Cindy Crawford Looks Amazing: 10 Recent Photos Of Her (And 10 From Her Youth)

One of the best-known supermodels of all time, when Cindy Crawford rose to prominence, she broke the mold and became a crossover star in a way nobody else from her industry ever had. Able to make the leap to the acting world when she starred in the movie Fair Game, she also appeared in music videos and interviews from across the pop culture spectrum. Probably best known for her many photos from the annual Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, to say that she looks attractive in swimwear would have to be one of the biggest understatements ever. An absolutely gorgeous woman that has always looked incredible, realizing how hot she is to this day inspired us to put together this list of amazing photos of Cindy from the prime of her career and today.

In order for a photo to be up for possible inclusion on this list, it first and foremost needs to feature Cindy Crawford looking great. It doesn’t matter if she is accompanied by anyone else as long as she can be seen and looks incredible. Next, half of the images that we looked at were released more recently and the others are from the peak of her career as a model, and we split the list down the middle in that divide. Finally, we want to make it clear that screengrabs from any of her media appearances were fair game so you could find images of her from interviews, photoshoot footage, or any other video she was in.

20 Recent: Muse Magazine

Via huffingtonpost.com

One of the most respected models of all time, Cindy Crawford’s life has been incredible as she has been able to hold on to her place in the spotlight better than pretty much anyone else in her industry. Proof positive of why we feel that is the case, this shot of her from 2013 is just one of many she has been featured in that adorned the front page of a magazine. Someone that would have been forty-seven years old at the time that issue came out, it is far from unheard of for people in that age range to be placed in that position. However, that usually takes place because they are a star that has a new project coming out that they are trying to promote, whereas Cindy was tapped to appear here just because she is still so gorgeous.

19 Youth: Open Door

Via Pinterest.com

A photo that is a throwback to the prime of Cindy’s modeling career, this picture is different because it was designed to look as though it could have been taken in the fifties instead of the nineties. Bringing to mind the kind of pinup photography that was so popular years before she rose to prominence, there are still clues that this shot of Cindy is more modern than it may seem. For instance, we are aware of when she was born so we know when this photo could have been taken, and the image quality makes it clear that it was captured in a different time frame. However, our favorite aspect of this image that makes it clear when it was taken is how exposed her lovely legs are, which would have been far more scandalous in the past.

18 Recent: Lying Down

via fashiongonerogue.com

Sometimes, we look at a photo and there is one word that comes to mind for us quickly. A great example of that, when we saw this image of her, we instantly thought of the word intimate. A picture in which her face isn’t far from the lens, we get a pretty closeup look at her which, of course, is a great thing. Then you see that she is wearing a top that has been strategically placed to expose her shoulder just enough to make us imagine what is underneath and make things look relaxed. Of course, then there is the fact that she seems to only have underwear on as far as her bottoms, which is always going to be something that we are overjoyed to see. Overall, despite Cindy being professionally made up and extensively lit before this shot was taken, it feels as though we’re looking at a sensual and inviting moment that came off the cuff.

17 Recent: Soaked In The Sun

Via zimbio.com

Seen here climbing onto a yacht, Cindy Crawford looks absolutely amazing, but at the same time, she should a little bit upset with herself because of who she was upstaging. We say that because this shot was taken as she attended an excursion to celebrate the short-lived wedding of Kid Rock and Pamela Anderson in Saint Tropez from the country of France. As such, this party was attended by two of the most lusted-after women that were popular in the nineties. If you ask us, it is Cindy who has held on to her looks far better than her pal, and flaunting that when Pam should have been in the spotlight was a little bit mean. All of that said, we still love it as she looks incredible in a bikini to this day.

16 Youth: With Her Peers

Via pinterest.com

An image of Cindy Crawford with two of the other biggest supermodels of the nineties, Linda Evangelista and Christy Turlington, this shot is an absolute feast for the eyes in a number of ways. Taken and published by the UK’s version of Vogue Magazine, it appeared on the cover of an issue that commemorated its seventy-fifth anniversary, and it puts us in a celebratory mood too. With all three women looking as though it is entirely possible that they aren’t wearing a stitch of clothing, to say that is a salacious and delightful thing to envision is a huge understatement. On top of that, as fans of Cindy in particular, we think she looks the best here as she leans into her peer and has a look in her eyes that makes it seem as though she is enjoying the moment.

