Celebrities Spooked: 15 Stars Who Confessed Their Ghostly Encounters

Everyone loves ghost stories. Well, maybe not everyone, but if you're reading this, chances are that you love ghost stories. There's a mix of fear and comfort that comes over us when we hear supposedly true tales of spirits from the other side showing up and messing around with the living. The fear comes from the idea that ghosts are real, and in some cases, they can be super creepy. The comfort comes from believing that there is something after death. The idea that a loved one who has passed away can stop by to check in is a nice concept.

Usually, we hear stories about celebrity ghosts– the spirits of dead stars who haunt various areas of the world. Abraham Lincoln supposedly shows up around the White House every now and then. Marilyn Monroe's ghost has been spotted at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood. John Lennon's ghost supposedly lurks about the Dakota in New York.

But what about the other side of the coin? What about celebrities who claim to have seen ghosts? The ones who believe that there are spooks, specters, and spirits out there messing with us living humans? While they're out there, these stars usually don't talk about it much, and when they do, they tend to try and laugh it off. After all, a lot of people will think you're weird if you say that you believe in ghosts, and the last thing an actor or singer needs is another reason for people to think that they're kooky. Still, a few stars have opened up about their paranormal pasts.


15 Katy Perry

While filming a commercial for a perfume, Katy Perry was alone in the master suite of the Beverly Hills Mansion they were shooting in, when something seriously freaked her out.

Katy would later tell the producers of the commercial that when she looked in the mirror, she couldn't believe what she saw– expecting there to only be one face looking back, her own beautiful face, what Katy's eyes peeped was the face of a man with a moustache looking back at her. The man's face, Perry claimed, was not a good sight– he appeared to be in great pain. Katy screamed and ran out of the room. She didn't stop screaming or running until she was out of the mansion, which Katy, who grew up in a very religious home, refused to go back to.

14 Keanu Reeves


Before he beat Death in a series of games in Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey, Keanu Reeves had a paranormal encounter as a boy.

According to the star of the Matrix, he was living in New Jersey and hanging out with his nanny, when a double-breasted white suit walked into the room. There were no hands or feet, nor was there a head. It was just as if the suit got up and decided to take a walk around. Before Keanu or his nanny could say anything, the white suit vanished. Keanu and the nanny looked at each other, unable to believe what they had just seen.

If you think that something like that would leave a psychological mark on a kid, you aren't wrong. Keanu admits that he still has nightmares about what he saw.

13 Kesha


When it comes to celebrity ghost stories, Kesha's is probably one of the best known. As the tale goes, Kesha was living in Rural Canyon when she got "down and dirty" with a spirit. The singer enjoyed the encounter so much that she even wrote the song "Supernatural" about it.

It gets crazier: after Kesha had s*x with a ghost, she found out that her body was haunted. Well, not her whole body, just one area. The downstairs, if you will. While Kesha says that she enjoyed her s*xual encounter with a ghost, she wasn't into the freeloading, so she had the spirit exorcised from her privates.

Since all of her paranormal romance stuff, Kesha has shown up on a show about celebrities who have run into ghosts, called The Haunting Of..., and in the movie A Ghost Story with Casey Affleck and Rooney Mara.

12 Bobby Brown


In June of 2016, singer Bobby Brown sat down with Robin Roberts from 20/20 in what was sure to be an interview filled with heartbreak. Four years earlier, Brown's ex-wife Whitney Houston died from a heart attack brought on by cocaine use. In 2015, just a year before the interview, Bobbi Kristina Brown, daughter of Bobby and Whitney, was found unresponsive in her bathtub. She was placed in a medically-induced coma and died six months later. The coroner could not find a cause of death.

With all of that going on, the last thing anyone expected Bobby Brown to talk about in his interview was how he had s*x with ghosts, but that's what he did. According to Brown, he was in his mansion in Georgia when he woke up to discover that a ghost was on top of him. He swears he was sober at the time.

