess. Mariah Smith is the only girl, and she's extra close to her father, as well as her older brother. Busta Rhymes took to social media to show off his daughter’s high school graduation, and he was almost unrecognizable from his former look in the late ‘90s. Yet, he did look like one proud dad as he posed next to his beautiful daughter. While Busta Rhymes isn’t exactly known for his stellar good looks, Mariah has definitely taken after her mother and will undoubtedly be a sought-after freshman when she heads off to college.

15 Maxwell Johnson - Jessica Simpson's Daughter

When Jessica Simpson first married Eric Johnson in 2014, people didn't know exactly how to react to her newfound love. The first marriage went down in flames, and fans got to see it all play out on the reality series, Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica. Yet, the public seemed to throw aside all of their concerns with her second marriage once she started popping out those adorable children. Her daughter, Maxwell, is the spitting image of a young Jessica Simpson, and the world has fallen in love with the many Instagram posts of this growing girl. Jessica didn't hesitate to post photos of little Maxi's graduation day, even if it was only to move on from preschool to Kindergarten. She captioned it, "Spread your wings and prepare to fly for you have become a butterfly."

14 Cori Broadus - Snoop's Daughter

In 2007, the public caught a glimpse of what Snoop Dogg's world is like, and they were a bit taken aback by how seemingly normal his family life with his wife, Shante Broadus, is. While other celebrities have been known to ditch their childhood sweetheart as soon as they gain a certain amount of fame, Snoop and Shante have proven that they could keep their family together. Snoop Dogg's Father Hood didn't run for too long, but once it concluded, people began to wonder about his small children that were featured in the series. While there's been some controversy over the photos of Snoop smoking marijuana with his son, his daughter had a more suitable photo to post on Instagram. Cori Broadus graduated from high school and dedicated this milestone moments to her parents. Her senior quote read, "Mama and Daddy, I made it!"

13 Presley Gerber - Cindy Crawford's Son

Cindy Crawford was once thought of as the epitome of what it is to be a supermodel and has managed to maintain her youthful looks over the years. While many people talk about how successful her skincare line has become, the new talk has revolved around her son with Rande Gerber. Presley Gerber had already garnered his own fan base through his burgeoning modeling career, but the celebrity parents seemed to be most proud of his recent achievement. Rande Gerber took to Instagram to boast about his son graduating from Malibu High School. Crawford shared a number of photos as well, including some with his cap and gown. The couple also showcased their graduation gift to him, which was an Omega watch. The caption to the photo read, "So proud of you! Congrats on your graduation!"

12 Mason Cibrian - LeAnne's Step-Son

While Brandi Glanville continues to bring up the fact that she was still married to Eddie Cibrian while he started an affair with LeAnn Rimes, it's hard to deny that it's actually been quite a bit of time since they divorced and the new couple was married. Rimes has always presented herself as a loving stepmother to Cibrian's children with Glanville, but sometimes, it's put her in hot water. She's frequently referred to them as "my boys," which some people felt was stepping over the line. Cibrian's son, Mason, just graduated from A.E. Wright Middle School, and people couldn't help but notice how distant Cibrian was from his ex-wife at the ceremony. Yet, Cibrian and Rimes made sure to post a photo on Instagram with Mason in his graduation gown.

11 Ryan Glover Jr. - Usher's Step-Son

The R&B singer, Usher Raymond, was married to Tameka Foster in 2007, but after less than two years, the couple divorced. There was a nasty custody battle after their divorce, and Foster was quite vocal about some of the rumors surrounding Usher's relationship with his manager, Grace Miguel. Usher ultimately married Miguel, but it seems like the two women have been able to settle their differences in order to maintain a united front for their family. Foster already had a child before she and Usher were married, and it doesn't seem like their divorce meant much with regard to his relationship with Foster's son, Ryan Glover. Usher showed just how tight of a relationship they have when Glover graduated high school this year. Usher shared the photo on Instagram and captioned it, "Congratulations Son!!! Go get em killa!!! This story never gets old... I'm so proud of you. Watching you from the beginning all over again. Love 2Dad."

10 Dia Nash

Niecy Nash is a celebrated actress and television personality, with a number of television and film roles under her belt. Her most recent success has come from the new series, Claws. Only a few episodes into the series, the show has already been given the green light for a second season. Nash is still seen as a beautiful woman with a youthful look, so it came as a surprise for some to see her take to social media about her daughter graduating from high school. On Graduation Day, Nash posted a photo with Dia, the caption reading, "The world is waiting on you Babygirl. Shine bright! Be fearless! Love hard! Mama will always have your back! Go on and fly!" Dia graduated with honors and was ranked as the most improved, but the biggest punch was the fact that Dia looks like the spitting image of her mother.

Jack McDermott - Tori Spelling's Step-Son

The world has started to get enough of the never-ending drama surrounding the marriage of Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott. They've had a number of different reality shows that have drawn attention to their personal lives, including cheating scandals and major financial woes. Yet, some people still can't help but think back to how the drama all began. McDermott was actually married when he became Spelling's co-star in the film, Mind Over Murder, and his son with Mary Jo was only 7 years old then. Mary Jo ultimately had to take McDermott to court in order to seek justice regarding his unpaid child support to the tune of $100,000. Yet, Dean and Tori made it to Jack's high school graduation this year and made sure to post photos online.

9 Brentt Leakes

There aren't many reality stars that can boast having such a long and successful breakout career like Nene Leakes. She garnered a huge amount of success through her appearance on the hit reality series, The Real Housewives of Atlanta, which led to a number of television roles. The interesting part about her reality television success is that the world has been able to see her children grow up in front of their eyes. Their youngest son, Brentt, was only 9 years old when he was first introduced to TV audiences, but now, he's all grown up at 18 years old. The photos that surfaced of Brentt for his high school graduation showed just how loving of a family they really are. While Gregg and Nene have had their marital problems, the family showed a united front in these loving graduation photos.