15 Youth: Midriff

Via pinterest.co.uk

One of the most photographed people to ever live, here is the thing when it comes to Cindy Crawford, she has posed for pictures in the past in various stages of undress. As such, when you want to see what the entirety of her stomach looks like, for instance, there is an image out there you can look at. In fact, earlier on this list, we included bikini photos that have given you the opportunity to see what she was working with in that area at various times in her life. However, when she puts on more clothes, as she did in this image, but her top reveals her midriff, it still feels as though we are getting a forbidden look at her which is great. That is especially true because she has one of the most alluring stomachs in the history of photography, and we love this view of it.

14 Recent: Mother And Daughter

Via usatoday.com

Fifty-one years old at the time of this writing, like many people her age, Cindy Crawford has made the choice to have children. One of her two children, Kaia Gerber, is featured here alongside her famous mom. And judging by her life so far and how she looks in this image, it seems as though she is poised to follow in her mother’s footsteps. Only sixteen years old at the time of this writing, she looks extremely comfortable in front of the camera, and while she is still is a child, she seems to have many of the genetic gifts that made her mom a star. Meanwhile, when it comes to Cindy herself, despite looking away from the camera, that in no way obscures the fact that she is still gorgeous to this day. Furthermore, we’d say she looks very much at peace with her young daughter in her arms, and that always looks sweet.

13 Youth: Simply Stunning

Via 7wallpapers.net

There are certain things about the art of photography that we all know to be true, including the fact that all kinds of trickery can be used to make someone look more attractive than they actually are. For instance, if you have a double chin and you don’t want it to be noticeable, then you can position your neck in such a way to tighten the skin around that part of your body to minimize it. As such, when we see a shot of a model with their back arched or their hips positioned slightly off-kilter, we know they are doing their thing to look as good as possible. On the other hand, when it comes to this shot of Cindy looking right at the lens while not far from the camera, there weren’t a lot of ways that she could hide any flaws. Fortunately for her, and this photo, it seems as though she doesn’t have any, and this shot just makes us reflect on how exquisite she is.

12 Recent: Passing The Torch

Via style.nine.com.au

A photo that was taken on the red carpet at the Met Gala in 2016, here we see two of the best-known models in the world today as they make their way in front of the cameras in very flashy gowns. Pictured alongside Kendall Jenner, the two of them are dissimilar in many ways considering the way they rose to prominence, but there is no doubt that they’ve both been near the top of the modelling world. As such, this moment, in some ways, feels like Cindy is passing the torch to the latest generation of models in this moment. On the other hand, our eyes are more drawn in by Cindy’s body as we still find her so dazzling after all these years, so maybe she should hold on to her spot a little while longer.

11 Youth: Barber’s Chair

Via afterellen.com

A singer that was a big deal in the nineties, k.d. lang was best known for songs like “Constant Craving,” “Crying,” “Hallelujah,” and “Miss Chatelaine” among others. However, we’d be remiss if we tried to pretend as though she didn’t get a great deal of attention for the fact that she is lesbian who has rightly championed LGBTQ rights throughout her career. Something that was more controversial back then, as a result of that, it caused a minor uproar when she appeared in a series of photos with Cindy Crawford pretending to shave her face. That was partly because there were some close-minded individuals that were put off, but there were also people like us that were hot under the collar because of how steamy they looked together.

10 Recent: Paparazzi

Via mirror.co.uk

A shot that seems as though it was taken by a paparazzi with a telephoto lens, at least in the case of Cindy, we’re guessing she wouldn’t be too bothered by the intrusion since she is used to cameras. On top of that, she could also point to this image above almost any others to show that she still looks positively ravishing today for some clear reasons. Nobody can claim that she looks that way because a team of makeup artists and hairstylists worked tirelessly to perfect how she looks. On top of that, there wasn’t a cinematographer or lighting expert that employed the perfect contraption to ensure that there weren’t any harsh lights pointing out any of her flaws. Instead, this is all Cindy, and she should be as proud as we are pleased.

9 Youth: Bikini Babe

You had to know we’d include at least one shot from Cindy’s many appearances in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Special so we’re guessing the inclusion of an image like this one is not at all shocking. Still, don’t let that numb you from appreciating just how bewitching she looks in this photo as she is so good-looking here that it almost makes us feel as though she is something beyond human. After all, putting together a body that fit while also looking soft enough to be inviting, and combining it with a face that stunning is enough to truly astonish. When you then factor in how her bikini works to perfection here and the wrap serves to let our minds wander in the best ways possible, it makes this image a work of art.

8 Recent: Looking Back

Via dailymail.co.uk

If you wanted proof of why it is a good idea to follow Cindy Crawford on Instagram, as if it doesn’t seem self-evident, then we present to you this image that she uploaded to her account. Featuring her in a flowing gown as she seems to be walking away from the camera before turning back to look at the lens, this shot imparts a specific feeling to the viewer. Making it seem as though she is leading us through an adventure in her everyday life, the fact that it allows us to imagine for the briefest of moments that we are with her in real life is a delight. On top of that, the way that her hair has framed her face in such a way that we are pushed to focus in on her eyes, which seem warm and confident, makes us feel as though she is a sweet person too.