11 Paz De La Huerta


One thing that everyone can agree on in this crazy world is that Paz de la Huerta is sexy. The star of Nurse 3D is so attractive, in fact, that she claims even dead icons like Elvis Presley want to get with her.

According to the Boardwalk Empire actress, she begged her then-boyfriend Scott Weiland to take her to Graceland, the home-turned-museum of Elvis. Weiland didn't want to take her, de la Huerta says, because he was jealous of her infatuation with the legendary singer. While at Graceland, de la Huerta was in Elvis' recording studio when she felt something pass through her, filling her with org*smic pleasure. Paz was certain that it was the spirit of Elvis that passed through her. Seems like maybe Scott Weiland was right to be jealous after all.

10 Daniel Day-Lewis


It would be hard to find a more famous ghost than that of the Ghost of Hamlet's Father from… well, you can figure that one out. The Ghost of Hamlet's Father starts off the play, appearing before some guards, and later, he speaks to his son, telling Hamlet that he was murdered.

Of course, that ghost is a fake. That is just an actor in a play. There is no Ghost of Hamlet’s Father, because the whole thing is fictional. With that in mind, you can bet that Daniel Day-Lewis was really freaked out when he saw an actual ghost while performing the classic play at London’s National Theatre in 1989. According to the famed actor, the ghost he saw was his own father, who died when Daniel was 15. It was standing at the edge of the stage, watching his son play the titular role. Sir Day-Lewis was so shocked by what he saw that he walked off stage in the middle of the show and quit the play.

9 Lady Gaga


During the Monster Ball Tour, Lady Gaga had the usual things a huge musical star needs for a tour– she had her band and her backup singers. She had her roadies and her equipment. She had her designers and her makeup artists. Nothing weird there.

What was weird was when she added electromagnetic field sweepers to the list. This happened, according to sources on the tour, because Lady Gaga was being haunted by a ghost named Ryan.

Ryan, if the story is to be believed, followed Gaga on the tour, and while he never did anything violent, the ghost did scare the singer quite a bit. While in Belfast, Gaga held a seance to see if she could communicate with Ryan the ghost. Altogether, Lady Gaga spent more than fifty thousand dollars on ghost hunters, mediums, and equipment to get rid of Ryan.


8 Nicolas Cage


It seems like Nicolas Cage is a big fan of ghosts. He is so into the idea of the paranormal that he even purchased the LaLaurie Mansion– allegedly, the most haunted spot in New Orleans. Sadly, Cage never saw anything there. That doesn't mean he's never seen a ghost somewhere else, though.

While staying in a house owned by his uncle Francis Ford Coppola, a young Nicholas Cage decided to sleep in the attic, because he is Nicholas Cage, and he does things his own way. As he tells the story, in the middle of the night, Cage saw a woman come into the attic. At first, he thought the woman was his aunt, but upon closer inspection, this woman was clearly not his aunt. She wasn’t human, either, but a spirit from the other side. The woman had big hair, but that is all we know about her– Cage has never shared any other details about what he saw.

7 Bella Thorne


Actress Bella Thorne stars in Amityville: The Awakening, which was originally supposed to hit theaters in 2015, but at this point, it still hasn't come out yet. The only thing scarier than being an actor with a movie on hold for years is what Bella claims she saw one night.

As she tells it, when Bella was a kid, the strangeness started when she and her siblings were woken up by a loud thud one night. A few nights later, Bella was lying in bed when she watched a silvery shadow figure cross her room and go into her closet. Bella ran to the closet and opened it, but no one was there.

The star of Boo! A Madea Halloween is pretty sure that the ghost is Tamara, the woman who lived in the house before her family. Sometimes, Tamara still makes her presence known by slamming a window shut or by opening doors.

6 Ryan Gosling


When he was four, Ryan Gosling's family lived in Cornwall, Ontario. Life was pretty normal, but from time to time, Ryan would see an old man in the house. He would tell his mother, but she never saw him. He told other members of the family, but no one but Ryan could see the old man. The old man would just sit there watching the family, and Ryan knew he was a ghost.