8 Harlem Caron Taylor - The Game's Kid

While The Game is known as a successful rapper and producer, the drama surrounding his personal life has often overshadowed some of his professional successes. From the cheating scandals to the most recent lawsuit of sexual assault from his reality dating series, there have been more than a few hits to his character in recent years. Yet, that doesn't mean his isn't completely redeemable in the eyes of the public. Showing that it's not just about the pretty girls and flashy things, The Game took to Instagram and posted a flashback photo from 13 years ago of him holding his son. He followed it up with another photo of him holding his son, but this time, his son was six feet tall! The Game expressed how proud he was that his son had just graduated from 8th grade and is already on his way to high school.

7 Joaquin Consuelos - Kelly Ripa's Son

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos are thought of as one of the happiest couples in Hollywood, and the public seems to have been rooting for their love ever since they starred opposite one another in their TV days. While Kelly has gone on to become America's daytime darling on Kelly & Ryan, that hasn't stopped her from maintaining her happy home life with Mark and the kids. The couple recently took to social media to show off their son, Joaquin Consuelos, graduating from middle school. While all of their children show a major resemblance to their parents, it's hard to deny how closely Joaquin resembles his mother. The family can be seen all smiles with their youngest son in cap and gown, and they couldn't look more proud.

6 Samaria Smith - LL's Daughter

One of the reasons why LL Cool J has been able to enjoy such a huge amount of success as a television personality is that he’s been able to maintain his personal life ever since the start of his success in rap music. He married his childhood sweetheart, Simone Smith, in 1995, and the two have four children together. It should come as no surprise that they would encourage their children to chase their passions, and that's exactly what their daughter, Samaria, did when she set out to have a career in the fashion industry. This year, the proud parents were able to show off her new status as a graduate from the acclaimed Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City.

5 Sire Jackson - 50 Cent's Son

Curtis Jackson is better known by his stage name, 50 Cent, and is no stranger to controversy. He’s had public disputes with everyone from his own son to Oprah Winfrey. In 1996, 50 Cent had a child with his longtime girlfriend, Shaniqua Tompkins, and she even sued him because he had supposedly claimed that “he would take care of her for life.” The two seemed like they were trying to raise their son together by co-parenting until there was a huge fight over a visitation that went horribly wrong. After some words were exchanged back and forth between the two, 50 Cent refused to associate with his son, Marquise Jackson, and was even a no-show at his high school graduation. Yet, he doesn’t seem to be making the same mistakes for his youngest son, Sire. In fact, he was a very proud father as the two posed for graduation photos from Kindergarten this year.

4 Heaven Hart - Kevin Hart's Daughter

Heaven Hart Kevin Hart graduation https://www.instagram.com/p/BVB3O4vBTkK/ Credit: Torrei Hart/Instagram

There aren't many comedians who've accomplished the same amount of success as Kevin Hart has. While there've been those who've been able to transition onto the big screen, Kevin Hart has become a phenomenon when it comes to box-office sales for his films. Yet, he hasn't lost his comedic ability on stage and has often included stories of his family life in his routines. Hart had two children with his first wife, Torrei, and has always included his children when it comes to specialty events or kid-friendly premieres. While he's now remarried to Eniko Parrish, Hart has managed to maintain a healthy relationship with the mother of his children. The two came together to celebrate their daughter graduating from sixth grade this year, and they're excited for her next adventure in middle school.

3 Rio Hudson - Goldie Hawn's Grandkid 

When most people think about Goldie Hawn's first marriage, they usually only remember that the union resulted in Kate Hudson. Yet, her brother, Oliver Hudson, has similarly made a name for himself in the world of Hollywood. Oliver went on to marry the actress Erinn Bartlett, and the two are constant figures in various children's events and charity programs. Goldie Hawn obviously doesn't pick favorites when it comes to her children or her grandchildren, but she didn't hesitate to beam over her grandchild, Rio, graduating from preschool. She took to Instagram and shared a photo of her and her granddaughter all dolled up for the preschool graduation. She captioned the photo, "Me and my baby Rio. Pre school Graduation day. At last I graduated!"

2 Lola Rose Sheen - Charlie's Daughter

When Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen were first married, they seemed like a great couple that would be able to stand the test of time. Yet, they began having marital problems from the very start, and their growing family didn't seem to be able to keep them together. While they ultimately divorced, Richards has been known for being super supportive toward Sheen and has even taken in the children he had with Brooke Mueller. She's been heralded for her stellar mothering skills, and there was no way she was going to skip out on her daughter's milestone moment of graduating preschool. Richards posted a photo of Lola Rose Sheen in her cute pink cap and gown, and she captioned it, "This is too cute!"

1 Georgia Dane - Eric's Daughter

There shouldn't have ever been a question that Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart would have beautiful daughters. Gayheart is known for being a former model and actress in a number of memorable roles, and Dane garnered the infamous nickname "McSteamy" through his role on Grey's Anatomy. While both of their daughters are still quite young, that doesn't mean that they skipped out on the 2017 graduation festivities. 5-year-old Georgia was seen in her cap and gown to celebrate her graduation from preschool, and the proud parents took to Instagram to share their joy. Gayheart captioned the photo, "My baby is a big girl! Bye bye preschool... hello Kindergarten! A huge thank you to her amazing teachers." People loved that she just sounded like a regular mother congratulating her growing girl.

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