7 Youth: Bent Over

via Pinterest

Married to a man named Rande Gerber for many years, Cindy seems to be quite happy when it comes to her life with this former male model and businessman today. However, in the past, she was married to the much-more-famous Richard Gere from 1991 until 1995. A relationship that isn’t talked about all that much today, at the time, Cindy and her then-husband were stars and often in the headlines, including posing together for this image. Still, even though he was a huge movie star at the time, the photographer knew who deserved the majority of the frame at this moment. Bent at the waist and looking playful in the best ways possible, all we can say is that millions of people are jealous of whoever has been able to go home with her at the end of the night.

6 Recent: Class Personified

Via hawtcelebs.com

No matter how many images of Cindy we come across every once in a while, there is something about a picture of her that makes us sit back and say wow. One such example, this shot of her is the type of thing that feels as though it should have inspired great works of art that last the ages. Something worthy of being laid down in paint on a canvas, if she was alive in previous centuries, her visage easily could have been hanging up in the Louvre. Instead, she is packed away in magazines that are stowed in boxes in old fan’s attics or scanned and uploaded to the internet. And when she can make a photo sing like she is here, that doesn’t seem like enough.

5 Youth: In The Sheets

Via fansshare.com

We think that it is just about the right time to be completely real with you. When it comes to Cindy Crawford, fans of hers over the decades have likely seen her as fantasy fodder. As such, there are certain scenarios that we could find her in that are instantly more appealing to us as they play a little bit more into ideas about her that were already out there. For instance, the concept of coming across her in a bed has to be one of the most thought-about concepts when it comes to her. That is why this photo of her laying in one and looking as though she wants something or someone is very alluring. Of course, that is to say nothing about how incredible her legs look here which is something nobody is likely to ignore.

4 Recent: Social Media Bikini

Via Instagram.com

We know, we know, we’re not exactly breaking any ground on this list or in general when we provide more proof that Cindy Crawford looks great in a bikini. That said, who cares about introducing a new concept when the tried and true thing is to stare at an image of one of the most splendid-looking women we know of looking as good as only she can? Instead, let’s sit back and look at this image that Cindy’s husband uploaded to social media to brag about the gift he got for Valentine’s Day which he describes as “her.” While we’re at it, we can hate him for having something so wonderful while also loving him so much for sharing the wealth by providing us with this picture of her.

3 Youth: Workout Tape

Via pinterest.com

If you haven’t followed the life and career of Cindy Crawford, then you might not be aware that she won the genetic lottery in many ways. We say that because not only is she one of the most beautiful women ever but she is also an intelligent person that has made the most of her business opportunities. For instance, her home collection has earned millions of dollars, and she also starred in a series of workout videos including one called Shape Your Workout. We bring that up because this image was put out to help promote the latter effort, and we have to say that was a work of genius for two reasons. First off, if you were someone wanting to get in shape, it communicates her tips that worked for her. On the other hand, if you are a person that is attracted to ladies, it would inspire you to fork your money over as any tape of her looking that good is worth its weight in gold.

2 Recent: Side View

Via designscene.net

The final shot on this list that features Cindy from more recent times, this image was taken for Elle Canada and published by the magazine two years ago at the time of this writing. Shown from the side in a garment that accentuates her chest and sporting a hairdo and makeup that draws attention to her perfect face and trademark mole, it leaves us wondering one thing. Why isn’t she seen on the cover of a magazine pretty much every month still since she still looks this good? Sure, she isn’t talked about nearly as much as there is a new generation of models, but we’re guessing a lot of people don’t realize how ravishing she still is. Hopefully, one of these days, the powers that be in the publishing world get their heads straight and start featuring her doing her thing a lot more often.

1 Youth: Pepsi Commercial

Via thesun.co.uk

One of the most accomplished models of all time, Cindy Crawford has done it all in that business and has even crossed over into many other avenues over the years. Despite all of that, one of her best-remembered efforts was starring in a Pepsi commercial in which she drove some boys wild by showing up in a tank top and drinking it in front of them. At least that is how it seems at first as it turns out that they are actually blown away by the new look of the can of pop. Framed around a simple joke that most viewers that can’t forget the advertisement no longer recall, instead, it is the shapely body in front of them that was imprinted on their brain. We totally get it too as we believe this image that was taken for the print ad that accompanied the commercial is the most divine picture of Cindy that was ever taken.

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