The young Gosling got used to the ghost of an old man in the house, and just went about his life. The ghost never did anything, and never tried to hurt anyone, so it wasn't a big deal to the child. After a few years, Ryan's mom saw the ghost. Then his cousin saw it. When Ryan's uncle saw it, that was too much for the family. Ryan's mom sold the house and they moved out.

5 Michelle Williams


While we were all shocked by the sudden death of Heath Ledger, Michelle Williams, who had a child with Ledger, was especially hurt by it. Williams and Ledger were once engaged, and while their relationship didn't work out, they remained close. There is no doubting that they loved each other and, according to Williams, it was a love that crossed into the unknown.

Williams believes that she has seen Ledger’s spirit twice. The first time was when she was woken up by the sound of furniture being moved around her home. In the dark bedroom, she was able to make out an even darker shape of a person.

The second time, Ledger didn't just show up and move a chair; he spoke to her. Ledger expressed his sorrow to Michelle Williams that he would not be there for their daughter. These visitations, Williams has said, helped her with the grieving process.

4 Matthew McConaughey


Matthew McConaughey is cool. No one will argue with that, and if they did, this is the kind of story that would change their mind.

Like many successful actors before him, McConaughey bought a house in the Hollywood Hills. One night, the actor was woken up by what sounded like a dime dropping onto a glass table. Thinking that the noise was made by an intruder, a completely nude McConaughey, being as cool as a person can be in this moment, grabbed a bat and started looking for some butt to kick. What McConaughey found wasn't some thief trying to snag a TV, but a woman. A woman who was, according to McConaughey, a ghost. Who got the bigger shock is up for debate– McConaughey saw a ghost, but the ghost saw a naked Matthew McConaughey.

McConaughey claims to have seen the ghost multiple times, so she must have liked what she saw that night.

3 Kate Hudson


Kate Hudson grew up with some famous parents. Her mom, Goldie Hawn, was pretty much the poster girl for cool in the 70's, and her stepdad Kurt Russell is maybe the coolest man to ever live. Adding to the fun of her childhood was a fair share of ghost stories. Well, those may not have been fun for her, actually.

As Kate tells it on the DVD extras for her movie The Skeleton Key, she often saw spirits in the home her mother rented in London. One of the ghosts– a faceless woman– sounds like something straight out of a horror movie.

Not all of Hudson's ghost stories are scary though– she also believes that her grandmother visited her. Hudson says that this experience felt amazing because she knew her grandmother was still with her.

2 Richard Dreyfuss


Richard Dreyfuss has played one of the most frightening figures in all of history: Dick Cheney. The thing is, he may never have had the chance if it wasn't for the ghost of a little girl.

One night in the 70's, the star of Jaws and Close Encounters of the Third Kind had been out partying. On his way home, he lost control of his car and smashed it up something good. Miraculously, Dreyfuss walked away unscathed, and luckily he didn’t hit anyone else. After the accident, and for countless nights afterward, Dreyfuss started to see visions of a little girl. The girl was a blur at first, but each night she showed up, the little girl became clearer and clearer. Dreyfuss became convinced that the girl was the ghost of his daughter, who had yet to be born. Fearing that his drug habit would keep his daughter from ever existing, Dreyfuss sobered up. In 1983, Dreyfuss’ daughter Emily was born.

1 Meat Loaf


Meat Loaf, who guest starred on an episode of Ghost Hunters, is pretty vocal about his experiences with the supernatural. The iconic singer claims to have had conversations with ghosts using a K2 meter, and he even saw a full-body apparition while making his classic album Bat Out of Hell.

As Meat Loaf tells it, while recording the video for the single "Bat Out of Hell," he saw a blonde girl in a white dress on the balcony. The thing was, there was no way to get to the balcony. When he returned to the balcony a few moments later with some of the crew, the girl was gone.

In a second spooky encounter, Meat Loaf once saw a ghost in a London hotel room. This spirit came through the wall and stood at the foot of his bed. It said nothing, and when Meat Load yelled at it, the ghost didn't seem to notice him.


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